Posted on January 28, 2021

The world of education is growing exponentially large – every day, a new university or a college is being coined up in some part of the world. Teaching has turned into a growing profitable business, and student debt is becoming a bombastic market place worldwide. In your transition abroad, finding the right university is the most important task. No matter where you stay, you will have to regret studying at a university with no reputation or recognition sooner or later. In many places around the world, a single room-size unaccredited universities/colleges are destined to swindle the students’ hard-earned money. The programs run across are no more than a cash cow which holds a little to no market value. It’s essential to peek into some of the most authoritative global credentials to find a university that can fit your future aspirations.

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Here we are presenting some of the quick regulatory checks and authoritative symbols to match a university that not only helps you study confidently but also assist you in making a profitable career growth.


Ranking of a university plays a significant role; however, it’s troublesome task comparing universities on various portals. A university that doesn’t even stand in top 1000 places globally on some outlets could sometimes rank in top 100 at others. There are many ranking portals which trade places in a few thousand dollars, and universities with no actual repute are being made known in the top places. We recommend students to follow for a trustful and transparent ranking system to find a compatible university worldwide.

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It’s at all times guided that your preferred course or the university should have passed an obligatory global endorsement. If you are going for an MBA, you can look out for AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS accreditations of a particular university/school. Even if you are going for any specialized program, make sure to check other parallel accreditations of your university/college. For instance, if you are going for an architecture program in the USA, check if your university or program offered is approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)

Student Satisfaction Ration:

Peek into the university’s Student Satisfaction Ratio, this is especially pertinent if you are choosing a university in the United Kingdom. Student Satisfaction Rate is calculated for most-popular universities in the UK by interviewing university students while keeping their details private. If you are checking on this, make sure to pick a university that has a student satisfaction rate above 85% and the university below this might disappoint you despite their good presentation.

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Teacher to Student Rate:

This is another essential characteristic to look at; a good university will undoubtedly have low students dispensed per teacher as this augments the learning outcome and every student gets reasonable attention during the class. A student to teacher rate of 20:3 will obviously boost the student learning compared to a university with 45:5 student to teacher rate. So, naturally, find a university with low student to teacher rate.

Employment Rate:

Every student studies abroad aims for better employment prospects which make him spend ten times higher on an international degree. If you don’t get placed, your entire planning gets conked out. It’s imperative to look out for the universities with high employment rates relatively. Of course, a university cannot just get everyone placed, but the right guidance and connections surely can. Don't forget to speak to the university's career cell and look into their placement related data if possible; you can also similar details on the university portal as well sometimes.


A university location is as important as the university itself. If you study entirely at a remote place, your employment and internship opportunities are ceased. Though studying in some of the popular cities could be an expensive deal; still, you get much better career opportunities comparatively. Studying in the city downtown also present ample network opportunities that can be of good help at times. Cities are mostly the hub of small-sized companies that hire people for part-time work which could be useful in paying off your bills as a student.

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International Student Population:

It's also advisable to look if how many international students a university attracts; a university with large international students will be trustful and reputed. Just think of a university which attracts only a few international students – low or no international attention means poor diversity and no learning exchange. The world is connected more than ever today, the information is available on our fingertips. So make sure you do complete research before landing on to the university’s campus.

Tuition Cost:

Finance is one of the most crucial factors while deciding to study abroad and the majority of the money you devise for studies goes to the university as a tuition fee. Choose a university with low tuition fee or the one that fits your financial planning. Most universities also offer lucrative scholarships which could further lower your tuition fee. Make sure a university fee should match its global ranking and reputation.

Apart from these, there are several other imperative aspects to look at, for instance, the university’s facilities, male to female students ratio particularly for female students, accommodation, course modules, course level, and course assessment can also be considered at times. Make sure to do wide-ranging research before moving on with your application; don't fell for the flowery words of any university.

Our proud partner, Edulley, can help aspiring international students finding the right university fit. So if you are aspiring to study abroad or just digging out some rightful information, make sure to get in touch.

This blog is written by Nagesh Kumar, the Co-owner & key business strategist at Edulley, he comes with thriving experience in the education industry.

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