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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for off-campus Off campus housing Logan, Utah ?

It’s beneficial to start your hunt for the off-campus Off campus housing Logan, Utah  early. Amber helps you with the paperwork of the place, the amenities provided and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is essential to ensure smooth booking of  Off campus housing Logan, Utah .

What is the acceptance rate for Logan University?

The acceptance rate of Logan University is 66%

How can the student housing in Logan Utah be rented?

Select, pay, and book. After you shortlist from our catalogue of options for off-campus Off campus housing Logan, Utah , you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we’d be happy to assist you.

How much does a student pay rent for the off-campus Off campus housing Logan, Utah ?

Several factors decide the rent to pay for the off-campus student accommodation, and location is one of the essential aspects. Amber offers housing options running from $100-$1300. Apart from the area, the amount of rent to pay also depends on various amenities and facilities provided by the housing and the room’s configuration. Watch this video to know more.

Which is the best student housing in Logan Utah?

800 Block Logan is the best student housing in Logan Utah, providing excellent amenities and facilities.

Can I get discounts for student housing in Logan?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay rent at a significantly discounted rate for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Is Logan University private or public?

Logan University is a private University.

Can I get discounts for Off campus housing Logan, Utah ?

Yes, students who book earlier often earn generous discounts and pay rent at a significantly discounted rate for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Is Logan, Utah, a cheap place to live?

It is one of the cheapest cities in Utah.

Can I get discounts for off campus housing in Logan?

You can avail of generous discounts for student hostels and accommodation by booking earlier. Even group bookings can help you earn discounts.

Student Accomodations in Logan

Off campus housing Logan, Utah

Logan, Utah, presents a dynamic landscape of student accommodation, catering to the diverse needs of its vibrant student population. While on-campus housing through Arizona State University, University of California, Berkeley offers convenience, the limited availability in hostels often makes students to explore student housing in Logan Utah options. These alternatives include many off-campus apartments, shared housing arrangements, and purpose-built student communities. However, navigating this extensive array of choices can be challenging for students. That's where amber steps in as a dedicated platform specializing in student housing in Logan.  You may locate student housing in Logan Utah with all the amenities offered by amber. Other options for student housing include budget-friendly to luxurious studios, shared flats, suites, and non-ensuites with all utilities included in the price. Several student housing options are recommended by amber so that students feel at home away from home. With its vibrant student community and diverse housing options, Logan offers an enriching living experience for students pursuing their academic endeavors in the city. Some of the best  student housing in Logan Utah options are- 800 Block Logan

About Logan, Utah

Logan is a city located in the Rocky Mountains in the Northern part of Utah. For ages, Logan has had a reputation as a safe and friendly town which is filled and known for nature activities like hiking, kayaking, climbing, biking, climbing and much more. Along with its varied activities, Logan is slowly gaining recognition as an educational hub. Originally settled by Mormon pioneers in the mid-19th century, Logan has grown into a vibrant city with a rich history and diverse population. With a population of around 50,000 residents, Logan offers a blend of small-town charm and urban amenities. Many students from across the US and internationally come here to study at the reverend Utah State University. As a college student-friendly city, it also has a good environment for students, a low cost of living, and ample job opportunities for students to launch their careers and live their ambitions. The city is also wrapped in nature’s blanket, which means that Logan has a wide spread of nature across its region. Some of the famous sights like Logan Canyon and natural trails are peak attractions for nature lovers all over the world. Along with this, the city is also a regular host of events and festivals throughout the year, which satisfies your entertainment appetite. Lastly, the city is suitable for all students interested in studying in Utah. All your demands and needs of living a fabulous student life are covered while living in this ever-emerging magnificent place.

Best Off campus housing Logan, Utah

After confirming your admission. The first and most important task to tick off your to-do list when moving abroad list should be booking accommodation. An ideal accommodation should exceed your basic expectations and needs. There are a few things to think about when choosing suitable student housing, including whether it's close to the university, the city's entertainment venues, the hospital, etc. Check if there is a continuous supply of electricity, gas, water, and stable WiFi, and it is spacious enough for living. All these worries cease to exist if you are booking with amber. Amber brings you multiple student-friendly options that are customised to your preferences and selection. As Logan is a popular choice amongst the community of International students, finding an accommodation can be challenging. Look at our top recommendations for student apartments in logan, Utah, and Popular student housing in Logan, Utah-

800 Block Logan- 800 Block is a new student housing in Logan, located at N 800 E, Logan, 84321, United States. 800 Block student housing offers modern amenities dotted with shared apartments with three, four and five bedrooms. 800 Block Logan student accommodation is located within a walk distance from Utah State University. The proximity of top-ranking institutions like the Utah State University is one of the reasons 800 Block is the favourite among the options for international student housing in Logan, Utah. Staying at the 800 Block offered by us, you can just roll down from the bed and attend lectures.

Cost of Living

While moving to a place, understanding the city or town’s cost of living is very crucial in order to draw a budget. Compared to other college cities, Logan considerably falls under the bracket of a moderately low cost of living. As a domestic or international student you can expect to budget around  $1000- $2000 per month for your living expenses including your rent for your student housing in Logan Utah. The average is a figurate number, and can change drastically depending on your lifestyle and spending habits. Here is an estimatedestimate range of your monthly expenses to help you make a healthy and wealthy budget:

  1. Food: $200 - $400/ month
  2. Gas and electricity: $20-$60/ month
  3. Mobile phone plans: $20 - $50/month
  4. Stationery and Textbooks: $50 - $150/month
  5. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): $50 - $70/ month

Student Travel

Even though Logan has a limited transportation route, it is well-built enough to get around the entire city. Most of the student population in Logan prefers using the Cache Valley District Transit buses, bicycles, walking, etc., to move around the city. On campus, some universities like Utah State University have this unique service of providing campus shuttles to help students navigate through the campus and nearby places. Apart from its convenience of travelling to different places, the state also helps students avail of exclusive discounts and subsidised rates. Furthermore, if you are a Utah State University student, you are eligible for unlimited rides on buses and light rail. Some of the most common modes of transport in Logan for students are:


The Cache Valley District Transit buses run across different parts of Logan; even though the extent of bus reach is limited, it is connected to the main areas and campuses and helps students travel in the Cache Valley district region. So, it won’t be a problem for the students staying at student housing in Logan Utah. The average bus fair is $35 per week.


Logan is a relatively small city and smaller than other big cities in the US, like New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. All the places are within quite a walkable reach and close to each other. Walking is also the most eco-friendly and the best way to save money.


You might notice that the streets of Logan are filled with bicycles, as bicycles are the most popular mode of transportation. It is an effective way to reach your university on time from your student housing in Logan Utah. The city of Logan is “bicycle friendly”, which can be well reflected by the city having bicycle lanes, tracks, and paths built for cyclists.

Student Living & Living in Logan, Utah

Logan is known for its vibrant student life and welcoming atmosphere, is considered safe and ideal for students pursuing their academic endeavors. With a bustling community and a variety of amenities, the city offers plenty of opportunities for students to thrive and explore. From cozy cafes to lively music venues, Logan is home to numerous chill spots where students can unwind and socialize. The city also boasts a diverse culinary scene, with restaurants serving a range of cuisines to suit every taste.

Throughout the year, Logan hosts various events and festivals that add to its lively ambiance. From music festivals showcasing local talent to cultural celebrations honoring the city's heritage, there's always something exciting happening in Logan. Additionally, the city's green spaces provide students with tranquil retreats for relaxation and outdoor activities. In addition to its vibrant social scene, Logan offers students access to a thriving arts and culture scene. Whether attending concerts, art exhibitions, or theater performances, students can immerse themselves in the city's creative energy. With its dynamic blend of academic opportunities, recreational activities, and cultural offerings, Logan provides students with a rich and fulfilling college experience.

Tourist Attractions

While staying in Logan, Utah, you will have an opportunity to experience and explore the true essence of American wildlife and Western American culture. The city of Logan has vast options of natural sights, museums, art galleries, scenic spots, zoos, hiking trails, and beautiful temples to help you connect the dots of the place’s history, culture, beauty, and lifestyle. Some of the highly recommended tourist attractions that you should visit to delve into the real “Logan” spirit include the following:

  1. Logan Canyon
  2. American West Heritage Centre
  3. Willow Park Zoo
  4. Logan Utah Temple
  5. Logan Fine Art Gallery
  6. Logan Riverwalk Trail

Universities in Logan, Utah

Utah is slowly dominating the education sector in the US, with millions of university-going students enrolling in universities across the state every year. Cities like Logan have become a preferred choice for various reasons like renowned high-ranking universities, low cost of living, thriving economy, and entertainment and nature activities. The only university in Logan that is increasingly famous for its strong educational background and programmes is:

1. Utah State University (USU)

2. Arizona

3. Golden Gate University

4. American Jewish University

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