Posted on August 28, 2021
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Between suffocating timetables to attending early online classes, exercise and healthy nutrition are common to slip off of college students' mind. Being engaged in various career opportunities, college adults are most likely to put up a healthy lifestyle at the bottom of their priorities. But neglecting more of this regime can lead to lower productivity and enable negative results on your social and personal life. 

For decades, many experts and notable personalities have supported regular fitness cultivating from as early as college life. From UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to famous TV Personality Dr Phil McGraw, many established individuals believe in the benefits of healthy living. In fact, according to a recent study done by the NHS, UK, regular fitness exercises can reduce heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.

So, the question persists- How does one remain healthy in all this life's rush? To help you out, here are the top simple yet brilliant hacks to live a healthy life and become an active sports person during your college years and enjoy the post-pandemic life to the fullest. 

Tips To Live A Healthy College Life

1. Explore Healthy Nutrition

explore healthy nutrition

This is, by far, the most crucial element of staying healthy during rigorous college years. Having healthy nutrition is a challenge for many and a lazy task for most. Be it hostel food or visiting your favorite fast food intakes at weekends is a great deal to avoid. But many experts believe that having regular nutrition and a balanced diet of vegetables and meat or eggs (for proteins) or staple supplements regularly leads to better mental stability and enhances your daily productivity significantly. 

Moreover, having a mixed share of a balanced diet also makes up your gut and increases the good blood cells that allow your body to circulate much cleaner blood and excrete unwanted fluids more rapidly. Though following such regimes may take a toll on your commitment side, but many great personalities often support a healthy diet and nutrition to supply 100 per cent energy throughout their adult life.  

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2. Leverage College Resources

leverage college resources

Another great advantage while focusing on health during college life is enjoying various equipment under your college administration. Many UK universities, in the past few years, have significantly upscaled their education and student life infrastructure. Be it the University College London or the famous University of Birmingham provides free fitness classes to students to support fitness-proof academic life. 

Additionally, even if your college doesn't comply, many of the cost-effective student accommodation options in Sheffield, Leicester, and many other UK cities offer various amenities for student activities, including convertible gym machines, dumbbells, and pilates tabletops. Such amenities fall under affordable packages and also enables students to become health-conscious without leaving their stay.

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3. Learn Your Moves

learn your moves

Many gym trainers and physicians have admitted that various exercises result differently for different individuals. For instance, some can burn more calories while running than others, while some can burn a massive amount by simply stair-climbing. Thus, to overcome the failure fear of the minor result, try different sets of exercises and follow up on the ones that make you more energized after you complete each set. 

Moreover, students can also try out basic exercise regimes, including simple squats, push-ups or lunges in their dorm rooms. You can also explore a wide range of cardio exercises such as standing-running and basic body weight resistance exercises. Such practices ensure flexibility in our bodies and warm up our minds for extensive regimes such as weight lifting and running for more extended periods and increase your body's efficiency to perform better in the long run. 

4. Find a Fitness Buddy

find a fitness buddy

Finding fitness buddies is an excellent deal if you aim to succeed in your fitness goals and is as necessary as choosing an immensely ambitious target. Fitness buddies are most likely to be your roommates or someone who has similar schedules like yours. Such characters will motivate you to do and get more in your fitness life. Also, make sure you avoid someone who you don't want to take up with you running, and you're the one who's pushing the other everywhere. 

In turn, start your search by going through your sports classes or college teams. You can also look up for help from college seniors who are more likely to support sophomores to take their position after their college departure. Many universities such as the University of Glasgow and the University of Bath are the two most sports-oriented institutions in the UK. Both of these colleges often support sophomore students in sports science subjects and give enormous support to pave their way into sports scholarships and team selections. So, don't forget to search this up as well!

5. Balance Your Expectations vs Rewards

balance Your Expectations vs Rewards

This may be the best tip to summarize all our above points. Keeping a simple balance is a great way to overcome procrastination and make sure your progress is regular. Managing assignments and college classes can be a little tedious at first, but as the gist of keeping fitness comes along, you may find exciting results for your health and wellness. 

Meanwhile, it is also necessary to reward yourself with a cheat meal and make it up to your religious discipline of a healthy diet. Puddings, cakes, fast food, and anything that pops into your mind are great ways to treat yourself with care. By following such a personal incentives programme, many students can rapidly achieve fruitful results and trust us, you won't stop there at the first milestone. 

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The pandemic life has made it crystal clear that students shouldn't miss the opportunity to make themselves fit and healthy at an early age. Taking effective measures and putting a tab on what you eat and how you maintain health issues is a great solution to prosper your mental health and happiness and achieve better career and personal achievements in your life. If you feel to add more to our post, feel free to reach out on our social handles, and we'll surely add it to our blog. 

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