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Student Accommodations in 

Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga
0.3 mi from City Center
( 7m
7m )
bills included
no visa no pay
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Fourteenth St, Toronto
8.8 mi from City Center
( 3h 18m
1h 6m )
Recreation area
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Dundas St W, Toronto
11.8 mi from City Center
( 4h 24m
59m )
laundry facility
bills included
13 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Huntley St, Toronto
15.5 mi from City Center
( 5h 48m
1h 24m )
4 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
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15.4 mi from City Center
( 5h 47m
1h 30m )
swimming pool
laundry facility
8 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
King St W, Toronto
13.7 mi from City Center
( 4h 39m
1h 17m )
bills included
50′ 4K TV
Full Size Mattress
5 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Wellesley St W, Toronto
15.3 mi from City Center
( 5h 44m
1h 25m )
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Lawton Blvd, Toronto
16.0 mi from City Center
( 5h 24m
1h 36m )
Food Storage
laundry facility
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
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Cumberland St, Toronto
14.9 mi from City Center
( 5h 35m
1h 9m )
bills included
10 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Carlton St., Toronto
15.7 mi from City Center
( 5h 21m
1h 7m )
bills included
50′ 4K TV
4 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the average rental prices for student rentals in Mississauga?

Rental prices depends on many factors, such as the type of room you choose in off-campus housing in Mississauga, the proximity to universities and city centre, among others.

What types of off-campus housing in Mississauga for students are available?

Options include private apartments, shared houses, and gender-specific residences​, among the other options for Mississauga student housing.

How can I apply for on-campus Missisauga student housing at the University of Toronto Mississauga?

Applications are submitted online through the university's housing portal​ (University of Toronto Mississauga)​.

What amenities are typically included in Mississauga student housing?

Amenities in student rentals in Mississauga often include internet, laundry facilities, kitchens, and sometimes gym access

Are utilities included in the rent for Mississauga student housing?

Yes, most Mississauga student housing includes utilities like electricity, water, and internet in the rent​, among others.

Is there on-campus housing for first-year students at UTM?

Yes, UTM (University of Toronto Mississauga) guarantees housing for first-year students who apply by the deadline​

What should I do if I encounter maintenance issues in my student residence?

If your Mississauga student housing has such issues, you can immediately contact the on-site maintenance team or the student housing provider. Most of the properties offered by amber includes the facility of on-site staff, making life easier in such circumstances. 

Are there mixed-gender housing options available?

Yes, Mississauga student housing includes mixed-gender housing options.​

What are the security measures in place for Mississauga student housing?

Security includes locked entrances, secure access codes, and video surveillance​, among others in student rentals in Mississauga provided by amber.

Can students find off-campus housing in Mississauga through the university?

Yes, you can contact your university office for Mississauga student housing around the campus.

Student Accomodations in Mississauga

Mississauga student housing

Looking for comfortable and convenient Mississauga student housing? Amber]serves as your one-stop destination for finding the best student rentals in Mississauga. With a variety of options for student flats in Mississauga tailored to fit every student's needs, start your academic journey with the perfect home away from home.

Whether you're studying at George Brown College, York University, Loyalist College, Humber College, or Lambton College, our listings provide a variety of options close to your campus. Discover the ideal Mississauga student housing tailored to your preferences and budget. Mississauga offers a fantastic atmosphere for students with its vibrant city life, cultural diversity, and picturesque parks. While searching for your perfect Mississauga student housing, consider factors such as proximity to universities, transit options, and community events that enrich your student life experience in Mississauga. With proximity to top universities, Mississauga is home to several renowned institutions, making it an ideal spot for student living. Vibrant city life awaits with various shopping centres, entertainment spots, and eateries. Students can enjoy a lively social scene. Green spaces provide an escape from the bustle of city life and unwind in Mississauga's numerous parks and trails. Accessible public transportation from student rentals in Mississauga makes commuting to universities and around the city a breeze.

About Mississauga

Mississauga, a vibrant city in the heart of Canada, presents an attractive blend of bustling urban life and serene lakefront tranquillity. As an important economic hub, it draws professionals and students alike with its robust job market and leading educational institutions. Renowned for its diversity and cultural richness, Mississauga offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a multitude of recreational and gastronomic delights.

With a significant student community, Mississauga is home to a variety of academic institutions, including the University of Toronto, Toronto International College, Niagara College Toronto, and Ryerson College. The city has not only established a reputation for its thriving business sector but also for its commitment to higher education, forming an essential component of the Greater Toronto Area's intellectual fabric.

The Mississauga student housing scene offers a diversity of options. It is surrounded by some notable cities and areas, such as Toronto, Oshawa, Waterloo, and McGill Ghetto.

Best Student Accommodation in Mississauga

Finding the best Mississauga student housing is a priority for students relocating to this vibrant Canadian city. Off-campus student rentals in Mississauga present a smart choice for those looking to combine the pursuit of academic excellence with a taste of independent living. The benefits of Mississauga student housing near the campus are manifold, from cost savings compared to on-campus residential

. Moreover, living in a Mississauga student accommodation offers a community vibe where learners from various backgrounds mingle and create lasting friendships. With options ranging from ensuite rooms and student halls to private studio apartments, the accommodations cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Discover the top-rated student rentals in Mississauga below: 

1. Liwinco Confederation Pkwy

2. 77 Huntley Toronto

3. Davisville, Toronto

4. Liwinco 480 Front West (The Well)

5. Pearson Housing King Street W

6. Casacanada Homestay

Cost of Living

Understanding the cost of living in Mississauga is crucial for students planning their finances and lifestyle in this vibrant Canadian city. Accommodation in Mississauga offers a variety of options, but it's the day-to-day expenses that significantly influence a student's budget. On average, students can anticipate a cumulative monthly cost of C$1,200 to C$1,600. The estimation helps ensure that students are financially prepared to make the most of their Mississauga student accommodation and overall educational experience.

1. Food & Groceries: C$300 - C$350

2. Transportation: C$100 - C$120

3. Utilities: C$150 - C$200

4. Clothing: C$75 - C$100

5. Sports & Leisure: C$100 - C$150

Student Travel in Mississauga

Finding the right Mississauga student housing is crucial for a smooth academic journey, and equally important is understanding the student travel options available in Mississauga. Known for its robust public transportation system, Mississauga offers affordable and accessible conveyance for students to navigate through the city effectively. Whether you need to reach the bustling campus of local colleges or explore the city's attractions, there are multiple options you can rely on. Here's a closer look at the public transportation modes near student rentals in Mississauga:

1. Buses: The city's MiWay transit service delivers frequent and reliable bus services across Mississauga and neighbouring areas.  Buses typically run every 5-20 minutes, depending on the route and time of day. Fares are CA$ 4 per ride, but you can save with a PRESTO card.

2. GO Transit: The GO Transit network is an excellent choice for longer commutes to neighbouring cities or regions. Trains and buses run at frequent intervals, and students can use the same PRESTO card for fare payment. GO Transit fares are based on distance travelled, but a student discount makes inter-city travel more budget-friendly.

3. Cycling: Cycling is a cost-effective and flexible way to commute, plus it offers the added benefit of exercise. Mississauga provides bike parking at transit terminals and other public areas for convenience.

4. Taxis & Rideshare: For direct and private travel, taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are readily available. Fares vary based on distance but are typically higher compared to other public transport options. 

Student Lifestyle and Living in Mississauga

Located in the warm embrace of Ontario, Mississauga is an idyllic destination for students seeking academic excellence and a vibrant lifestyle. The Mississauga student housing scene is a testament to the city's commitment to creating a home away from home for students. In Mississauga, the sense of community is palpable, allowing students to ease into their new environment with serenity. Whether one opts for the bustling city centre or the tranquil suburbs, every corner of Mississauga reverberates with a hospitable allure.

Cosy cafes, such as Coffee Culture, Buka Maranga Cafe, and Studio.89, offer a reprieve with steamy mugs of coffee, while trendy restaurants serve up delectable international cuisines, turning into perfect backdrops for forging new friendships. The local bars like Door55, Bar 4 U, Cuchuline's Irish Pub and the Franklin House provide ample opportunity for laughter and leisure, ensuring there is always something for every student to enjoy. The verdant parks and lush green spaces, such as Jack Darling Memorial Park and Meadowvale Conservation Area, slice through the urban sprawl, offering sanctuaries for those seeking tranquillity or a space for communal activities. Beyond the regular hangouts, Mississauga brims with cultural festivities and artistic events that foster a rich sense of community and creativity. Seasonal music festivals and cultural fairs, like Mississauga Waterfront Festival and Port Credit Busker Festival, dot the calendar, inviting students to immerse in the city's effervescent ambience. The Mississauga student housing options cater to this lively student lifestyle, offering comfortable and well-connected living spaces.

Tourist Attractions in Mississauga

Mississauga, a charming city in Canada, is brimming with exceptional tourist attractions that offer glimpses into its culture, history, and vibrant modern life. From waterfront parks to sophisticated galleries, every attraction in Mississauga guarantees a memorable visit. Located close to top universities, Mississauga student accommodation provides easy access to these must-visit spots, making them ideal for students who wish to explore the city.

1. Port Credit

2. Square One Shopping Centre

3. Mississauga Celebration Square

4. Jack Darling Memorial Park

5. Art Gallery of Mississauga

6. Playdium Park

7. Kariya Park

8. Living Arts Centre

9. Streetsville

10. Mississauga Waterfront Festival

Universities in Missisauga

Mississauga, a bustling city in Canada, is celebrated for its outstanding educational institutions, which attract students from all over the world.

1. University of Toronto Mississauga

2. George Brown College

3. York University

4. Loyalist College

5. Humber College

6. Lambton College

7. University of Toronto

8. Toronto School of Management

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