Student City Guide: Liverpool 2023
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Student City Guide: Liverpool 2023

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Nov 8, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
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Nov 8, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Views and Reflections of Liverpool City
Live the Liverpool way!

“You’ll never walk alone”, a motto of very few words yet encapsulates everything that the city of Liverpool is all about. Our Liverpool City Guide for students tries to cover everything about the city that you might find useful for your Liverpool student life. Our city guide of Liverpool aims to be almost a one-stop shop for students to know and understand the ins and outs of the city.

So without any further delays, let's dive straight into the Liverpool city guide and know about the thriving city.

About Liverpool

In England's Merseyside, Liverpool is both a city and a metropolitan borough. Liverpool was originally located in the old hundred of West Derby in the county of Lancashire, on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary.  Throughout the Industrial Revolution, the city's growth matched its development as a significant port.
Liverpool was the fifth-most visited city in the UK in 2019. It is renowned for its architecture, culture, and transportation systems. The fame of the Beatles, who are recognised as the most influential band of all time, made the city known for the arts, particularly music; as a result, it is now a famous tourist destination.

Liverpool Geography

Liverpool is situated a short distance from the Irish Sea and forms an irregular crescent along the north coast of the Mersey estuary. In the historical county of Lancashire, it serves as the hub of the metropolitan county of Merseyside.
In 1207, it was made a borough; in 1880, a city; and in 1889, a county borough that was independent of the recently established Lancashire County Council. Liverpool has been described as having "the most splendid setting of any English city.

Liverpool Population

With a growth of 0.66% from 2021, Liverpool's metro region has 912,000 residents in 2022. 906,000 people called Liverpool's metropolitan region home in 2021, up 0.44% from the previous year. With 42.5% of its residents under the age of 30, Liverpool's population is younger than the entire country of England, as opposed to the average of 37.7% for all of England.

Weather in Liverpool

With relatively moderate summers, chilly winters, and rainfall that is distributed fairly uniformly throughout the year, Liverpool's climate is of the temperate maritime variety. The summers in Liverpool are pleasant and mainly cloudy, whereas the long, bitterly cold, windy, and cloudy winters are the opposite. The temperature rarely falls below 28°F or rises over 77°F throughout the year, often fluctuating between 37°F and 68°F. 

Study in Liverpool

For students in any city, the educational environment is a significant aspect. This is also true of the Liverpool city guide. Given the number of students it shelters, Liverpool can be referred to as a student city. Because it is home to prestigious universities and takes pleasure in having a large student population, it is a well-liked city among students.

Why study in Liverpool?

When it comes to higher education, there is a reason why Liverpool is so well-rated by students. To help shape their dreams, students can enroll in some of Liverpool's premier colleges.

Best Universities in Liverpool

Liverpool is highly valued by students for its higher education offerings for a reason. Students can enroll in some of Liverpool's best universities. Our Liverpool city guide for students includes some of the best universities in the metropolis to aid you with your quest of finding a good university.

1. The University of Liverpool

One of the top universities in the UK is the University of Liverpool, which was established in 1881. It offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and research programmes in addition to a few online ones. Since its inception, it has served as a global centre for advanced learning and development. Within six months of their course, 94% of its alumni had either found employment or finished their studies.

2. Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University, also known as LJMU, is a public research university. Its beginnings can be traced to the establishment of Liverpool Mechanics' School of Arts in 1823. After that, the institution became Liverpool Polytechnic. It received college status in 1992 and changed its name to Liverpool John Moores University.
The Northern Consortium, University Alliance, and European University Association are all authoritatively connected to the college. The institution has three sites in Liverpool, England—the City Campus, and the I. M. Marsh Campus, and the Mount Pleasant Campus—offer educational opportunities. The Faculty of Law and Commerce is located on the Mount Pleasant Campus.

3. Liverpool International College

Kaplan International Colleges and the Lofty University of Liverpool have joined forces to form Liverpool International College (LIC). International students can enrol in specific academic planning courses if they want to think about undergraduate or postgraduate certifications. For a variety of areas, LIC offers certification courses as well as graduate diploma programmes.

Top courses to study in Liverpool

For programmes leading to Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees, all of the city's universities offer a choice of study options. Become one of the lucky students who successfully complete a prestigious PhD or Master's degree in the UK. Students can also apply for courses and programmes through Erasmus that grant academic credit (continuing professional development). For a top-notch, one-of-a-kind study-abroad opportunity, enrol in an MBA programme in Liverpool.

Best Liverpool student accommodation

Without housing—the most crucial component of student life—the Liverpool city guide would be lacking. Though not difficult, finding the best Liverpool student accommodation can take some time. Liverpool student accommodation options that are cosy, affordable, and accessible can be found with amber. There are multiple options for student housing in Liverpool and many notable Liverpool universities are close by.

Best Areas in Liverpool for students

Here are some of the best areas in Liverpool for Liverpool student accommodation. See for yourself which Liverpool localities you fancy for starting your student life in Liverpool. If you need more options head to our best areas to live in Liverpool blog and discover more.

Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool City Centre, known for The Beatles and its extensive shopping selections, is a bustling neighbourhood that draws both tourists and residents. Turkish, Indian, and Mexican restaurants, as well as independent stores housed in Georgian architecture, along Bold Street. While Matthew Street is home to the renowned Cavern Club, the Liverpool ONE retail centre features well-known brands in a contemporary setting.

Mount Pleasant

One of Liverpool's main thoroughfares is called Mount Pleasant. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral can be found there; it is towards one end of Hope Street. It is located on one of the hills that once surrounded the village of Liverpool before it grew to be a significant city in the United Kingdom.

Baltic Triangle

Formerly an industrial district, Baltic Triangle is now a startup hub for independent companies in old warehouses along Jamaica Street. It has studios, a casual café, a garden for outdoor events at Constellations Arts Center, as well as a skatepark covered in graffiti. Creatives frequent its fashionable cafes and drinking spots, and at night, garage raves and dance clubs are full of young people.


A £1 billion showpiece development site, Paddington Village is located at the eastern entrance to Liverpool's flourishing Innovation District, KQ Liverpool. Paddington, which is a part of Liverpool City Council, is an urban community with a strong focus on science, technology, education, and health.


A well-liked location for student housing is Crosby, which is located to the north of the City Center. Because of its proximity to public transportation and beaches, it is the ideal place for students to unwind and have fun during their free time. Shopping locally, going out to a club, and hanging out with friends can all be done here.

Top 10 Liverpool Student Accommodations

Liverpool, a decently priced area in North West England, has a wide range of possibilities for student housing around all significant colleges, bus and train stations, and well-liked markets. This implies that you won't feel bad if you put your finger in any of the aforementioned places.

We have compiled a list of the best Liverpool student accommodation options that are both well-maintained and reasonably priced to help you in your search. But before you begin looking around, have a look at our blog post on things to look for when choosing your student accommodation.

Jobs in Liverpool

Living away from home can be expensive if your finances are not adequately managed. Students commonly take up part-time jobs to cover their living expenses. To assist our readers who are reading the Liverpool student city guide, we have selected the top part-time job offers that you can find in Liverpool.
Whether or whether you want to make these positions your full-time job, they will help you develop a stronger work ethic and become a more mature individual. 

  • Liverpool part-time jobs

Part-time tutor

One of the most enjoyable side jobs one could ask for is teaching young minds. Students can tutor other students and earn a living salary side by side because the employment requirements are fundamental and do not call for further education or course.

Work as a web writer

People are using their smartphones more than ever as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The result has been an increased workload for the content writing sector. As a result, by writing guest blogs or acting as a ghostwriter, you can improve your communication abilities while also earning a reasonable wage for each piece.

Student Ambassador

Have you ever heard of a student union president? That person is the student ambassador, then. The duties of a student ambassador include mediating disputes among peers, attending to their needs both within and outside of the classroom, and managing the student panel at events or activities. These roles are given to people who can work well in teams, handle pressure, and effectively supervise other pupils.

Service Industry/ Retail

Although these aren’t exactly very high-end jobs they still have good pay and flexible work hours, a thing that all students can benefit from. It is very common for students to take up a job in the service or retail sector, as it doesn't require much effort and qualifications. Many students take up these jobs to make some money on the side.

  • Full-time jobs in Liverpool

Full-timers, don’t worry you aren’t forgotten in this Liverpool city guide. Once your education is complete and you're looking to broaden your horizons, the city also offers a wealth of full-time employment alternatives. You can view job portals like Indeed, Linkedin, and others portals to explore an ocean of opportunities on offer.

Living In Liverpool

Moving to a new city is never simple but if it's a city like Liverpool, consider yourself lucky. Both in the UK and the rest of the world, Liverpool is unquestionably well-known. Locals enjoy a wide variety of first-rate amenities as well as a totally distinctive sense of community! For a lot of people, residing in Liverpool is clearly a wise choice. 

Liverpool Cost of Living

A Liverpool city guide without the cost of living in the city? Sounds ludicrous right? Well we know and therefore have it covered. In comparison to other major cities throughout the world, Liverpool's housing costs are relatively high. The values listed here will give you a general idea of what is offered at what price, although prices vary from region to region.

Wish to know more about Liverpool's cost of living, then click here.

Travelling in Liverpool

Transport and student travel is another important element of the Liverpool city guide. Liverpool is well known for its street, rail, and ship systems, as well as for its international airport and renowned dock system. Liverpool's transportation infrastructure is focused on its street and rail networks, like the majority of other large UK cities. Merseytravel is in charge of and manages the city's open transportation administrations.


Long-distance coach administrations arrive at and depart from the National Express stop at Liverpool One Transport Station. The entire city and the areas around it are served by neighbourhood buses.
Ruler Square Transport Station and Lime Road Railroad Station are the two main stops for neighbourhood buses serving the administrations in the north, east, and west. Administrations in the south and east can access Liverpool One, a transportation hub near the Albert Dock.

There are two separate rail networks that serve Liverpool. Merseyrail is in charge of and manages the local urban rail organisations, which are underground in the cities of Liverpool and Birkenhead and provide connections for Merseyside. Liverpool has connections with important towns and cities around Britain thanks to the national mainline organisation, which is run by Organize Rail.


Merseyrail is the local suburban-urban rail system that connects Liverpool. It consists of three lines, the Northern Line heading north to Southport, Ormskirk, and Kirkby, and south to Chases Cross. The Wirral Line features branches to Modern Brighton, West Kirby, Chester, and Ellesmere Harbour and travels through the Mersey Railroad Burrow. The City Line runs from Lime Road to St Helens, Wigan, Preston, Warrington, and Manchester, providing connections.

Best Clubs In Liverpool

Liverpool's club scene has developed into one of the best in the nation, much like its vibrant pub culture. There are a tonne of amazing structures that are easily transformed into gorgeous club venues, and Liverpool's unwavering independence continues to bring fresh concepts and a club culture growth that is still evolving.


One of Liverpool's top clubs was formerly a grand Georgian palace that belonged to affluent maritime businessmen. It's good that clubbing at Heebie Jeebies is as fun as the venue itself because a great setting—you may get lost in its nooks and crannies—isn't quite enough to make a place a must-visit venue. On Saturdays, students should go to Liquidation.

Electrik Warehouse

Without including Electrik Warehouse, no Liverpool city guide would be complete. The city's largest central club, which is spread across three floors and four different rooms, features a solid mix of indie, pop, punk, and rock music. Regular evenings like Thursday's Shit Indie Disco and Saturday's Pandamonium draw sizable crowds. It is a staple among students because of the affordable drink rates.

Camp and Furnace

When visiting Camp and Furnace, it's like delving into a selection box for club nights. One week it's power ballad night, the following week it's a tribute to a legend like Prince, and big-name touring DJs also drop by. To avoid confusing your Bongo's Bingo with your Swingers Club (a jazz night, filthy mind), check the events calendar.

The Arts Club

Since the 1800s, there has been some sort of musical activity at this location, so they are well-versed in the art of throwing a nice party. You may catch a live performance, eat, and drink at the Arts Club, and there are occasional art activities as well. However, the location excels as a club environment; you nearly feel the spirits of thousands of prior clubgoers getting their groove on all around you.

Best Restaurants in Newcastle

Liverpool's maritime background has a significant cultural effect, which also permeates the city's cuisine. You can taste food from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, America, and other regions. Liverpool's food scene is of excellent quality and offers options for every price range, from upscale eateries with views of the Mersey and upscale hotel meals to street cuisine and afternoon teas.


Fans of Dishoom in London and elsewhere will be thrilled to learn about Bundobust, a favourite in the north that serves vegetarian favourites like paneer tikka and pav bhaji. The restaurant boasts a lively, laid-back atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to bring a group of friends and spend hours trying out various meals while sipping pints of the company's signature Chai Porter.


With three different Liverpool locations (and one in Manchester), Maray is fast becoming something of a chain in the city – but its excellent food is what’s fuelled this growth. The Middle Eastern-inspired menu features dishes such as honey-whipped goat’s cheese, baked halloumi and must-try disco cauliflower. The Dockside location is a fan favourite to go on a summer evening and enjoy sundowners with your small plates.


Diners who want to try the "next big thing" in food should go to Röski. It is run by former MasterChef: The Professionals champion Anton Piotrowski, and the menu makes imaginative use of locally sourced British products. The presentation of everything is amazing, so bring your camera.


Simply put, the food in Lerpwl is the main draw. Some of the best food you'll ever eat is here. Ever. The freshly gathered, locally sourced food, which draws inspiration from Welsh traditional cuisine, is a creative feat and a feast for the senses. Even though everything is wonderfully presented, there is a calm atmosphere, so you can really just unwind and enjoy something very unique.

Think you need some more options, check out our 20 best restaurants in Liverpool blog and broaden your horizons (or palates?).

Student Apps

In the digital age, every convenience is at your fingertips. It is consequently advised to make good use of your phone. It is recommended that students visiting or living in Liverpool download some of the most popular local apps like Liverpool Travel Guide, a comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of the city, while the Q Tap, enables you to book and pay for your drinks in advance, so you can let go of lines.

Liverpool Tourist Attractions

It would be a sin to create a Liverpool city guide and not include its magnificent tourist attractions. This Merseyside town is blessed with a plethora of breathtaking views and amazing places that one can explore. Liverpool tourist attractions comprise everything from museums, churches, parks and much more.
Students can explore all these attractions at a very affordable price if they carry their ID cards issued by their universities. Some of the Liverpool tourist attractions you can visit include:

  • Anfield Stadium
  • Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Beatles Statue

Identify as a certified beach being, then head to our beaches in Liverpool blog and take your pick.

liverpool map


We really hope that our Liverpool city guide has provided you with valuable information about the city. Liverpool welcomes visitors and residents alike and has a lot to offer. Because of its intriguing history, diverse culture, and breathtaking surroundings, Liverpool is a popular tourist destination. Whether you're considering living your student life in Liverpool, a weekend getaway or a long trip, Liverpool is for everyone. Therefore, why not go and see this wonderful city for yourself?