Student Housing in Massachusetts

Student Accommodation in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the most visited states in the country of the US. The United States of America is known for its vibrant student life and prestigious universities that offer a high quality of education. The state is home to several educational and very renowned Ivy schools like Harvard University. Several students come to Massachusetts every year to pursue their higher education from Massachusetts. One usually looks for student accommodation in Massachusetts that is near the university the student has enrolled in. Many students struggle to find the perfect accommodation they want to stay in!

Amber provides a range of student housing in Massachusetts at budget-friendly prices! The student accommodation in Massachusetts offered by amber is designed by keeping student comfort in mind. The properties are located in beautiful cities offering excellent amenities and services that make the students stay comfortable. These accommodations are located in cities like Boston and Cambridge.

About Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a phenomenal state located in the northeast of the United States of America, which is bordered by the serenity of the Atlantic Ocean. If you look at the land area, Massachusetts ranks as the sixth smallest state but has a population of more than 7 million people. The state is one of the most densely populated states in the country. Massachusetts has played a major role in the Scientific, commercial and cultural aspects of the United States of America. The state is a global leader in several fields, including biotechnology, engineering, higher education, finance and maritime trade. Harvard University is the oldest higher educational institution in the country, with a minimal acceptance rate. Harvard, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is among the most highly regarded universities across the globe. Not only that, but the state is also the wealthiest, most educated and most developed state in the world while being a leading state to live in the country. The state's capital is Boston, the most populated city and the cultural and financial centre. Massachusetts is home to the urban core of Greater Boston, which is also the largest metropolitan area and is dependent on agriculture, fishing, and trade and was transformed into a manufacturing centre during the industrial revolution. Massachusetts comprises several regions that are topographically distinct. A number of natural and historical sites in Massachusetts are administered by the US National park service. Additionally, the Department of Conservation and Recreation maintains several parks, trails and beaches throughout the state.

Best Universities in Massachusetts

The state is well known for several universities in Massachusetts that offer excellent education. The universities in Massachusetts encourage students to participate in activities rather than just focusing on academics and developing other skills too. The universities offer an expert faculty with top quality education and curriculum. Many students apply for the Cambridge Scholarship and look forward to settling in this city. The Berklee College of Music is renowned all over the world for the excellent curriculum that circles around the details of music. One comes across an extensive range of universities in Massachusetts which do not cater to one single field. From music to architecture the state offers all! The universities in Massachusetts offer several student groups and clubs where the student can interact with other students apart from their programs. You can check the best 10 universities in Boston here.

Here are some of the best universities in Massachusetts:

1. Bay State College

2. Berklee College of Music

3. Boston Architectural College

4. Boston College

5. Bunker Hill Community

6. Harvard Business School

7. Lesley University

8. Boston University

Top Cities for Student Accommodation in Massachusetts

Massachusetts comprises around 50 cities and 301 towns, which are grouped into 14 counties. The cities offer several places a student can visit, along with the universities. Along with the heritage sites located in the cities, there are several restaurants, clubs and places the student can visit. Most of the cities are densely populated. Here are some of the top cities for student accommodation in Massachusetts

1. Boston

The most populated city in Massachusetts with a rich history as Boston played a crucial role in the American Revolution and has become the symbol of American culture and heritage. The city is well known for its prestigious educational institutions like Harvard University, Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The city offers an expensive cost of living as compared to other cities in Massachusetts. However, the educational institutions and various tourist attractions make this one of the most favoured locations for student accommodations.

2. Cambridge

This city is located on the opposite side of the River Charles from Boston, which is known for its intellectual eccentricity. Cambridge is a confluence of several heritage sites, student hangout spots, museums and art galleries, vintage restaurants and several other jaw-dropping venues for you to visit. The city is the land of several prestigious institutes, Cambridge University being the most famous among them. The university comprises buildings of other universities like the King's College Chapel and the Cambridge University Library. One comes across beautiful skylines while travelling through the city, which makes Cambridge one of the most scenic cities in Massachusetts.

Cost of Living in Massachusetts

Living alone in a different state comes with its own share of challenges. Out of them, managing finance is a little difficult. The easiest solution to this is planning out your expenses and setting a budget for a month. We have listed down the costs of some basic things you might require. It is advised to you to at least have a budget of $2500 per month.

1. Food: $110 - $160/week

2. Laundry: $20 -$35/week

3. Mobile bills: $20 - $50/week

4. Gas and Electricity: $40 - $60/week

5. Course books and Stationery: $30 - $70/month

6. Entertainment and Leisure: $80 to $250/month

7. Dining at a restaurant: $50 - $200/month

Student Travel in Massachusetts

The transport system in Massachusetts is one of the most effective transportation systems as the cities are connected to several public transport spots which are accessible from various universities and student housing in Massachusetts. The routes offer a well-connected city while offering a public transportation system that includes subways, buses and even commuter rails. However, some cities like Boston are compact, where one can travel to places on foot. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is a public transit agency that operates in the Greater Boston area. However, the fares for public transport may vary according to the peak hours.

1. Bus

The fare for a local bus one-way ticket is $1.70 with a CharlieCard, CharlieTicket or with cash. However, if you are eligible and apply for a reduced fare, the fare for the ticket will decrease to $0.85. The local buses travel through Boston and the immediate surroundings. The buses travel through Silver Line routes SL4 and SL5. However, the fare for SL1, SL2 and SL3 are priced at subway fares.

2. Subway

One can get around in the state via the subway. The one-way fare for the subway is $2.40 with CharlieCard, CharlieTicket or cash. However, with the reduced fare card, it is $1.10. The subway fares are valid on the red, orange, green and blue lines and the silver line routes. You can also take a 1 day pass for $11 or a 7-day pass by paying $22.50 or a monthly Linkpass at $90 and travel unlimited for the given days.

3. Cycle

One can cycle around the cities in Massachusetts and explore the city. The students can easily travel via cycle to their universities and also use it to roam in the university campuses as well.

Student Lifestyle in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a bustling state with cities like Boston and Cambridge, which are separated by the Charles River. The cities have an exciting and thriving student crowd. There are a number of leisure activities and fantastic nightlife for you. If you are a food enthusiast, there will be a lot of dining options and cafes for you to enjoy mouthwatering delicacies which can be found in the area. There are a lot of international dishes and fusion plates that you can enjoy in this state. The traditional favourites of the place are molasses with salt pork or bacon and a unique variety of baked beans. If you are a sports person, you will enjoy playing Football, Ice hockey, and basketball in the local clubs near you. The students can visit museums like the Peabody Essex Museum and Museum of fine arts to explore the state's culture. Walking distance or a subway ride away are pubs, bars, and live music venues. The best night-out options in Boston for students are Avery Bar at the Ritz Carlton, Better Sorts Social Club, Big Night Live, Brighton Music Hall, Bostonia Public House, DBar, and much more.

Attractions in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is filled with several hangout spots the student can visit. The state is known for its famous ancient and historical sites, along with gastronomic wonders where you can try several mouth watering delicacies. The state of Massachusetts has played a major role in contributing to the arts and culture of the universities states of america. You can come across the exquisite works of art Here are some of the tourist attractions in Massachusetts you can pay a visit to.

1. Museum of Fine Arts

2. Fenway Park

3. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

4. Museum of Science

5. Boston Common

6. New England Aquarium

7. Harvard Square

8. Old Sturbridge Village

9. Plimoth Patuxet Museums

10. The House of Seven Gables

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