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Study At Northumbria University: Courses, Admission And More

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Uploaded on
Nov 17, 2022
Last updated on
Jan 18, 2024
Uploaded on
Nov 17, 2022
Last updated on
Jan 18, 2024
A picture of the northumbria university building
Scale the northern trails of Northumbria

“Winter is coming and the north is the place to go”. While these lines weren't exactly said, keeping Northumbria University in mind, they still apply to this magnificent institution. Resting in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, this university is considered the pride of the city.

Northumbria University is one of the best and most renowned universities in the UK, and we're going to tell you all there is to know about this esteemed university in this blog.

History of Northumbria University

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England, Northumbria Institution (officially known as the University of Northumbria at Newcastle) is a public university in the United Kingdom. Although it became a university in 1992, Rutherford College, which was established in 1877, served as its foundation. Formed in 1969 as a result of a merger between Rutherford College of Technology, the Municipal College of Commerce, and the College of Art & Industrial Design, the Northumbria University was then known as the Newcastle Polytechnic. After incorporating several other colleges and starting new courses such as physiotherapy and occupational training, the institution was awarded university status in September 1992.

About Northumbria University

The main locations of Northumbria University include the City Campus, located in the downtown area of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Coach Lane Campus on the outskirts of the city, London, and Amsterdam. It is divided into four faculties: business and law, engineering and environment, health and life sciences, and arts, design, and social sciences. The number of students studying at this institution is around 32,000. Northumbria is a part of the Wallace Group, Universities UK, and the Association of Commonwealth. 

Both Northumbria University campuses take pride in their award-winning architecture, impressive facilities, and high-quality education. The campus also holds several sports facilities as well as a library with a remarkable collection, encouraging students to learn and develop their skills. The university also has a campus in London, which is conveniently located just a few minutes away from Liverpool Street Station. The Times Higher Education Group named the university the UK University of the Year in 2022. Due to its excellent Research Framework, Northumbria University is also ranked among the country’s top 25 universities for research power. This institute is also counted among the best universities in the UK for interior design and digital marketing.

Northumbria University Notable Alumni

Northumbria University Alumni

Want to brag to your friends about your university? Or perhaps all you want to do is persuade your parents to send you to Northumbria University. The University's alumni will astound them after only one glance.

Bibiana Aido

(International Business Administration, 2000, BA (Hons))

At age 31, Bibiana Aido is Spain's youngest-ever minister nominated to the government. She held the position of Minister for Equality beginning in 2008, and in 2011, Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University bestowed upon her an Honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Civil Law).

Steve Cram, CBE

(Sports Studies BA, 1983)

Former track and field athlete Steve Cram from Britain led the middle-distance runners in the 1980s. Known as "The Jarrow Arrow," Cram broke world records in 1500, 2000, and miles over the course of 19 days in 1985. He was the first man to complete the 1500-meter distance in less than three minutes and thirty seconds, and he took home gold in the event at the 1983 World Championships and silver in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Victoria Pendleton CBE

(Sport & Exercise Science BSc, 2002)

Olympic gold medalist Victoria Gardner, better as Victoria Pendleton, is one of Britain's most successful female track cyclists. She competed for England and Great Britain in a number of international events, taking home nine global championships overall between 2005 and 2012, including a record six in the individual sprint category.

Gordon Sumner, aka Sting CBE

(HCES Teaching Studies, 1973)

Sting, a legendary musician, singer-songwriter, actor, author, and activist, was born in Newcastle, England, and later moved to London in 1977 to start The Police with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers. In 2003, the group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame after releasing five studio albums, winning six GRAMMY Awards, two Brit Awards, and receiving critical acclaim.

Northumbria University Courses

The university has a range of different courses for students to pursue at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also has a range of PhD programmes for students to pursue. 

Northumbria University Undergraduate Courses

The university has a total of 457 courses that students can choose from. Here is a list of some of the most popular undergraduate disciplines at the university.

Social sciences, Arts, and Design

  • Television and Film Production
  • Visual Arts
  • Designing Interactions
  • Politics and international relations

Law and Business, Business Management

  • Marketing Management in Business
  • Management of international business
  • Event and Tourism Management
  • Law

Architecture, Engineering, and the Environment

  • Information Technology
  • Computer science combined with game creation
  • Artificial intelligence in computer science
  • Engineering, Mechanical

Biomedical sciences; health and life sciences

  • Mental health
  • Physical treatment
  • Sports Administration
  • Sport and exercise science applied

Northumbria University Masters Courses

The university also has an extensive master's program for students. Some of the most popular master's courses at the university are:

Design, social sciences, and arts

• Management of the Creative and Cultural Industries

• Fine art conservation

• High Art

• Creation

• Innovation across disciplines

Enterprise and Law

• Foreign Investment and Finance

• Management of business and marketing

• Internet marketing

• Management of international business

• Professional Bar Training Program

Environment and Engineering

• Expertise in Computer Science

• Management of safety, health, and the environment

• Building information modelling for construction projects

• Engineering Administration

• Project Administration

Science of Life and Health

• Criminal Justice

• Physiology of Clinical Exercise

• Mental health

• Psychology of Sport and Exercise

• Management of International Sports

Northumbria University PhD Programs

The PhD Program is a part of the university's range of doctoral programmes. The PhD programme enables students to build a unique research plan that will enable original research in their chosen subject of study up to the doctoral level.

The program's goal is to push students to their highest level of thinking while advancing their career opportunities by fostering their academic and professional development. Some popular disciplines within which students pursue their PhD research are:

  • Philosophy
  • English Literature
  • Law
  • Linguistics
  • Mechanical Engineering

How to apply to Northumbria University?

Northumbria University prefers that you start the application process at least two to three months before the deadline. You can follow these steps to kickstart your application process:

  • Each course page has detailed application information. For complete instructions, click the Apply Now button on the page for your selected course.
  • Most undergraduate and teaching courses will send you to UCAS to register and submit an application if you are a UK applicant.
  • Foreign applicants will be directed to submit their applications online.
  • All applicants must submit an online application for postgraduate studies.
  • Applications for PGCE are submitted through DfE.

Your application will be managed through your applicant portal once you have applied to a course at Northumbria. As your application progresses through each phase of the applicant journey, the applicant portal enables you to keep track of it.

Northumbria University Entry Requirements

You must fulfil a variety of requirements before you can apply for the Northumbria. Once you have selected a course, double-check the qualifying requirements because each course may have additional requirements not listed below.

The prerequisites for each programme will vary, but here is a list of a few papers you should have on hand when applying to Northumbria University. If any of your documents are not in English, you must submit both the original document and an authorised translation into English.

  • Your personal email address must be included on the application form, which must be fully completed.
  • Certifications and/or transcripts (including a certified translation if not in English)
  • Copy of the personal information page from a passport
  • If necessary, evidence of financial sponsorship
  • Reference
  • Verification of immigration status, including copies of any past or present visas, if necessary
  • All necessary documents can be uploaded at the application stage.

Northumbria University Entry Requirements for International Students

A Secure English Language Test (SELT) must be passed by students to prove their proficiency in the language. IELTS for UKVI will be the test taken the most frequently by most international students. All SGU programmes offered in Newcastle require IELTS scores of 7.0, including 7.0 in each component.

You can check out the detailed requirements here.

Northumbria University Fees

Like most UK universities, the cost of tuition varies depending on the programme you are applying for and if you are a resident of the UK. Generally speaking, non-residents' tuition costs are higher than those of UK citizens. The cost of tuition is roughly broken out here.

Scholarships provided by the Northumbria University

Northumbria University Scholarships

Northumbria University is dedicated to helping the top students who possess exceptional academic talent. Depending on academic standing or individual financial circumstances, the university provides a variety of support programmes for students.

Northumbria Scholarships

The university provides a host of scholarships and funding programmes for students pursuing any level of education, be it undergraduate or postgraduate. You can read more about the Northumbria University programmes here.

UK government loans

If you’re a UK resident, you may potentially be qualified to apply for loans to aid in paying off your tuition. Make careful you review the requirements on the University's official website, as the loans are broken down per discipline.

External scholarships

There are other outside scholarships you can apply for in addition to the scholarships provided by Northumbria University. The Chevening Scholarship, one of the most well-known awards in the UK, is open to students enrolled in any UK university.

Why should you apply to Northumbria University?

There are many factors to take into consideration while selecting the proper university, from the best course for you to the institution with the most to offer your future. Although we acknowledge that education is a significant expenditure, we believe Northumbria University is the right choice due to the following reasons:

  • Programs created in close cooperation with industry professionals to ensure you get the knowledge and skills employers want.
  • Research-active scholars who have acknowledged authorities in their fields deliver teaching which is known for its quality and relevance.
  • Top 50 in the UK for research power and acknowledged by the Times Higher Education as having the largest increase of any university in the nation (Research Excellence Framework 2015).
  • The institution experienced the largest increase in research that is considered to be of the highest calibre worldwide (Research Excellence Framework 2015).
  • Many of its courses offer industry accreditation, granting you professional standing or test exemption.
  • The environment will be excellent for learning. Over £200 million has been invested in new construction and renovations on the university'scampuses.
  • Sports Central gives you access to a variety of sporting and recreational opportunities.

Northumbria University Student Accommodation

Once you’ve made your choice and turned in your application to the university, the next step in your study abroad journey is finding student accommodation. Booking housing is advised, but make sure you don’t rush into it, as there are several things you need to keep in mind to find your perfect home away from home. Finding off-campus housing has never been easier as amber provides student accommodation near Northumbria University to make sure you never have to worry about being late to another early lecture. Some of our most popular Northumbria University student accommodations are Byron Central, The Glassworks, and Manor Bank. We also offer student homes near the university’s London campus.

Career Opportunities at Northumbria University

If you’re looking for a university that will help you build your dream career, Northumbria University is the one for you! Not only does the institution have an incredible employability record, but it is also considered one of the top ten universities in the UK for the number of students gaining professional employment after graduation. Not only are the courses designed with the help of more than 500 employers, but they are also built in a way that equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to prepare for the professional world. Northumbria University provides students with career support entailing employability advice, career guidance, and access to a collection of self-help resources to aid students in career planning, job search strategies as well as applications. 

You now know all there is to know about Northumbria University. We've made an effort to cover everything you could require to start the college application process and, hopefully, increase your chances of getting in. We sincerely hope you've found this blog to be useful and wish you luck as you submit your application!

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Study At Northumbria University: Courses, Admission And More
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