Student City Guide: Glasgow 2023
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Student City Guide: Glasgow 2023

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Dec 20, 2022
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Dec 20, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Student City Guide: Glasgow 2023
Explore the Glasgow Gullies

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, has a fascinating history flowing through it. An amalgamation of modern and vintage, Glasgow is considered to be one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in Europe. From its world-famous nightlife and music scene to its majestic Victorian architecture and unique local culture, Glasgow is a city that offers something for everyone. This Glasgow city guide will help you know everything about the city.

About Glasgow

Apart from being the most populous city in Scotland, it also has a history stretching for almost a thousand years. Glasgow, the largest city and largest seaport in Scotland, began as a tiny rural community located on the River Clyde. It is now one of Britain's main hubs of transatlantic trade with North America and the West Indies. This city also has the largest economy in Scotland. The city is renowned for its architecture, culture, media, music scene, sports clubs, and transportation connections. It was also known as the European Capital of Culture in 1990.

Geography of Glasgow

Glasgow is situated in West Central Scotland along the banks of the River Clyde. The River Kelvin, a tributary of the River Clyde, is another significant river. Its name was used to give Baron Kelvin, a renowned physicist for whom the SI unit of temperature, Kelvin, is named, his title. 

Population of Glasgow

One of the significant aspects of the city is its population. Glasgow has the largest population in Scotland and is the fourth most populous city in the UK. The current population of Glasgow (metro area) increased by 0.48% from 2021 and is now 1,689,000. 

Weather in Glasgow

Glasgow's climate is categorised as oceanic despite its northerly latitude, which is comparable to that of Moscow. The winters can fall below freezing, while the summers make you experience a relatively chilly and wet to warm with the occasional bright day. The climate here is frequently chilly and humid, and this city’s weather is quite unsettling. During winters, the lowest temperatures detected are around -12 °C, and in summers, the temperatures rise till 27 °C and very rarely reach up to 30 °C.

Why study in Glasgow?

Glasgow, unquestionably, is rated as one of the top 50 cities worldwide for students, both domestic and international students. The city is home to around 185.00 students from around 140 countries. Students with varied passions, interests and careers can all find their calling at the prestigious and renowned colleges that the city of Glasgow offers. This Glasgow city guide has listed some of the top universities in the city.

Top Universities in Glasgow

1. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow, one the oldest universities in the UK, was founded in 1451. The University of Glasgow has a number of awards and distinctions on its wall of honours, and there are allegedly a variety of reasons why students decide to pursue their academic and professional goals here. The University of Glasgow was ranked 16th in the Complete University Guide. Students can choose their specialisations from a wide range of the spectrum, such as medicine, geography, performing arts, anatomy, etc.

2. University of Strathclyde

University of Strathclyde is the second oldest university in Glasgow. This university is a public research university that was founded in 1796. Before 1964, it was known as the Andersonian Institute before receiving university status under a Royal Charter. This university is proudly a multi-award-winning university. With a total enrollment of 20,000 students, it is the third-largest university in Scotland. 

3. Glasgow Caledonian University

The University for the Common Good, Glasgow Caledonian University, is a dynamic, values-driven, multicultural institution with a strong focus on social innovation and sustainable development in its teaching and research. According to the Guardian and Times/Sunday Times, GCU is the best-performing modern institution in Scotland, has had the biggest ranking rise of any Scottish university, and is currently rated 52nd in the UK overall.

Top courses to study in Glasgow

The universities in Glasgow provide various study opportunities for programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees. Glasgow universities offer different courses under multiple streams; some of the top courses available here are:

  1. Architecture
  2. Engineering
  3. Computer and Information Sciences
  4. Law
  5. Education
  6. Modern Languages
  7. Psychology
  8. Natural Sciences
  9. Nursing
  10. Social Work


The eligibility requirements to study at Glasgow universities vary for different universities. But the basic requirements are 

  1. English Proficiency test.
  2. Relevant bachelors or honours degree or equivalent.
  3. Univeristy Clinical Aptitude Test ( if applying for a medical or dental degree).
  4. National Admissions Test for Law (if applying for a Law LLB degree).

Scholarships in Glasgow

Although many universities in Glasgow provide scholarships to its students, in the UK, you can apply for UK scholarships for international students in 2023.

  1. Chevening Scholarship UK
  2. UK Government Ocean Country Partnership Programme Scholarships 2023.
  3. British Council Scholarships for women in STEM.
  4. ASBS Global Challenges Scholarships.

Best Glasgow Student Accommodation

When students move out to a new city or a new country, they look for a place which makes them feel at home away from home. We have listed some areas which will welcome you with a warm and friendly environment in this Glasgow city guide.

Top Localities in Glasgow 

1. Hillhead

One of the best places to reside in Glasgow is the hip and trendy West End. This neighbourhood, which has Hillhead in its centre, is well-liked by families, young professionals, and students. It offers a wide variety of museums, art galleries, and independent stores and is situated in the heart of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

2. Anniesland

Due to its affordable rents and convenient access to the city's public transportation, Anniesland is a lovely neighbourhood that is highly welcoming to students. Students looking for housing near the University of Glasgow should start their search in this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood will keep you very comfortable.

3. Sauchiehall Street

From the west end, Sauchiehall Street serves as the entrance to the city centre and is lined with taverns, restaurants, stores, and supermarkets. Walking to the Strath campus and the remainder of the city centre, including the Queen Street and Central railway stations, takes only five to ten minutes.

4. Cowcaddens

The Great Western Road connects Glasgow's bustling Cowcaddens nightlife quarter to the west end. The Theatre Royal, Cineworld, Royal Concert Hall, and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are all located toward the south, where the region merges with the city centre, making it the ideal place for anyone with a cultural or artistic streak.

5. Finnieston

Finnieston has transformed over the past few years from an industrial district to Glasgow's hippest neighbourhood. It has a terrific social atmosphere and is a favourite location for trendy pubs and cafes to open. This area is also well-linked by buses and subways. 

You can check out more best areas to live in Glasgow as a student.

Top Accommodations in Glasgow

The city has a warm and welcoming environment making it the perfect place for students. The environment and the culture here are vibrant and dynamic. You also get to experience Victorian architectural heritages here. Finding student accommodation in Glasgow can be overwhelming, but at amber, we make sure to make student housing as simple as possible. 

You will find student accommodation and student room in Glassgow nearby the universities for your convenience. There are various luxury, comfortable, and reasonably priced housing alternatives, with rents ranging from £102/week to £304/week. These student accommodation alternatives in Glasgow are designed for the comfort of students and are advantageous to them.

To assist you in your student accommodation hunt, we have compiled a list of the top Glasgow student housing alternatives in this Glasgow City Guide. These are well-maintained and reasonably priced, with all the amenities such as high-speed wifi, a student common hall, extra storage and many more. However, before exploring, you should definitely go through our blog post on what to consider when choosing your student housing.

  1. Kyle Park House
  2. St Mungo’s
  3. iQ Elgin Place
  4. True Glasgow
  5. MyPad Paisley
  6. Merchant City House
  7. Blackfriars
  8. Thurso Street
  9. Centro House
  10. Buchanan View

Career in Glasgow

Living away from home can prove to burn some large holes in your pocket if the money is not managed correctly. Students frequently take up part-time employment to manage finances and budgeting as a student. Glasgow provides some of the benefiting part-time and full-time job opportunities. Glasgow attracts skilled workers from all over the UK and abroad because of its thriving economy, convenient transportation, and high quality of life.

Students can find jobs on campus and off-campus too. However, there are some limitations on part-time employment in the UK for foreign students who come on a student visa. Any international student who disregards UKBA rules stands the risk of being expelled. We have selected some of the demanding jobs listed below in this Glasgow city guide. 

Part-Time Jobs in Glasgow

  1. Private Tutor
  2. Survey Intern
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Writer
  5. Customer Service
  6. Retail

Full-Time Jobs in Glasgow

We have listed a few full-time positions in this Glasgow city guide. To discover the many opportunities available, you visit job portals like Indeed, Linkedin, and others. Some of the UK's most sought-after positions are

  1. IT Engineering
  2. Data Scientists
  3. Computer Scientists
  4. Accounting and Finance
  5. Animation
  6. Creative Writing

Living In Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the most desirable cities for students to study and move to. This city will never let you have a dull moment, and your time here will be nothing but spectacular. Now that you know, your time in Glasgow will be memorable. Consider how much these experiences would cost compared to the expense of living in Glasgow as a student. There are many things to consider while living in Glasgow, including the costs, travel, food and leisure, which we have listed below in this section of the Glasgow city guide.

Cost of Living in Glasgow

When you move out for your higher studies, it is very important to budget and manages your finances. While living in the city, your student accommodation cost will likely be the largest of your expenses, but there are many other costs to consider. The cost of living in the city will likely vary based on many different factors like where you live, where you study and personal preferences; however, in this Glasgow city guide blog, we have tried to provide some approximate values so you can get a rough notion of the different expenses during your stay. 

  1. Food:  £200 - £300 /month
  2. Entertainment and social activities: £100 - £200 /month
  3. Travel (local) £30 - £50 /month 
  4. Clothes and toiletries: £60 - £200 /month

Check out our cost of living in Glasgow guide and manage finances accordingly. 

Pro tip: check out 7 great hacks for money management as a student and learn to simplify budgeting!

Travelling in Glasgow

Living in Glasgow as a student has a lot of benefits, including its efficient public transportation. This city offers great road and rail connections when getting around in the UK. Travelling via public transport will also help you cut down on your expenses. We have listed a couple of means of public transport in this Glasgow city guide. 

1. Bus 

Among the other major bus operators, “First Glasgow” is considered to be the principal bus operator in the city, which offers regular bus service. However, there are also other major bus operators who also run bus services in the city. Here are the names of the other major bus operators: Stagecoach Glasgow, Glasgow City Bus and McGill’s Bus Services.

You can buy a bus ticket directly while boarding the bus, provided that you have the exact change required. However, purchasing a ZoneCard would be a conveniently good option if you plan on using public transport regularly.

One-day pass (For Bus, Train and subway): £2.70
Single Adult ticket (To any station): £1.40Yearly pass (For Bus, Train and subway): £450
Monthly pass (For Bus, Train and subway): £50

2. Subway

The Glasgow subway is an easy way to get around the city quickly. Its route is on just one big circuit around the City Centre and West End of Glasgow with 15 stations to stop at. Glasgow’s subway is the 3rd oldest underground railway in the world. It covers only a single circular route with just 15 stations on the way. One could buy a regular single ticket, but purchasing a day ticket would be a better option. The fares of the Subway are the same as that of the city bus.

3. Train

Glasgow Queen Street station links Glasgow by rail to Edinburgh and north while the Glasgow central station operates routes mainly to the South. Buying an SPT(Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) roundabout ticket will give you free unlimited access to travel by train for a day. These tickets can be purchased through either SPT travel centres or ScotRail.

4. Taxi

Glasgow taxis is a distinctive black 5-6 seaters cab which operates in and around the city. The Glasgow taxi drivers are one of the friendliest drivers one could come across. You could flag down the taxi only if the taxi’s yellow light is one.

Note: Be aware of the fake ruby-coloured Glasgow Taxis.
Rates: One could get across the city for £6. Credit card payments are accepted for Glasgow Taxis.

Top Clubs in Glasgow

Glasgow’s nightlife is very lively and happening. Whether you want to simmer down and enjoy a quiet drink or party the whole night, these are the best places to do it. Whatever you're searching for, we have listed down some famous clubs and student bars in Glasgow. In this Glasgow city guide, there's probably a nightclub in Glassgow that offers the atmosphere you want.

  1. Sub Club
  2. Popworld Glasgow
  3. Club Tropicana & Venga
  4. Cathouse Rock Club
  5. Nice N Sleazy

Top Restaurants in Glasgow

Glasgow is a bustling, lively city with an enormous variety of restaurants to choose from. With such a wide range to choose from, selecting a particular restaurant can be somewhat daunting. But worry not! Here is our pick in this Glasgow city guide on the finest and best restaurants in Glasgow. 

  1. The Ivy Buchanan Street
  2. The Italian Kitchen
  3. Mini Grill Steakhouse
  4. La Lanterna
  5. Ox and Finch

You can also check out the blog to learn more about the best restaurants in Glasgow.

Student Applications

In the digital age, it is advised that you use your phone wisely. In this Glasgow city guide, we've provided a list of several handy apps. It is recommended that students visiting or residing in Glasgow download some of the most popular local apps, such as

  1. Next Bike
  2. Uber
  3. Parkopedia
  4. Global Movie Trails
  5. Scotland’s Pubs

Top Tourist Hotspots in Glasgow

No matter what your interest is, you will find something or the other to do here. Students need a break from academia and explore the amazing city of Bristol, from its history to its nightlife. We have listed some of the famous Glasgow tourist attractions in this Glasgow city guide. 

  1. Glasgow Cathedral
  2. Glasgow Botanical gardens
  3. Hunterian Art gallery
  4. Riverside MuseumGlasgow Necropolis
  5. George Square
  6. Glasgow Green
  7. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 
  8. Pollok Country Park
Student city guide Glasgow

You can also watch our Youtube Glasgow city guide.

Glasgow is a city with a rich, vibrant culture, unique history, and diverse population. From its world-renowned architecture to its bustling nightlife, there is something for everyone in Glasgow. Whether one is looking for a night out on the town, an afternoon of exploring the city’s historical sites, or simply a peaceful stroll through the parks and gardens, Glasgow offers something for everyone. With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly locals, Glasgow is a truly wonderful place to call home.