Student Housing in Colorado

Student Housing In Colorado

The feeling of being a home away from home becomes a reality if you choose Colorado student housing with modern amenities. Some of the best Colorado student housing options come with facilities like a cinema room, rooftop deck, and vending machine, making the student life easier. You will be able to choose from plenty of options in Colorado student housing, including shared apartments, studios, and ensuites. The gold rush era in the 18th century gained Colorada USA the fame it deserves. However, in recent years, Colorado has transformed itself into the hub of global education in the USA. With some of the top-ranking institutions of higher education, the state attracts students from 100+ countries across the globe. As an international student, finding Colorado student housing can come as a task alongside the adjustments you will have to make in the new country. However, the state provides the best options for Colorado student housing.

About Colorado

Colorado finds a special place in the hearts of adventure seekers, nature lovers, and explorers alike. The state is considered one of the most stunning destinations for skiing. The breathtaking nature, topped with the option of seeking the adrenaline rush, makes the state of Colorado one of the top destinations for the world. However, looking from the lens of international students, Colorado is home to some of the premier institutions in the USA, with Universities like the University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder) and the Colorado State University. The affordable Colorado student housing choices, a pocket-friendly lifestyle, and the perfect mix of the dynamic modern lifestyle and the laid-back culture make Colorado the best choice for students. Colorado also boasts being one of the most diverse states in the USA looking at the mix of international population. A total of 545K+  out of the 50M+ population belong to various nationalities and live together in a symphony unlike any other. Colorado also hosts some of the top cities in the USA and the world for international students to live in. Some of the names are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Boulder, among others, with Colorado student housing available for students. Alongside the fine demography, top universities, affordable Colorado student housing, explore-worthy locations, great food, and the best people, Colorado is also one of the strongest job markets in the world. International students can always plan a long-term career post-completion of their studies.

Best Universities In Colorado

Colorado is one of the top-ranking states when it comes to global education in the USA. The state of Colorado is home to 500+ institutions of higher studies, with 150+ universities and colleges offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. More than three hundred and fifty private occupational institutions are part of the higher education system. The higher education system goes back in history to 1829, the foundational year of Colorado State University. The university has also gained the accolade of being one of the R1 universities in doctoral programs, earning it the fame of one of the pioneering institutes in research and innovation. The universities and colleges in Colorado are well known for offering some of the best programs and courses in the USA and the world. The high-quality education offered in the best universities attracts students across various disciplines. The top-ranking colleges and universities in the state of Colorado offer 200+ programs. Some of the highest-ranking fields of study or programs students choose are global MBA, mathematics, biochemistry, molecular biology, information science, and liberal arts, among others. The alumni of Colorado College, located in Colorado Springs, get an approximate salary of $15,000/ monthly. With all these factors, affordable Colorado student housing led the state to become one of the states in the top 40 in the USA in the higher education space. Some of the best universities in Colorado are:

1. University of Colorado (Boulder)

2. Colorado State University

3. Colorado College

4. University of Colorado (Denver)

5. Colorado School of Mines

Top Cities For Student Housing In Colorado

Colorado is one of the first states that comes to mind when we talk about higher education in the USA. With some of the most revered universities and colleges Colorado is the place where a student's ambition can take flight with the right propulsion. Colorado is also home to some of the largest and globally recognized cities. Colorado incorporates a total of 73 cities and a long list of towns and neighborhoods. All the cities in the state have their own unique identity and place in Colorado. However, some of the largest cities that attract the most international students in the state are Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Let us get to know the major cities in Colorado in detail below:

1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful cities in Colorado. A happy-go-lucky community, a 9%+ international population calling the city home, and the availability of affordable Colorado student housing make it one of the most popular cities for international students. Home to some of the best universities providing the best education and a global melting pot of cultures, the best Colorado Springs student housing solutions make the city a dream come true for international students.

2. Fort Collins

One of the best work-from-cities, Fort Collins, has kept blowing everyone's mind away with the efforts of the Fort Collins City Council. The city is one of the most vibrant and equipped with everything a student needs to propel their career through higher education and beyond. The presence of institutions like Colorado State University attracts students from around the world to look out for the best education and a prolific new beginning toward achieving a prominent career.

3. Denver

The city of Denver is one of the most famous in Colorado. The Pike Peak Gold Rush during the 1800s gave birth to the city of Denver. In recent years, Denver has emerged as a prominent college town, attracting thousands of students from all over the globe. The presence of the University of Denver and the College of Mines allure students seeking higher education in top programs. When we talk about the student apartments in Denver, Colorado, students find themselves winning due to the availability of affordable student housing solutions.

Cost Of Living In Colorado

Colorado is one of the most affordable states for students to live in. Factors like Colorado student housing, daily needs, and daily commute determine the average cost. Below is the list of costs for students living in Colorado:

1. Food: $40 to $70 / week

2. Gas and electricity: $20 to $30 / week

3. Internet & mobile phone: $10 to $20 / week

4. Dinner at a restaurant: $15 to $25 / week

5. Laundry: $5 to $10 / week

6. Stationery and Textbooks: $10 to $20 / week

7. Clothing: $50 to $100 / month

Student Travel In Colorado

The happiest part of student life in the state, apart from the inexpensive Colorado student housing, is the breeze-like travel experience. You will find the bus and train lines all across your Colorado student housing falling in the route. The transportation system is intrinsic to daily life as it connects Colorado to the entire USA. Let us dive furthermore into the ways you can get to your college campus and beyond:

1. Buses:

The state of Colorado boasts of an expansive, one of the most well-planned and well-connected public transportation system in the USA. You will be able to find a number of bus stops around your Colorado student housing. Bustang is a bus service run by the Department of Transportation. Bustang also has various versions, including long-tour routes. It will cost you a minimum of $1.75

2. Trains:

The train travel is a historical experience in Colorado. The state has an intrinsic network of train lines running from Colorado to all the major cities and states like Chicago, Los Angeles, and California, among others. Train travel will cost you $7 at the minimum.

3. Taxi:

The best part of living in Colorado is that there is no shortage of options to commute to your college from your Colorado student housing. You can get around in a taxi in the state of Colorado at a budget-friendly cost. Private taxi service apps like Uber are cost-effective. You will be spending approximately $5 per ride.

4. Walking or Cycling:

One of the most cost effective and pocket-friendly of going to college from your Colorado student housing is walking or cycling to campus. It is also a sustainable way of traveling. If you need help with a bike storage facility, you may try checking out our platform as well.

Student Lifestyle In Colorado

Colorado is like a fantasy land when it comes to the things, places, and experiences it has to offer students. Apart from being one of the top international destinations for students around the world, Colorado is known for perfection. Starting from the rocky mountains, mysterious forests, dinosaur museum, and gold mines to the most eccentric nightlife, it has it all. You can satisfy the explorer in you by hopping on the Georgetown Loop Railroad and soaking in the other-worldly beauty of Colorado. For students to unwind on weekends, pubs and clubs across your Colorado student housing await you. Williams and Graham and the Green Russell are some of the most famous clubs in Colorado. Bibliophiles fall in love with the state as it is adorned by the Fransicso Fort Museum and the Aurora History Museum, among other generous museums and places. Coming to the shopping experience, Denver is the shopping capital of Colorado, with 500+ shops. Cherry Creek North is the place to shop till you drop into the 16-block shopping area. The stress of study is well tackled in the scenic university campus alongside the ethereal parks like Belleview Park. You will also find the super stores and convenience stores across the street from your Colorado student housing. One of the most important parts of the student lifestyle in Colorado is the very well-balanced way of life. The modern lifestyle clubbed with the laid-back nature of the people makes it very stress-free and more productive.

Attractions In Colorado

As a student living in Colorado, you have just opened up another dimension to explore. Colorado comes with a long list of attractions to offer every traveler many unique places, experiences, and activities. Weekend plans with your friends or fellow residents of your Colorado student housing are always interesting, with so much to see around. The vibe of Colorado includes the year-round music festivals and concerts. The vibrant festivals like the Denver Underground Music Showcase or the Moffat County Baloon Festival help you drop all your grades-related worries. The festivals allow you to enjoy the little moments of life as an international student abroad. Bejeweled with 10+ national parks, jaw-dropping beaches, historical sites, mountainsides, and marvelous architecture, Colorado is ready to unveil. Befriend the public transportation routes around your Colorado student housing, and you are ready to go. Below is the list of top attractions for students in Colorado:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

2. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

3. Seven Falls

4. Garden of Gods

5. Monarch Mountain for Ski

6. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

7. Golden Gate Canyon

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