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Everything You Need To Know About University Open Days

6 min
Uploaded on
Feb 17, 2023
Last updated on
Aug 25, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 17, 2023
Last updated on
Aug 25, 2023
University open days
Full House or Open Day?!

It's time to make those college and university dreams a reality. The whole application process and enrollment does take time, so what do we do with our eagerness? Head right over to a university open day, a rather important event to get a first hand experience into your university life. University open days offer an opportunity for prospective students to learn more about the institution, its programs, and its culture and engage in a range of fun activities. Whether you're an eager high schooler exploring your options for your future or a transfer student looking forward to switching institutions to upskill yourself, open days will provide invaluable insights to help you make critical decisions about your educational future.

What is an open day?

Now that we have you hyped up about open days, it's time to understand what they are. University open days are events hosted by a college or university which are specifically designed to give its new prospective students a fun and informative opportunity to visit the campus, meet up with faculty and staff, and learn more in general about the courses, programs, societies and services that they offer. During the course of an open day, attendees have the opportunity to attend presentations, seminars, meet current students and alumni, tour the campus facilities, and learn about the admissions process and financial aid options.

When do University open days happen?

University open days are usually scheduled during the academic year depending on the university or college. Most universities will host several open days throughout the year, with dates and times announced well in advance on their websites and social media handles. This allows aspiring students to plan their visit and make the necessary arrangements to attend the open days with their parents if they desire. University open days can be held on either weekdays or weekends, and may include both on-campus and virtual events, depending on the college’s policies and capabilities. If you are interested in attending a university open day, it's a good idea to check the university's website or contact their admissions office to find out when the next open day is scheduled.

What is the difference between campus tours and open days?

A question we get a lot is about the difference between campus tours and university open days. So what really sets them apart as they both involve us seeing our dream college without being an enrolled student? Let’s dive into it.

Campus tours

Typically shorter and more personalized than open days, campus tours offer an opportunity for prospective students to see the campus up close and get a feel of the facilities and surroundings. Often led by current students, who provide valuable insights into the student life and the university community, campus tours can be arranged on an individual basis or as part of a group, and may be scheduled at any time throughout the year, depending on the institution.

Open Days

University open days, on the other hand, are much larger events than campus tours that are typically hosted by universities and colleges at specific times throughout the year. They offer a range of activities and opportunities for prospective students to learn more about the institution and its programs and are intended to provide a more comprehensive view of the institution than a campus tour alone.
To sum up, open days allow you more freedom to explore the university or college as compared to campus tours while also allowing you to engage more! You can make your list of university open days to attend a little shorter by knowing the best colleges in your region.

What to do at an open day?

Attending a university open day can be a rather exciting and informative experience for aspiring students. So to quell your thirst, here are some things you can do at an open day:

Attend presentations and seminars 

Most universities will offer a range of talks and presentations throughout the day. You can attend the talks that are relevant to your course or career aspirations, as well as any general talks about university life and the application process to help ease any doubts you may have.

Take a campus tour

Take a walk around the campus which can provide you a great opportunity to get a feel for the university's layout and what it has to offer. Take note of any particular areas of interest, such as the library or student union, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Speak to students

Universities will often have their enrolled students around who are available for a talk and can share their life experiences with the prospective students. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into the student life.

Meet with faculty and staff

Open days provide a great opportunity to meet with the faculty and staff in your department of interest. You can learn a lot more about the courses and programs offered, as well as any research or internship opportunities in particular departments from these subject matter experts.

Gather information

Become a spy?! (please don’t) Take advantage of the information booths and various handouts available at the open day to gather information about the university, the application process, and any financial aid options to help ease your burden on the pocket.

Get a sense of the atmosphere

Pay attention to the general atmosphere and vibe of the university during your visit. Does it feel like a good fit for you? Can you picture yourself as a student there? Are some of the questions you need to ask yourself. After all, fitting in is rather important which we are sure you will have no trouble with.
You can find some factors like what are some of the most beautiful campuses in the UK which can be an attribute to your decision.

Tips to prepare for an open day

Here are some tips for making the most out of your university open day experience:

Plan ahead

Before attending an open day, make sure to research the university and its courses beforehand. Create a comprehensive list of questions you would like to ask and any specific areas of interest you would like to explore.

Attend relevant talks and presentations

Like we said before, the universities will organize multiple lectures and seminars. Make a note of them if a list is available and mark out the ones you are interested in beforehand.

Ask questions

Since there will be enrolled students and faculty available for a chat, it is recommended to bring a list of questions beforehand to make sure you are asking the right and relevant questions. For international students, you can attend virtual open days as well and ask specific questions based on the university’s region like why study at an american university or what scholarships does Australia offer?

Make connections

University open days are a great opportunity to make connections with potential future classmates, as well as the academic staff and other professionals. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and make new connections.

Follow up

After the open day, make sure to follow up on any questions or concerns you may have. Contact the university directly if necessary, or seek advice from relevant online forums or academic advisors.

As we have seen, you can catch a glimpse of your life as a student at university open days as they provide valuable insight into a university. By planning ahead, attending relevant talks, taking a campus tour, speaking to current students, making connections, and following up,  you can make the most out of your university open day and have a clearer state of mind when it comes to deciding on your college and future. We wish you all the best in your ventures! Also, check out this blog to explore the universities with low acceptance rate in US and UK.

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Everything You Need To Know About University Open Days
6 min
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