Posted on January 4, 2022
#Here's to a brand new chapter! 

Have you ever heard of Patti Smith? She is a renowned artist who couldn't keep up her work at one point in her life because she had other tasks occupying her entire day. To let her creative juices flow, she intended to take hold of her life and started waking up at 5 in the morning, and in the wake of dawn, she let herself loose in writing.

With time and discipline, she compiled a book recognised worldwide and even won a National Book Award. There was a zeal in her to do justice to her creative side, and the enthusiasm was all she needed, not a date in a calendar.

However, some of us regard these anniversaries as being given a second chance at everything, a second chance to shed our skin and take on a new identity. We all begin the new year to turn a new page in our lives with this sense of freshness. We scribble in our journals, share images with motivating remarks, and hope that this new year will be our best yet!

Do you ever get stuck deciding what your New Year's resolutions should be as a student? So we've compiled a list of new year resolutions for you that you can use as a road map to assist you in getting through 2022!

1. Your network is your net worth

If you want to reach the career yardstick you've set for yourself, you need to network. A part of you has to transform into becoming a social butterfly. If you find it hard to connect with people, make full use of online mediums. Believe it or not, networking is the key to success in this day and age.

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2. Study, Work, Relax 

It has been argued that students are the absolute worst at finding a life balance. You might have a strong desire to work hard one day and a no-shits-given attitude the next, causing you to party hard and not give a damn about reaching essential deadlines. This is the time to sit back, examine, and find out how critical it is to strike a balance between learning, working, and relaxing!

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3. But first, sleep!

Do you know that successful students tend to sleep more? Being a student, you need to be on top of your assignments, socialise with your peers and take out time for yourself to let your brain breathe. This is not as easy as it sounds. This is not as easy as it sounds. Adequate sleep provides numerous benefits, such as improved grades, better memory, and a robust immune system. 

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4. Healthy eating starts today! 

Never undermine the power of healthy eating. In today's busy schedules, we end up eating as per convenience, and once you start neglecting healthy food, there's only downhill from that point on. Choose to fuel your body and mind with excellent meals in the new year. There are various ways to overcome the diet challenge, but you'll only find them if you make the decision to adopt healthy eating habits.

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5. Don’t just study, Study Smart!

Do you ever have the feeling that you study but don't learn? Do you have any idea why that is? The most prevalent explanation is that you're looking only to get to the finish line and not learn anything new. Choose to explore your inquisitive side; don't limit yourself to academic reading; branch out and read literature, fiction, and anything else that will provide you with that extra ounce of information.

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6. Prioritise mental health

There is a significant difference between encouraging yourself and pressuring yourself. The latter is common with the students and may lead to mental turmoil. Again, there is a substantial difference between preaching about the importance of mental health and implementing that on yourself. Let 2022 be the year you resolve to not spiral or become bogged down, and to take care of your mental health using all the instruments at your disposal.

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7. Minimise waste & live sustainably

If a 16-year-old girl with Asperger's can choose to live sustainably and consider the environment's safety, so can you! This new year, educate yourself on how you can be an instrumental part of society and be kinder to the earth.

Every day is a new day, and each day brings new opportunities. It's totally up to you whether you want something as simple as the beginning of a new year to change your life or whether you see every day as a new chance, take charge and seize the day! It’s all a game of how you choose to see things! 

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