5 Best Luggage Shipping Services for students!

5 Best Luggage Shipping Services for students!

Uploaded on
Jan 17, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 12, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 17, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 12, 2023
5 best luggage shipping services for students
Take a bit of home with you, tension free

Comically sitting on top of your luggage, trying to stuff in as much as possible, and forcefully zipping your suitcase shut is not the most preferred way of packing! We are all guilty of overpacking, even for a short time! 

Now you are faced with the challenge of packing most of your life at home and taking it to another country or continent in a suitcase! It's difficult, but shipping luggage internationally makes the process easier! As more and more students choose to study overseas, many luggage shipping companies have appeared to help you ship your luggage to your destination!

What is a luggage shipping service? 

Best luggage shipping services will transport your luggage from one place to another. Usually, it is used when sending bulk or large amounts of items. These services will be able to transport your bags both locally and internationally. This method will be a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to taking excess baggage with you on an airline.

Anyone can use luggage shipping services. Most often, students use luggage shipping services while moving away from home for higher education to universities or colleges abroad. People can also use luggage shipping services if they move for work or travel abroad for a long time.

One can think of several advantages while using the best luggage shipping services. Firstly it is cheaper and more affordable than putting your baggage on a flight. It is convenient because some of the best shipping services offer door-to-door pickup and drop. You will get fast and safe deliveries with the best shipping services. Most of these deliveries are trackable if you use the best shipping services, and you can check the progress of your shipment online to see when you will receive it! 

Best way to send luggage overseas  

When one decides to move overseas, it's natural to have more belongings that need to be taken along with you. However, airports and airlines have an upper limit on the weight that can be carried on the aeroplane in the form of luggage and hand baggage. In such scenarios, looking for the best luggage shipping services for shipping excess baggage overseas becomes necessary. 

A luggage shipping company will help deliver all your belongings to a foreign nation separately. For instance, if you were moving to the UK and worried about shipping your luggage to and fro from the UK, then luggage shipping companies are your best friend. They are responsible for sending your unaccompanied baggage overseas by providing the best luggage shipping service! 

Luggage shipping companies always list the tricks you should know while moving abroad. The seamlessness and ease during the process are ensured during your study abroad journey! 

Steps for shipping luggage internationally 

All you need to do is, 
- Decide upon the luggage you want to ship instead of carrying along with you.
- Research as much as you can about luggage shipping services and choose the one that aligns with your needs
While shipping luggage internationally, one sends unaccompanied baggage overseas, so choosing a trustworthy and essentially the best luggage shipping service is mandatory! We, as always, are here to make your moving overseas journey easier! Here are the five best luggage shipping services to make the shipping process easy! 

Top 5 Luggage Shipping Companies

1. Sherpr: 

You have better things to do than push around luggage boxes on your first day in a new place and country! Sherpr to the rescue! They are one of the cheapest ways to send luggage overseas. Their rates being as less as 20 euros makes them a convenient choice amongst the best luggage shipping services. The way to go about it is simple: Book - Pack - Track, and they deliver! They also offer a 1 hour collection time slot, complimentary value protection, and a label printing and shipping kit service! If you are a student looking for quick and easy luggage shipping, Sherpr is the answer!

2. EuroSender: 

Another reliable name for luggage shipping services is EuroSender. They are a door-to-door delivery service who are renowned for being extremely budget-friendly. They are highly transparent, with quotations available for all distances immediately on their website. They have detailed guidelines on how and what to pack on their website with a user-friendly interface. They work with over a hundred world’s largest logistics companies, such as DHL, GLS, DPS, UPS, etc. They support 17 languages so that you can be from anywhere in the world, and they will understand your needs to the T! So if you are a student who wants the best luggage shipping service for a seamless, stress-free procedure, Eurosender is the way to go! 

3. Luggage Forward:

'Ship Luggage, Arrive Happy', you best believe Luggage Forward aligns perfectly with their motto! They are one of the best global luggage shipping services and involve door-to-door delivery. Moreover, Luggage Forward's dedicated team of international shipping experts oversees the submission of country-specific documentation on your behalf to facilitate a timely clearance and delivery. They shall ensure that all the luggage you aim to send in advance is in line with the guidelines of the host country, elevating you from all legal worries as well. So leave the work to one of the best luggage shipping services and arrive happily at your destination!

4. AnyVan: 

AnyVan claims that if you can find a cheaper removal quote, they promise to beat it with a cheaper one! Isn't that a fun and encouraging chance to take? There are no hidden fees in any of their quotations, and there is always a group of happy helpers to assist you on your journey from packing to shipping luggage internationally! AnyVan makes shipping luggage internationally seamless between any country.

5. Lugless: 

Their name alleviates all your worries, and their motto is 'Skip the stress and Ship your luggage.' They are simple and to the point, even with their website. One can use their bag calculator and get a quote according to their needs! Lugless will help you find the lowest luggage shipping prices to choose the best option. They allow you to ship anything from golf clubs to skis to boxes full of different items and so much more. Reliable and affordable are their synonyms making them one of the best luggage shipping services. 

If you want to know what to take and not to take, check out our blog on the ultimate packing checklist for university or tips and tricks you should know while packing! 

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