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Student Housing Guide: Manchester 2023
10 Mins

Student Housing Guide: Manchester 2023

Housing Tips
10 Mins
Uploaded on
Apr 25, 2022
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Apr 25, 2022
Last updated on
Dec 5, 2023
Student housing guide Manchester
Culture that speaks for itself

Manchester is known worldwide for Manchester United and Manchester City, but it offers more than just football. The city is becoming a significant metropolis and has consistently expanded since the 19th century. Apart from that, the city also boasts some best universities in Manchester and worldwide. Thousands of students choose Manchester for education as it's proven worthy of the competition. But while planning to attend University, remember to look for student housing. For your comfort, here is a student housing guide in Manchester that will prove helpful while planning your search for a home away from home.

When should you start looking for student accommodation? 

As a student, your choice of student accommodation impacts your university experience. You must start looking for accommodations beforehand to ensure you receive the best. This guide about student housing in Manchester provides you with a few tips so that you make sure to find the best student accommodation in Manchester:

  • Make sure to book your student housing in Manchester before the peak season. 
  • The best months to book student accommodation in Manchester are October and November, as private housing in Manchester providers give out numerous discounts, and the costs are relatively lower. 
  • Book your Manchester uni student accommodation two weeks prior as that is when 1st-year students rush to look for a place.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Student Housing in Manchester

Our student housing guide in Manchester provides important information on things to remember when choosing student housing in Manchester.

  1. Commuting: Ensure you can access public transportation and get to your University quickly to save money and time.
  2. Security: Most housing zones nowadays have added security. Outsiders are not permitted to enter gated communities.
  3. Cultural barriers: Student organisations and centres allow people from all backgrounds to mingle.
  4. Deposit: a one-time payment made to the landlord in the form of a specified sum. The deposit is recoverable at the end of your stay if the contract requirements are followed. The average deposit is between £150 and £400.
  5. Admin Fee: Some apartment owners demand this fee from their tenants. It is a non-refundable fee of around £150.
  6. Lease Duration: Property managers usually give preference to one-year leases. Landlords may even consider a six-month lease. Some property managers also provide the option of a three-month short-term lease. A longer lease time will usually result in a significant reduction in your monthly rate. Abandoning a lease can have severe financial and legal ramifications.
  7. Guarantor: Only if you have a guarantor will you be able to pay in instalments. A lease guarantor is a third party who assists in providing rental security. You will not be needed to offer a guarantor if you pay the rent in full at the start of the tenancy.
  8. Cancellation Policy: Most property owners allow you to cancel your reservation within 3-14 days of making it. You may be required to pay weekly rent (for every week or half week) until the room can be re-let if you cancel your booking after those 3-14 days. If the property management and the student cannot find a substitute, the student will be required to pay the full amount of rent as stipulated in the contract.
  9. Pet: Pets are generally not permitted unless they are licensed assistance dogs.
  10. Booking Fees: This is usually the sum the landlord charges as a deposit. If the admin fee is applied, you may pay the total cost when booking: Admin Fee + Deposit.
  11. The number of tenants: The maximum number of tenants residing in an apartment is usually stated in the unit guidelines. In most cases, a single student is housed in a single room. Studio apartments may enable couples to share a room if they are both students.

Types of Accommodations for Students

Manchester uni accommodation is full of options! Students can choose from any of the options below that suit their preferences. This student housing guide in Manchester has some of the most common housing types for students seeking private student accommodation in Manchester. 

1. On-Campus Housing

Most universities include hostels or dorms where students can live on campus. They include amenities such as eateries, Wi-Fi, laundry, and other services the management provides. Students must pay rent to live in these halls, but the amount varies depending on the type of residence. By living on campus, the student can experience a full Uni experience, but at the same time, it is constrained and an expensive alternative. 

2. Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing, often near the institution, is private student accommodation. The students prefer to reserve accommodations in shared rooms because it reduces the cost. Bills such as gas, water, and electricity are usually included in the rent. The cost structure varies depending on the type of housing and the area. Depending on your preferences, you can have a single room, an ensuite room, or a studio unit.

3. PBSAs

Purpose Based Student Accommodations or PBSAs are student areas made for university students like you. Students have to pay an inclusive fee, and some of the added benefits are round-the-clock security, furnished apartments, student rooms, laundry service and shared areas like the gym.

4. Ensuites

Price Range - £121-£200

Ensuites are living areas that have a private bathroom and a common kitchen. Ensuites are the first choice for students who enjoy silence and work in solitude. Students can freely enjoy their personal space in an ensuite.

5. Non-Ensuites

Price Range - £121-£205

Non-ensuites are just the opposite of ensuites. This living area has a shared bathroom and kitchen. These kinds of student accommodations are perfect for students who are social and wish to live with a roommate or friends. 

6. Studios

Price Range - £121-£235

Studios are a type of living area that has a single multi-purpose space. It can be either private or shared. 

Best Areas in Manchester for Student Housing 

Best areas in Manchester for student housing

A Student Housing Guide in Manchester would be incomplete without mentioning some of the best areas in Manchester. Here are some of the best options for student accommodation in Manchester:

1. Fallowfield

Fallowfield, south of the Manchester city centre, is a popular suburb among students. They choose this area as it is close to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Students can find many private student accommodation options in this area that is reasonable in terms of cost of living. 

2. Deansgate

Deansgate, a locality in the city centre, is ideal for students looking for student housing in Manchester and is one of the best places to live. Students have many dining options as the area is popular for its multicultural cuisine, including Indian, Italian and Chinese restaurants that entice people from all over the city. As Deansgate is located in the city centre, it opens many opportunities for students to travel a short distance to check out the Opera House, Royal Exchange Theatre and National Football Museum. The area has many leisure areas, grocery stores, and green spaces with clubs and bars, which makes it an ideal locality for Manchester uni accommodation.

3. Manchester City Centre

The City Centre was built during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century and is one of the best areas in Manchester. Known to be a city that focuses on future and growth, the city centre has exotic nightlife, multiple hotspots, festivals, art and culture. The area is constantly hustling throughout the week. This area is home to the main campus of Manchester University, along with many casual cafes, amenities, world-renowned music platforms and even its train stations. Even though the area is hectic, affordable, and luxurious, students still prefer to stay there. 

4. Oxford Road

Oxford Road is considered one of the best places for students looking for student housing in Manchester. This is the perfect place for students looking for exotic nightlife in Manchester. Multiple clubs and bars are spread out in the city centre in this area. Students studying at the Manchester Metropolitan University prefer private student accommodation in this area as Oxford Road is nearby. 

5. Hulme

Hulme has been redeveloped in the last 15 years, adding a lot of developed buildings, a high standard of accommodation and a lovely atmosphere. It is considered one of the best areas for Manchester uni accommodation. Although it is only a 20-minute walk from the city centre, it is calmer than other options. Students will find friendly pubs and quirky cafes ideal for students who wish their study experience to be a little less heated. This is one of the best places to consider for student accommodation in Manchester. 

Top 10 Student Housing in Manchester

Now that you know the best areas to live in Street Tower are, Here are some of the best student accommodation in Manchester:

Top 10 student housing in Manchester

1. Canvas River Street tower

Canvas River Street Tower is a comfortable and spacious student accommodation in Manchester. The property has various options like shared apartments, studios and ensuites. Additionally, Arden University is a short drive from the property, and the University of Manchester is pretty close by, making it perfect for the students attending these universities. 

The amenities with this Manchester uni accommodation include a game room, student space, cinema room, social space, an on-site event calendar and a laundry room.

2. Manchester Student Village (MSV)

Manchester Student Village is a fantastic student accommodation in Manchester which offers studios and ensuites. These accommodations are perfect for Manchester Metropolitan University as it's just a short walk away. Additionally, every mode of public transport is close to the property. You can find many pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions close to Manchester Student Village.

The amenities available with this Manchester uni accommodation are Free high-speed internet, on-site maintenance, laundry facilities, bike storage, 24-hour surveillance, communal lounge with TV and sofas.

3. Rusholme Place

This private accommodation in Manchester offers a variety of ensuites and studio apartments. Located in the heart of Manchester, many educational institutions like the University of Manchester and MMU are near Rusholme Place. As for the dining, you'll feel like it's a party every day as there are restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes that you can check out with your friends. 

Amenities available at this student housing in Manchester: 24/7 security, storage space, High-speed internet connection and kitchen.

4. iQ Wilmslow Park House

If you are looking for comfortable student accommodation in Manchester, iQ Wilmslow Park House is the one for you. It is located near major universities like the Royal Northern College of Music and the University of Manchester, so there's no doubt why students prefer thisManchester uni accommodation. It's easy to step out for a drink or two, as there are several restaurants and bars around this property.

Student accommodation Manchester amenities: Fully furnished kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, CCTV surveillance, online maintenance service, laundry facilities, study space and games room.

5. Ropemaker Court

You can find a range of fabulous ensuites and shared flats that Ropemaker Court offers. It is located close to Manchester Metropolitan University and a short walk from the University of Manchester. It's ideal for students as there are many restaurants, bars and shops for your comfort.

Student Accommodation Manchester Amenities: High-speed Wi-Fi, kitchen, storage and parking, 24-hour CCTV surveillance, outdoor area, game machines and communal space.

6. Westpoint Chester Road 

You'll find great student accommodation in Manchester at Westpoint Chester Road. This housing is perfect for students looking for a place near the University of Manchester and the Manchester School of Art. Furthermore, there are find-dine options, many tourist attractions and major public commute options just a stroll away from this student housing.

Amenities include a Communal kitchen, parking, high-speed Wi-Fi, workspace, communal laundry service and an on-site gym.

7. iQ Manchester Gardens 

iQ Manchester Gardens offer a range of rooms from ensuites to bed apartments which are fully furnished and are located in the city centre. This is the Manchester uni accommodation you should be looking for for students at the University of Manchester and MMU. You find tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, public transport and much more within walking distance. 

Amenities: Free high-speed Wi-Fi, furnished apartment, students area, laundry facilities, BBQ area, social spaces, 24/7 security.

8. MSV South

MSV South is a private student accommodation in Manchester popular among students at the University of Manchester and MMU. The apartments are fully furnished and ready to use on the spot. It's a treat for the students here as there are multicultural dining options and small eateries they can visit. Travelling won't be a task. Thanks to England's transport network, public commutes can easily reach all places.

Amenities: Free high-speed internet, seating area, Laundry facility, secure community, and shared community areas.

9. Park View

Offering a variety of rooms, students will live an amazing student life here a Park View. It offers many studio and ensuite apartments. This accommodation is close to the University of Manchester and Manchester School of Art, and the transport is hassle-free. Suppose you wish to go to the city. In that case, the city centre is just a mile away from this housing, and there are many things to do in Manchester as a student.

Amenities at this private student accommodation in Manchester include common areas, laundry facilities, on-site housekeeping and maintenance, free high-speed Wi-Fi, and a vending machine. Make sure to check out our blog on University of Manchester before deciding to move in any other university.

10. Mansion Point

This affordable, semi-luxurious student accommodation in Manchester offers a wide range of ensuites and studio rooms. The commute from this housing to your destination won't be troubling. Mansion Point is perfect for students studying at the Manchester School of Art and the University of Manchester. Additionally, there are several things to do in Manchester as a student, like going to cafes, restaurants and bars in this area. 

Amenities available at this student accommodation in Manchester: student common area, bike storage, free Wi-Fi, a vending machine, 24/7 security and contact centre, on-site Maintenance and outdoor area.

Questions To Ask Before Finalising The Accommodation

Many times, students sweat buckets before finalising their student accommodations. Constant anxiety nagging in your head, asking, "Have I made the right choice?". We completely understand your concern. So before finalising your student accommodation in Manchester, you must ask these important questions.

  1. How far is my housing from my University?
  2. Are the neighbours and the locality good?
  3. How far is the local transport from my housing?
  4. Is the student accommodation furnished?
  5. Is the building safe and secure?
  6. If there are any issues, is the landlord open to feedback?
  7. Do I have approval for the renovation?
  8. What kind of emergency service is available in the neighbourhood?
  9. Does the rent cover all the utilities?

Moving-In Checklist for Students 

Cheers! You've made it through your finalising accommodation stage. At last, you are ready to move-in into your student accommodation. But before you begin packing, check out this list we have created to make your move-in checklist easier. So, no more yellow legal pads!

Move in checklist for students

If you want a more detailed list, we got you covered. Check out The Ultimate packing Checklist for University.

Scam and Frauds

You can come across many scammers and con artists that prey on the unsuspecting student. They can come in disguise as housing providers as well. The priority here at amber is to ensure your hassle-free experience while you book your student accommodation in Manchester. Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding scams and frauds while booking your student accommodation in Manchester:

  • You should never use cash/ untraceable payment method 
  • It would be best if you had your research done on the logging
  • You should never share your private information 
  • Ensure the landlord passes the vibe check
  • Connect with the current tenants to know their opinion on the housing and the neighbourhood

You can also go through our blog on 8 ways to spot a rental scam, so you never have to encounter a situation like this!

It isn't easy to move out and settle in a new place. That's where we come in. Read this blog to clear all your doubts. There are many things to do in Manchester, like check out the best restaurants and clubs in Manchester. But before enjoying yourself to your heart's content, don't forget to check out the cost of living in Manchester.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best areas to live in Manchester as a student?

What should I look for in student accommodation?

How do I avoid rental scams?

How much does it cost to live in Manchester?

When is the ideal time to start looking for student housing in Manchester?

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