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Student Housing in 

Georgia Ave, Statesboro
2.5 mi from City Center
( 56m
56m )
coffee bar
4 Room Options
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1 Offer
Bermuda Run Rd, Statesboro
2.7 mi from City Center
( 1h 0m
0m )
swimming pool
breakfast bar
10 Room Options
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Statesboro student housing cost?

The cost of Statesboro student housing varies depending on the room type. This also depends on the facilities available and other things students look for. However, you can enquire about the student housing Statesboro GA cost, by contacting us.

How to find Statesboro student apartments?

Amber provides a wide range of student housing Statesboro GA, that comes with a wide range of amenities & facilities that make the stay comfortable & flexible.

Is Statesboro good for student life?

Yes, Statesboro is known as the educational hub for the quality of education it offers to the students. It is the perfect combination of tourist attractions and an educational environment that allows students to grow in their personal and professional lives.

Is Statesboro fun for students?

Yes, Statesboro offers students a chance to live & work. It offers students perfect opportunities to grow and learn about the city.

Where do students live off campus?

Amber provides a variety of student housing options that you can choose from.

Are payment options safe and secure with amber to book Statesboro student housing?

Yes, all our payment options are safe and secure to book your Statesboro student housing.

Do Universities in Statesboro accept International students?

Yes, it does. For more information, please visit the official website of the college.

How do I pay for my Statesboro student apartments GA?

Multiple payment options are available to book Statesboro student apartments. You can pay via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure.

Can I get discounts for Statesboro student housing?

Yes, students who book their student housing in Statesboro early often earn generous discounts and pay much less rent for their hostel room. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I view the student housing in Statesboro before booking them?

You can view Statesboro student housing by setting up a pre-booking site check or virtual tour by contacting our booking experts.

Student Accomodations in Statesboro

Statesboro Student Housing

Finding a perfect place to stay while moving to a new city for education is a task in itself. However, one can completely rely on Statesboro student housing for a comfortable stay. Statesboro student apartments are all equipped with modern amenities and facilities that make one feel at home away from their home. Statesboro student housing options are located near many universities that are in close proximity, like Georgia Southern University and Ogeechee Technical College.

However, with a large number of students flocking to this place every year, finding a Statesboro student housing can be a little daunting. But amber makes this difficult task easy by providing various budget-friendly Stateboro student housing options for you to choose from. These options are all loaded with a wide range of room type options such as ensuites, non-ensuites, shared apartments, etc. Students can easily choose from the Statesboro student housing options as per their feasibility. One of the best Statesboro student housing options is Market 100, which has all the necessary amenities for students to feel at home.

About Statesboro

Located in the beautiful state of Georgia, Statesboro is home to some of the finest universities that attract a large number of students every year. The economy of the city is diverse and there are multiple sectors that the city is involved in, some of which are education, healthcare, agriculture, and retail. Statesboro offers a mixed culture and is known as the home of diversity with scope for many recreational activities. The city hosts various events and festivals throughout the year the university plays a major role. With the development of Georgia Southern University, the city has seen some major changes in the past few decades. The history of the city dates back to the 19th century when the area was largely developed by the white planters for cotton plantations. Statesboro offers a healthy and safe environment for its people by providing them with a place they can rely on. Statesboro offers the best environment for students as well, and with the best Statesboro student housing options, anyone can easily settle in here. Apart from this, the transportation of the city is strong well-structured and maintained as well. Travelling from one place to another is quite easy and flexible for people.

Best Student Housing in Statesboro

With a large number of students flocking to the beautiful city of Statesboro, it is important to look for the best Statesboro student apartments well in advance. Amber helps you by providing you with the best options for student housing Statesboro GA, which makes the stay comfortable for students. Statesboro student housing provides a wide range of options for students to choose from. Statesboro student housing is loaded with a lot of amenities & facilities, which will help make the stay comfortable & relaxed. Some of the best Statesboro student housing options include:

  1. Market 100 - This is one of the best Statesboro student housing options that is loaded with a lot of amenities & facilities that make it the ideal place to stay. This Statesboro student housing option is known for its modern and chic infrastructure which stands Market 100 from other options.

Cost of Living in Statesboro

Shifting to a new city is a task in itself; however, what makes the transition easy for one is the proper planning, be it for Statesboro student housing or finance. To make this task easy for students, we have given down a breakdown of a few important things. The approximate cost will help you map out your expenses for the month.

  1. Rent & Utilities - $1113 - $1200/month
  2. Food - $482 - $600/month
  3. Transport - $52 - $60/month
  4. Phone Bill - $178.62 / month
  5. Healthcare - $108/visit

Student Travel Statesboro

Statesboro offers a strong and well-connected transportation system that makes travelling easy for students. One can easily travel to different parts of the city using various modes of transportation. Statesboro provides a safe & secure transportation system that helps people commute to different places daily. Students can choose from these options to travel to college from their Statesboro student housing. Some of the well-known and widely used options in the city are as follows:

  1. Bus: At Statesboro Area Transit, our mission is to get you where you want to go! With over 30 stops around the city, Statesboro Area Transit provides greater access to shopping, healthcare, community events, and much more. It’s easy, quick, safe, and affordable. The transit system will feature two fixed routes, a Blue and Red route, with two buses assigned to each route.
  2. Cycling: Another one of the best ways of traveling around the city is through cycling. This is not only convenient but also considered a healthy option; one wouldn't have to stay stuck in long traffic lines.
  3. Train: The train is yet another widely used mode of transportation that people take to travel to different cities from Statesboro. People usually prefer this option when they are traveling to other cities or different parts of the city.
  4. Taxi: If you are open to paying a little more extra then you can opt for personal cabs or taxi services. You can easily find a cab from your Statesboro student housing and travel to the college.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Statesboro

Statesboro, Georgia, embodies a vibrant student lifestyle centered around various universities. The city pulsates with the energy of a diverse student community engaged in academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and social interactions. Georgia Southern University, a prominent institution, shapes the cultural fabric of Statesboro.

The student lifestyle in Statesboro also embraces a spirit of community engagement, with opportunities for volunteer work and internships contributing to the local area's development. Events and entertainment, ranging from concerts to festivals, offer students avenues for relaxation and socializing.

Local hangouts become the backdrop for friendships to flourish, with students frequenting coffee shops for late-night study sessions, exploring bookstores for literary gems, and sampling the diverse culinary offerings that Statesboro has to offer. The city's charm lies in these spaces, where academic discussions seamlessly transition into casual conversations.

Students can explore the beautiful city of Statesboro during the weekend or as and when they get time. The city is loaded with a lot of options to explore, some of which include Splash in the Boro, which is a great palace to rejuvenate. Statesboro Mall is yet another place of attraction that students can explore. If you are a history lover, then you can visit the Georgia Southern Museum, which will take you through the pages of history. The Clubhouse at Hackers is another spot for students to hang out and about in the city. The Hot Vintage Market keeps visitors on their toes with its beautiful vintage collection.

Statesboro Tourist Attractions

Statesboro offers a great range of tourist attractions for people to explore. Students can visit these places as and when they want from their Statesboro student housing. Some of the options include:

  1. Oliver Bridge Wma
  2. Little J’s Farm
  3. Luetta Moore Park
  4. T.J.Maxx
  5. Honey Bowen Building
  6. Big Lots
  7. Charlie’s Funky Junk Shop

Top Universities in Statesboro

Statesboro is home to some of the finest universities that students can visit. Some of the universities to visit include

  1. East Georgia State College
  2. Georgia Southern University
  3. Savannah College of Art and Design
  4. University of South Carolina Beaufort
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