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The Brooklyn, Oakland
Studio Apartment - Bedroom
Common Area

The Brooklyn, Oakland

11th St, Oakland, 94607, United States
0 mi from City Center
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Game room
Study space
Bike storage

About the Property

Discover all-inclusive private bedrooms and beautiful shared spaces in vibrant Downtown Oakland.

At Common at The Brooklyn your rent gets you more: a private bedroom with optional ensuite or shared bathroom, shared lounges and study areas made for movie nights or remote work, spacious shared kitchen and extra perks like on-site laundry. Kick back on one of the cozy couches or challenge your neighbors to a game of pool or ping pong in the basement game lounge space. Whatever you do, however you do it, at Common at The Brooklyn you’ll feel at home.

What will you get

Your Rent Include


Common Amenities

Community Lounge
Game Room
Laundry Room
Bike Storage
Study Space
High-speed WiFi

Cancellation Policies (1)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property does not offer cooling-off period.

Payment Policies (4)

  • Booking Deposit
    This property requires booking deposit.
  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers 1, 12 flexible instalment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-living?

Coliving is roommate and city living made easy. Instead of scouring Craigslist for roommates, spending your savings on new furniture, and arguing over splitting the bills, you’ll move into a private bedroom in a fully-furnished, all-inclusive shared apartment.

What’s the application process like?

The application process is easy and can all be completed online, or in-person if you’re local. First, you'll fill out the application form on their site and chat with one of their home specialists. Then, if you’re local to the area, you can go for an in-person tour, or if you’re remote, they can tour with you virtually. After completing a virtual or in-person tour with a home specialist, you will receive an application form that can be filled out online or in person. You will likely need to speak to a specialist before the tour to qualify and match for the home that fits your needs best. At that time, you can reserve the room while they conduct a background check, and if everything checks out, you sign your lease.

What’s included with coliving? What should I bring when I move in?

As their member, your rent includes a full-sized bed frame, nightstand, lamp, clothes storage, and hangers. In your shared suite, you’ll find a fully-furnished living room and dining area, with appliances, cutlery, and household essentials including toilet paper, dishwashing soap, sponges, and laundry detergent. Alongside your personal items, they recommend bringing bed and bathroom linens alongside any personal decor.They do not allow members to bring in extra furniture.
Their offerings may differ depending on your home. Please ask your leasing specialist for a full list of what’s included.

What is included in non-coliving apartments?

As a PMG member in a traditional apartment, you’ll have access to convenient amenities, people-first property services, Common’s built-in community, events, and discounts to local and national brands. Unless stated otherwise, our traditional apartments are unfurnished and not all-inclusive of utilities, WiFi, etc.

Is parking available?

Parking availability is dependent on each home! If a building has a parking garage or lot, you’ll see a Parking icon on their website. Please ask your leasing specialist about available spaces.

Can I pick my roommates in my coliving suite?

If you and a friend would like to live in the same coliving suite together, they are happy to accommodate your request given that you both qualify and there is availability in the suite. However, due to Fair Housing Laws, they can’t allow members to pick roommates based on factors like gender, religion etc. For example, that means they can’t guarantee you will have an all-female suite.

Can I share a room with a friend?

The property offers rooms with queen-sized beds and ensuite bathrooms at select homes for couples who are looking to live together in a coliving suite. They do not allow members to bring additional furniture.

What happens if I don’t get along with my roommates?

The PMG is designed to reduce the typical arguments and tensions that come with roommate living, like splitting the bills, buying essentials like toilet paper, and choosing furniture.They do ask that members be respectful of one another and their home, and perform chores like taking out the trash, filling the dishwasher, and maintaining a livable space. However, as a property manager, it’s not within Common’s power to enforce those behaviors. If your roommate is in violation of their lease, please reach out to their Member Support team. In such cases, they may be able to transfer you to another unit or home.

Can I have a private bathroom?

Select bedrooms that offer ensuite bathrooms. Please ask your leasing specialist for more details on availability.

Are pets allowed?

While they love animals, they only allow pets at their private studio and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. In their coliving suites, pets may be allowed as accommodation for tenants with a qualified disability.

Are community events free?

Yes! All community events are free. Some events are limited to a certain number of people.

What is Oakland known for?

Known as “Brooklyn by the Bay,” Oakland is a vibrant and inclusive city that still maintains its hometown feel. Packed with delicious restaurants, world-class museums, lush public green spaces, and more, Oakland has something for everyone. Soak up the sun by Lake Merritt, head to a cultural festival, or discover the latest hidden gems on your block. Located a quick train or ferry ride from San Francisco, Oakland is the place to be in NorCal.

What is the public transportation in Oakland?

Oakland is connected to the rest of the Bay Area via various bus and train lines. Thanks to the AC Transit bus network and BART train service, it’s easy to live here without a car. BART provides daily service to nearby neighbourhoods, downtown San Francisco, and even the airport. The Bay Ferry service is another convenient way to travel between Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda—a scenic route that takes only 20 minutes to cross the Bay. In addition to public transportation, Oakland is known to be highly walkable and bike-friendly. Oakland coliving homes are all located within walking distance of many bus stops and BART stations, making it easy to get around and explore the East Bay.

What are some fun things to do in Oakland?

Oakland offers the ideal balance between city living and the great outdoors. Unwind on the shores of Lake Merritt, or rent a kayak or canoe from the Brooklyn Basin. After a beautiful day outside, treat yourself to delicious cuisine—from the taco trucks and tequila bars in Fruitvale to the Oakland Vegan Trail, showcasing the city’s incredible vegan food. If you’re interested in soaking up the city’s arts and culture, check out the innovative Oakland Museum of California, the Black Panther walking tour, or one of the many local art galleries and lively street murals.
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Student Accomodations in Oakland

Oakland Student Housing

Finding the ideal student housing in Oakland CA can be challenging yet crucial to your university journey. Opting for off-campus Oakland student housing over traditional dormitories presents students with independence, more space, and often the chance to immerse themselves fully in the local community. However, finding the right Oakland student housing can be difficult. This is where amber comes into play, simplifying the search for Oakland student housing and connecting students with a variety of accommodation options tailored to their needs.

With Amber, students can easily navigate the housing market to find comfortable and convenient living spaces in Oakland. Whether you're attending the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, or the University of California, amber offers a tailored selection of room types close to your campus. From private studios to shared apartments, students have access to an array of amenities designed for a modern, student-centric lifestyle, including Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, fitness centers, and communal study areas. For those studying in Oakland, properties such as The Brooklyn and MacArthur provide well-located and amenity-rich living experiences. Embrace the ease of student housing in Oakland CA with amber as your trusted companion on this exciting chapter of academic life.

About Oakland

Oakland, the eighth-largest city in California, is a vibrant, diverse hub teeming with a rich cultural heritage and a dynamic social landscape. Positioned across the San Francisco Bay, it's a city firmly rooted in a history of art, social movements, and innovation. Oakland's thriving economy is complemented by its bustling port, one of the busiest in the country, which significantly contributes to the Bay Area's prosperity.

The city's reputation as an educational nexus is bolstered by its proximity to well-regarded institutions. Oakland student housing caters to a significant student community attending nearby universities such as the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, and the esteemed University of California. The presence of these universities enriches Oakland's educational landscape, drawing in students from across the globe. Neighborhoods within Oakland - like Rockridge and Montclair - offer unique charms, from quaint shopping districts to serene, wooded surroundings. Students seeking housing in Oakland will find a mix of accommodations that cater to diverse preferences, whether they're looking for a serene retreat or a place in the heart of the city action.

Best Student Housing in Oakland

As students embark upon their educational journey, finding the ideal student housing in Oakland CA becomes a critical step towards embracing university life. Relocating to Oakland presents a unique opportunity to experience the pulsating urban environment while indulging in the off-campus housing that offers a mix of independence, affordability, and a flourishing student community. Proximity to prominent educational institutions such as the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, San Francisco State University, Academy of Art University, and the University of California ensures access to a rich academic atmosphere. Amber provides a variety of student apartments in Oakland, such as ensuite rooms, student halls, and studio apartments that cater to diverse preferences and budgets, fitting perfectly into the student lifestyle. Some of the best student housing in Oakland CA:

1. Jefferson

2. Maya

3. Amelia

4. 221 7th Street Residences

5. 1080 Folsom Residences

6. Identity Logan Park

7. 251 9th Street Residences

8. University Park

9. Stonefire Berkeley

10. June Homes 94110

Cost of Living in Oakland

Embarking on a journey as a student in Oakland involves not only academic preparation but also an understanding of the local cost of living. The cost of living in Oakland is driven by a complex interplay of various factors that make it one of the pricier cities to reside in across the US. Being situated in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region renowned for its economic prowess and high-paying jobs, Oakland's costs are substantially shaped by the intense demand for housing from affluent professionals and tech workers. Grasping the cost of living is crucial for managing finances effectively and making smart lifestyle decisions while studying in Oakland.

1. Average Tuition Fees: $28,000 - $45,000 per year

2. Off-campus accommodation: $1,444 - $2,445 per month

3. Transportation: $150 - $200 per month

4. Food: $350 - $370 per month

5. Utility: $130 - $140 per month

6. Groceries: $40 - $50 per month

7. Clothes: $130 - $145 per month

Student Travel Oakland

For students settling into Oakland student housing, navigating the vibrant city of Oakland is a breeze, thanks to a host of convenient and budget-friendly transportation options. Whether you're off to classes or exploring the urban splendor, getting around is made easy by the readily available public transit systems. Let's delve into the various travel options near student studio apartments Oakland. Here's a list of the principal modes of transportation that keep the city connected:

1. Buses: The AC Transit bus service is a lifeline for students in Oakland, with frequent buses running across the city and beyond. With fares starting from $2.10 and options for a Clipper card, a reusable smart card that offers discounts and convenience, bus travel is both economical and reliable. Students can hop on and off at various bus stops, such as Oakland CA bus station and Greyhound bus stop, ensuring they're never far from reaching their destination.
2. Metro – BART: The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is another gem for students, connecting Oakland to various parts of the Bay Area. With the nearest station just a short walk from many student accommodations, BART is known for its punctuality and extensive network. The fares are reasonable, with an average trip around Oakland costing under $5. Plus, with services running every 15 minutes or so, students can enjoy a stress-free commute to neighboring cities or universities.
3. Cycling: For those who prefer eco-friendly travel, cycling is a great choice in Oakland. The city boasts several dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs like Bay Wheels that make it secure and simple to navigate the urban landscape on two wheels.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Oakland

Exploring the student lifestyle and living in Oakland promises a dynamic and engaging experience. Nestled in the vibrant area of Oakland, the locality is not only renowned for its safety but also considered highly suitable for student living. In Oakland, students can indulge in a variety of popular hangout spots that cater to their social and recreational needs. Restaurants such as The Wolf, Shakewell, and Wood Tavern provide a cozy ambience and healthy meals – a perfect combination for study breaks. For those who crave a caffeine boost or a quiet nook to read, Mellana Cafe, Awaken Cafe & Roasting, and Timeless Coffee stand out as a top choice among the Oakland student housing community.

The sense of camaraderie extends to green spaces like Lake Merritt, where students often gather for a jog or picnic, basking in the calming presence of nature. The nearby Morcom Rose Garden also offers a picturesque retreat from the hustle of student life. For the more culturally inclined, the Paramount Theatre showcases a variety of performances that mesmerize and entertain. Oakland's cultural richness is further highlighted by events such as the Oakland Art Murmur, which connects students with the local arts scene. Music festivals throughout the year ensure there's never a dull moment, contributing to Oakland's vibrant atmosphere. From the serenity of its greenery to the zest of its cultural scene, student living in Oakland is an enriching chapter in any scholar's life.

Oakland Tourist Attractions

Explore the vibrant city of Oakland, a treasure trove of cultural, historic, and natural attractions. Known for its picturesque waterfront, diverse culinary scene, and rich artistic community, Oakland offers an array of experiences for tourists and locals alike. Whether you're seeking adventure in the great outdoors or a dive into the local arts and history, this bustling hub near renowned universities does not disappoint. Below are a few tourist attractions in Oakland:

1. Lake Merritt
2. Jack London Square
3. Oakland Museum of California
4. Redwood Regional Park
5. Chabot Space & Science Center
6. Children's Fairyland
7. Oracle Arena
8. Oakland Zoo
9. USS Potomac
10. Preservation Park

Universities in Oakland

Renowned for its vibrant academic scene, Oakland is home to some of the most esteemed universities. Students flock to this dynamic city for its top-tier educational institutions and diverse student life, making the demand for quality Oakland student housing quite significant.

1. University of San Francisco
2. Golden Gate University
3. San Francisco State University
4. Academy of Art University
5. University of California

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