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7 Benefits You'll Get from Live Online Classes
4 min

7 Benefits You'll Get from Live Online Classes

May 12, 2021
4 min

Online IELTS training is the process of getting knowledge through the internet to the selected candidates for the examination. You can access video lectures, notes in PDF and soft copy format, and books in the word document layout. People usually prefer conventional classroom study over online lectures. But in this technological era, a live online program can give much more boost to your IELTS preparation. So, if you are confused about whether or not to select an online training session, continue reading this article. Here we have mentioned seven benefits of live online sessions that will probably help you in final decision making.

1. Flexibility and convenience

Technology brings online study with interactive sessions according to your schedule. You will no longer have to be present for a particular time duration at a coaching centre for offline classes. Online sessions offer you the facility to schedule your classes. If you miss a live lecture any day, you do not have to worry, as you can access the recorded videos anytime. On the contrary, being absent would mean missing an important lecture and chapter in an offline class.

2. Mobility

Most of the candidates preparing for the IELTS examination are either already studying or doing jobs. So, travelling to a centre to attend classes can be a hectic task. Most of them waste so much energy while travelling, which they can otherwise spend on self-study. Choosing online coaching brings your studies to your doorstep. Visualize the value of the time you can save and invest in something that is much more productive.

3. Affordable and easy accessibility

You cannot compare the costs of online and offline training. When you attend any offline class, you are using their resources which eventually add to the cost. The travel expenses make the prices even higher. In online training, you can learn from the comfort of your home, use your resources, as there is travel which cuts down the cost. You do not need to have any expensive equipment for attending the virtual classes. All you need is a cell phone or a laptop with an internet connection, making these classes easily accessible.

4. Progress reports and mock test

Mock tests and assignments are a significant aspect of your online training program. These will ensure that you are not nervous at the time of the actual IELTS exam and will also help you understand your topic. Of course, people will argue that these facilities are available in offline classes too. But virtual classes have an edge here over the traditional classroom lectures. If you miss a mock test because of any reason, you can attempt it again according to your convenience. Also, you can reattempt the assignments any number of times and get the evaluation done every time by experienced tutors.

5. Constant Guidance

Many people are not comfortable while studying in a group. If you are one of them, then online training is the best opportunity for you. You can avail the one-on-one interaction feature with your educators. They will regularly keep a check on your performance and will always be available for help.

6. Study at your own pace

Everyone has a different learning speed and capability. While some people can grasp every concept with no difficulty, some take more time to do so. With online IELTS training, you get the opportunity of studying at your own pace. You can review a video multiple times till you finally understand the topic. Online courses provide content with attractive images, animations, and movie clips, helping the students in longer information retention.

7. The right ideology

In IELTS, you get assessed for your English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. You can polish these skills with updated study material and constant feedback, which are available only through a virtual medium. The constructive criticism that you get through quizzes will help you to get better every day.

Final Thoughts

The demands for online training sessions are increasing tremendously. According to a report, the global eLearning industry is growing at a 9.1% rate annually, and 52% of graduate students in the US found online training sessions a much better learning experience. However, everyone has their perspective. Many people have started recognizing the phenomenal benefits of virtual programs whereas, many consider that nothing can replace conventional classroom studies. Online training programs also provide the provision of free demo classes. So attend those classes yourself and see the difference. Whatever medium you choose, it is ultimately your success that matters in the end.