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6 Student Room Decoration Ideas for This Festive Season

Housing Tips
3 min
Uploaded on
Dec 21, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 18, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 21, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 18, 2023
small town decked up with christmas lights
Turn your room into a winter wonderland!

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to make your room a cozy place for this festive season. We are ready to share top 6 ideas for student room decor that will make you feel like you are in a winter fairytale!

Best Festive Season Decor for Your Room

1. Try DIY 

DIY is often a great idea, especially when you want to decorate the room and save money at the same time. It’s also a chance to try a new hobby or spend time with pleasure. DIY projects are trendy now, and you can easily find many videos on making Christmas decorations on a budget in a few steps.

If you are inspired by the spirit of the upcoming holidays, you can create your own Christmas DIY project. Among the best student room decor ideas you can make with your hands are:

  • Christmas candles;
  • Christmas jars;
  • Creative ornaments;
  • Christmas wreaths;
  • Embroidered wall decorations.

Rely on your creativity! You can even craft a Christmas tree from anything around you: books, pencils, pages from your old notebook, or even memorable photos on the wall.

2. Experiment With Colors

Adhering to one color pallet is a must-have among the best student room decoration ideas for your bedroom. Christmas is often associated with red, white, green, and golden colors. Apart from the festive pallet, you can blend some textures and patterns related to this holiday. 

Cushions, mugs with Christmas prints, and bedding with festive motives will help you stay in the right mood through this period. This student room decor hack will be handy for preparing your room for the celebration.

Students often lack time, especially before the holidays. Thus, delegating some routine tasks will free some time, especially when you are overwhelmed with preparing admission or academic transcripts

If you don’t even have time to decorate your room, then EssayEdge is the right service to give a helping hand. It’s a legal editing service with top experts from Ivy League that will help you ensure that the quality of your papers corresponds to all requirements. Editors will proofread your personal statement, college essay, and other papers while you are preparing for Christmas and creating a cozy and festive atmosphere. 

Let’s move to other student room decoration ideas to create a magic atmosphere!

3. Add Tiny Decorations

Lack of place is a common problem for students living in the dormitory. But even if you face such a challenge, it’s possible to make your room cozy, organised and decorated. Christmas and festive decor for student accommodation of tiny size can help you solve this problem. For instance, a small Christmas tree will be a nice idea to save some place in your room.

Also, your dorm door can become a good alternative for student room decor. It’s possible to use different staff for it:

  • Present ribbons;
  • Wrapping paper;
  • Cotton snowballs;
  • Christmas wreath;
  • Holiday-themed tags.

Student room decoration ideas like this one are helpful to keep your room free of mess and ready for the upcoming festive season. 

4. Use Lights to Create Fairy Atmosphere

Dangling lights are a perfect choice to lift the mood and feel that Christmas is coming! This festive season decor item can make almost everyone happy just for a second. There are hundreds of Christmas lights variants in stock. Different modes of light, colors, and ornaments will help to realize your student room decoration ideas and make your dorm room stand out from the rest.

Hanging lights on the Christmas tree is not the only way to use it. Besides, you can combine them with other student room decor: ornaments, small bells, drawings, candles, candy canes, and figurines. All you need is just to find something dear to your heart.

5. Focus on Small Details

Creating the Christmas atmosphere in your room is more than holiday student room decor items. The holiday spirit should be in every detail. The smell of pine needles, soft light, sounds of the legendary “Jingle Bells” song, sparkling fairy lights—all these put us in a festive mood. 

Here are some ideas to keep the festive spirit: 

  1. Specific scents that remind you of the upcoming celebration will be helpful. Candles or diffuse essential oils that smell like pine, gingerbread, cinnamon, and citrus will help to keep the cozy and warm atmosphere in your dorm room. Still, be very careful, as strong odors can trigger headaches or allergies.
  2. The sound of popular Christmas songs will also lift your mood and help to feel this unique mood. 
  3. Holiday-themed movies are the next option to prepare for the celebration. They will definitely inspire you and give hints on student room decoration ideas. 
  4. Add some details to your student accommodation decor with the help of warm blankets and cute pillows. 

6. Get Rid of Unattractive Surface With Wall Decor

Wall decor works best to help with dull surfaces in your dormitory room. Think about some places that look unattractive, even with some student room decor stuff. Your fridge, window, or closet can become the place for some Art and creativity. Thus, a fridge can become a snowman, and the closet decorated with ornaments and lights will remain a Christmas tree.

Snowflakes at your windows will also be cute decorations for your room. No doubt, they will attract the views of passers-by outside and make them smile and be happy because the holidays are coming. 

These student room decoration ideas are a great way to kick-start the festive season. And the best part is that they are not limited to dorm rooms but also for students living off-campus with the liberty to do a multitude of things. Make your room festive with these decoration ideas! If you ever feel the holiday blues don't worry there are always ways to deal with it too!

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6 Student Room Decoration Ideas for This Festive Season
3 min
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