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Student Housing in 
Ann Arbor

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Erie Dr, Ann Arbor
2.3 mi from City Center
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should you start looking for off-campus Ann Arbor housing?

It's wise to start your search for off-campus housing early. Approximately 6 months prior is recommended. Amber assists you with the location's paperwork, the amenities offered, and the accessibility to and from your university. Thorough research is required to ensure a seamless booking of housing near Ann Arbor.

What should I look for when booking off-campus Ann Arbor housing?

Consider the following points while looking at off-campus housing in Ann Arbor with amber.

The number of people you wish to live with

  1. Housing-catered or self-catered
  2. En-suite or studio
  3. Single or double bed
  4. Room size
  5. Budget
  6. Off-campus accommodation
  7. Any additional facilities

How can you book your off-campus Ann Arbor housing with amber?

Follow this step-by-step video guide, and after you shortlist from our catalogue of more than 5,000+ options in off-campus housing near Ann Arbor, you will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. Contact us for further questions and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you. 

Which is the best housing in Ann Arbor?

  1. The Courtyards, Ann Arbor, and Sterling Arbor Blu, Ann Arbor are some of the best housing in Ann Arbor, providing excellent amenities and facilities.

How do I pay for my housing in Ann Arbor?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure. Students who book earlier often earn generous discounts. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

Can I view the housing in Ann Arbor before booking?

Absolutely. If you want to plan a location check before actually booking a residence, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you. And if you have any additional questions or need guidance, please contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is it compulsory to stay at the Ann Arbor hotels?

No, it is not mandatory to stay in any university hostel. You are free to reside in any housing of your choosing.

Can I stay with a friend at my Ann Arbor housing?

You can share housing with your pals, but depending on the property, you might have to pay a small premium. You can choose dual occupancy studios or share an apartment. You may avail of a discount if you live in a group.

Can I get furnished housing in Ann Arbor?

Yes, all student accommodations are fully furnished. 

What are the different housing types available for students In Ann Arbor?

3 major configurations classify our housing near the Ann Arbor options:

Shared: A shared room is where two or more students can share a single room, washroom, kitchen, and other shared spaces.

En-suite/Private room: An en-suite is where you get a private bedroom and bathroom, whereas the kitchen and living areas are shared with others.

Studios: A studio is a self-contained unit with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a private washroom. Two students may book a single studio together, subject to the policies of the accommodation provider.

You can thus make an informed decision based on your interests. You can choose between shared and private apartments depending on your budget.

Student Accomodations in Ann Arbor

About Ann Arbor

Ann Ann Arbor, located in the state of Michigan, is a thriving student city which is, all thanks to the universities that attract these students every year. The University of Michigan is the most popular and esteemed university in Ann Arbor. The university has a significant impact on the city's culture, economy, and overall identity. It is known for being one of the top research universities and has high-ranked programs and diversity among students. Many different subjects, from arts to engineering, medicine, and business, are offered here. The student population has a strong influence on Ann Arbor with it being buzzing and busy all the time. There are a number of film festivals, live music events, theater productions, and art exhibitions throughout the year. The University even puts out plays, musical performances and much more. The Ann Arbor Art Fair, held annually, is one of the largest outdoor art fairs in the country. The economy of Ann Arbor is diverse and includes sectors like education, healthcare, technology, research, and automotive industries. The University of Michigan and its medical centre are major employers in the area. Ann Arbor is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States due to its high quality of life, strong economy, cultural amenities, and well-educated population. The city offers a mix of urban amenities and a small-town feel.

Best student accommodation in Ann Arbor

Finding student accommodation that suits your needs is very important. After accepting your offer to study in Ann Arbor, the first thing you need to do is find your new home. Where you live, you spend a lot of your time, so it needs to be convenient, safe and comfortable, and amber will help you with that. All the Ann Arbor Student Housing come fully furnished with top-notch interiors and full of amenities. Many of the student accommodations in Ann Arbor offered by amber are in the perfect location with the distance from the university and the clubs, shops, stores and restaurants nearby. This makes it very popular with students. Many different kinds of Student Housing in Ann Arbor are offered, from private apartments, ensuites, and non-ensuites to studios and shared rooms. There is usually both on and off-campus accommodation offered. Some of the most popular student housing in Ann Arbor are:

  1. The Courtyards, Ann Arbor

This student housing in Ann Arbor is located 2.3 mi from the city centre, making access very easy and convenient. The property offers spacious one-bedroom apartments near the North Campus Recreation. The University of Michigan is only a short walk away, making it very convenient for the students. There are many amenities offered at The Courtyards Ann Arbor student housing, like Free Gaming Rentals, BBQ Grills & Outdoor Fireplaces, Study Rooms with Free Printing and  On University Bus & AATA Route.

  1. Sterling Arbor Blu, Ann Arbor

This Ann Arbor student housing is only 1.1 mi away from the city centre and so getting to places is fast and easy. Sterling Arbor Blu Ann Arbor student housing offers ers a 1,2,3, and 5-bedroom apartments. It is just a 10-minute walk away from the University of Michigan, making the commute easy. Many amenities are offered, like a Rooftop terrace with a stadium view, an Outdoor grill & fire pit, and a Starbucks coffee bar.

Cost of living in Ann Arbor

The cost of living in Ann Arbor can vary depending on factors such as housing, transportation, groceries, healthcare, and entertainment. The cost can get a little high, especially when the price of the Ann Arbor housing is added. Budgeting can be very helpful to students for managing finances. Here is a breakdown of some typical expenses and their approximate prices in Ann Arbor:

  1. Food and beverages: $200 - $300 per month
  2. Mobile bills: $40 - $80 per month
  3. Dining: $40 - $80 per month
  4. Entertainment and leisure: 30 - $70 per month
  5. Transportation: $58 per month
  6. Laundry:  $2 - $5 per load
  7. Stationery and Course books: $1 - $5 per item

Student travel in Ann Arbor

As Ann Arbor has a prestigious university like the University of Michigan, students come there every year to study. Ann Arbor has a very well-connected and wide network of public transport. There are many public transportation systems, such as taxis, buses and cycles. Public transport is very flexible and convenient. There are many student cards and student discounts that you can take advantage of. Public transport is available for students to explore Ann Arbor, whether it's attending classes or discovering the city's attractions. They all have their unique advantages, allowing you to choose the most suitable option based on your preferences, distance, and time. Some of the transport methods are:

  1. Bus

Ann Arbor has a very wide network of bus transportation systems operated by the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA). Students can navigate the city and surrounding areas using the extensive network of bus routes as it is very fast and convenient. With regular schedules and frequent stops near locations such as the University of Michigan and downtown Ann Arbor, buses provide a reliable way for students to reach their destinations.

  1. Cycling

Ann Arbor is a very bike and student-friendly city with plenty of bike lanes to take advantage of. Using a bike is eco-friendly and healthy, and so is the preferred mode of commuting for a lot of students. The city offers bike-sharing programs like ArborBike, where students can rent bicycles for short periods. Bike racks and storage are usually provided everywhere.

  1. Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are very popular among students because of their convenience and flexibility. With an app, students can request a ride and be picked up from their location within minutes. Ride-sharing services are particularly useful when students need to travel to destinations not easily accessible by public transport or for late-night outings. Student Lifestyle & Living in Ann Arbor

Tourist Attractions in Ann Ann Arbor

As the universities in Ann Ann Arbor attract plenty of students to the city, it has a great student life and tons of things to see and places to visit. From Botanical gardens and farmers' markets to science centres and theatres, there's a lot to see. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Ann Ann Arbor are:

  1. Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum
  2. Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  3. Kerrytown Market and Shops
  4. Michigan Theater
  5. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair
  6. Leslie Science & Nature Center
  7. Cobblestone Farm
  8. Gallup Park
  9. Ann Arbor Farmers Market

Universities in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is renowned for its universities, contributing significantly to the city's educational and cultural landscape. The city has multiple prestigious educational institutions like the University of Michigan and other smaller colleges. These universities offer a broad range of subjects and programs, attracting students from all over the world. With its world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and diversity among the students, the universities in Ann Arbor provide an amazing environment for learning and research. Some of the esteemed universities in Ann Ann Arbor are:

  1. University of Michigan (UM)
  2. Concordia University Ann Arbor
  3. Washtenaw Community College
  4. Loyola University
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