Student Housing in Oregon

Student Housing In Oregon

The state of Oregon is one of the most popular destinations for international students coming to study in the USA. Oregon is a state with everything a student aspires for in their student life. Oregon student housing space is dotted with modern apartments curated for students. Most of the Oregon student housing options are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The best student housing in Oregon is the University of Oregon apartments near campus. A move to study in the USA brings you close to your dream career. Oregon attracts thousands of international students looking forward to studying in the top universities in the USA in the programs of their choice. These factors make finding Oregon student housing a tough job. However, with plenty of Oregon student housing choices ranging from ensuites, 1-bedroom apartments, shared apartments, ensuites, and studios, the burden is lighter. You can also try finding the best Oregon student housing on amber’s platform. You will be able to choose from plenty of modern amenities and price ranges if you are going for an Oregon student housing hunt. Some of the best Oregon student housing options are Yugo Corvallis Domain and 1231 NE Martin.

About Oregon

Surrounded by one of the most surreal coastlines of 362 miles, including the Pacific Coast in the west and the Oregon Coast Range beautifying the east. Oregon finds itself bordering two of the most important states of the USA, California and Nevada. Oregon has a history dating back to thousands of years. The oldest evidence is of settlement in the Oregon area near the Fort Rock Cave and Paisley Caves, with engravings as old as 15,000 years. Oregon ranks ninth among the largest states in the USA. There is magic in nature in every corner your eyes look at while you explore the beautiful state of Oregon. One of the reasons international students choose Oregon is the ease of finding Oregon student housing near major university campuses like the University of Oregon apartments near campus and Oregon State University. With a very diverse society, students from anywhere in the world feel at home in their locality. The cities and the localities in the state provide the comfort of a laid-back small town alongside one of the most vibrant lifestyles. The students will find themselves in the middle of the most renowned institutions of higher education, with conveniences at every turn, an affordable public transportation system, great festivals, budget-friendly Oregon student housing, and locations to

Best Universities In Oregon

Oregon is one of the most popular states in the USA for higher education. Oregon has made its mark in the field of global education, with a good percentile of enrollment from international students. Oregon is home to some of the most revered public research universities, including the University of Oregon in Eugene and the Oregon State University in Corvallis. The University of Oregon also finds itself mentioned in Forbes as one of the most selective public universities in the USA. A total of 23K+ students attend the institutes of higher education in Oregon, with 19K+ enrolled in undergraduate courses and 3K+ in postgraduate courses. Oregon is known for top programs in arts and science covering more than 52% of enrollment and 17% of students taking up programs in business administration. Oregon also boasts three regional-level universities and 17 community colleges, one of which is Western Oregon University. Reed college is one the institutions that is one of the pioneering institutions in liberal arts. International students can choose from more than 300+ top programs at the University of Oregon alone. Let's look at the other top courses Oregon is famous for. We must include the degree and certificate programs in the fields of education, sports marketing, creative writing, psychology, physiology, sustainable business practices, engineering, mathematics, data science and analytics, exercise and kinesiology, biomedical sciences, and landscape architecture. If you find the right Oregon student housing, the experience will become a better one. The university campuses are filled with high-spirited students radiating positivity to all the students coming from across the world. Some of the best universities in Oregon are listed below:

1. Southern Oregon University

2. Oregon Health and Science University

3. Oregon State University

4. Oregon Institute of Technology

5. University of Oregon

6. Portland State University

7. Pacific University

8. Portland University

Top Cities For Student Housing In Oregon

You can explore the state of Oregon through many lenses, starting from the modern to the old-school charm. Choose any city in Oregon; the first thing to capture your mind will be the Oregon student housing. Oregon is blessed with abundant beauty, with natural landscapes expanding the length and breadth of the state. Art and culture thrive in Oregon with some of the grandest museums and ethereal art galleries. The global melting pot of tradition is what Oregon is. Students feel close to their identity and comfortable with an incredible international diaspora dotting the state. Oregon is home to 420K+ people who have moved to the beautiful state on the lookout for a brighter future and to realize the Great American Dream. The cities that are popular among students studying in Oregon are some of the best places to live in the USA. All the cities boast affordable Oregon student housing. Below is the list of some of our favorite and the best cities to live in Oregon for international students:

1. Corvallis

A historic city with a history that is centuries old is what Corvallis is to Oregon. Founded in 1845 as a settlement along the banks of the Willamette River, the city was incorporated in 1857. It is one of the best cities for students due to affordable Oregon student housing with a mix of metropolitan life and a laid-back culture. The city is also home to 10+ higher education institutions that are among the landmark universities in Oregon.

2. Eugene

The second largest city in Oregon, Eugene, is a valley situated at the stunning confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers. Home to pioneering institutes like the University of Oregon and Lane Community College. The relaxed yet modern lifestyle alongside affordable Oregon student housing coupled with the best of University of Oregon apartments near campus makes it perfect for university students. With a 12.3K + international population, Eugene is the dream city. An intricate network of public transport, an abundance of nature, and the best Oregon student housing make the city very popular.

3. Portland

The City of Roses, Portland, is one of the most well-planned cities in the USA, with plenty of Oregon student housing options, divided into six quadrants. With an 83.6K+ or 17%+ international population, Portland provides the comfort of a second home to students. Affordable Oregon student housing, ace public transport, modern lifestyle, and serene nature make it the best choice for students coming to the USA for higher education. It is close to major cities and states, including Washington DC.

Cost Of Living In Oregon

Oregon is recognized as one of the most affordable cities in the USA to live in. It is the perfect choice for international students looking for student housing in Oregon. The accommodation, tuition, and various other aspects make up the average cost. The average yearly cost is close to $47,000. We have curated a list of expenses that you might have to bear as a student. Let us check out the expenses to bear as students in Oregon below:

1. Tuition Fees: $15,000- $50,000

2. Food:  $250 - $400 per month

3. Transport: $70 - $100 per month

4. Phone Plan: $30 - $50 per month

5. Recreation: $80 - $100 per month.

Student Travel In Oregon

Traveling in Oregon is the best experience as compared to any other part of the entire country. Oregon, as a whole, is known for its affinity towards sustainable living. Below is the list of student travel options in Oregon that are light on pockets, too:

1. MAX Light Rail

The Metropolitan Area Xpress is one of the major players in the public transportation system in Oregon. It is a world-class transport system with 100+ stations and 60+ miles of connectivity across the state, connecting all the major areas. The minimum fare starts at $2.

2. Streetcars

Started in the year 2001 in Portland, Streecars is one the quickest, most affordable, and fastest ways to move around within your city in Oregon. The average fare is $2.80 for 2.5 hours of journey and $5 approximately if you buy the monthly pass.

3. TriMet Buses:

The bus transportation network connects every important city and neighborhood across the state of Oregon. The reason is the presence of bus stops near Oregon student housing for major institutions like the Portland State University and the University of Portland. Students can travel free with the Student Transit Pass or College Passes provided by universities.

4. Walking & Cycling

The year-long moderate temperature makes it ideal for the resident students of the State of Oregon to walk or cycle to the college campuses. Major cities like Portland have dedicated bi-cycle rentals and electric bike rentals for the people in the city to use.

Student Lifestyle In Oregon

Oregon is one of the largest and most diverse states in the USA. The state is known for its revered institutions of higher education. International students find themselves amidst an amalgamation of an incredible global culture. Oregon is home to 50+ institutions for students looking for higher studies. The modern lifestyle, topped with the old-world charm of the state, makes it one of the most popular states to go for in higher education in the USA. Universities like the Pacific University, the University of Oregon, and Oregon State University are among the best and most famous universities in the USA. The state-of-the-art public transportation system and affordable Oregon student housing help the state attract the majority of international students. A vibrant nightlife, music festivals and concerts, and eclectic global cuisine served in the cozy and pretty cafes make it the favorite of all the states in the USA for students traveling to the USA from across the globe. The natural wonders like Lake Crater, museums, Mount Hood, the turquoise Pacific coastline, and magnificent parks like the Lake Crater National Parks make it worthy of becoming the first choice for international students. Cities like Portland and Eugene add to the thrill, fun, and frolic of student life. Affordable Oregon student housing brings it among the top places in the USA for students. The campus lifestyle in Oregon also boasts of the best life, filled with the pleasures of learning among the best and from the best of minds.

Tourist Attractions In Oregon

Oregon is that state of the USA that can easily blow your mind. The state of Oregon has so much to offer to the students for their weekend getaways that all you will fall short of is time. The landscape of Oregon is blessed with the abundance of Mother Nature in all her glory. The Oregon Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Lake Crater National Park to name a few. If you are a bibliophile, you would love a visit to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Oregon is a treat to the eyes and has something to offer at every glance. Starting from the coastal beauty to the shadows and darks of the snow-capped mountains to the mystical forests encompassing the state, Oregon will make your jaw drop. We have handcrafted a list of attractions you can pack your bags to below:

1. The Painted Hills

2. Mount Hood

3. Wallowa Mountains

4. Smith Rock State Park

5. Columbia River Gorge

6. Willamette Valley

7. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

8. Portland Japanese Garden

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