Posted on April 3, 2019
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Living in a foreign country all by yourself can be a tedious task at hand. Finding the right accommodation that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle is a must. Even the location from the university and other centers of attraction within the city is to be considered. Therefore, in a city like London, there are several student accommodation places where you can find the best deal for your choices. From semi furnished homes, all the way to fully equipped apartments, London has it all.

But wait, we all know that London has several accommodation center’s for students to live in, but how can they segregate from what is the best for them according to their choices and which one would suffice to their budget?

To clear all your doubts and to give you a brief idea on the top accommodation places in London, we have segregated the search options for student halls and studios into cheapest, value for money and luxury at its best. So, take a look and see what fits you the best.

Cheapest accommodation options in London.

Cheapest isn't always the best, and these accommodations offer everything that you are looking for but with some drawbacks. Not only this but then they are in quite convenient locations and also provide relatively subpar options for your stay in London. Yes, all the essentials are available that can make your stay a bit easy, but most of the things might need additional work to be put in.

1. Bowden court.

LNDN bowden court

  • Specialty – cheapest dorm room.
  • Location – Notting hill.
  • Cost – 109-280 pounds a week.

What it has to offer? – The facility provides state of the art gym, dining room, and several social pubs. Laundry service and continental breakfast is served every morning with a proper three-course meal.

Travel time to universities nearby.

• Royal college of art/music – 20 mins by walk.
• London school of economics and political science – 23mins by walk. • University of London – 24 mins by walk. • University College London – 22 min by walk. • Imperial College London – 20 min by walk.

2. Mannequin house.

LNDN mannequin house

  • Specialty – cheapest en-suite.
  • Location – zone 3, Victoria lane.
  • Cost – 189-320 pounds a week.

What is has to offer? – With a minute away from the London metro connection, mannequin house is the perfect establishment for all your accommodation needs. With fully furnished suites and apartments, the location provides if not the best facilities for gym and dining areas. Travel time to nearby universities. • University College London - 26 mins • London Metropolitan University - 14 mins • City University London - 28 mins • University of Westminster - 20 mins • Kaplan University - 10 mins

3. Kensal green Garrow house.

LNDN kensal

  • Specialty – cheapest studio.
  • Location – Notting hill.
  • Cost – 170-325 pounds a week.

What it has to offer? – Located near the banks of a canal, the accommodation studio provides a picturesque view of the country lands of Notting Hill. With fully furnished rooms and busy streets of Notting hills, it’s a place that you would love to stay and have a fantastic time in the Notting Hill carnival, Europe’s largest street carnival.

Travel time to nearby universities and attractions.

Westbourne Park Station: Walking - 8 min

Paddington Station: Public Transport - 23 min

City of Westminster College: Public Transport - 14 min Walking - 35 min

Regents Business School: Public Transport - 20 min

University of Westminster: Public Transport - 15 min Walking - 51 min

Value for money accommodations in London.

Value for money accommodations are those where you get all the requirements in your accommodations along with the desired budget option. It’s a perfect mix and match of a dream house turning into reality. But value for money accommodations is a rare find as most of them are either taken or have some or the other drawback. So do think before going for it.

1. Mannequin house.

  • Specialty – value for money.
  • Location – zone 3, Victoria lane.
  • Cost – 189-320 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – Being a value for money accommodation suite, mannequin house has it all. From fully furnished studios to state of the art gyms and dining areas, it’s the bang for the buck. Not only this but then all the primary center of attraction from the university point of view are just minutes away which makes it the hottest property to get a hold-off.

Travel time to universities.

London College of Fashion - 18 mins • Birkbeck University - 26 mins • SOAS - 27 mins • University of Law - 25 mins • University of Arts London, Mare Street - 26 mins

2. Kensal green.

  • Specialty – cheapest studio.
  • Location – Notting hill.
  • Cost – 170-325 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – As discussed earlier, despite being the cheapest accommodation option, it also is a total value for money as well. With old market areas and famous street carnival of Notting hills, it’s a place which is filled with the buzz and thrill that you seek from your university life.

Travel time to universities and other centers of attractions.

Regents Business School: Public Transport - 20 min

University of Westminster: Public Transport - 15 min Walking - 51 min

University of London: Public Transport - 31 min

University College London: Public Transport - 22 min

3. Urbanest St Pancras.

  • Specialty – budget friendly accommodation.
  • Location – London.
  • Cost – 204-449 pounds per week.

What is has to offer? – A beautiful property that has 313 student beds, halls studios, en-suites to choose from. All of which are fully furnished and of the highest quality. Wi-Fi is fast, and all the other center of attractions that are present in and around the region are minutes away by walk.

Center of attractions in and around urbanist St. Pancras. • Royal veterinary college. • Central saint martins. • University College London. • The University of London. • London school of economics.

Luxurious accommodation in London.

If money is not a barrier, then these accommodations well definitely give you an experience of a lifetime. These accommodations are like luxury houses where you have everything and anything that you require at the tip of your fingers. But these aren't for all. They are costly and can burn a deep hole in your pockets. But if luxury is your main moto, then these are tailored for you.

1. Axo.


  • Specialty – exquisite interiors.
  • Location – Holloway road.
  • Cost – 215-284 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – It is the place to be if you are looking out for exquisite interiors with luxury living at its best. Housing more than 149 rooms in a single property, the rooms are spacious and are well lit with natural lighting. Wi-Fi is fast, and there is a state-of-the-art gym and dining area. Other than this a proper three-course meal is also provided. The underground metro line connects you to a significant chunk of the city such as Piccadilly circle, University of London, etc.

2. Spring mews.

LNDN spring

  • Specialty – luxury at its best.
  • Location – banks of river Thames.
  • Cost – 290-295 pounds per week.

What is has to offer? – Located on the banks of river Thames, the skyline of this particular accommodation is covered with a well-known landmark in the city of London. Not only this but then the facility is filled with modern-day interiors and ample space in each room. There are different options for everyone, and the prices vary according to your configuration.

Therefore, now that we have looked into the various segment of the different types of accommodation in London, you can pick any one of them as they are good in one way or the other. Either way, any choice that you make will be useful as all of the places mentioned above will not disappoint. Yes, the higher end accommodations might have additional features which the cheaper ones might not be able to provide with the same. So, choose wisely to gain the needful. All the best.

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