Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Uploaded on
Dec 31, 2012
Last updated on
Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 31, 2012
Last updated on
Mar 10, 2023
Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons
Navigating the complexities of Australian visa rejection

After all the efforts you’ve put into completing your Australian visa application. You don't want it to be rejected, right? Of course, yes, otherwise, all the efforts were for no reason. For that, you need to double-check all the requirements. But as a heads up, there are various Australian student visa rejection reasons. These can range from issues with the applicant's personal circumstances, such as criminal history or health conditions, to problems with the application itself, such as incomplete documentation or false information provided. Applicants need to understand the potential  Australian student visa rejection reasons to increase their chances of success in the application process.

Types of Australian student visas

There are mainly three types of Australian student visa categories that change according to the course of study, the post-study work permit, the applicant's residence and employment status. Three general types of Australian student visas apply to overseas students: the Temporary subclass 407 visa, the Visa subclass 500 and the Visa subclass 590. Here is what you need to know about these visas:

Subclass 500

This is a five-year temporary study visa. The length of the stay will depend on the type, of course, you've opted for, and its length. 

Subclass 590

Depending on the length of the student's study in Australia, You might be allowed to apply for a guardian visa if the student you are caring for has exceptional needs and is older than 18. 

Subclass 407

This visa subclass functions as a provisional visa that enables holders to go to Australia to pursue professional training in a field to increase their skill level and complete their necessary training on Australian soil. 

Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons 

Australian student visa rejection reasons

Inadequate academic achievements

As you should know, Depending on your course, the institution of your choice and your educational level, the academic qualification and requirements will vary. This is a common Australian student visa rejection reasons. If you are not qualified, we suggest you find a degree or university with the course you want to pursue, and your qualifications fit all the university requirements. If you desperately want to pursue that certain subject and university, you can take up a foundation or a bridging course. This is essentially a one-year intensive training course that will help you meet your entry requirements and bring you one step closer to your attending your dream college. 

Entry levels for different levels of study include: 

  • English Language: To achieve the required English test score.
  • Undergraduate: Have an abroad equivalent to an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
  • Postgraduate: You have successfully completed a bachelor's degree. It's always worth a shot to see if your institution considered research potential or related employment experience. 

Incomplete GTE Requirements

The GTE is one of the most crucial criteria for your Australian visa application. At any cost, you must not ignore this integrity measure. This test proves to the Australian Government that you don't have ulterior motives and are applying solely to pursue your further education. Along with your application, you will be needed to provide a personal statement, and your writing will be evaluated. Additionally, you'll need to demonstrate your enthusiasm in travelling to Australia in search of education and wisdom. Here is a brief guide to GTE in Australia to make all your requirements are complete. 

The GTE also considers an applicant's personal circumstances. This is evaluated in line with some of the following criteria:

  • Reasons for not studying at home, even if there is a similar degree, include difficulties in the home town/Country of residency. 
  • Potential conditions in Australia include knowledge of the course and education provider, scheduled student accommodation arrangements, prior study and financial ability. 
  • Importance of the course to the applicant's future, for e.g. estimated salary in the applicant's home country that might be obtained using the degree qualifications.
  • Immigration history of the applicant; previous student visa applications for Australia or other countries (including prior visa rejections/cancellations) 

Failure to follow English Requirements 

Remember, when planning to study in an English-speaking county, the first requirement is to be fluent in the language. You need to make sure to take your IELTS, TOEFL or any other equivalent exams well in advance because you will be required to submit the test scores, especially if you are from a non-English speaking country. Develop your English writing, listening, speaking and reading skills. If you fail to provide this requirement, this can be another one of the Australian student visa rejection reasons. International students need to provide their English language test scores with their Australian visa application.

All language proficiencies vary from university to university and their skill level. You must check the English requirements suggested by the Department of Home Affairs and your university. IELTS is a relatively easy exam. Here are 13 IELTS myths you need to know about. After you've improved your language proficiency and scored the required marks, you have ticked another box and are on your road to passing your Australian student visa! If you want to learn English and love technology, here are 8 apps for English learning.

Insufficient financial funds

Funds are quite a common Australian student visa rejection reasons. We all know that education overseas is expensive, and every country will want to make sure that their visa applicants have enough funds to support their education and the cost of living. Every applicant has to provide their financial documents, e.g. personal bank statements, pay slips, etc., to DIBP so that they can take a call if they are qualified to pay for education in Australia. 

You need to have all your documents and legal proof ready If you are not able to provide will all your necessary documents and legal proofs, this is yet another Australian student visa rejection reason. So as an applicant, you must ensure that you can present documents that prove you are financially stable.

No Overseas Student Health Cover

Australian student visa applicants are required to possess an OSHC. It comes in handy as you never know you will need to visit a hospital. It will last for the length of your stay in Australia as a student and will give you medical and hospital insurance in Australia. If you don't have an OSHC, your health insurance is not the only thing at risk, and so is your Australian student visa, making this another one of the Australian student visa rejection reasons.  If you are thinking, "Who is responsible for my OSHC?" in any case, you or your education provider can arrange for your OSHC. You get to pick which one. If the OSHC is provided by your education provider, keep track of the name of your insurance company, the start and end date of your policy and its terms and conditions. If you organise your own insurance, you'll need to submit your Australian student visa application with the policy number.

Keep in mind that the Australian Government is quite strict regarding the medical examination. There are certain additional measures that you must take if you are a student under the age of 18. You should check the Department of Home Affairs' necessary health examinations before submitting your application for a student visa because medical exams are important for a temporary visa application.

A record of bad past conduct

This is another Australian student visa rejection reasons This category includes your character as well. It all depends on you passing the DIBP character standards. Every applicant to Australia, whether a student or not, will have their character evaluated. If you ever attempted to enter a nation without having any concrete plans to enrol at an institution, your offences will be on file. Australian officials will have access to this data and be able to deny visa requests based on previous wrongdoings. So be careful if you have a murky immigration past or unsuccessful applications from false entrance attempts. It's likely that your visa will be denied. It is only a little you can do if you fall into this category other than praying and taking advantage of every opportunity to show that, this time, you're a serious applicant. 

Incomplete or Incorrect Documents

Authentic documentation must be presented to back up the information on the Australian student visa application form. You will be notified by the immigration office if you need to provide more documents, corrected documents o missing documents if the information you've provided is unsatisfactory. Your application for an Australia student visa will only be accepted if you follow these instructions or if the information in the papers you submitted lines up with the data on the form. This is one of the top Australian student visa rejection reasons in 2022, which many applicants ignore. 

Most of the information is covered in the blog but keep this checklist in mind given by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection): 

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Identity page of the passport, with visa labels and immigration stamps for every nation on each page.
  • Nationality Identity Card.
  • All pages of the Household Registration Book.
  • A Curriculum Vitae certified by local authorities.
  • Valid electronic Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) 
  • A genuine intention statement 
  • Evidence of qualifications 
  • Evidence of any scholarship(s) 
  • An Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 
  • If under 18: signed and witnessed Parent consent letters
  • Confirmation of Appropriate Student Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW), linked with your CoE.
  • A signed financial undertaking from the individual(s) providing the funds
  • English language test certificate

These were all the  Australian student visa rejection reasons .It is important to carefully review the Australian visa application requirements and ensure that all necessary documents and information are provided in order to avoid visa rejection. If an Australian visa application is rejected, the applicant may have the option to appeal the decision or reapply with additional information or documentation. Here is a TOEFL prep blog to make your TOEFL preparation easier.