Student Housing in Indiana

Student Housing in Indiana

Indiana is a beautiful state located in the United States, with several prestigious universities that are popular in the whole world for the quality of education offered. Students flock from several countries to pursue higher education in the most extravagant state in the US. Students usually look for Indiana student housing near these universities. An ideal Indiana student housing offers several amenities and services that fit the student's needs along with proximity to several tourist attractions and universities in the city.

Even though finding the best Indiana student housing might be difficult, with the appropriate assistance, the process can go smoothly and without any problems. Amber offers this assistance since the neighborhood has several choices for affordable, chic, and comfortable options for student housing Indiana. There are several Indiana student housing options like The Park on Morton and Yugo Muncie Varsity House available for students who are looking for short-term rentals. Indiana student housing is available in gorgeous cities that offer an excellent student living experience one should not miss out on!

About Indiana

Rich in history and modernity, Indiana is a gorgeous state located in the midwestern region of the United States. The state is popularly known as the "Crossroads of America"; the strategic location has made it a hub for commerce and transportation. The iconic Indianapolis 500 race is held annually at the Indiana Motor Speedway and reflects a symbol of its deep-rooted connection to auto racing, making it popular in the whole world. The state has a diverse landscape where one comes across picturesque farmlands and shores of the Michigan Lake depicting serenity and rolling hills. It also offers amazing options for Indiana student housing where one can live comfortably and explore student life. A significant contribution to the United States corn and soybean production, Michigan depicts a strong agricultural tradition. Enriched with cultural heritage, one can come across several museums and historic places you can pay a visit to. Being home to some great places like the Hoosier National Forest, the students can enjoy outdoor activities and explore the magnificent natural wonders. Indiana boasts vibrant communities, educational institutions, beautiful Indiana student housing options where you can live comfortably, and cultural events. Indiana beautifully blends modern amenities while keeping a hint of its rustic charm that makes this state a dynamic state to live in!

Best University in Indiana

Indiana is home to more than 60 prestigious universities, colleges, and educational institutions that offer a plethora of educational opportunities to students all over the world. Indiana's commitment to delivering high-quality education and curricula that focus on the personality and academic development of students is reflected in its educational institutions. This contributes to the state's reputation of offering a high-quality education, which invites a lot of students to flock to Indiana to learn from these reputed universities. Being home to Indiana University (IU), one can notice that the student will be exposed to several educational fields like business, journalism, and music. Similarly, students can enroll in Ball State University if they are keen to pursue innovative programs in fields like architecture and telecommunications. All of these universities also offer on-campus Indiana student housing, where students can live or even opt for Indiana student housing that is located near these universities. We have listed some of the best universities in Indiana that offer some gorgeous campuses below.

1. Indiana University

2. Purdue University

3. Indiana State University

4. Ball State University

5. Indiana Wesleyan University

6. Indiana Tech

Top Cities for Indiana Student Housing

While looking for Indiana student housing, students usually take into consideration a lot of factors like the location of the Indiana student housing, rent, distance from the universities, and the distance between the Indiana student housing to other tourist places where students can explore the student life in the state. The city in which the Indiana student housing is located is very important. We have listed some of the top cities for Indiana student housing where students can live comfortably at pocket-friendly prices.

1. Bloomington

Home to Indiana University's Flagship campus, Bloomington is a charming city located amidst rolling hills. Boasting a vibrant cultural scene, art galleries, and music options, this is one of the best places in the state. Rich neighborhoods and artistic pursuits, along with amazing Indiana student housing options, make Bloomington a wonderful place to live.

2. Fort Wayne

Nestled in northeastern Indiana, Fort Wayne is an ecstatic city that primarily focuses on commerce and industry, along with being a family-friendly city. With a bustling cultural and arts scenario, this city boasts museums, theaters and a downtown area. With affordable options for Indiana student housing, you can explore several recreational opportunities and visit the riverfront and green spaces in the city.

3. Muncie

Home to the reputed Ball State University, Muncie reflects a college-town atmosphere. The city is known for offering a blend of cultural and academic experiences laying focus on creativity and innovation. The city comprises several comfortable Indiana student housing options which enhances the welcoming environment while keeping the university connections intact for students.

4. West Lafayette

Located along the Wabash River, West Lafayette offers a calm, scenic atmosphere. Driven by academic pursuits and technology, the city is home to Purdue University. The diverse culture, sports, research initiatives, and absolutely amazing Indiana student housing options, West Lafayette exudes a lively yet comfortable atmosphere to live in.

Cost of Living in Indiana

Living alone comes with its own set of challenges, and managing your monthly finances is one of them. With accurate budgeting, you'll be able to live comfortably and save some money, too. If compared, the cost of living in Indiana is lower than in other states, making it one of the most reasonable places to stay. The rent of Indiana student housing is 20% lower than the national average. We have listed down the estimates that will help you plan better.

1. Milk: $0.86/liter

2. Fruits and vegetables: $5-$10/kg

3. Transportation: $1.75-$2/ticket

4. Sports and Leisure: $15-$20/ person

5. Mobile plan and internet: $$50-$60/month

6. Restaurant: $25/meal

Student Travel in Indiana

Indiana comprises a complex network that includes local public bus systems and many intercity bus transits that make getting around Indiana easier. All the routes connect Indiana student housing to major universities and tourist spots students wish to visit. We have listed down a few affordable modes of transport students can use while living here.

1. Bus

Indiana offers one of the most efficient transportation for buses. There are several intercity bus services, like Barons bus lines, Burlington Trailways, etc, that offer services. You can easily take a bus from your student housing in Indiana and reach your destination. The bus fare depends on which pass you have purchased. In Indiana, you can get passes based on the number of hours/days/trips. The Bus fare for one ticket for one day is $4. You can also take a monthly pass that costs $60 for 31 days.

2. Rail

Amtrak is an intercity rail service that is offered in Indiana. Amtrak's long-distance cardinal service offers three weekly round-trip passenger rail services between Indiana and Chicago. A Cardinal is a long-distance passenger train that connects two major cities. Students can hop on the Cardinal from the nearest train station to their Indiana student housing.

3. Cycle

Students can cycle around and explore and navigate the city. Camp Creek and Fall Creek Trails Loop and Low Gap Trail are some of the popular cycle trails students can explore.

Student Lifestyle in Indiana

Indiana offers a student life that is filled with fun, excitement, and thrill. Students can visit several architectural and historical wonders that will leave them stunned. You'll experience a very energetic athletic vibe in the state, as motorsports have been booming for decades. The Indianapolis 500 or Indy 500, synonymously known as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, is the largest single-day sporting event held annually. This attracts more than 250,000 people from all over the world. Apart from sports, you'll come across several magnificent literature pieces, music, and art galleries. Students can visit the Eskenazi Museum of Art and Brown County Art Gallery, where they'll come across some stunning art pieces. Indiana is popularly known for the food that it offers. Country fried steak, chicken and waffles, sugar cream pie, and Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches are some of the most popular delicacies in Indiana. You can visit restaurants like The Overlook Restaurant and Oakleys Bistro to try these dishes and explore more about the cuisine. Students can easily take a bus from the nearest bus stop to their Indiana student housing and reach these food places. If you're interested in seeing aircraft, you can visit the Grissom Air Museum, which is home to a total of 34 military aircraft, out of which 24 are currently on display. While living in your Indiana student housing, you will never run out of things to do, as Indiana has a lot to offer!

Attractions in Indiana

Indiana offers a plethora of hangout spots that students can visit. The state is known for its famous museums and ancient and historical sites, along with gastronomic wonders where you can try several lip-smacking delicacies. You can come across exquisite works of art, music, and literature. Here are some of the tourist attractions you can visit while staying in your Indiana student housing.

1. Indiana Dunes National Park

2. Studebaker National Museum

3. Wylie House

4. Wonderlab Science Museum

5. Föllinger-Freimann Garden

6. Children's Museum

7. Bailly Homestead

8. Carmel

9. Evansville Museum of Arts

10. Old Lighthouse Museum

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