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Emerson College | 0.9 mi
Bay State College | 1.3 mi
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About the Property

Harrington Housing 50WB Boston, 02127 is a student accommodation in Boston with an excellent option for students looking for a pleasant, inexpensive, and accessible location to live while studying. The en-suite and Non en-suite apartments are completely furnished and well-designed, with all of the conveniences required for a comfortable stay. Harrington Housing 50WB Boston is a Boston student housing complex recognised for its vibrant student centre and modern style. Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing is ideal for students who wish to make the most of their stay. This is one of the most popular student accommodations in Boston, which offers 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for you to choose from. The property is close to Emerson College and Bay State College, making it an ideal student housing for you and the city centre.

Student accommodation at Harrington Housing 50WB Boston has easy access to all the shops, bars, restaurants, and attractions that make student life so enjoyable. Furthermore, the location is ideal since it is within walking distance of several major sites as well as public transit. The ambience is lively and roomy, with all of the conveniences. Amber assists students in making their student life easier. You can also seek short-term housing. There is a vast choice of student accommodation available to you, ranging from humble to magnificent. On-site amenities such as a common area, study room, and gym provide a perfect space for relaxation, studying, and staying fit and healthy. Overall, Harrington Housing 50WB Boston is an excellent option for any student looking for a safe and comfortable home away from home in Boston. Discover the best student accommodation at Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing! There is so much to do in this home in the bustling heart of Boston. Immerse yourself in an amazing student community, make connections and make lifelong friendships.


There are many amenities in Harrington Housing 50WB Boston where a student can have a comfortable stay and can enjoy their fullest potential. As you check out the common amenities, you will see that there is a co-working space so that you can work and study in peace and with full dedication. As there is a gym in this boston student housing, you can work out and flex your gains and shreds. There is also a communal kitchen at 50 WB, Boston, so that you can cook your own meals and maintain your diet. There is also Wi-Fi internet access so that you are always connected to the world and never miss an update. 50 WB, Boston, is also fully furnished so that you can always feel at home.

As you move to your room in this student resident Boston, you will see that there is a full bed so that you can sleep after a long day. There is also a wardrobe so that you can keep all your outfits safe and keep your room neat and tidy. There is also a study desk so that if you wish to have a quiet and peaceful study session in your private space, you can do so. There is also a desk lamp as your room should be lit according to your needs. There are bed linens provided too so that you don't have to carry them you can change them according to your needs. There is also a television present in this student apartment in Boston so that you can watch your favourite shows and movies and as an add on, the student accommodation offers onsite security too!

Location and What's Hot?

Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing is a 10-minute drive from Emerson College and a 12-minute drive from Bay State College, making it excellent student living for you. You'll also have easy access to all the stores, pubs, restaurants, and activities that make student life so exciting. For students, Boston is an exciting and bustling city. It is a popular tourist site in the United States. Boston is well-known as a historical and educational centre. Boston has everything for students, from independent movies to planetariums. There are several recreational opportunities as well as a vibrant nightlife.

If you like gourmet food, there will be many eating alternatives and cafés in Boston where you may taste delectable foods. In Boston, you may sample a variety of foreign and fusion foods. Molasses with salt pork or bacon and a distinctive sort of baked beans are among the restaurant's classic favourites. If you appreciate sports, you will enjoy playing football, ice hockey, and basketball in your local clubs. You may join groups and participate in your favourite sports. Nightlife in Boston includes a variety of fascinating clubs, theatres, bars, and pubs, as well as simply listening to music at a piano bar. The best night-out options in Boston for students are Avery Bar at the Ritz Carlton, Better Sorts Social Club, Big Night Live, Brighton Music Hall, Bostonia Public House, DBar, and much more. Conveniently located nearby, popular grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's offer fresh and affordable options. Enjoy the city's rich culture with easy access to Fenway Park, home to the legendary Red Sox. Enjoy mouthwatering meals at restaurants like Sweet Cheeks Q and Eastern Standard. Enjoy al fresco dining with friends and nearby parks and green spaces. Experience the excitement to the fullest at Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing, where simplicity meets happiness!


Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing has excellent connectivity to public transport, making it super convenient for you to get around the city. Commonwealth Ave @ Blandford St is within a minute's walk, whereas Broadway Station is a 2-minute walk from Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing. Boston has an efficient and reliable transportation system. In Boston, public transportation choices include buses, railways, subways, and taxis. About all of the city and surrounding regions are served by public transit. You can travel by Bus, Subway, Rails and Taxis. Experience student-friendly mobility at Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing! Centrally located, this vibrant community offers unparalleled comfort. And don't forget the nearby international airport for fun adventures around the world. Use Harrington Housing 50WB Boston student housing as your base for an incredible journey of discovery, learning and unforgettable memories.

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Cancellation Policies (4)

  • No Visa No Pay
    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.
  • Replacement Tenant Found
    This property allows cancellation upon finding replacement tenant.
  • Extenuating Circumstances
    Cancellation is allowed in case of extenuating circumstances.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Pay In Instalment
    This property offers 1, 12 flexible instalment plans.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.
  • Guarantor Requirement
    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the rent include?

The rent includes all utilities, internet, as well as living in a fully furnished apartment. It also includes the use of the building amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, rooftop, and so on (if applicable).Who can rent with the accommodation? I am not a student. They are a purpose-built housing provider. They provide co-living housing both to students and young professionals. If you have concerns about whether you are eligible to apply, please contact our booking team

How does the rent payment work?

At the time of check-out, you are only required to make your deposit payment. Paying a deposit will secure your room. Your first rent payment is due upon your move-in. Let's say today is January 15 and you would like to book a room from March 1 to September 31. Today, you will need to pay the deposit amount to hold your room. The first rent payment is due any time until March 1. You will need to pay your first rent to receive your apartment keys. In other words, the deposit secures your room, and the first rent brings you the keys.

What is required for booking?

To book you will need to complete the verification process by uploading a photo ID, proof of study/work, proof of address, and guarantor documents, and then pay the deposit listed in the booking process. If you are a student, they require proof of study instead of proof of work. This full process can be completed online.

What is proof of guarantor?

It is proof that you have a guarantor agreeing to secure or 'guarantee' tenancy agreement/contract.  A guarantor can be an individual (parent, spouse, relative, etc.) who promises to pay a tenant’s debt in the case the payment has not been transferred for a reason.

Why can’t I select the dates I want?

You can only select the beginning and end of the month as a move-in date.

How do my friend and I rent an apartment together?

Bookings are done individually, but you may request to live in the same apartment with your friend. They do their best to make this happen but it is based on availability.

Can I meet my roommates before moving in?

In most circumstances, your exact room is assigned the day you move in. Their housing coordinators will introduce you to your roommates when you move in.

Are the accommodation premises Co-ed?

They have all-female, all-male, and mixed apartments, based on availability at the time of booking. During the booking process kindly let them know your preference and they will do their best to accommodate it.

Is the furniture deposit returned?

The deposit will be returned within 21 business days after the rooming agreement term stays, provided that the contractual obligations have been met and mandatory fees have been deducted.

Do I pay my rent month to month, or weekly?

They allow flexible lease terms, and rent payment is due every 4 weeks. A payment plan will be generated and added to the end of your housing agreement for your reference.

What if I want to change my room type?

Room type changes are subject to availability and will involve an extra cleaning fee pending approval.

How can I extend my stay?

You need to provide a written request to extend your stay, preferably with a 30-day notice. Extensions are based on availability and they do thei best to accommodate them.

How many people will I be living with?

You will live in a co-living space with other roommates. 95% of their premises accommodate three (3) roommates in total. An exact number of roommates depends on the apartment layout and location.

Do I get my own bathroom?

Unless specified otherwise, all rooms have shared bathrooms. If you are looking for ultimate privacy, they do have a master room with a private bathroom and entire apartment options in certain locations.

How many people share the same bathroom?

Generally, you will be sharing the bathroom with 2 other roommates depending on the apartment layout. They have some apartments with a master room with a private bathroom, based on availability.

Does the apartment have a common living room?

There is a small dining area near the kitchen area. Particularly with the Covid-19 precautions, they discourage their residents to gather in common areas unless necessary.

Is a kitchen included?

Yes, all of their apartments come with a fully furnished, shared kitchen. This includes a small dining area, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and appliances.

Is the internet included?

They are happy to provide each resident with an unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection. This is included in the rental price. Also, accommodation prepares the rooms with fresh bed linens and deep cleaning before the move-in. Residents need to leave the room in the same condition as it is found, including the replacement of fresh bed linens and completion of deep move-out cleaning.

Is there a laundry?

Yes, all their premises have either in-unit or on-site laundry.

Is parking included?

Parking may be provided for an additional fee, provided that the duration of the stay is a minimum of one year.

Are there locks on doors?

Unfortunately, they do not place locks on doors. Due to existing fire code requirements, they attach importance to the security of the co-living units, and individual locks create a less preferable environment in terms of the security of their tenants.

What is flex space?

Flex space is one of the budget-friendly options they offer. It’s ideal for students looking for luxury living with basic privacy. The space is an alternative to a shared room and is created with a temporary bookcase partition. The full description can be found on our website.

Do you have a cleaning service?

Prior to moving in, your room is cleaned and you are provided with fresh linens. It is up to all roommates to keep their rooms and common areas clean.

Do you accept pets?

Even though they  love pets, a co-living environment does not allow them to be pet friendly. Their current or future guests might be allergic to pets.

What is your guest policy?

Due to the unique living environment at accommodation premises, constant overnight guests are not allowed. You are able to have friends and family visit you. However overnight guests overpopulate the apartment and are not permitted.

Do you provide a meal plan?

Meal plans are not provided. Their apartments have fully furnished kitchens with standard appliances including pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery. There are grocery stores nearby.

Can I bring my own sheets and furniture?

They provide fresh bed linens prior to moving in. Their rooms are fully furnished with a bed, study desk, side table, lighting, and smart TV. As long as the room is left in the same condition after your stay, you may replace your own linens and small furniture.

Can I rent an apartment to myself?

Yes, you can rent an entire studio or one-bedroom apartment. 

What if I have a roommate issue?

Their residence is a co-living shared space and they encourage open communication to try and resolve any household issues. Please contact your housing coordinator, for some further assistance.

Is there 24/7 security on the premises?

Most of their locations have a concierge security desk. Additionally, a key fob is needed, to enter the building.

What is the check-in process?

Check-in generally begins after 4:00 pm on your planned move-in date. You will receive move-in instructions by email, which will include the housing coordinator’s contact information. You can inform them when you’re on the way, or a time you plan to be at the residence and they will meet you. You will have a short orientation when you arrive and will receive your keys if your first rent payment was made.

What is the verification process?

After the booking submission, you will be asked to follow the instructions to verify your identity, proof of study/work, proof of address and guarantor documents. They want to make sure they only accept people who are verified to be a good fit for their co-living community.

What is the Service Fee?

The service fee is a non-refundable administrative fee, to cover costs associated with your application process, verification, screening, and contract preparation.

Why am I paying a furniture deposit?

The furniture deposit is to secure the room and cover any potential damage to furniture, other loss, or default in rent payment.

What to do for Earlier Check-ins (early arriving flights)?

You can call / message the coordinator via WhatsApp and let them know your arrival time. You will be able to leave your luggage in the common area of the apartment and return later once your room is ready.

50WB, Boston
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Student Accomodations in Boston

Boston Student Housing

Are you searching for Boston student housing that perfectly balances comfort, convenience, and affordability? Look no further than amber, which provides curated listings of student housing in Boston. Study and live in complete ease as you pursue your academic aspirations in one of the most vibrant cities in the US. With amber, you can browse an extensive selection of student housings tailored to suit your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

The platform provides you with a secure, reliable way to book your Boston student housing, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Additionally, these options for student housing Boston are strategically located in close proximity to Boston's premier educational institutions, such as Boston Architectural College, and Cambridge College. For student housing in Boston, there are various properties that offer a number of amenities. Some of the most popular options for Boston student housing are June Homes 02113, Boston, Brighton Residence, Boston, Waverly Apartments, Boston, and many more! 

About Boston

Boston is a city steeped in history and a hub of intellectual prowess and cultural richness. With a storied past that dates back to key events in the American Revolution, Boston, Massachusetts, is not just a landmark in the annals of history but also a vibrant, modern city that maintains its relevance today. Renowned for its significant role in contributing to America’s cultural heritage, Boston is an epicenter for education and innovation, attracting students and professionals alike from across the globe. Home to an impressive student population, Boston is celebrated for its academic vibrancy, which is reflected in numerous top-tier institutions that call this city their home. The demand for quality student housing has led to a variety of Boston student housing options within the city. Each sustainability is compounded by its character and convenience, such as the charm of Back Bay’s historic rows or the academic ambience of Cambridge, a locale synonymous with innovation and learning. Deciding to study in Boston is a choice to immerse oneself in a city that not only reverberates with history and knowledge but also throbs with the vigor of youthful aspirations. From historic landmarks to lush green spaces and a buzzing cultural scene, Boston invites students to live and learn in a city that celebrates every aspect of student life.

Best Student Housing in Boston

Finding the right student housing is crucial for those planning to study and live in Boston. Not only does choosing off-campus Boston student housing afford a greater sense of independence, but it can also be a more affordable alternative to staying on-campus. Living off-campus often presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Boston's diverse community, allowing individuals to explore the city's rich culture and history while being surrounded by fellow students. Amber offers a variety of options for student housing in Boston, catering to different preferences and budgets: from private en suite rooms that offer a slice of solitude to lively student halls and studio apartments perfect for a more social living experience. Here are some of the top student housing options available in Boston:

1. June Homes 02113, Boston

2. Brighton Residence, Boston

3. Waverly Apartments, Boston

4. June Homes 02143, Boston

5. June Homes 02139, Boston

6. June Homes 02145, Boston

7. June Homes 02119, Boston

8. June Homes 02125, Boston

9. June Homes 02134, Boston

10. June Homes 02120, Boston

Cost of Living

Understanding the average anticipated cost of living in Boston is vital for students planning to study or already studying in this culturally rich and historically significant city. Not only does it influence day-to-day lifestyle choices, but also significantly impacts student finances. On average, a student in Boston might expect a cumulative monthly cost of living to range around $2,000 to $2,500. This estimate is a key factor in planning for accommodation and other expenses in the city.

1. Food & Groceries - $400 - $450 / per month

2. Transportation - $85 - 100 / per month

3. Utilities (including Internet and Phone) - $150 - $175 / per month

4. Clothing - $75 - $90 / per month

5. Sports & Leisure - $100 - $150 / per month

Student Travel Boston

Student travel near Boston is both efficient and convenient, making it a prime destination for academics seeking a comfortable and accessible living experience. The city's well-structured public transportation network caters superbly to the needs of students living in Boston student housing, ensuring that travel to and from their institutions, as well as around the city, is smooth and hassle-free. In the bustling city of Boston, students have an array of public transportation options at their disposal, including buses, the subway system known as the "T", and the ease of cycling around the city. The affordability of these services makes Boston an attractive city for students, optimizing their daily commute and offering a cost-effective solution for their travel needs. Here are some of the best modes of transport:

1. Buses

Serving as a reliable mode of transit, Boston's bus network offers extensive coverage across the city, including routes to prominent educational establishments. With a fare costing around $2.40, students can utilize a CharlieCard for touch-and-go travel, which provides a discounted fare at $1.70 per ride.

2. The 'T' (Subway)

Boston's subway, affectionately known as the 'T', is an iconic part of the local transit system. A single fare is approximately $2.90 with a CharlieTicket, or a reduced rate of $2.40 with a CharlieCard. Offering fast and frequent service, the T connects various points across Boston, making it an optimal option for punctual and swift conveyance.

3. Cycling

Embracing the global shift towards eco-friendly travel, Boston boasts a strong biking culture. With dedicated bike lanes and the Blue Bikes share system, students can enjoy an economical and healthy way to navigate the city. Additionally, most student housing Boston options come with secure cycle/bike storage spaces for added convenience.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Boston

Embarking on their academic journey in Boston, students find themselves amidst a vibrant, historic city that not only prioritizes educational excellence but also offers a fulfilling lifestyle outside of the classroom. Renowned for its safety and suitability for students, Boston stands as a pillar of American heritage and innovation, fostering a community where young scholars can thrive both academically and socially. Exploring the streets of Boston, students are welcomed by a number of friendly neighborhoods and distinctive cultural flair. With an array of popular hangout spots, from the bustling cafes of Newbury Street to the artisanal allure of the North End's Italian eateries, there is a niche for every palate. The city's love for sports and camaraderie can be felt in the energy of local bars, especially around Fenway Park, where students often gather to watch the Red Sox in action. Moreover, the legendary Boston Common offers verdant tranquility and a chance for students to unwind amidst their hectic schedules. Boston student housing options blend seamlessly into this canvas, with many located mere steps away from recreational areas such as the Charles River Esplanade, perfect for a jog or a leisurely bike ride. For those looking to indulge in the arts, numerous galleries and theaters in the Theatre District provide a creative escape. Annual events like the Boston Marathon and cultural festivals pepper the calendar, ensuring that there is always something new to experience, while the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra resonates with classical music enthusiasts.

Boston Tourist Attractions

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Boston, where each corner offers an exciting glimpse into America’s past and present. Famed for its historical significance and cosmopolitan ambiance, Boston attracts students and tourists alike, who find themselves enthralled by its charm and numerous sites worth exploring. Here are some of the most popular spots that are accessible from your student housing Boston property:

1. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

2. Freedom Trail

3. Fenway Park

4. Boston Common

5. Beacon Hill

6. Museum of Fine Arts

Universities in Boston

Boston is a city renowned for its prestigious academic institutions, housing some of the most elite universities in the United States. Students from every corner of the globe come to Boston for its world-class education. Some of the most well-known universities in Boston include:

1. Boston Architectural College

2. Cambridge College

3. Emerson College

4. Hult International Business School

5. University of Massachusetts, Boston

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