Posted on March 23, 2021
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The UK administration has made it official that international students will receive access to the vaccines free of cost as soon as they are available in the country. The vaccination process will start with the elderly and extremely clinically vulnerable amongst the top, followed by secondary and tertiary priority groups, respectively.  

In favour of all students from all over the world, the UK universities minister Michelle Donelan has assured the students, saying that "They will not be forgotten" and can exercise full access to the Pfizer or BioNTech vaccine once available. The minister also cleared that the government can bear these expenses and will allow free COVID-19 testing and vaccination for all the students. 

The news has been a bought sigh of relief for 2.5 million UK students who have been in turmoil for the past year. Despite being late globally, the UK has finally become the first country in the western world to authorize a COVID-19 vaccine and to make sure vaccination is beneficial; the UK government has been all eyes open since January 2021. 

Who is first in line to receive the vaccine?

person getting covid-19 vaccine

Experts from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have taken all safety measures/testing/analysis. Both the drug makers have taken full throttle in delivering the vaccine as soon as possible. A new report also suggests that the administration aims towards First Stage vaccination shy of 40 million doses.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced that both vaccines will roll out in the following order: 

●First, the priority groups include care home residents and serving persons, people over 80 years, and health & care workers. 

●Secondly, the rest of the population will be vaccinated, where factors like age, risk, and level of extreme clinical vulnerability will be considered.

●Pregnant women and children less than 16 are not be given vaccination shots. For the left group, clinical trials are underway, and results for efficacy will be shared soon. 

DHSC also confirmed that all international students, who have either enrolled this year or were present in the country before the pandemic, will receive access to the vaccines. This will cover the order starting from older international students or those diagnosed with medical conditions, which will come under the Priority Group.

Subsequently, all student pupils will be allowed to take vaccine shots. Having many students in the country also, the DHSC has assured that every student will be vaccinated. To assess this, the government has signed a deal to receive early access to 357 million doses through different vaccine developers. 

The UK government expresses its gratitude to all international students 

In an open letter directed to all UK students, university minister Michelle Donelan recently shared her gratitude towards all international scholars' patience and expressed the country's appreciation to them. Donelan also wrote heartwarming wishes and thanked everyone for showing utmost patience and kept the situation under control.  

"I understand that international students may have additional questions as we approach the end of the academic term. Whether you are currently at your chosen university, are studying remotely from your home country, or plan to study here in the future, I am writing to you directly to provide you with support and guidance at this challenging time," she wrote. 

To continue with the college curriculum, the following steps are to be taken by the students in 5 weeks or more.

●Students going outside the country may be asked to stay back in the student accommodation in the UK. 

●Students enrolled in practical subjects/courses will arrive first at their respective universities. 

●After seniors, the rest of the students are advised to travel under international air bubble routes. 

●Until normalcy arrives, university faculties are to follow the daily timetable via online classes.

●Universities are responsible to cater to the needs and utilities of those who stay back. 

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