Posted on April 2, 2019

Moving to a foreign country with no prior experience can be a tedious and adventurous task.But then when you are all on your own, you feel that you can do anything and everything that you wish to. One of the many things that you want to do is to try out the cuisine and the new flavors the city has to offer. All this is well and good, but when a month or a couple of months starts to pass by, the need for food or mainly home cooked food comes to picture, and this cannot be denied. Everyone loves home cooked food and to not get that over a long period, will make you miss your home more. There are little neat tricks and snippets of how you can learn some quick recipes and methods of struggling with daily food requirements. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Learning to cook:

Living alone is an excellent task at hand. You can never eat outside food for all the days that you are staying abroad. Having to know at least the basic set of cooking etiquettes to survive in a foreign nation is a must. Hence, learning is the only desirable option that comes into picture where you can prepare various dishes in the shortest period and without any hassles. But you may ask as to how could it help you or even is it feasible enough to learn it in that short period? Well, the answer to that is given below. Take a look.

1. Learning cooking from home:

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What this means to say is that learning from your parents can indeed help you in learning much faster because you get that homely touch into the food and there is someone continually guiding you into perfecting your cooking skills.

Pros– you get all the recipes from your parents and know the most effective way of blending different ingredients to try out something new.

Cons– it’s all traditional style cooking which might get a bit dated after a few months of staying abroad.

2. Learning from cookbooks:


As the name suggests, cooking from cookbooks is another fantastic way of learning how to cook. They have step by step procedure and guidance materials to help you in creating the most beautiful recipes which could baffle you into how amazing it might turn out to be.

Pros– You can try a plethora of recipes and can create new ones to your liking.

Cons– Can be a bit difficult as the steps might not be concise and may lead to a blunder in the end.

3. Learning from cooking videos:

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The internet is a beautiful place where you can learn to cook various dishes in the simplest of ways for free. Several websites offer different recipes with the ingredients that you might be having in your fridge. So, take a look into this option in case if you want to learn to cook the fastest.

Pros– you get to know the concise ingredients that need to go into the dish and how it needs to turn out in the end. Everything is measured and are confident in the end product.

Cons– you might get lost in the methodology that the cook might use and also is a robust procedure to keep up with the person as you are still learning how to cook. Also, the availability of ingredients is a big challenge.

4. Get a cook:


You might be wondering that getting a cook might get rid of all your problems. Well, that’s a two-sided affair between yes and no. Even before you try to check out the pros and cons of having a cook, let's take a closer look into what are the qualities that you might have to consider before you get one.

• Experience of cooking. • Specialization of cuisine. • Salary and leave. • Cooking for guests. • Meal courses that need to be prepared. • Background check.

The pointers mentioned above and self-explanatory and can enable you to find the perfect cook that you need. Obligated to your terms and conditions can give you the desired cook that you require. Also coming down to why having a cook is a double-sided affair, let's look at the pros of having a cook.

• The right ingredients are purchased which saves up costs. • Fresh meals. • Convenience.

Now that we have seen the pros let's look at the cons side of having a cook.

• Fear of getting anything stolen. • The right cook might not come cheap. • Very unstable in terms of job retention. • Everytime you’re moving to a new place you get

Thus, when you consider these factors, learning how to cook serves to be the best options when it comes to the struggle in having food. Or if you require a cook, then dig deeper to find the best chef according to your budget and requirements.

5. Local fast food joints:


Well, this might seem a bit hard on few people as they aren’t big fans of fast food joints, but for a majority of people staying abroad, fast food joints have become ‘’The’’ place to go for. There are many reasons for this. But many of them criticize this place because several problems might not seem to be in their good books. So, let's dive into the pros and cons of having food at a fast food joint.

Pros- • The consistency of food is always the same. • Time and cost-effective. • Healthy options are also available on the menu. • Preferences are given to all customers related to certain conditions such as allergies, diabetes, etc.

Cons- • Taste might get tiresome over some time. • Lower food standards at most fast food joints. Especially the ones in remote areas. • Healthy options aren’t always fit. • There are artificial tastes added to enhance flavors.

Therefore, after looking at these pros and cons of having at a fast food place, you can take a call on whether or not you should eat at these places. Nevertheless, you never really know what you might like or hate. It’s something of a love-hate situation. So, choose wisely.

6. Readymade food:

instant-black-noodles-korean-food 41338-2213

You might have heard the concept of cook anytime anywhere with the addition of water or other simple ingredients. Well, Moving meals- HEAT 2 EAT, provides a variety of cooked products that you need to heat to eat. It's that simple. Yes, some might need water and others might need a bit of garnishing, but other than this, you can fill your stomach with a plethora of different dishes to try out. So, choose your pick as there are several choices of cuisines and flavors that would compensate for your food struggle in a foreign nation. Moving meals has 66 varieties.


• Preservative, colour and chemical free products • Light to carry • Ready in 2-5 minutes • FOOD Homemade, healthy food • Nutrients intact(96-98%)

They also provide a service where you can send your mom's cooked food to them and they will dehydrate that for you. So, now you can enjoy your mom's cooked food anywhere anytime aroound the world.

Hence, with all the various pointers given above, you now have a clear-cut idea as to what options you have to choose from when it comes to struggling related to food. It's on personal opinion whether or not you would want to go for a cook or eat from outside. Search extensively and do the needful. All the best.

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