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Ace Ave, Starkville
2.2 mi from City Center
( 48m
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5 Room Options
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University Dr, Starkville
1.7 mi from City Center
( 33m
0m )
Pool Side Cabanas
6 Room Options
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S Montgomery St, Starkville
1.2 mi from City Center
( 24m
0m )
Onsite Parking
Sky Lounge
3 Room Options
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Mary Lee Ln, Starkville
2.8 mi from City Center
( 54m
0m )
Fitness Center
Air Conditioner
3 Room Options
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find the best Starkville student apartments?

Students can find the best student accommodation in Starkville through amber, as we provide the best possible service out there!

Is Starkville a good place to live?

Starkville is a good place to live for students as it is known to be a college town.

What is Starkville, MS, is known for?

Starkville has been known as a college town for over a century and is surrounded by the energy and enthusiasm of the university.

When should I look for Starkville student housing?

It's best to begin your search for student apartments in Starkville as soon as possible. Amber will assist you at every step, ensuring you find student apartments in Starkville that suit your needs.

What should I look for when booking student apartments in Starkville?

When you're looking to book student apartments in Starkville, there are a few things you should consider:

1. Number of roommates and rooms you prefer.

2. Decide whether you want a double bed.

3. Dimensions of the accommodation.

4. Look into other facilities provided.

Considering these aspects will help you make a decision about your student apartments in Starkville.

What factors are responsible for student accommodation rent in Starkville?

The cost of renting student housing is influenced by factors, including the location you prefer. If you opt for a shared apartment the rent will be more affordable compared to an accommodation where the rent tends to be higher.

Which is the most cheap student housing in Starkville?

Every student dreams of finding a place to live during their time at university. In Starkville there are many options for student housing that offer rent prices while providing all the necessary facilities out of which The Hangout and The Vista stands as the most cheap student housing in Starkville.

Can I get furnished student apartments in Starkville?

Absolutely! You'll be pleased to know that in Starkville you have the option of securing furnished student housing. Amber offers a range of student housing options all of which are furnished. With over 5000 choices available you can easily browse through the housing options.

Can I view my student housing in Starkville?

Before making a booking it's an idea to take a look at the Starkville student housing. You can get in touch with amber to arrange an, in person meeting to view the place. Additionally there are videos that offer tours of the apartments.

Which is the best Starkville student housing?

There are many student housing options which students can choose based on their preferences and budget. The Locale and Balcony stand out as the most preferred student housing choice by students.

Student Accomodations in Starkville

Starkville Student Housing

Are you in search of the perfect student apartment in Starkville? If you are, you’re in luck as we have listed the best student apartments in Starkville. Starkville is a city located in Mississippi, US. Starkville is commonly known as the college town given there are many prestigious universities, schools, and colleges in Mississippi. Students can easily find student apartments in Starkville near these top universities. With the help of amber, you can easily find your ideal Starkville student apartment. Student housing in Starkville is located near many top universities like Amberton University, University of Texas, and University of Houston.

Student apartments in Starkville include student rooms, 3-5 bedroom apartments, and studios closer to your favorite universities, cafes and clubs. With all these accommodations, you can find comfortable and affordable housing in Starkville. The Vista, The Hangout, The Balcony, and The Locale Arkansas are recommended Starkville student apartments. All these student housing are near the universities and easily accessible for international students to pursue higher education. If you want to book Starkville student housing, go to amber and reserve your stay before your university studies begin.

About Starkville

Starkville, a treasure in the heart of Mississippi, is a town where culture, education, and community harmonize. Located amidst the scenery of Mississippi, Starkville presents a combination of small-town charisma and contemporary conveniences. Starkville has a fascinating history that traces back to its origins as a center. The town's governance is in the hands of Oktibbeha County and Starkville City, who work tirelessly together to ensure the success and growth of this remarkable place.

Mississippi State University, located in Starkville, is renowned for its exceptional education. Offering programs and a dedication to excellence, it's no surprise that students are drawn to this prestigious university. Starkville is a hub for the arts, where the Starkville Community Theatre shines as a source of captivating entertainment that deeply resonates with people. The town's knit community and strong bonds make it an ideal destination for families, professionals, and students alike to thrive and enjoy. Starkville provides a combination of heritage, vibrant cultural experiences, and excellent educational opportunities, making it a truly remarkable destination. Adding to all this, all the student apartments in Starkville, MS, are located in the city, so everything is just a few minutes away!

Best Student Housing in Starkville

Whenever a student thinks about studying abroad, the first thing that comes to mind is affordable student housing with budget-friendly daily expenses. Getting an ideal student apartment in Starkville near the university is a crucial task for international students. student apartments in Starkville provide many housing options like private rooms and ensuites, facilities, and necessary amenities every student needs for a healthy stay. Looking at the whole student housing process, you can picture a rough idea of the cost of living in Starkville. Here are some of the best student apartments in Starkville.

1. The Vista, Starkville

2. The Balcony

3. The Locale Arkansas

4. The Hangout

Cost of Living

Student apartments in Starkville are a one-stop housing option for students who want to study abroad. After a student selects the student apartments in Starkville to move in, the second thing they consider is daily expenses. Here is a rough estimate for staying in Starkville as a student.

1. Food and snacks: $120 - $250 /month

2. Laundry: $20 - $40 /week

3. Stationery and Textbooks: $20 - $30 /week

4. Dinner at a Restaurant: $90 - $140 /month

5. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): $80 - $130 /month

6. Internet and Mobile Phone: $55 - $110 /month

7. Gas and Electricity: $40 - $60 /week

Student Travel in Starkville

Starkville, located in the heart of Mississippi, provides a range of travel choices for students excited to discover the town and the surrounding cities. Moreover, these student apartments in Starkville are located close to all the transit services. Whether you're considering a trip to the campus of Mississippi State University or an exciting expedition to places, here are the recommended means of student travel in Starkville:
1. Shuttle Service

Starkville offers a shuttle service that links the university campus with locations across town. The shuttle system at Mississippi State University is an affordable means of getting around Starkville. It ensures that students can effortlessly access their classes and explore the town without needing a car.

2. Biking

Starkville, with its designed streets and picturesque trails, encourages students to embrace biking as a means of transportation. It's not a conscious choice but a great way to stay fit. You have the option to rent bikes on campus or bring your own. There are bike racks available for safe parking.

3. Train

Although Starkville does not have its train station, you can conveniently board an Amtrak train from neighboring cities such as Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Birmingham, Alabama. Amtrak provides an opportunity to journey and discover the surrounding area.

4. Ride-Sharing Services

You can also find ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, near all the student apartments in Starkville. These services provide a way to get around town whenever you need a ride, especially during late hours.

Student Living and Lifestyle in Starkville

Starkville, a vibrant student hub, offers an enriching and diverse lifestyle that caters to academics and leisure. The student living in Starkville, MS a lot to offer. In terms of shopping and dining, Starkville boasts a range of options. Bustling high streets host various boutiques and stores, providing students with opportunities for retail therapy. From trendy fashion to unique local finds, the shopping scene is diverse. When hunger strikes, a thriving culinary scene awaits, with cafes and restaurants serving delicious dishes that cater to all tastes. For entertainment and leisure, Starkville has it covered. Enjoy movie nights at the local cinema, catch live music events, or have a blast at the Hollywood Bowl for a round of bowling. Harry Potter fans will find their brand of enchantment in Starkville, where they can immerse themselves in local culture and enjoy their magical adventures.

As the sun goes down, Starkville's nightlife springs to life. Various options include pubs, bars and clubs that offer vibes and atmospheres from relaxed to vibrant. The Bulldog, Ricks Cafe, and Dave's Dark Horse Tavern are among the picks for students who want to unwind and socialize with their peers. Whether you're into academics, cultural exploration, or simply enjoying the company of friends, Starkville provides a dynamic and fulfilling student experience that leaves no room for boredom.

Starkville Tourist Attractions

Starkville provides an array of tourist destinations that cater to various interests. Whether you have a passion for history, a love for nature, or an enthusiasm for sports, Starkville has offerings that will captivate you. Below is a compilation of must-see attractions in Starkville that are worth visiting.

1. Mississippi State University Campus

2. Cotton District

3. Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum

4. Chadwick Lake Park

5. Starkville Community Market

6. Westside Market

7. UEC Hollywood Premier

8. Skate Odyssey Inc

Universities in Starkville

Starkville is home to universities that provide students with education in a supportive and conducive learning environment. For instance, amber offers student housing options in Starkville, near these universities.

1. University of Mississippi

2. Mississippi State University

3. University of Southern Mississippi

4. Mississippi University for Women

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