Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia
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Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia

7 min
Uploaded on
Dec 30, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 12, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 30, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 12, 2023
Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia
Time to digitize!

Finally, completed your bachelor’s and looking forward to studying for advanced degrees? Hats off to you for that commitment to your growth. Australia is a hub for education as many international students migrate to the country to developing themselves and their skillsets. A masters in digital marketing in Australia takes anywhere from 1 to 2 years to complete and will give you a competitive edge over others in the field of digital marketing. Utilizing virtual platforms and technologies to reach marketing goals, digital marketing is the way forward for the world of marketing. 

Why study masters in digital marketing in Australia?

Let us ask the important question, out of all the countries and universities, why should we pursue our masters in digital marketing in Australia? The number one reason is career opportunities. With a high value for the digital marketing course in Australia, the jobs and salaries are better than other professions. Moreover, with the increasing digital market space, opportunities in this profession are growing exponentially. Second, a few of the top-ranked universities for digital marketing are in Australia, implying that one will attain the quality education needed to progress their career and professional growth.

So, what are some of the best universities providing a masters in digital marketing in Australia?

Top Universities for Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia

La Trobe University

Website - La Trobe University

Ranked 400th globally and located in Melbourne, the marketing course at La Trobe offers up to 7 specializations and is a 2 years full-time course. This course will put your mark on marketing in the digital world and develop your leadership and business skills.

University of Adelaide

Website - The University of Adelaide

The master of marketing degree at the university of Adelaide is 2 years full-time course taught at the North Terrace campus in Adelaide. The intake happens regularly in January, May and September. The course will develop your business and marketing talents while also allowing you to explore your creativity through a major project.

University of Technology Sydney

Website - Home | University of Technology Sydney

One of the top universities in Australia, it offers two master courses in marketing and digital marketing. The latter is a 100% online course which allows you to work full-time while learning. The former offers specializations in digital marketing and is 1.5-year course if taken full-time with an option for a part-time course which lasts 3 years. The course will enable a student to bring about effective strategies and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape of social media, digital marketing and analytics, marketing management and much more. 

Monash University

Website - Monash University - one of the top universities in Australia

Monash university offers multiple masters coursework to aspiring students, many being online. However, its masters of applied marketing is the most sought-after in the marketing domain. Lasting 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time at Caulfield, the course offers quality research and study, enabling you to focus on specialist areas.

University of Melbourne

Website - The University of Melbourne

Ranked 34th globally and 1st in Australia, the University of Melbourne offers a masters in digital marketing in Australia that will enhance your marketing knowledge and skills in the digital domain while being exposed to real-world skills by industry experts. Lasting for 18 months full-time or 3 years part-time this course is bound to leave you well-equipped for analysis and solving complex marketing problems.

Macquarie University

Website - Macquarie University

A master of marketing course lasting 1 year full-time, the Macquarie campus offers student a lush green and vibrant environment. You will learn how to tackle real-world problems, apply practical approaches, and provide you with the skillset to adapt easily with the developing digital marketing domain.

Eligibility for masters in digital marketing in Australia

Decided to pursue a degree in Australia and want to know if you are eligible? The requirements for a masters in digital marketing in Australia are relatively simple. An eligible student requires:

  • An IELTS or TOEFL score with a minimum of 6.5 and 75 overall, respectively.
  • A 3–4 year bachelor’s degree with a marketing preference.
  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA in the undergraduate course.
  • Some work experience, however, is not mandatory.

While this is the base eligibility criteria, it does vary slightly for different universities. More information can be found on their official website. 

Cost of studying Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia

Of course, before we head to Australia, it’s vital to understand the cost implications of pursuing a masters in digital marketing in Australia. While the average cost of the programs is on the steeper end costing between 20,000 AUD to 35,000 AUD or even 70,000 AUD per year for certain universities, it should be noted that the universities offer multiple scholarships to lower the burden on your pocket. You can also check out the Top Student Discount Cards In Australia.

Now, let us break down these costs:

  • Pre-Arrival: your path to a masters in digital marketing in Australia starts from home, with application fees for different colleges, IELTS and TOEFL, and visa fees. An aspiring student may be required to hold health insurance as well. And finally, the air travel cost.
  • Tuition fees: college is always on the steep side regarding tuition fees. Courses can vary anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 AUD annually from university to university. 
  • Cost of living: depending on one’s lifestyle, the cost of living can be steep or pocket friendly. However, these include paying for books, transportation, and groceries and may cost you an average of 20,000 to 24,000 AUD per year. Of course, one can lower this significantly by being more economical.

Scholarships for Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia

Studying as an International student can be costly and be a barrier to your dreams. Thankfully Australian universities have multiple internal and external scholarships for international students to ease the burden of funding and focus on attaining quality education. Some of the scholarships that can assist you during your masters in digital marketing in Australia are mentioned below:

  • Deakin International Scholarships: A coursework scholarship offered by Deakin University; it offers a 25% waiver on student fees for international students enrolling in colleges in Australia.
  • La Trobe International Scholarships: Offered by La Trobe University, it offers a 25% waiver for students showcasing academic excellence.
  • Global Excellence Scholarship: An initiative offering a stunning 50% tuition waiver for international students showing outstanding academic performances while enrolled in the University of Adelaide.
  • Australian Government Research Training Program: For students pursuing master’s and research programs in Australia, this scholarship offers tuition fees, living expenses, and other allowances.
  • International Student Award: Offered by the University of New South Wales to international students from select countries, receiving a 15% towards tuition fees for each year of study. 
  • Australian Awards: With assistance in the form of total tuition fees, a return air ticket and more, this scholarship is offered to students with origins from nations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, among others.

Admission Process for Masters in Digital Marketing in Australia 

Now that you are eligible for a digital marketing masters in Australia and decided on a college let’s dive into the application process. The application dates open with varying timestamps which can be found on the official websites. Intakes for a masters in digital marketing in Australia occurs multiple times for various universities.

To apply, a student requires the following documentation:

  • Original transcripts of academics. If in an alternate language, a copy in English is required along with the original.
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Statement of purpose
  • Detailed resume

After receiving an offer, you will be required to start your visa application process starting with the genuine temporary entrant letter. 

Scope for Digital Marketing

Onto the important bit, what do we get out of pursuing a masters in digital marketing in Australia? The need for digital marketing specialists in Australia and the world has shown an increasing graph. Moreover, in the post-Covid scenario, digital marketing has become the forefront of marketing. With digital marketing one becomes an all-rounder of content marketing, search engine management and optimization, digital analysis and social media marketing. The average salary of a full-time digital marketing specialist working around 44 hours a week is around 85,000 AUD, which is rather impressive. A few jobs with average salaries that will be available post masters in digital marketing in Australia are:

  1. Digital marketer - 79,000 AUD
  2. Marketing analyst - 94,000 AUD
  3. Social media specialist - 77,000 AUD
  4. Marketing advisor - 106,000 AUD
  5. Digital content manager - 100,000 AUD
  6. Marketing executive - 76,000 AUD

Considering every business requires a marketing department and with the modern world shifting fully towards the digital world, a masters in digital marketing in Australia is only bound to open more doors and increase your professional growth. Enroll today and stay competitive, all the best!