The Only Guide You'll Need When Studying MS In Australia
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The Only Guide You'll Need When Studying MS In Australia

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Sep 28, 2022
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Mar 26, 2023
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Sep 28, 2022
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Mar 26, 2023
The Only Guide You'll Need When Studying MS In Australia
Sometimes Dobby needs a master

After toiling for years, you’ve finally completed your graduation. Now that you know which field you’re interested in, getting a master’s degree can be your next step up the academic ladder. As an aspiring Master’s student, it is unquestionable that you want to select the most exceptional institution in the best location and seize the best opportunities to learn from the most knowledgeable. 

Why study MS in Australia?

Without a doubt, Australia is among the top destinations for prospective students looking for the best options in their higher education, as it comes with several benefits. The Commonwealth of Australia has been nothing less than an academic hub with extensive research, as evidenced by the more than 50,000 international students who fly to this wonderful country each year. 

Australia ranks third on the list of popular study-abroad countries, behind the United States and the United Kingdom. You’re probably wondering what attracts so many students to this country-continent.

What’s so special about studying in Australia? Let’s look at some facts about the down-under. 

  • Recording 440,129 international students in March 2022, Australia is the hotspot educational destination for a reason. 
  • You can find some globally-ranking top universities for MS in Australia, including the University of Melbourne, Australian National University and the University of Queensland. We’ll take a better look at these and more later. 
  • Australia is known for its diverse culture and community of friendly and welcoming people. The country possesses an impressive collection of technology and resources with a high standard of living, laid-back nature, and an excellent education system. Australia has a seemingly endless list of things for you to do in your free time, including some amazing festivals.
  • In Australia, students can pick from various universities, vocational education options and English language training courses. The country offers a wide variety of courses and degrees recognised worldwide. You will likely find courses fitting your preferences as the colleges in the region. Several top universities for MS in Australia offer degrees in various subjects, ranging from Business Administration to Digital Marketing and Engineering.  

Australia is still a popular destination for students studying natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, and zoology, as well as the social sciences, mathematics, engineering,  and medicine. 

Some of the popular programs offered in Australia are:

Popular Programs for MS in Australia

With so many subjects to choose from, making a decision can seem overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you determine the best majors for your future

What can you do with an MS in Australia?

By now, you’ve undoubtedly gotten a good idea of what studying MS in Australia entails. Earning a master’s degree gives you the benefit of having in-depth knowledge of the subject you’ve chosen. Let’s look at what other pros studying masters in Australia has. 

1. Stepping stone: 

Your primary reason for studying MS in Australia might have been to fulfil the minimum requirements for your desired career. If you wish to research your subject academically, a master’s degree allows you to apply for a PhD anytime and is needed. A PhD is the highest degree of postgraduate qualification. It involves research, and students are also given a chance to work at an institution. In a PhD, you get the opportunity to research what hasn’t been delved into before, allowing you to discover more and pave the way for others in your field. 

2. Deeper Understanding:

Your undergraduate degree merely introduces you to your subject of specialisation. In contrast, studying Masters in Australia allows you to dive deeper and examine a significant chunk of the iceberg of knowledge contained in your field. Not only this, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities to research topics of interest. With numerous chances to develop your research and practical skills, there’s no need to doubt the weight a master’s degree holds.

3. Smoother Transition into the Corporate World:

After studying MS in Australia, you have a better chance of getting a higher-paying job than others of the same age who lack the experience you possess. You can build a network of contacts with experts and learn directly from professors with practical experience in your chosen field. You might even get an opportunity to work in assistantships or internships during your course. 

4. Sense of accomplishment: 

Studying Masters in Australia might seem like quite a bit of hard yakka but the pride you will feel after obtaining it makes it absolutely worth it! Having your name on the research available to your juniors is an honour in itself. 

MS in Australia Requirements

Australia, like all other countries, has its own admissions checklist. Although the specifications might differ from college to college, these are the basic MS in Australia requirements: 

  • Most top universities for MS in Australia accept 3-year undergraduate degrees, equivalent to the Australian Bachelor’s. These can include Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). 
  • Some require students to have completed 16 years of education, meaning they must have a 4-year graduation degree, perhaps a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) and Computer Science (CS).
  • Some even ask the students to present evidence of 2-3 years of work experience in the relevant field along with their academic qualifications. 
  • Additionally, international students must have met the university’s qualifications for at least one English language proficiency test, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • International students also require a valid Australian student visa to study MS in Australia. 

It might seem like it would take ages to match MS in Australia requirements but don’t fret. With some prior research and planning, you’re sure to secure all the required documents in time for your admission process. We’ve created some TOEFL and IELTS guides to make your work a lot easier! 

MS in Australia Application Process

You can apply for the university study programme directly online by downloading the application form and providing all relevant documents, which are sure to include your academic qualifications and evidence of being fluent in English. 

You must take the TOEFL or IELTS and demonstrate proficiency in one of the following levels of English:

  • Academic module of IELTS: A total score of 6.5 (no band less than 6.0)
  • TOEFL Internet: 79 on the test.
    Section score of at least:
    - Listening: 19
    - Speaking: 19
    - Reading: 18
    - Writing: 22

Most top universities for MS in Australia only accept applications for a specific amount of time. Keeping an eye on the deadlines and curating a plan accordingly is quite crucial if you are a student who wishes to study Masters in Australia. 

MS in Australia Application Period

Top Universities for MS in Australia

Home to a diverse academic background built by some of the globally ranking universities, Australia boasts a fulfilling student life. The country has over 41 universities, the majority of which are public. Additionally, many Australian universities have overseas satellite campuses. 

Here are some of the top universities for MS in Australia:- 

Popular Universities in Australia

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top universities for Masters in Australia:

1. The University of Melbourne

Best known for its multicultural student population and excellent research facilities, the University of Melbourne is certainly one of the best universities when it comes to studying MS in Australia. Students will be mentored by world-renowned tutors and will work on projects while studying with the help of the university’s dedicated lab facilities.

2. University of Sydney

A popular choice for international students studying Masters in Australia, the University of Sydney lets students customise their course to align with their educational goals and career plans. 

3. Australian National University

With a considerable number of Nobel Laureates among its alumni as well as staff, The Australian National University is one of the best choices for international students who wish to network and interact with Nobel Laureates while studying Masters in Australia. 

4. UNSW Sydney

Celebrated across the globe as one of the top universities for MS in Australia, UNSW Sydney ranks in THE World University Rankings by Subject for ten different subjects, including Law & Psychology, Arts & Humanities, and Education.

5. The University of Queensland

As a university that consistently encourages creativity and entrepreneurship, it is no surprise that the University of Queensland has also produced several Nobel Laureates and famous entrepreneurs. This is another university that gives students a chance to connect with alumni and mentors who are skilled and experienced in their industry. 

These universities are the forerunners in terms of healthy student life and great academic life. The degrees you earn from these universities are respected worldwide and give you an advantage in the workplace because their educational programmes shape you into the ideal handler and corporate problem survivor. 

What will MS in Australia cost?

With degrees ranging from business and engineering to history and the arts, Australia has approximately 40 public universities, two international institutions, and one private university. Most courses for MS in Australia either last a year or two.

Tuition fees vary according to discipline, degree level, and university. The average tuition for international postgraduate students in 2023 can be between AU$ 22,000 - AU$ 50,000.

Most Australian institutions provide detailed breakdowns of the cost of living in Australia on their websites, including student housing and, in some cases, local area costs and recommendations. If you’re planning on studying in Sydney, you can check out our detailed guide to cost of living in Sydney. There are several ways to cut down on your expenses when studying MS in Australia, such as getting student discount cards.

Scholarships for MS in Australia 2023

There are educational loans available for studies abroad as well as scholarships that will make studying Masters in Australia abroad in 2023 a plausible journey. 

1. Australia Awards 2023

One of the best scholarships for students, Australia Awards is a government-funded programme covers full tuition costs, travel costs, and a portion of the monthly living expenses. 

2. APEC Women in Research Fellowship Program

Female researchers will be thrilled to hear about the APEC Women in Research Program, which is a scholarship programme designed specifically for citizens of developing APEC nations who want to conduct research in collaboration with Australian academic and research institutions. It offers up to 20 fellowships worth around AU$ 20,000 each and lasts over one to four months. 

3. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards

The Endeavour Postgraduate Awards is a merit-based programme that provides financial assistance of upto AU$ 272,500 to international students studying MS in Australia. In addition to tuition, the scholarships cover health and travel insurance, as well as travel and lodging expenses.

Internships and part-time jobs are available to international students. Ideally, a student should choose a part-time schedule of 20 hours per week per visa regulations. Skilled Migration Internship Program — Accounting (SMIPA) includes a 12-week internship with a hosting company and a minimum of 44 weeks of training. Completing this improves the student's chances of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

Career Opportunities after MS in Australia

So what can you do after completing your MS in Australia? Several high-paying jobs at established companies in Australia are available to international students. Wait till you hear the best part - most Australian universities offer job placements to students on completion of MS in Australia. However, you must make sure you have a valid post-study work visa. Lucky for you, Australia has a high minimum wage to match its cost of living.

We hope to have shed some light on studying Masters in Australia, especially those in Australia. If you have any queries about MS in Australia and other countries, feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to help! All the best!

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