Posted on June 24, 2019

Before: Make sure you find the right place for you!

  1. Attend open days where you can look around the accommodation itself, ask any questions you might have about it and gather your findings to compare with different accommodations. giphy

  2. Do your research! – make sure you find the right accommodation for you that you are suited to! It is important to be happy in your accommodation especially in your fresher’s year. For instance, If you want to rent a condo near your campus, Do proper research before jumping straight into decision. Check this out. image1

  3. Make sure the accommodation you are looking at has good reviews. If it has bad ratings from previous tenants, you want to avoid that place and find a better reviewed accommodation. image3

  4. Location Location and more location! Do you want to stay on-site or are you happy to do a walk to Uni? Find an accommodation which is situation in a good location. Ensure that you are near a local shop and if you can a doctor’s surgery. image5

  5. Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to stay in halls or in a house? Self-catered or catered? How many people would you want to share with? Are you happy to stay in a mixed environment? Do you want 24-hour security? Studio or shared? Is this residence in your price range? Once you have decided then you can make a final decision. These things are all integral parts of making sure you’re going to be happy in this place. image2

After: Now you’ve booked your accommodation, go find your flatmates!

  1. Join the relevant Facebook groups and be in the know of any socials and societies in order to prepare yourself for when you arrive. image7

  2. Make sure you take advantage of our good friends at UniKitOut and receive a special 10% off their website on all bedroom, bathroom and kitchen packs. Use discount code AMBER10 and order today to ensure you get the delivery date you want!! image4

  3. Start up a standing order with your bank to make payment to your accommodation easier. Alongside this, sign up for a railcard to make travelling affordable. giphy (1)

  4. Earn yourself some extra cash by doing a summer job before you go to Uni to help cover your food shops. image6

  5. Finally – Enjoy your summer break before your September start! image8

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