Posted on August 1, 2017
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Here are few very essential and paramount things to keep in mind when renting a student accommodation away from home.

Get Assistance

Finding economical housing options in places like UK can be like finding a needle in a hay stack, close to impossible. And that is the reason we strongly recommend that you get yourself some help. They will not only customize your search according to preference but will also help you with staying within your budget barriers. _AmberStudent _is one portal that provides service to students for free.

Varying Policies

More often than not the leasing policies for accommodation are very different from that in your home country. Leasing tenure and rent are all considered on a weekly basis when in UK. Rent per week starts from 150 Pounds for a single room. It is expected that you pay a month’s rent in advance, deposits that are taken are refunded to you at the end of your stay tenure.


Always have a valid Passport, on your person! Don’t forget to make an agreement with your landlord. Following is a list of documents you should keep handy :

  • Guarantor Certificate - A security document that mentions the person liable to pay the rent if you can not. In case you do not have a guarantor certificate you can pay advance rent for a fixed period to secure your lease.
  • Credit Score - It is a number that depicts a person’s creditworthiness based on past financial history.
  • College Acceptance Letter


Furnished apartments have a significantly higher price than those that do not have as many amenities and furniture. Most students recycle old furniture from family and friends to keep it economical. You can also rent out furniture for tenures ranging from a few months till a few years.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is one thing that needs to be kept in check. The weather in UK is unpredictable, rains and cold weather is consistent throughout the year.

Utility Pricing

When concentrating on the significantly bigger costs you might forget that the spending does not end.. there are bills to be paid. Following below are average costing of utilities in the UK:

  • Electricity - kWh unit price: 11.312 pence
  • Gas - kWh unit price: 2.47 pence
  • Water - £69.33
  • Broadband - £30.82
  • Landline - £21.57
  • Council Tax - £115.24

TIP: There are tons of apps_ that _assist you to split bills with your flat mates.

Keep Your Preferences in Check

Make sure you know what type of accommodation you want; ranging from dorm rooms, studio apartments to terraces which can be a little difficult to manage. If you plan on living with your pets.. make sure you discuss it before hand with your landlord. Any situation that is out of the ordinary and isn’t covered in the basic agreement should be discussed before moving in.

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