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What’s Better For You: MS or MTech
5 min

What’s Better For You: MS or MTech

Feb 19, 2022
5 min

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Read the basic details to set your career prospects

First of all, there is nothing like choosing the best among the two courses. Both of them are amazing in their place. Most appropriately, it depends on you what you want from your post-graduation courses. Students who have dedicated thoughts towards their prosperous careers are eligible to decide the best for themselves.

However, if you are still confused after your graduation in the engineering field and want relevant advice, we are here for you. Most importantly, any career that you choose must be for the sake of your perspective. After completing four years of graduation in engineering, students again get stuck at a stage where they need to select the best for their career.

Here appear the most effective thoughts in their mind, “Which one is better among the two: MS vs MTech?”, “Is it MS or MTech?”

Engineering is one of the most common fields for science students and hence there is a large number of competitions there. After pursuing their BTech, students want to go for another post-graduation degree such as MS, ME, and MTech, etc.  Students want to increase their capabilities to survive in the competitive world. At last, students with no clue about the courses end up with jobs. So, if you are at the same stage, then continue reading the article.

Variances between the two: MS vs MTech

Course wise difference:

MTech is a program that mainly focuses on Centric programs, whereas MS's primary focus is on research-centric programs. MTech offers industrial knowledge to a course in which you want specialization.

However, MS offers two types of knowledge to you, MS by Coursework and MS by Research. You can opt for any of them as per your interest and choices. Deciding the best between an MS vs MTech will only be your choice.

Time Required for the Courses:

This can be considered the most effective and essential point to be discussed here. Both the courses, MS vs MTech, have their own time for pursuing the course. The MS students mostly take 2.5 to 3 or even 3.5 years to complete their studies with proper knowledge and experience.

MS does not have any fixed pattern to complete as it focuses on researches that take time. It mainly depends on the type of projects you are involved with. However, MTech has a definite course pattern of 2 years. Students pursuing an MTech degree will be post-graduated in two years unless they face any failures.

Where to pursue:

The location is the most critical factor that decided the place to pursue the course. If you are going with the MTech degree then, India will be one of the best places, as it holds 7 top IIT  institutes that rank in the top 500 institutions worldwide. There is no doubt in selecting the IITs for quality and technical education across the globe.

However, if you are thinking of selecting MS for your post-graduation degree, we will advise you to select abroad universities for the same. MS is mainly a course introduced by the foreign countries and Values more. You can choose any country like Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.


MS  students get better guidance than MTech students throughout their courses, as it is a project-based course. Also, expert and personalized attention are offered to the MS students. So, in comparison to MS vs MTech, MS students get more guidance benefits than MTech students.

Placements and Scopes:

It is evident that an MS student has more chances of getting the best placements as compared to the MTech students. Pursuing MS from renowned universities of foreign Countries adds up more to your resume and hence increases the scope of getting hired in top most companies worldwide. So, MS vs MTech, MS  can help you more in your career growth and advancements amongst the two various courses.

Hope,  we had made your concept very clear among selecting the best career choice for yourselves. Now, it's your decision, so think wisely and act accordingly. You are the one who can decide the best career option according to your skills and interests.