A Complete Guide To The Fresher’s Week
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A Complete Guide To The Fresher’s Week

6 min
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Sep 29, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 29, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
A complete guide to the fresher's week
Freshen Up Freshers

So it begins! The chaos before the chaos. You finally got into your dream university, which will be a rollercoaster ride. You only move out once; this journey can be overwhelming but worth the hype. University life will be a journey of filling up your time capsule with lifelong friendships, drunk memories and sleepless nights. As Monica rightfully said, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks; you’re gonna love it.”

What is fresher’s week?

Fresher’s week is a kickstart to your University life. This week is filled with fun, feasts and festivals. It is a period where students explore the university, the student clubs and student organisations offered by the university. 

This orientation period lasts from a week to two, where you get settled in their student accommodation and explore their university, campus, classmates, flatmates and your town. Universities conduct many fests, workshops and activities for students to explore, meet new people and try new things. 

Also, how can we forget about the fresher's party? 

The Freshers Party

The fresher’s week is a time when party animals go wild. It is an infamous period when fresher’s party takes place, and students dance the week away till the club can’t even handle them. But, entries at the parties arranged at clubs cost you, so make you not burn large holes in your pocket. Partying can be a great way to socialise and make new friends in the long run. 

PS- University life is not a Tomorrowland concert. There is a fresher's week beyond the fresher’s party. 

Freshers week for non-drinkers.

Who said loving your liver a little more can put you into boredom? You can enjoy the fresher’s week being sober as much as your fellow drinking buddies. After all, fresher’s week does not revolve around drinking at the fresher’s party. You can still hit the club and enjoy while sober; dancing is fun either way. Also, you might get your hands on embarrassing stories about your friends, which will be assets for your future (just a tip). 

For ones who are not night owls, there are many things on your plate, too. You can invest your time in the ‘fresher’s Fairs’ that the universities arrange, and you can enrol yourself in a book club or a drama club. You can go out to cafes or other music festivals, and you might cross paths with like-minded people with shared interests.

How to make the best out of the fresher’s week?

All the drunk nights, stress about settling in, crippling anxiety about living an independent life or a pang of feeling homesick might drain your energy. Staying sane and healthy during fresher’s week is very important as it boosts your uni-life. It is fun being a rule-breaker or rebel, but a little caution won’t do any harm.

Fund my life

Money during student life is never easy come, but always easy go. We know that you are excited to finally not have a 10 pm curfew or have to leave the party with panic as soon as dad calls. But it is very important to keep a tab on your expenses and not lose control. Drinking till you can’t feel your face may end up with you not being able to feel your bank balance. 

It is crucial to manage and budget your fresher’s week wisely, as being broke at the start of the first semester is not cool. You can check our blog on how to manage finances as a student so that budgeting becomes easy for you. Here are some tips that will save you from going broke at the start of the term.

Budget your fresher's week
  • Always keep the cash- This is one of the best ways to save money. Even though you still have online payment methods, keeping a credit card might not be a good option. It is advisable to keep only cash for the amount you decided to spend the night. Drunk choices are never the best, and this way, you might save yourself from buying drinks for the house.
  • Cook yourself- Cooking your own meals can save you a lot of money and is a healthy option. Going to shop for your own food supplies can be fun. Also, cooking together can be a fun bonding activity with your roommate. You can check some of the easy recipes for students here.
  • Freebies for freshers- Many students get a hamper known as ‘ Fresher’s Pack’ when they move into their residency halls. The hamper contains food and vouchers, which can come in handy.  

How to fight loneliness?

Moving to a new place can be one of the best experiences. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and entering the real world. Sometimes, the process of moving out can get daunting and lonely. Fresher’s week is a great way to socialise and make new friends. Socialising can be an overwhelming task for some but remember you are not alone, and others might feel the same as you.  

As Barney says, “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” 

  • Fresher’s Week- It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make friends. It proves to be a great platform to get to know the people you’ll be spending your crucial years with. Also, drunk conversations at parties can really lead to some unbreakable bonds. 
  • Talk- Just take a leap and start talking to people. Ask your roommate for a walk or cook brunch together. There might be chances that your roommate is just as homesick as you are. Watching movies together, shopping for groceries and taking long walks can be great stress busters.
  • Join clubs- Join some clubs or societies you like, and there you have a readymade topic for breaking the ice with your fellow members. It can be a book club, movie club, or dance club; the world is your oyster.  

Socialise, romanticise your life! 

Explore your university and the town

After all the hard work and manifestation, you are finally here. Your university life will be like and much more than you expected. Getting to know your university is exactly why fresher’s week is conducted. It gives you the chance to know what the university offers and a teaser for the rest of the uni-movie. 

You won‘t just be travelling from your university to your student accommodation. You are starting a new life in a new city or country. Step outside and explore! Go for a walk in the garden nearby, or try out that coffee place down the street. Who knows, within the time you become a regular there. You can rent a bike with your friends or roommates and ride along the streets.

Also, this is the time to figure out the public transport routes to the university or around the city. Always make sure to download offline maps on your mobile phone so that you do not get lost.

Health me up 

Hey there, chugger! You are down a pint or twenty-two because who counts? But drinking responsibly is the key as we do not want to make The Hangover a four-part movie. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat healthy to balance your body and lifestyle. Keep the fluids flowing and your stomach full. Party hard but study harder. Make sure to keep the systems running healthy.

Settle down

Moving in-campus or off campus is still an overwhelming task. Bags still packed, boxes lying around, and probably being jet-lagged are your cues to breathe in and start settling in. Unpack your boxes, decorate your room and give it a homely feel. Check out the amenities your student accommodation provides and the common cooking area because that’s where the magic will happen, and you will get a chance to socialise more. After all, this will be your home away from home for a couple of years. 

Study o’clock

It is now time to tame that party animal inside you and get back on track. After all, partying isn’t the primary reason we're here, is it? Make sure you attend the induction conducted by the university along with the fresher’s fair and fresher’s party. It is time to get your A game out and hustle for the As in your tests and exams to ace your degree course. Make sure to start and make notes every day so that during exams, all that’s left is revision. Because remember, no matter how passionately you believe, you cannot mug up the whole semester in one night. 

You will enjoy every bit of your fresher’s week and your university life. Fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be one hell of a ride. We hope this blog spiked your excitement levels higher and was helpful.