Posted on September 13, 2021
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UK’s higher education is one of the best in the world. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that here, courses are pretty expensive. There are many scholarships available to students who wish to study in the UK but need help with funding in order to do so. 

Here we explore some of the most attractive scholarship schemes offered by the United Kingdom.

What benefits can you gain from UK education? 

Studying in the UK offers not only a world-class education but also introduces you to a new culture, enables you to network with students and professionals in all regions of the world, and gives you the skills needed to advance your career. 

The UK offers various financial aid options to fund your studies. These include financial awards, scholarships, grants, fellowships, bursaries, and loans.

There is no limit to what can be achieved- Supporting your dreams with financial resources could lead to progressing your career, launching your own business, or making the world a better place. All your efforts will be worth it if you just "Go for it"! 

The following are some of the best-known scholarships awarded to international students every year in the United Kingdom:


In the UK, Chevening Scholarships give outstanding students from all over the world the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree. With these scholarships, you have the freedom to focus on achieving your goals and maximizing your experience as all expenses such as flights, accommodations, and course fees are covered. With over 1,500 Chevening Scholarships offered every academic year globally, the scholarship programme offers financial support to study for one year at any UK's leading universities.

More details: Chevening scholarships. 



The Commonwealth Scholarship program offers scholarships to talented individuals who can make positive contributions to humanity. There are approximately 800 students who gain postgraduate degrees every year at UK universities. 

In the UK, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers a range of scholarships and fellowships, including:

Scholars coming from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries, who would not otherwise be able to afford the tuition fees in the UK, are offered these scholarships annually. 

More details: Commonwealth scholarships.


The British Council manages EURAXESS UK, Developed to assist researchers in excelling in their careers through mobility, as well as provide support to researchers interested in moving overseas or to the UK. Researchers can also use the Euraxess UK website to find jobs and other useful information about living and working in the UK in addition to Euraxess scholarships.

Researchers at all levels benefit from the Euraxess UK programme:

  • Researchers in the first stage of their careers (postgraduate students)

  • Researcher in early career (postdoctoral level)

  • An experienced researcher (over six years postdoctoral experience)

More details: Euraxess scholarships.



The Royal Society offers grants and fellowships to exceptional scientists throughout the world. A wide range of funding opportunities is listed every year. The academy is also the oldest scientific academy still active today in the world.

 The Royal Society aims to achieve three main objectives:

  • Enhance excellence in science

  • to support collaboration at an international level

  • Demonstrating science's importance to everyone

More details: Royal Society scholarships

5. Scholarships from UK universities

UK universities often offer generous financial support to international students according to their academic achievements or financial need. The following are some of the scholarships offered by some of the best UK universities:

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