Useful Websites for Students to Bookmark

Useful Websites for Students to Bookmark

Uploaded on
Sep 28, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 17, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 28, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 17, 2023
Useful websites for Students
Making life easy one website at a time!

Imagine this; you are finally at your dream university, have the best student life and still going back to your dorm and eating stale food, some first-world problems! We know! That is why we have listed some useful websites for students that are budget-friendly and legit.
If you think food is all you will find here, that's not the case. We have listed some budget-friendly and useful websites for students in the travel, living, and shopping sectors so that you can at least have fresh food with the money saved!
You can't go wrong with university life if you know what you'll need to do to simplify your life and lower stress.

General websites for students

1. Citizens Advice Bureau

The citizen's advisory bureau gives people the information and confidence they need to move forward. It is an excellent resource for any legal difficulties that may arise during your time at university. This is a useful website for students as they also provide consumer rights advice through their consumer helpline, assist witnesses in court through the witness service, and provide pension advice to persons over the age of 50.

2. Trainline

The top train and coach app in Europe is called Trainline. It is a one-stop shop for train and coach travel, to put it simply. Everyone may purchase tickets quickly and save time, effort, and money. This student travel website collects routes, prices, and travel times from over 270 rail and coach operators in 45 countries daily.

3. Amber

If you are looking for off-campus student accommodation, amber is one of the best student accommodation websites enabling students to book long-term housing. They assist 80M students worldwide in finding and reserving full-time residences close to their colleges without the stress of haggling, inconsistent and onerous paperwork, and faulty payment procedures.

4. Cheap Train Tickets

Cheap Trian Tickets is one of the most useful websites for students that provides information about all the cities in the UK with train and bus routes at cheaper rates. You can save up to 80% when you book in advance; as the student travel website suggests, you will get cheaper train tickets here.

5. Student Times

This independent, national online newspaper in the UK is written for students. They emphasise news issues that have an impact on students and also cover entertainment and lifestyle topics. There is a news, employment, and career section in Student Times. They give you the most recent breaking news and the most important stories affecting the student body, and we raise students' understanding of more significant national and international issues.

general websites for students

6. Idealo

Idealo is a customer review and price comparison website that is funded by advertisers based on traffic quality and volume. Companies that advertise their items on idealo utilise tools to check to track user traffic and clicks. The product offers on the website are typically organised by price, with the lowest-priced item at the top of any listing, making it a very helpful website for students.

7. Recipepuppy

Recipe Puppy searches more than 500,000 recipes across dozens of websites for meals based on a list of components or keywords. Once you've searched using the list of components you wish to use, Recipe Puppy will recommend other related ingredients that you might want to include in your search. It is a very useful website for students as it helps them choose an intriguing meal.

8. Eventbrite

The best platform for managing events worldwide is called Eventbrite. Creators and business owners can create customisable event pages with Eventbrite, sell event tickets, and market them using the Eventbrite Marketplace, integrated email marketing, and social media integrations. Through live events, Eventbrite connects individuals.

9. Culture Trip

With other culturally oriented visitors, people could explore spectacular locations surprisingly, thanks to the Culture Trip. They frequently release cutting-edge and nicely written stories about events that are unavailable elsewhere.

10. Instructables

If you enjoy building and repairing things, this is one of the most useful online student tools. You can learn everything from making spaghetti ice cream to repairing a damaged shelf. Instructable is a useful website for students because it makes learning how to manufacture anything simple, one step at a time. The great creations shared every day will undoubtedly inspire you,

Education and work websites

11. Cite This For Me

It's, without a doubt, among the best websites for students. The reference generator from Cite This For Me is the most precise citation generator on the market, so whether you're unsure how to format in-text citations or searching for a foolproof method to automate a fully-formatted bibliography, this referencing generator will meet all of your citation requirements. Enter your source in Cite This For Me, copy the result, and paste it.

12. edX

edX is a large open online education provider with certain courses available for free. It offers university-level courses in various subjects, which is ideal for learning new skills to add to your resume. This is another useful website for students as they can better their career opportunities by taking EdX courses and earning certifications. 

13. Study UK

The British Council runs this website. It is the only national-level campaign in the UK highlighting the exceptional higher education options available and the chances it presents for altering one's life. The GREAT Britain campaign of the UK government partners with the British Council to lead and implement Study UK.

14. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine for academic texts covering many subjects. Some publications are featured entirely, while others are only partially included, but it's a useful website for students as it helps improve their bibliography. You can search across various disciplines and sources from a single location, including articles, theses, books, abstracts, and court judgements from academic publishers, professional associations, online repositories, institutions, and other websites.

15. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an eBook resource for free texts and books with expired copyright. It's an ideal and useful website for students for assignments and projects and to improve their essays. This website is especially valuable for students taking social science or humanities courses. Everything on Project Gutenberg is free, with over 50,000 free ebooks available for download.

education and work websites for students


JSTOR, which stands for Journal Storage, has created a database that allows users to read some of the most important scholarly publications in several academic subjects, including the mathematical sciences, through the Internet. JSTOR offers free access to hundreds of thousands of articles, photos, and books.

17. Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a book that contains synonyms for words. This is a useful website for students who find themselves using the same word time and time again while writing. When speaking or writing, utilising a thesaurus to locate synonyms is one of the best methods to extend your vocabulary and avoid using the same words over and over.

18. Diversifying is a platform for careers with a purpose; allows employers to display their openings to a diverse community and job seekers to find employers concerned about diversity and inclusion. In Diversifying, you can post job openings or search for them, making it a very helpful website for students looking for internships.

19. Milkround

A job search engine, Milkround, which focuses on opportunities, internships, and placements for graduates, is not a recruitment firm. The most popular and useful website for students and recent graduates in the UK. Milkround is a very helpful website for students as it assists them in discovering their ideal career and assisting them in securing it.

20. Indeed flex

Indeed Flex, while not exclusively for student jobs, is a website that helps students discover flexible, temp work with trustworthy firms with minimum shifts required. Furthermore, the jobs available are diverse, making this a useful website for students if they want to work without committing to a long-term contract. Before agreeing to anything, make sure to price everything out.

21. Debut

Debut's mission is to assist you in finding a graduate job or internship as soon and easily as possible. Simply provide your information, and the firm will contact you. They identify students who meet their requirements. If your talent is spotted, you may be able to skip the application process and go straight to an interview or testing centre. You can also practice cognitive testing and explore careers.

Health & living websites

22. Mind

Mind, one of the largest mental health organisations in the UK, is a helpful website for students who deal with mental health problems. Information that is dependable and supportive when dealing with a mental health issue can completely transform your life. If you require additional assistance, the charity also maintains a helpline.

Try this meditating guide as a break from your tiring day.

23. NHS Student Health

Another useful website for students is The National Health Service (NHS), a lifeline for student health counselling, offering guidance on anything from stress management to alcohol safety. You should sign up with a GP close to your university as soon as possible if, like most students, you spend more weeks of the year at your university address than at your family's address. They can show you how to register with a UK doctor and assist you with finding nearby medical facilities.

24. Stonewall

Stonewall represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ace individuals worldwide. They have contributed to bringing about a revolutionary change in the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals in the UK over the last 30 years. The website name derived from the Stonewall Riots served as a spark for the homosexual rights movement, resulting in the formation of many LGBT activist groups in the United States and worldwide.

25. WiseBread

WiseBread is committed to helping you live well on a limited budget, whether you're a student or simply want to get more for your money. It guides topics ranging from debt management to producing your own fruits and veggies. features a community of bloggers who write about how to live a simple lifestyle. This personal finance website offers users guidance on smart buying, financial advice, job and money-making opportunities, and other general "know-how" themes.

Student shopping websites

26. Ethical Superstore

The Ethical Superstore is an environmentally friendly internet store. It sells food, beverages, health and beauty items, and even clothing like a conventional supermarket. This is a fantastic way to stock up on household necessities like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and bin bags. It's ideal if you want to use less plastic without drastically altering your lifestyle.

27. Experience Days

Experience Days has something for everyone, so whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking the next big sensation or looking for the ideal present for your mother, you're sure to find it. Choose from dangerous activities like skydiving and fire eating, or unwind with a relaxing spa day. A culinary or flower-arranging class could teach you a new talent, or you could rent an Audi R8 for the day.

28. Freecycle

When you join Freecycle, you can become a member of one or more neighbourhood Town groups or start a Friends Circle with the neighbours. You can post about items you desire to receive or give as gifts in Freecycle. When other members respond, you set a pickup time and place. In an instant, you've given a new life to a product and prevented it from ending up in a landfill.

29. Approved Food

An online food store called Approved Food sells products that are still entirely edible even though they are almost (or already) past their best-before dates. The best collection of discounted clearance food and drink in the UK is available at Approved Food, making it one of the helpful websites for students to save money.

30. Hive

If you are a book lover, Hive is a terrific website to search, browse, and purchase books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, and vinyl for students concerned about the moral ramifications of making purchases on Amazon. It offers budget-friendly books from independent UK high-street bookstores and donates some of the proceeds to them. 

health & shopping websites for students

Websites for productivity

31. Keep Me Out

Keep Me Out is an application that will assist you in breaking the habit of accessing particular websites too frequently by sending warning notifications. This useful website for students has created a variety of great features that will help you manage your usage patterns while keeping your productivity in mind.

32. Write Monkey

Write Monkey helps you eliminate distractions and remain totally concentrated when completing writing assignments. The programme launches in full-screen mode, allowing you to ignore distractions and blocking programmes on your computer that may try to capture your attention. It is a useful website for students as it also helps you enhance the quality of your writing by providing features such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, word metrics, and spell check. In addition, it allows you to learn more about the subject you're writing about.

33. Soshiku

Soshiku is a helpful web tool for organising and tracking your work. It keeps track of your assignments and alerts you to future deadlines. This tool can save notes, attach files, organise tasks, and send messages to your friends. Soshiku's website or text messaging allows students to add tasks to their calendars.

34. Nirvana

Nirvana is a task management platform that can increase your productivity. You can record and organise tasks, create projects, set up notifications, add contacts, track completed work, and effortlessly export your to-do list to your PC. This is a useful website for students as it can narrow down your next list to tasks you can actually perform with the time, energy, and context you have. Seeing what you could be doing at any given time helps you make the most effective use of your time.

Now that you have cleared out your foggy brain with the list of useful websites for students, we hope you start living a budget-friendly life and turn over your clueless, penniless student life!