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Masters in Digital Marketing in UK: Colleges, Eligibility, Fees

7 min read
Uploaded on
Jan 5, 2023
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 5, 2023
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
Master's in Digital marketing in UK
Find out what you're SERPosed to be doing!

You've finally finished your undergraduate studies and now want to pursue postgraduate degrees, right? You deserve praise for your dedication to personal development. As a result of the surge of international students seeking to advance their education and skill sets, the UK is a centre for education. You may finish a Master's in digital marketing UK in one to two years, which will offer you an advantage over other applicants. Digital marketing is the future of marketing, using virtual platforms and technology to achieve marketing objectives.

Why study digital marketing in UK?

Let's address the main question: Why should we study our master's in digital marketing in UK as opposed to other countries or universities? Career prospects are the main argument. Employment and earnings are greater than those in other professions due to the high value of digital marketing education in the UK. Additionally, this profession is experiencing exponential growth in prospects due to the expanding digital industry. Second, the UK is home to some top-ranked universities for digital marketing, suggesting that graduates will receive the high-quality training required to advance their careers and achieve professional success. So let’s look into what are some of the top UK universities that offer a master's degree in digital marketing.

Top 10 Universities for Master's in Digital Marketing in UK

1. University of Bath

Course: Marketing MSc (1-year)
Fees for international students
: £28,000

The University of Bath is renowned for its superior teaching and research, the desired student experience to study in the UK, and exceptional real-world job preparation. Develop a deeper knowledge of fundamental marketing principles and learn how to use them in real-world situations. The University of Bath's Marketing degree will teach you practical business skills that employers value. It is one of the best universities for MSc in Digital Marketing in UK. 

2. King’s College London

Course: Digital Marketing MSc (1-year)
Fees for international students
: £31,260

At King’s College London, you will be introduced to a multidimensional view of digital marketing in UK, including, among other things, web technology, analytics, branding, social media marketing, and consumer behaviour in the digital age. They provide thorough analyses of important insights into marketing choices in a digital setting. If you are confused about how to apply to universities in the UK this blog should help you out. 

3. Coventry University 

Course: Digital Marketing Management MSc (1-year)
Fees for international students:

Coventry University is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accredited study centre, allowing you to top up your master's degree and earn the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing certification after completing this course. You may get information in digital marketing in the UK  that could be useful in a prospective future profession in digital marketing by taking modules on subjects like managing digital marketing initiatives and disruptive technologies.

4. University of Liverpool

Course: Digital Marketing MSc
Fees for international students:

To examine the major components of digital marketing in UK environment and how they have affected marketing strategy, this programme at the University of Liverpool will make use of the most recent theory and practice. It will take into account how digital marketing complements conventional marketing concepts and strategies as well as potential developments in the field.

5. University of Warwick 

Course: Digital Marketing MSc e-Business Management
Fees for international students:

Being one of the most difficult universities to get into in UK, but students that specialise in digital marketing are prepared to use platforms like social media, search engines, programmatic advertising, and content marketing to deliver successful campaigns helping them to get into some of the highest paying jobs in UK. The speciality also integrates state-of-the-art tools and methods for analysing consumer data and implementing digital transformation across the whole organisation. Surely is one of the best universities for an MSc in Digital Marketing in UK.

6. City, University of London

Course: Marketing Strategy and Innovation MSc
Fees for international students:

This strategic  MSc in Digital Marketing in UK programme is available at the City University of London and is designed for students with little to no knowledge of digital marketing. What's wonderful is that the university provides an in-depth marketing education, including a digital marketing subject. The programme is provided by its business school, Bayes. 

7. Durham University 

Course: MSc Marketing
Fees for international students:

CIM, or the Chartered Institute of Marketing, is the top professional body for Master's globally that partners with Durham University to conduct marketing courses. This MSc in Digital Marketing in UK  programme is taught by experienced academic and industry professionals who combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. You’ll cover a wide range of topics, including digital marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, web analysis and PPC advertising. 

8. University of Exeter 

Course:  £24,000 
Fees for international students:
Digital Marketing (MSc)

A practical introduction to and use of digital marketing, including marketing analysis, marketing analytics, campaign planning and digital innovation, is provided by this digital marketing course at the University of Exeter. At the graduate level, the University of Exeter offers an MSc in Digital Marketing in UK that covers advanced topics such as digital strategy, data analytics, mobile marketing, and e-comers. Students will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience through industry placements and real-world projects. 

9. University of Southampton

Course: £25,000
Fees for international students:
Digital Marketing (MSc)

You may gain the skills and information you'll need to succeed as a seasoned digital marketer by enrolling in a programme at the University of Southampton on digital marketing. This programme covers advanced topics like digital strategy, e-commerce, social media marketing and digital analytics. 

10. University of Leeds 

Course: £27,500
Fees for international students:
Advertising and Marketing MA

A Master's in Advertising and Marketing is offered by the University of Leeds. It has a  strong emphasis on branding and advertising while also including specialised expertise in marketing management and communications. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of digital marketing, including strategy and customer behaviour, during this course of Master's in Digital Marketing, UK.

Eligibility for Master's in digital marketing in UK

Have you made the decision to study in UK but are unsure of your eligibility? In UK, the prerequisites for a master's degree in digital marketing are not too difficult. A competent student needs:

1. Transcripts of prior educational qualifications
2. Personal statement of 300-500 words on why you want to pursue the course 
3. LOR, at least one academic and one professional 
4. Work experience is always good but not mandatory. 
5. A 4-tire student visa for international students (This type of visa allows students to work 20 hours  a week)
6. Proof of IELTS/TOEFL test scores

Despite this being the basic eligibility standard, it varies a little for other colleges. Visit their official website for more details. Choosing the right university may seem difficult, but to help you out, we have a blog on how to choose the right University in UK

Admission requirements for Master's in digital marketing in UK

The admission requirements differ from institution to institution. Still, for a brief understanding, these are some common admission requirements for Master's in Digital marketing in UK

1. A minimum overall IELTS or TOEFL score of 6.5 or 75, respectively.
2. A bachelor's degree in marketing with a 3- 4 year minimum with at least 55%
3. A 3.0 GPA or above in the undergraduate programme.

Cost of studying Master's in Digital Marketing in UK

In addition to tuition for digital marketing in UK, there are additional costs for overseas students. These include the cost of applications, visas, housing, travel, and other expenses. Let's examine these charges in further depth. Now, let us break down these costs:

1. Pre-Arrival: Expenses you will encounter while remaining at home and comfortable. These include the costs associated with applying to universities, the tests needed to study in the UK, the cost of applying for a visa, and the air travel cost.
2. Tuition fees: Tuition fees are anywhere around £13,000 - £35,000 for digital marketing in UK universities. 
3. Cost of living in UK: Having a budget of approximately £9780 per month is the estimated cost, which covers accommodations, meals, clothes, transport and other miscellaneous expenditures. However, this varies from person to person and also the location you choose to go to.

Scholarships for Master's in Digital Marketing in UK

Being an international student can be expensive and an obstruction to your goals. For overseas students, it is a blessing that UK institutions provide a variety of internal and external scholarships to lessen the financial stress and allow them to concentrate on receiving a high-quality education. Below are a few scholarships that might help you pay for your Master's in digital marketing, UK:

1. Business and Management Scholarships by the University of Reading
2. Merit Scholarships for Indians by Northumbria University
3. Global Scholarships by the University of West Scotland
4. International Academic Excellence Scholarship by Coventry University
5. LJMU Achievement Scholarships by Liverpool John Moores University
6. PG-Taught International Scholarship by the University of Plymouth

Admission Process for Master's in Digital Marketing in UK 

Let's get started with the application procedure now that you are qualified for digital marketing in UK and have selected an institution. On the official websites, you may find the application dates open with various timestamps. Intakes for an MS in digital marketing in UK often happen at different universities. The following papers must be submitted with your application package to UK colleges offering master's degrees in digital marketing:

1. Records of prior academic achievements
2. IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL scores that have been provided directly by the testing organisation are acceptable forms of proof of language competency.
3. A candidate's personal statement, which should be between 300 and 500 words long, should focus on their interests and qualifications for pursuing a master's degree in digital marketing.
4. LOR- one or several academics LOR. At least one specialist LOR
5. Student Visa: International students wishing to pursue academic studies in the UK must first obtain a Tier 4 Student Visa

Master's in Digital Marketing in UK: Placements

Jobs after masters in digital marketing in UK

Digitalisation has undoubtedly had an influence on enterprises, sectors, and communities. Digital social media are currently the industries' go-to methods for retargeting and audience targeting due to their close integration into our daily lives. Digital marketing in UK has become an employee market as a result of the demand for technical talents. Since the UK instituted a 2-year stay-back policy for international students, the possibility of obtaining a master's degree there is now better. Additionally, the work scope is anticipated to expand with the recovery of the economy following the COVID-19 epidemic. With a master's in digital marketing in UK, you can work on some of the following specialised employment roles. We have mentioned the approximate salary:

1. Content Marketing Strategist - £78,500
2. Chief Marketing Officer - £124,000
3. Creative Marketing Lead - £78,800
4. Market Research Analyst - £86,500
5. Digital Marketing Manager - £94,100
6. Creative Writer - £50,300
7. Brand Manager - £115,000
8. Brand Ambassador - £113,000
9. Campaign Specialist - £72,500

Master's in Digital Marketing in UK Specializations and Syllabus

As UK is one of the best countries for further education, given its top-notch universities, you’ll come across several different degrees and courses that offer master’s in Digital Marketing in UK. The best Master's in Digital Marketing, UK  programs you’ll find here are listed below:

1. Master of Arts in Digital Marketing
2. Master of Science in Digital Marketing
3. Master's of Science in Digital Marketing & Analytics
4. Master's of Marketing in Digital Marketing
5. Master's of Science in Digital &Social Media Marketing
6. Master of Science in Digital Marketing Management

Now let's look at some of the popular subjects students go for in Digital Marketing in UK:

1. Digital marketing strategy
2. Digital Marketing Communication 
3. Digital Marketing Behaviour 
4. Dissertation
5. Marketing Analytics
6. Research in Marketing
7. Neuromarketing
8. B2B Marketing
9. Social Media Marketing

Given that every company needs a marketing department and that the current world is completely moving online, earning a MS in digital marketing in UK is only going to boost your career opportunities. Best of luck! Enrol today to stay competitive!

Want to know more master’s in DIgital marketing options in different countries? Here is a comparison of Master's in Digital Marketing in UK vs Australia for you to choose the best for the best!

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Masters in Digital Marketing in UK: Colleges, Eligibility, Fees
7 min read
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