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Student City Guide: Exeter 2022
9 min

Student City Guide: Exeter 2022

May 12, 2021
9 min

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Explore Exeter’s Student Guide

The United Kingdom is amongst the most exotic countries in the world. Exclusive academic methodologies, a learning environment, and top-notch universities cater to attracting a large herd of non-UK students to the country every year. And amongst the names of its cities, a few expected names always manage to remain afloat. One such name is Exeter.

The city of Exeter is one of the well-known and astoundingly attractive places in the UK. Being a well-known leader in modernization, the city commands a considerable group who either live in the city or come from nearby towns, making Exeter a great multicultural hub of living. Besides job opportunities, Exeter also boasts many educational institutions which provide a great learning experience to the students.

Here, we will discuss the most common topics, ranging from top universities to the best restaurants; money-saving hacks to pocket-friendly student housing, and many others.

Top universities of Exeter?

Home to more than 23,000 students in the city, Exeter is a highly regarded name in further education and higher studies. Be it local council or the UK government initiatives; the city provides a wide range of choices to find your perfect course or field of career. To help you out, here are the top universities from our Student Guide Exeter that attract numerous students every semester.

1. Exeter University

Founded in 1955, the University of Exeter is one of the UK's oldest public research universities. The university is renowned for its honorary academic degrees and latest curriculum.

2. Exeter College

Exeter College was built to provide a medium of learning to the local people and the international crowd and help them with newly updated skills in the year 1893 under the city council's supervision. 

3. Marjon University

Affiliated in 1991, Marjon University is known to bring technical and skill knowledge of physical education to Exeter. Bringing together a limited number of over 2,500 students, Marjon University offers over 70 teaching programs covered under two faculties: The Faculty of Education, Enterprise & Culture, and the Faculty of Sport, Health & well-being, thus leading to effective physical education models in Exeter.

4. City College

Situated on the border of Exeter and Plymouth, the City College is a well-appointed university for learning advanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. Registered as a framework of the institution in 2000, the City College holds one of the most significant edifices in the city, offers amenities to its students and brings a highly nurturing aura to Exeter.

5. University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is the most essential learning centre in the UK since 2001, boasting various locations. The University of Plymouth offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, computer science, law, humanities, and business to over 18,000 students, making the University of Plymouth the 57th largest university in the UK by students enrolled.

Though many of these universities offer at par college education at affordable prices, you should always aim towards yearly scholarships and get enrolled at the earliest to make sure they land safely when calculating their annual expenses.

Cost of living in Exeter

In the last few years, the Exeter council has narrowed down its focus on providing affordable living to its population. You might find it contradictory, but according to reports, Exeter is roughly 36% less expensive as compared to London. In addition, while both the cities are similar in terms of food and clothing prices, housing and transportation costs are considerably lower in Exeter.

Thus, there is no doubt that Exeter has emerged to become one of the leading names for living a budget-friendly life. 

A student’s actual cost of living in Exeter

The cost of living for students in Exeter varies as students put up their preferences. But, in general, the average rent in Exeter is £128-224 per week to rent a one-bedroom student accommodation in Exeter. Furthermore, students can also explore other student housing covering Studios, shared accommodation, and PBSAs (Purposely Built Student Accommodation).

You can also choose to rent student accommodation outside City Centre to enjoy discounts on property prices. On average, the student accommodation outside the city centre of Exeter costs up to £50-75 less than the ones near the city centre. Many students prefer staying in college campus student accommodation in their first year but are keen to move out to average their rents through various other options.

Exeter’s connectivity is supreme. Being a student, you could never meet the end of the city because of its enriched depth and well-crafted city streets being filled with a wide range of rental places. Moreover, choosing a site in the city could also become tedious due to the options available at every corner.

That's why, being a tremendous, supportive hand to all the students, our Student Guide Exeter also includes some of the best student accommodation types in Exeter. However, readers should note that all these housing options will differ in prices or sizes as you move away from the City Centre. That's why students are advised to choose the best suitable student accommodation that fits their budget and is compelling with daily activities.  

Areas to Live In Exeter as Students

1. Union Road

Union Road is a trendy area of Exeter. The lane is well-connected to nearby areas of the city. The travellers can swiftly switch lanes and travel to regions covering Vic Street, Springfield and Pennsylvania.

Union Road also connects its pathway to the city's leading University, The University of Exeter. It lies at a distance of a few minutes of bus drive down the lane. This gives students ample time to travel to and from the University and explore the University's adjoining areas.

  • Price: ★★★★
  • Quality of houses: ★★★★★
  • Travel Times: ★★
  • Things to do: ★★

2. Victoria Street

If you seek quality and bargain accommodation in Exeter, Victoria Street is a sweet deal for you. The area branches off Union Road and inhibits a large flock of fresher graduates and post-graduate students in the city. Victoria Street also exhibits a large set of recreational places, including the most popular Victoria Inn.

The area is a 10-minute walk from the University and a 20-minute walk from the City Centre. With lots of student buzz and a whole lot of fun, an area is an excellent place for students who seek lively environments and ample opportunities to gel up with like-minded people.

  • Price: ★★★
  • Quality of houses: ★★★★★
  • Travel Times: ★★★
  • Things to do: ★★

3. Longbrook Street and Pennsylvania Road

The two prominent parts of the city, Penny Road and the Longbrook Road, are a two-in-one gem for Exeter. The area enjoys the flow of students between town and campus centres around Penny Road and Longbrook Street, with Longbrook being the bottom, i.e., closer to town, and Penny road being the top part of the road and closer to the University campus.

The area boasts well-furnished student accommodation and lively student life, covered by numerous places like Hillsborough Avenue, Queen’s Crescent, Black Horse Pub, and John Lewis and Sainsbury. Longbrook Street and Pennsylvania Road are exceptionally well-connected with only a short 15 min walk from Exeter College and the city centre.

  • Price: ★★★
  • Quality of houses: ★★★★
  • Travel Times: ★★★★★
  • Things to do: ★★★

4. Mount Pleasant

As the name depicts, the Mount Pleasant area of Exeter is another excellent area for students to live in the city. The road is a pleasant and aesthetically beautiful area filled with a diverse and natural view of landscapes. The site is also branched in with several other routes covering Iddesleigh and Old Tiverton.

A little away from the busy city centre, Mount Pleasant is a serene and affordable student housing in Exeter and delivers various options for living on a budget. This also enables them to focus on studies amid exclusive and quieter living areas sharply.

  • Price: ★★★★
  • Quality of houses: ★★★★
  • Travel Times: ★★
  • Things to do: ★

5. Howell Road

Howell Road is an excellent choice if you seek a city rush but don’t want to live there. Howell Road lies alongside Longbrook Street and past Exeter’s St Davids Station, surrounded by a robust collection of restaurants, pubs, and local markets. The Howell Road is a 5-minute walk from Exeter College and 12-minute from The University of Exeter.

This proposes a marvellous deal for students to live, which is further added with other benefits like affordable travel and pocket-friendly student accommodation, including Iron Bridge Studios, Queen Street Studios, and Study inn Walnut Gardens.

  • Price: ★★★
  • Quality of houses: ★★★★
  • Travel Times: ★★★
  • Things to do: ★★★★

Types of Exeter accommodations for students

No two student accommodation options would be similar. That's why, to make sure you get the best out of the choices, aim to create an overview or take a glimpse of your requirements and then start looking for a place to stay. Besides being present all in one or the other city university, each student accommodation comes with its pros and invisible cons as well too!

To help our readers out, here is another excellent concern-helper for students visiting Exeter- the different types of student accommodation in Exeter and what amenities each one brings for you.

University Managed Rooms

University-managed rooms are one of the most common student housing options in Exeter. These uni rooms are dorm-like 1-bedroom housing places that offer optimal living conditions for students. These accommodations are present in the vicinity of every major university. They are well-liked by sophomores and second-year students due to less time consumption for travelling from and into the university.


Studio apartments are the popular rental places that one can get nearby a university. These apartments can be 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom, based upon their demand, and offer slightly high-grade room qualities than university-managed rooms. They are also present in every local market, and prominent transport stops make them a popular choice for living.


Third, our list brings the En-suite student apartments in Exeter. These student accommodations are private rooms and offer a better privacy option for students than many others. En-suite student housing options deliver ample space and include separate bathrooms & a kitchen that allows students to complete their day with maximum productivity.

Sharing accommodation

Sharing accommodation is a place shared between a group of students and comes with a great perk to inhibit independence while studying abroad. Moreover, this accommodation also brings a lower-cost living benefit which readily reduces basic rental expenses (rent, electricity, water, gas bills) through sharing among other students.


PBSA is commonly known as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation. It is one of those properties in Exeter that is rapidly becoming one of England's highly explored locations. The accommodation options are present at affordable prices and often come with student-oriented resources and facilities. So it's our word in the market- if you get a PBSA accommodation, go for it.

We can also provide you with a list of Student accommodation and private halls in Exeter for your assistance. Continue reading our post to find the best pocket-friendly student accommodation in Exeter and how to book them to attain maximum discount.

Best restaurants in Exeter

Re-live Exeter's History @ The Conservatoire

The Conservatoire is a highly praised restaurant solely based upon the restored Tudor Wall that dates back to 1600. Based on UK history, the restaurant offers a classic menu style with many English meals added with unpretentious modern cooking techniques that add the cherry on top.

Visit the Michelin Award Winner Jack in the Green Inn

When it comes to the most surprising packages, Jack in the Green Inn never lets anyone off. One of the two restaurants in Exeter to have a prestigious 'bib gourmand' rating from Michelin, Jack in the Green restaurant combines the best possible dishes from their original recipes with a traditional pub experience. Voted as one of the top 20 gastropubs in Britain, Jack in the Green Inn is a must-visit for you!

Eat with celebrities in Michael Caines Restaurant.

When we state the term "celebrity," we do mean actual TV personalities. Celebrity chef Michael Caines who hosts the popular cooking show "Saturday Kitchen" on BBC1, holds a restaurant in Exeter, right next to the City Centre. The Michael Caines Restaurant offers numerous delegate dishes priced at affordable packages and activates all taste buds in your mouth with their flavours.

Low on cash? Visit The Flat joint and Enjoy meals starting at £7

We admit personal monetary policy always takes a toll on students' budgets. But if you aim to get a tummy-full meal, look no further than the latest local food joint called The Flat. Famous for its tagline, "Planet-friendly indulgence, done simply," The Flat offers mouth-watering pizzas, burgers, and pasta dishes that are made using their own-grown ingredients, all available at budget prices.

Eat at On The Waterfront alongside River Exe

Many young minds often never get the opportunity to eat beside a river or a lake. Well, your dream could come true at the famous On The Waterfront Restaurant. Esteemed for its tasty seafood dishes, On The Waterfront restaurant provides raw and delicious mixed dishes that add to the taste of the menu-taker, and never let's forget the exclusive view of the River Exe alongside this magnificent location.

How to make the most of local attractions on a budget?

Participate in Exeter's shopping spree at The Guildhall Shopping Centre

When the word shopping strikes your mind, always aim to visit The Guildhall Shopping Centre. This area, which had been a prominent location for the city's early settlement, offers a wide range of shopping items. Be it clothing, food stalls, or even authentic montages and ornaments; you can buy anything from the place. Covering brands such as Sainsbury's, Wilko, Primark, WH Smith, The Guildhall Shopping Centre is a great source for money-saving shopping.

Take a boat ride on Exeter Ship Canal.

Based upon the River Exe, Exeter also brings together its canal system that allows the local population to travel via water bodies. Built-in 1566, the Exeter Ship Canal starts from the Canal Basin at Exeter's historic Quayside and goes up to 1.5 miles to reach the Double Locks, a popular pub and restaurant. Students can enjoy taking a ride in these small boats and experience the surreal beauty of the city from a great perspective.  

Experience Exeter's history at Exeter Cathedral

One of the oldest cathedrals in the UK, the Exeter Cathedral is a 900-year-old holy building located in The Cloisters, next to the Exeter City Centre. Being one of England's most beautiful medieval cathedrals, the Exeter Cathedral brings together beautiful Gothic architecture and carvings that are a must-see. Beside the Cathedral, you'll also find the famous Two Norman Towers, which embark the city's history dating back to the 15th century.

Spend a day at Sandy Bay Beach

Almost half a mile long, Sandy Bay Beach is a privately owned beach that has a fantastic view of the famous English Channel and mountains, all at once. Sandy Bay Beach also offers various water surfing activities, scuba divers, and Lifeguard services, making it a safer place for those who aren't professionals at swimming but like to spend quality time with their friends.

Hop in a steam train from South Devon Railway Station

South Devon Railways is an excellent railway system that offers steam engine rides for city travellers. Near the Dartbridge Road and the City Centre, the station is a 7-mile connecting railway line station between Buckfastleigh and Totnes. So, if you want to imagine the Harry Potter-real life experience, this might be an excellent opportunity to grab on.

Bills or mandatory expenses for students

The city of Exeter is highly appreciated for its exclusive low-cost environment when it comes to strike-off bills during one's stay. While some of these bills can be known or unknown to you, a safer word would be to get an overview of what different types of housing bills can be levied on a student's living presence. Here are some of the mandatory bills and expenses that every student should keep in mind before settling for a place in Exeter.  

Electric/gas/water bill

Despite various amenities provided, many student living options in Exeter may or may not cover your utility bills. To make sure these are removed from your rent, consult about the breakdown of your rental agreement and check out if these are present or not. In addition, many of you who seek rental studios or a private hall of residence in Exeter are advised to check all the regulatory measures of such billings to avoid any fraud or misconduct.


Stationary is an inseparable part of every student's life. Be it pen, pencil, or extra assignment sheets, stationery is a daily used part and is regulatory-bought. That's why, to allow yourself some space in terms of budget, students must aim to buy their stationery in bulk. This will help you collect things in advance while saving money on daily usable items.

Mobile phones & Internet

During such times when people were forced to live indoors, mobile phones and the internet had become prominent services to contact your loved ones. As these situations persist, students are also advised to buy an affordable mobile phone and a cheap internet package after moving to the city. Many local service providers offer affordable packages that are pretty fruitful and effective for every student's needs.

TV license

Television does hold a special place in many young hearts. But as part of the UK rules, each TV connection requires a holder to apply and attain a separate TV license to enjoy the daily shows. On the other hand, if possible, you can also choose various OTT platform services that allow you to binge-watch several new TV series and movies online. These can be purchased at a joint account as well, which is pretty decent to spend a great weekend with your friends.

Common ways to travel in Exeter

Our student guide Exeter would have been incomplete if we hadn't discussed how you would be traversing in and out of the city. As a part of the prestigious UK transport system, Exeter hasn't been out of its bound to provide a cheap and affordable transportation system. These systems are well-furnished and join all local and prominent parts of this enormous city.

The city exhibits numerous types of public transport in and out of the town. These are buses, cabs, cars, and bikes. Every transport system has its separate charge structures, and they also vary depending upon the rush of the day. To avoid the last-minute hassle, we recommend you set a budget of £75-90 for monthly transportation. 


Exeter City boasts a vast network of railway tracks that connects the city to numerous metropolitan cities. One of Exeter's mainlines, the Cross Country Route, links Exeter with many cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Derby, Leeds, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen, making Exeter St Davids Railway Station a popular travel destination in the UK.


Exeter's bus services are run by Stagecoach South West, Dartline, and First Devon & Cornwall, three of the prominent bus service providers in the city. More than 150 buses run 24 hours a day on the roads and highways, making it possible to spot a bus on every corner of the town. You can also get a student bus pass from Exeter PlusBus and save a lot of money on your travels in Exeter. A weekly pass for adults costs around £11-15.

Butts Ferry

Exeter is home to the Exeter Ship Canal, one of Britain's earliest ferry systems, and dates back to 1566. The city has a suitable water transport system currently joining the Dukes Marsh Port near the Exeter City Centre to every surrounding port. Additionally, the city plans to expand this system with a more significant number of dockyards in the upcoming months.


The Exeter council has also provided their citizens with a local taxi system that quickly books taxis via their mobile apps. The best perk about Exeter's taxi system is that the city's average fare charges are far lower than in the adjacent parts of the UK.

Most preferred places to stay in Exeter as a student?

Being an affordable place in Southwest England, Exeter brings many student housing options near every significant university, bus and train station, and every famous market. This means that if you slide your finger on any one of these mentioned places, you won't regret your conscience. Here are the top well-maintained and budget-friendly student accommodations in Exeter to help you out during research.

1.  West Gate

West Gate is amongst the highly recommended student accommodation options in Exeter. The student housing service offers viable room services such as clean areas, spacious rooms, and 24×7 WiFi starting at £199/week. West Gate is present within a 5-minute walking distance from the University of Exeter and 4-minutes from Exeter College, making it a tough competition to grab a vacant room here.

2. Exeter One

Exeter One is another name that pops up to mind while locating student accommodation in Exeter. Located within a 3-minute walk from Exeter College and a 2-minute walk from Exeter University, Exeter One offers an excellent reasonable location and comes with a variety of features such as a clean and sanitized room, fire alarm, double beds, and smoke detectors/emergency lighting, starting at £125/week.

3. Study Inn Walnut Gardens

As far as privacy and pocket-friendly options go top on priorities, look no further than Cherry Court. The student housing option offers the most appreciated student accommodation services. Priced at £187/week, the Study Inn Walnut Gardens is present nearby every local market and boasts one of the most exclusive views of the city. Moreover, a majority of the students residing here Study Inn as two of Exeter's significant universities within walking distance, making the place a great deal for living.

4. Northernhay House

If you are a fan of natural habitats and love their proximity to your vicinity, then Northernhay House is the perfect location for you. The place offers top-notch student accommodation amenities, including a rooftop terrace, karaoke rooms, and game rooms at a starting price of £135/week. Northernhay House is present at walking distance from the University of Exeter and Exeter City Centre, so don't forget to book the location early.

5. Queen Street Studios

Queen Street Studios will cover our top recommendations of student accommodation in Exeter because it offers ample basic amenities and good service facilities to the students, including a separate bedroom, communal rooms, separate bathroom, kitchen, and games room to let you enjoy the fullest. Queen Street Studios student housing place costs an average of £208 - £235/week and is one great deal to grab upon.

You can always check all the top and available student accommodation places in Exeter here.

How to enjoy the prevalent lifestyle of Exeter?

Enjoy superb rugby at Sandy Park Stadium.

A dozen gentlemen running with a thrust to win the city championship is a never-to-miss scene. Local visitors and students, who are new to Exeter, can catch their City's Team, the Exeter Chiefs Rugby, competing with national teams from Southampton, Leicester, and many more. Catch a glimpse of the regular matches on massive screens and enjoy complimentary drinks, and witness hundreds of fans who cheer their lungs out to see their team win the prestigious Gallagher Premiership Rugby season.

Challenge your friends at Skirmish Activity Centre

Skirmish Activity Centre is one of the most exciting places in the city that anyone could ask for. The fun zone offers a wide range of activities that covers paintball, airsoft, laser tag, archery tag, and other numerous activities in-store and allows all age groups to compete in them. These activities come at an affordable package, either for duos or groups, and are designed to convert your boring weekends into exciting and fun-loving days.  

Witness an Ice Show in Westpoint Exeter

Ever witnessed an ice show before? Well, you're in a treat if you haven't. Because the city brings you the humongous and Exeter's largest venue, the Westpoint Exeter. The large dome structure manages many public events and gatherings that cover annual ice shows, concerts, music orchestras, drama plays, equestrian events, trade shows, and exhibitions. An evening spent at the Westpoint Exeter will surely leave you in awe; that's the word spread out there.

Relax by the Jurassic Coast

The one thing that makes Exeter a must-visit city is its astounding natural beauty and notable nature-made attractions. And Jurassic Coast would be the perfect place to start with. Starting in nearby Exmouth, the Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site that stretches its cliffs to Swanage in Dorset. The area extends almost 180 million years ago and is a highly recommended location for all novice visitors in Exeter.

Exeter's Nightlife is a Must!

Exeter also brings a great nightlife experience for the young blood. You can roam around the City city at night with utmost safety and visit many famous nightclubs and pubs, including the city's most popular pub, Artigiano Café Bar. The place is filled with talented singers, music artists, and comics, who entertain their audience, all while creating a positive aura around them in the area.

Want to earn some bucks by side hustles while living in Exeter?

Until now, you might have concluded that living in Exeter wouldn't be as costly as its neighbouring cities like London or Birmingham. But living abroad and away from home can also come hefty if your expenses aren't managed well. That's why it's always a safer route to have an extra side of income. By doing some side hustles, you can gain an additional income source, and we do assure you that it won't be as hectic as it seems.

To deliver knowledge to our readers reading the 'Student Guide Exeter 2021,' we have enlisted top part-time job offers that you can easily find around the city. These chores may or may not become your full-time career but are indeed pointed out to improve your work ethic and make you a more reasonable person.

Part-time tutoring

Teaching young students, similar to your past self, can be one of the most mesmerising experiences you can gain in your early life. As the job requirements are pretty simple and require no additional degree or course, entering into part-time student tutoring can allow you to have an academic learning mechanism for yourself, all while earning fair basic wages, side by side.

Become a web writer

In 2020, when people spend most of their time on digital screens, the demand for web writers has shot through the roof. Many young students interested in creative writing have shared their current positions as well-established content writers by delivering regular blog posts for a fixed price. By engaging in web writer positions, not only can you earn some extra income, but you can sharpen your communication skills as well.

University application mentor

A University Application Mentor is a unique entity hired by every major or minor university every year. Their role includes providing suitable guidance to first and second-year students and hearing out their course preferences. Additionally, the university application mentor can also engage in various other college activities to expose them to a wide range of networks and acquaintances.  

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador is another excellent part of student life. They are similar to a student union leader and have attorney power to favour other students in their university. Moreover, the role of a Student Ambassador also includes:

  1. Resolving conflicts between students.
  2. Catering to their daily needs in and out of university.
  3. Controlling the student panel during functions or events.

Manage Finances

Going abroad brings a list of expenditures, ranging from tuition fees to food and daily supplements. The tip here is to be cautious and save anywhere possible. You can also look up second-hand shopping centres or discounted shops in Exeter via local Facebook Groups or by following Exeter's Instagram Channels where you can locate and buy reusable items at lower expenses. At last, make sure you follow a monthly budget and go through your spending once in a while.  

Useful websites and apps

Students visiting Exeter are advised to download popular local apps such as, which is the Official Graduate Careers Website and is the best way to find graduate jobs, postgraduate courses, and career advice. Exeter Daily navigates all the Exeter local news in an app.


How to make your life a bit easier living in Exeter?

Our student guide Exeter 2021 mainly revolves around the city's latest ground report and how to explore the town at basic expenses. You can go through the blog section of for a complete all-in-one solution.

What to do in case of emergency (rental frauds/immigration issues etc.)?

In such cases of rental fraud or tenant misconduct, you are advised to contact the legal authority at the earliest. Furthermore, you can also approach your university administration and seek help your aid. If not solved, students can also consult with their seniors for briefing them about the city's council and verified city agencies.


The basics of residing in Exeter include the major takeaways from this article that every student should know:

●The key is to save wherever possible.

●It would be wise to save money on travelling and choose to walk over shorter distances.

●Look out for inexpensive drinks during happy hours on weekends.

●Control your credit card spending.

●Aim towards using student discount cards.