Posted on June 22, 2020
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It is not often that people have a chance to move abroad every so often. There might be different reasons why people from all over the world decide to study abroad and experience international student life. Some move abroad to study and get a better higher education while some want to have a change of scenery in a bigger city with more opportunities. Whatever your reasons, maybe, if you have decided to move abroad to pursue your further studies, you should consider some things you should consider before moving abroad and starting a new life there.

1) Make a to-do list:


Moving abroad and adapting to a new country, new environment, new friends, new school and housing may seem wonderful at first, but once you think about all the things you have to fulfill before you go, you might feel nervous. But it is okay! Making a list for everything that needs to be done before you leave is a crucial step. Making a to-do list will definitely reduce your stress and make your departure better.

Your list may look like this.

  • Book plane/bus/shuttle tickets.
  • Buy health insurance.
  • Prepare and send/upload documents needed.
  • Make sure your passport and visa are up to date.
  • Prepare what you are bringing to the destination country.

2) Pack your luggage wisely:


It is very understandable if you tend to pack every practical thing that reminds you home into your luggage, but we advise you to be careful because this might cause your new home to be overcrowded. Packing only necessary things into your luggage will be a better idea considering many students will likely buy a lot of clothes, furniture, books while living abroad upon getting accustomed to local shops and stores in their city. On the other hand, we strongly advise you not to forget necessary items packed in your luggage, such as your driver’s license, passport, ID card, and maybe a camera to capture great moments of your new life.

3) Arrange your housing early on & find a roommate:


Students have different preferences when it comes to housing. Some prefer to live alone or enjoy the company of a roommate or two in a shared flat or dormitories. Others prefer a homestay experience. Arranging your housing before your departure can save you from a lot of work and worrying about where you are going to stay. While searching for the right accommodation for you, we advise you to stay in touch through social media networks with students from your class, university, and the city even before your departure. You can also consult your Students’ Affairs offices. The earlier you arrange your housing and find a roommate, the earlier you can start making friends and socialize!

4) Make new friends and stay in touch:


Well, you did it! You have successfully moved abroad and have begun your life in a new country. We are aware that the transition to a new environment is not easy, and culture shock is real. However, if you are surrounded by people who are going through the same thing as you, your transition will be much easier. That is why we believe making friends and keeping in touch with them is one of the essential elements that make your life abroad better! Having a coffee or grabbing a bite or going to a party with a few friends and hang out maybe just a start for a life-long friendship, you can never know!

5) Relax and do not hesitate to ask for assistance:


It is understandable if you find it very frustrating to accomplish simple tasks during your first days abroad. But you must relax and take your time. You will see that you will be a local sooner than you realize! Also, do not hesitate to ask for assistance before your departure and after your arrival.

EğitimAL Foreign Education Consultancy Services is always by your side when you are abroad by answering your questions, replacing your housing, or helping you change your program if in need. EğitimAL’s professional counselors assist you with registering and applying for different programs, solving any problem you might come across and help during your adaptation process to a different country, city, and school. EğitimAL provides students with 360° Degree Counselling Services, starting from choosing a program and school to your arrival back to Turkey, all the services (including arrangement(application/registration), visa procedures, housing, airplane ticket reservations, airport transfers, and health & travel insurance) are given with no extra fees!

EğitimAL is a foreign education consultancy services company founded in Turkey in 2001, assisting students in the fields of foreign language education, university degrees (bachelor’s and master’s), certificate and diploma programs, summer school and as well as the professional purpose of enhancing career goals to countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, The U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Malta, Europe and many more. Our professional education counselors are actively working at our offices located in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Bolu, Eskişehir, to assist our students with their educational needs.

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