Student Housing in Nevada

Student Hosuing In Nevada

Nevada is known as the Silver State, owing to the discovery of silver in 1859. Ever since Nevada has transformed into a major state in the USA. The state is among one of the top destinations for higher education in the world. Not alone, the economic prosperity but the global education system attracts 1.19 Lakhs+ students in Nevada annually. 1 Lakh+ undergraduates study in the 26 premier colleges alongside 12K+ students in postgraduation and doctoral degrees. These factors also lead to the requirement of finding a home away from home. Student housing in Nevada choices is something you must not worry about. You have plenty of options to choose from, such as studio apartments. Student housing in Nevada also comes with options for ensuites and shared apartments. The student housing Nevada options are close to the major universities and colleges like the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada State University, and Great Basin College. Affordable student housing in Nevada and a student-friendly lifestyle are some of the most lucrative factors attracting international students to the state for higher education. Apart from Carson, the next famous city is Las Vegas.

About Nevada

Founded in the year 1861, the state of Nevada has a long history. Nevada is known by many names, such as the origin of it all, Sierra Nevada translating to snowy or snow-covered. The state was born in the historic period of the Civil War and got another name as a Battle Born State. The people of Nevada take pride in their diverse culture brought to the flat lands by the settlers. Nevada is blessed with all the eccentricities of nature, starting from the Great Basin, the Snow Storm mountain range, and the High Rock Canyon Hills to the Lehman Caves. Death Valley National Park and the Ruby Mountains Wilderness have some of the best trails. Nevada is home to a 31M+ population with 537K+ people, or 19%+ of the population from outside the USA. Global education space in Nevada has been evolving by leaps and bounds over the years. Premier institutions of higher education like Western Nevada College, College of Southern Nevada, and Roseman University of Health Sciences attract students from around the world. Another feather to the cap is that the state shares borders with other prominent neighbors such as Idaho, Arizona, California, and Oregon. The state of Nevada is also known for its affordable cost of living. For students, the major factor is the presence of budget-friendly student housing in Nevada.

Best Universities In Nevada

Nevada has its own unique identity with extravagant cities like Las Vegas. The identity of the state expands to its higher education. The universities together bring a very large number of students to the state. Students wanting to study in the top-ranking institutions in a beautiful state choose Nevada. Apart from great educational institutes, student housing in Nevada near the university campuses is the cherry on top. The universities and colleges in Nevada offer 200+ programs spanning across disciplines. Students wanting to go for higher studies can choose from any of the top-ranking courses offered by the university of their choice. The best universities in Nevada are located in the cities of Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, and Elko, among others. Universities in Nevada also boast some of the most beautiful campuses in the USA. The campuses are dotted with international students from the most vibrant and diverse range of international populations. Students coming from outside the USA feel comfortable studying in Nevada due to the celebratory diversity. Colleges and universities in Nevada offer a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the field of study. However, there are certain courses students take, especially in the University of Nevada. The most popular courses to study in Nevada are social sciences, hospitality, architecture, and science and technology, among others. All these factors make studying in Nevada a wonderful experience. Below is the list of best universities for international students in Nevada:

  1. Ada (Las Vegas)
  2. Sierra Nevada College (Incline Village)
  3. University of Nevada (Reno)
  4. Nevada State College (Henderson)
  5. Great Basin College (Elko)

Top Cities For Student Housing In Nevada

Nevada has some of the world’s fastest-growing cities. With the state of Nevada transforming itself into a center of the world, the students find the cities in Nevada of great impact due to the end number of higher education institutions. Among all the cities, Las Vegas wins the race as one of the best cities for student housing in Nevada.

Las vegas:

Located in one of the most beautiful states in the USA, Las Vegas is an iconic city. The city is one of the largest in the USA and also one of the most famous. Known as the party capital of the world, the city has already expanded its fame globally. Unparalleled nightlife, shopping, and fine dining, among the rest is something that makes the experience of living in the city as a student so unique. It is also known for its affordable lifestyle for students due to the budget-friendly student housing in Las Vegas. You can find some of the best student apartments in Las Vegas as compared to other cities. Easy access to studnet housing in Las Vegas makes it one of the best places for students. The city is blessed with the best institutions of higher education, some of the most vibrant clubs and pubs, great festivals year-round, and a never-sleeping metropolis population. The days and nights cannot be segregated here in Las Vegas. As a student, you can choose to unwind your weekends away in any of the eclectic restaurants trying the global cuisine or choose just to party the night away. Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the top destinations for students from around the world.

Cost Of Living In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for having a lower cost of living than other major U.S. cities. It provides a reasonable standard of living for both residents and students, from housing to daily expenses. Understanding the cost of living in Las Vegas is crucial for students and newcomers looking to budget effectively. Listed below is an overview of Las Vegas’s cost of living.

  1. Food: $40 to $70 / week
  2. Gas and electricity: $20 to $30 / week
  3. Internet & mobile phone: $10 to $20 / week
  4. Dinner at a restaurant: $15 to $25 / week
  5. Laundry: $5 to $10 / week
  6. Stationery and Textbooks: $10 to $20 / week
  7. Clothing: $50 to $100 / month

Student Travel In Nevada

Traveling as a student in Las Vegas is a wonderful experience. The city of Las Vegas has a very well-planned and intrinsic network of public transportation. The various modes of travel include rails, buses, taxis, and ride-shares. The transport system also connects Las Vegas to some of the most important cities and states in the USA. Below is the list of modes of travel in Las Vegas for students:

1. Mono Rail

Mono Rail is a government-run railways transport service. The mode of transportation connects the entire city and the neighboring cities and states in the USA. It is also one of the most affordable modes of transportation. You can use the Mono Rail for your daily commute to the campus and back to your student housing in Nevada. The minimum cost of travel will cost anywhere around $1 for your journey. However, you may check for student passes with your college.

2. Buses:

Bus is one of the modes of public transportation you can rely on as a student living in Las Vegas. The bus network is called the Deuce and is run by the government. The bus lines connect all the areas of the city with each other. It is budget-friendly and a very comfortable mode of commute. You will find a number of bus stops across your student housing in Nevada. The minimum cost of travel is $2

3. Taxi

You can always choose to book a private taxi or use ride-sharing in Las Vegas as a student. You can call an Uber or any of the taxis available around you for traveling in Vegas and across the USA. The ride-sharing option is also available for taxis in Vegas. The minimum cost per ride for a taxi is $5. You can also just call a cab using hand gestures in Vegas.

Student Lifestyle In Nevada

Nevada has created an incredibly sagfe space for students to live in. A community of people who warmly welcome the international diaspora. The lifestyle in Nevada is the perfect blend of diversity and is a thing of pride when you look around. Starting from the best places to party in the world, restaurants to die for, attractions like none other, and, most importantly, a small-town vibe, Nevada presents you with Everything. Nevada created an inclusive community for the students to be part of while they receive a first-class education. They have students from all over the world that come to study there and have a variety of school clubs, societies, communities, organisations, and activities that they can be a part of. The recreational facilities are top-notch here, and so are the dining facilities. There are a lot of sports that you can participate in to cheer the players at the games. The sports culture here is huge and fun for everyone. There is a spirit of sportsmanship among the players, and the students cheer on. Cycling, fitness facilities and classes are something most universities offer to their students. There are a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs that students frequent, and there are also many healthy eating options if that is what is preferred. There are also many tourist attractions along with excellent public transport that can be used to get to them.

Attractions In Nevada

A state blessed with the most abundant and diverse natural landscape is what Nevada is known for. The state has incredible desert lands, mountainous regions, museums, and national parks too. As Nevada is a state which shares rich history and culture, there is alsways more to discover in Nevada. Students who love to explore can also take public transportation on the weekends and check out the major places of interest, like New York City or the Golden Gate Bridge, among others. You will always find something for yourself to be intrigued about while traveling in Nevada. The world-class highways are something to die for, too. Here are some of the most famous attractions in Nevada:

1. MGM Grand

2. Hoover Dam

3. Lake Tahoe

4. Fountains of Bellagio

5. High Roller

6. Valley of Fire State Park

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