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Student City Guide: Newcastle 2022
8 min

Student City Guide: Newcastle 2022

Apr 16, 2021
8 min

white bridge over body of water during daytime
Glimpse of Newcastle

Cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds are some of the well-liked and most popular destinations for the UK's international student populace. But the biggest surprise of all comes from one of the Northeast parts of England called Newcastle. The city, which has been the heart and soul of the Non-European nation for hundreds of years, has become the top searched city amongst students.

Newcastle upon Tyne or Newcastle is the largest city in Northeast England. Famous for its diverse and multicultural environment, Newcastle ranks amongst the top-tier exclusive cities in the country. If you are wondering what 'Tyne' means, you are not the only one. For novice readers, Tyne is adopted from River Tyne's name, which flows through the heart of Newcastle. 

Top universities in Newcastle

Every year, thousands of international students flock to Newcastle in search of quality education and skills that could open doors of opportunities for their careers. That is why, to help our readers, we have prepared a list of the top colleges in Newcastle which would help you get the best idea of this place and may help you choose your study abroad destination more informatively.  

1. Newcastle University

Founded in 1834, Newcastle University is one of the UK's oldest public research universities. The university is renowned for its admirable teaching quality and latest curriculum and holds immense pride to cater to more than 27,000 students every year. Being served international students for over 186 years, the institution is a well-known name amongst all international universities.

2. INTO Newcastle University

INTO Newcastle University is an extended outreach institution built under the supervision of the Newcastle Mayors to cater to local people and support them to learn newly updated industrial skills. The university founded right after Newcastle University, is a one-of-its-kind university and offers courses designed to help international students adapt and progress to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

3. Newcastle College

Another big name in the university community is Newcastle College. Being the biggest competitor of Newcastle University, Newcastle College is the largest college in North East England and home to more than 16,000 students every year. As of April 2022, Newcastle University holds 5 extended offering universities and schools under its name, making it the city's biggest learning centre.

4. Northumbria University

Northumbria University at Newcastle is known to bring the inception of technical and skill knowledge to Newcastle. Founded in 1877, the Northumbria University is organised into four faculties- business and law, design and social sciences, Business and Law, health and life science, and engineering and environment, which all have been catering to producing top-notch personalities in the world.

5. University of Durham

When the city council found loopholes in the low-skill adult citizens, the administration decided to open the University of Durham to offer various skills and learning modules for every age. The University of Durham, founded in 1832, is a 17-building university, each commanding speciality courses from arts to engineering that attracts more than 19,000 students annually.

Best areas to live in Newcastle

  1. Fenham

Fenham is popular for its student accommodations. Located 2 miles away from the city centre, you can walk or take a bus to reach it within 10 mins. A community centre, town hall, restaurants, leisure places, barracks and a lot more are available in Newcastle. You can also find varied housing types. 

  1. Jesmond

Jesmond is a highly populated suburb with a lively and friendly atmosphere known for its restaurants, pub and bars. If you prefer a quiet side of Newcastle, you can enjoy the gardens, riverside walks, picnic spaces, museums and much more. If you have money and funds, you can go to this area for your student accommodation.

  1. Heaton

Heaton is a popular choice among students at a distance of 2 miles from the city centre. It is home to various people. From Italian cuisines to Punjabi dishes, fish and chips are a delight here. Not only the restaurants, but Heaton is famous for its People’s Theatre which hosts up to 12 productions per year.

Types of student accommodations in Newcastle

For novice readers, it is essential to know all types of student accommodation in Newcastle. Also, each of the housing options may come with lots of pros and invisible cons as well too! With that said, let us add one more topic in our student city guide Newcastle to understand the different types of student accommodation in Newcastle.

On-campus accommodations: 

University residences, hostels or dormitories that are managed by the University come under on-campus accommodations. These options provide suitable access to the amenities rendered by the college on its campus.

Off-campus accommodations:

Off-campus accommodations include PBSAs, HMOs and other room types.

PBSA (Purpose-built Student accommodation)

PBSA, commonly known as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation, are those properties in Newcastle that are rapidly becoming one of the UK's highly searched locations. These locations are present at affordable prices and often come with student-oriented resources and facilities. Take our word; if you get nearby PBSA accommodation, grab it.

HMOs (houses of multiple occupancies)

HMOs are highly-efficient student housing in Newcastle where more than 3 students can rent out the same accommodation at the same time and share the facilities. 

Room Types:

  1. University Managed Rooms

University-managed rooms should be your topmost priority if your goal is appreciable living conditions present at low prices. University-managed rooms are dorm-like structures that offer single-room plans. These rooms are well-liked by sophomores and second-year students because they are present inside the campus and save time traversing to and from the university.

  1. Studio

The second rank on our listing of student accommodation in Newcastle includes studio housing options. These are 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom rental homes that offer unique rooms and have slightly high-grade room qualities than university dorms. Studio rooms are a great choice to live in and are perfect if you are looking for pocket-friendly student accommodation outside the university.

  1. Ensuite

Ensuite housing options are private rooms that come with a better privacy option for students. This student accommodation delivers ample space for students and also includes separate bathrooms & kitchen so that you don't have to waste unnecessary time standing in queues and ultimately work more productively.

  1. Sharing accommodation

Sharing accommodation is considered the rising star of student accommodation in Newcastle. These housing options are shared between a group of students and are withheld within an agreement of a landlord or an estate agent. A major benefit of living in shared accommodation is the sharing of expenses between the students and the opportunity to gel up with other students.

Now that we have seen what the housing options are in your next destination let us take another route and tap into the beauty of Newcastle and see what this magnificent city beholds for welcoming the newcomers.

Student accommodation options in Newcastle

Being an affordable place in North East England, Newcastle brings many student housing options near every significant university, bus and train station and every famous market. This means that if you slide your finger on any one of these mentioned places, you won't regret your conscience.

We have included listing the top well-maintained and budget-friendly student accommodation in Newcastle to help you out during your research.

1.  Newgate Court

Newgate Court is amongst the highly recommended student accommodation options in Newcastle. The student housing service offers viable room services such as clean areas and spacious rooms starting at £131/week. Newgate Court is present within a 10-minute walking distance from Newcastle University and Newcastle College, making it a tough competition to grab a vacant room here.

2. Plummer House

Plummer House is another name that pops up to mind while locating student accommodation in Newcastle. Located within a 4-minute walk from the Northumbria University and a 6-minute walk from Newcastle University, Plummer House offers an excellent reasonable location and comes with a variety of features starting at £149/week.

3. Albert Place

As far as privacy and pocket-friendly options go top on priorities, look no further than Albert Place. The student housing option offers the most appreciated student accommodation services. Here, you will find all nearby markets at every corner and two of Newcastle's significant universities within walking distance, all at £105/week.

4. The Foundry

If you are a fan of high skyscrapers but don't want to spend extra time seeing them, then The Foundry is the perfect location for you. The place offers top-notch student accommodation amenities at a starting price of £99/week. The Foundry is present within walking distance from INTO Newcastle University and Newcastle College, so don't forget to book the location early.

5. iQ Stephenson House

iQ Stephenson House will cover our top recommendations for student accommodation in Newcastle because it offers ample basic amenities and good service facilities to the students. iQ Stephenson House student housing place costs an average of £73-160/ week, and no, we aren't joking!

You can always check all the top and available student accommodation places in Newcastle here.

Cost of living in Newcastle?

Understanding the cost of living is a crucial and often neglected part of university life. But despite having heavy exposure to the upper class, Newcastle is one of the most affordable cities in the UK. Studies show that the average cost of living in Newcastle is almost 50% more economical than in other neighbouring cities such as London or Birmingham. To show you an example, we have mentioned a quick breakdown of the average monthly costs linked with students living in Newcastle.

Bills Average Cost (per month)
Rent for accommodation  £500-£1500 
 Food and other eatery shopping  £100-£180
 Local Transport  £80-£150
 Books and stationery  £50-£80
 Internet and mobile phone  £25-£50
 Social and leisure activities  £75-£120

With many local producers living in various parts of the City, Newcastle always had the advantage of discounted essential goods and utilities such as food supplements, furniture, and rental homes. This allows students to leave all their worries under their mattresses and explore the city's utmost parts. It is advisable to have a monthly budget of around £1000-1200 to live comfortably in Newcastle.

(Note: All the above expenses are average monthly expenses and exclude tuition fees).

Cost of living as a student in Newcastle

Newcastle could be overwhelming to stay in when it comes to housing that comes from a variety of rental options. Such places will differ in prices or sizes as you move away from the Newcastle City Centre. That is why students are advised to choose the best suitable student accommodation that fits their budget and is compelling with daily activities.  

Some bills and mandatory expenses for students

Newcastle is highly appreciated for its exclusive low-cost environment which is a dream come true for all students. While some of these expenses may or may not fall under your blanket, so it is essential to know what different types of bills you could expect in the upcoming months.

Electric/gas/water bill

All utility services, electricity, gas and water, are covered in preliminary expenses for each student. For the ones who are interested in living in studios or private halls, these bills are to be excluded and will be present according to your monthly usage status.


Students' lives always revolve around their instruments. Pen, pencil, required books, etc., are essential items that are needed during your semester. As their use is never-ending, students are advised to buy bulk deals of stationary to get additional discounts and offers.

Mobile phones

After the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile phones have become necessary to telltale your well-being to your loved ones. Moreover, it would be an intelligent decision to buy a budget mobile with essential functions such as internet, voice-calling, above-average camera quality, and ample storage to share crucial files and documents.

TV license

In the UK, in general, the process of buying a TV connection starts right after buying your TV license. The UK government has made it mandatory to buy a separate TV cable subscription for every system installed. On the other hand, you can try purchasing a combined monthly/ yearly subscription of OTT subscription plans to enjoy all the latest shows and movies.

Best and most affordable cuisines in Newcastle

Whether you want to grab a quick breakfast or celebrate a special occasion, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to eateries in Newcastle. The major problem you may face is that so many could take a week to choose the perfect one. As all international and local food joints are present in the city, we have collected a few notable mentions of student favourites.

Street Food

Everyone loves street food, right! Well, when you are in Newcastle, you will find street food vendors on every corner of the city. For starters, try visiting some of them at the Grainger Market in the City Centre, where you will find yourself tempered by the devious food from chicken katsu curry to churros.

On the go

When it comes to delis, look no further than Frankie and Tony's Sandwich Bar. The joint holds a well-deserved reputation as one of the city's best delis in Newcastle. Students can also head to Zapatista Burrito Bar Delis or Greg's whose products could bring tears of joy to you in no time.  

Café culture

Want to crash somewhere before your next lecture. Try going someplace quite like Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse or Tyneside Bar Café at the Tyneside Cinema, where you can taste more than 60 types of loose-leaf tea along with tasty finger-licking brunches with friends.

Dining out

Student accommodation delivers good dining out options. But since you are new in the city, it is allowed to explore the better parts of the city at night. Some of the famous diners among students include Fat Hippo, the city's go-to burger joint, Lane 7, and Francesca's in the Jesmond area.


Don't worry if you haven't found a restaurant that serves your local food. You can always visit the international buffet centre in Chinatown, which is near Newcastle University. Other notable mentions cover Turkish Red Mezze, Hana Hana, and Indian restaurants like Dabbawal and Ury.

Local attractions on a budget

Well, this may be the most common question that arises in every student's mind. As international education itself could be a hefty investment alone, making the most out of the local attractions at the lowest expenses could be a challenge. That is why this time, we have included a new thread in our' Student city guide Newcastle' to help you explore the maximum possibilities of Newcastle during your stay.

Picture perfect

Visitors are often surprised by the aesthetic beauty of Newcastle. The Newcastle City Centre where most people will be present is the most popular part of the city, and we advise you to visit this part first. Added with it is the downtown area at Quayside, where you will see iconic bridges, the city's best architecture marvels and red brick buildings, which are perfect locations for Instagram lovers.

Sunset at the beaches

Newcastle boasts several beautiful beaches that are present near the City Centre and every major university. You can witness the sun going down at the Blue Flag coastline beaches. Visit King Edward's Bay beach or Cullercoats Bay coastline, where you can enjoy the warmth of the sand beneath your toes, feel the splashy waves of the ocean and if possible, wait until it's dark and witness the beauty of the sun going down at Riley's Fish Shack.

Fan of cinema and theatre?

Visit the top-tier independent Tyneside Cinema and follow the latest cult showing theatres ranging from a classic of the 1980s and 1990s and the latest movies. If you are a fan of 3D, watch hit and blockbusters movies with your friends at The Gate or Odeon, which is present nearby metro centre.

Ever experienced live music?

If you are a fan or this is your first time of live music, you may just have landed on the right step. Newcastle is home to a thriving live music experience that offers great metal singers, DJs, and rap artists at the Sage Gateshead, Metro Radio Arena, and the famous O2 Academy.

Grey Street and Grey's Monument

Named after Prime Minister Charles Grey, the Grey Monument is one of the most popular local attractions present in Grey's Street, Newcastle. The venue offers a beautiful panoramic view to its visitors and boasts centuries-old architecture that always manages to bury deep within their hearts.  

Grainger Market

Don't get confused with the fictional Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. We are talking about Newcastle's most versatile local supermarket, the Grainger Market where students will get the best bargains on locally produced items, and daily edibles alongside numerous eloquent boutique stalls.

Things to do in Newcastle

When it comes to gel up the fun-loving environment in any UK city, Newcastle always manages to make up for its exclusive reputation. The city has been ranked #1 place to visit in the world in 2018 and has also been voted #3 in the UK in terms of city life. Boasting exotic destinations and UK's medieval history, Newcastle brings a list of the best lifestyle points that should be crossed out from every student's list.

Love for Football

Cheer your city's football team at St. James’ Park. Home to the nation's beloved Newcastle United Football Club, it is impossible to visit the humongous St James’ Park. You can cheer your lungs out, along with 52,000 spectators echoing in the same tone and supporting their teams to win the prestigious Football League and UEFA Football Cup.

Nature and waterfalls

Check out the jaw-dropping aesthetic beauty of Jesmond. Jesmond is a nearby place in Newcastle that is left out from all the city's bust and bustle of daily life. People often visit here to relax and observe the beautiful wooden valley's natural beauty, where they feel the warmth of the stones and cold water after standing under the Jesmond waterfall.

Fan of Castles and Coastlines 

Students should try going to Northumberland. Being found right after the early medieval period in the UK, our student Newcastle guide brings the notable mentions of the famous Alnwick Castle and the Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh and Lindisfarne Castles designed by nature to meet the ocean and land in a never-seen-before manner.

Trip to UNESCO Heritage Site in Durham

Don't feel surprised if you think Newcastle is not as you expected. The city's closest neighbour, Durham is a world-renowned UNESCO Heritage Site that brings you the story of the UK's storyline present in picture-perfect architectures, buildings, and cathedrals.

Ever tried rock climbing? 

Visit the Northumberland National Park and join others in various adventure activities. The Northumberland National Park is a kind of national park ground that spreads for miles in every direction from Newcastle. The park offers bird sightseeing, wild animal watching, rock climbing, mountain trekking and horse saddling activities which are more than ample to settle into your memory forever.

Newcastle night out is a must

While you may be wandering the city in broad daylight, exploring the city at night is opposite to what you expect. Newcastle offers a vibrant night-out lifestyle to its visitors. Students can try visiting The Forth and Town Wall near Central Station which offers cozy corners, rooftops and traditional pub food, all at budget-friendly prices.

Common ways to travel in Newcastle

Our student city guide Newcastle would have been incomplete if we haven't discussed how you would be traversing in and out of the city. As a part of the prestigious UK transport system, the City of Newcastle hasn't been out of its bound to provide a cost-effective and affordable transportation system. These systems are well-furnished and join all local and prominent parts of this enormous city.


Bus services in Newcastle are run by Stagecoach Bus Services, a single service provider in the city. More than 150 buses run 24 hours a day on the roads and highways, thus making it possible enough to spot a bus on every corner of the city.


Newcastle is home to the Tyne and Wear Metro, Britain's first light rail system, and dates back to 1980. The city has a well-connected suburban and underground railway system that joins the Newcastle City Centre to every surrounding metropolitan borough.

Newcastle Water Travel System

The city is based upon the beautiful River Tyne, which would have been evident for anyone to deduce the city's water transport system. The city has a great deal of water travelling system that connects Newcastle International Ferry Terminal to an exotic port named IJmuiden in Amsterdam.


The Newcastle council has also provided their citizens with a local taxi system that quickly books taxis via their mobile apps. The best perk about Newcastle's taxi system is that the city's average fare charges are far lower than in the neighbouring parts of the UK.

Earn some bucks while living in Newcastle

Till now, you may have already gotten the idea that Newcastle isn't as costly as its neighbouring cities like London or Birmingham. But living away from home can come hefty if your expenses aren't managed well. While you can always take a safety deposit cash from your family, doing some side hustles to gain an extra income won't be as hectic as it seems.

To deliver knowledge to our readers reading the 'student city guide Newcastle,' we have enlisted top part-time job offers that you can easily find around the city. These chores may or may not become your full-time career but are indeed pointed out to improve your work ethic and make you a more reasonable person.

Part-time tutoring

Teaching young minds is one of the most lovable part-time jobs that one could ask for. As the job requirements are essential and require no additional degree or course, students can engage in tutoring students and can earn fair basis wages, side by side.

Become a web writer

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has left people using their smartphones now more than ever. This has left the content writing industry to work even more than before. Thus, by writing guest blogs or doing ghostwriting, not only you can earn a respectable amount for every article, but you can hone your communication skills alongside.

University application mentor

The university administration hires a university application mentor every year. Their role is to guide sophomore students and indulge in hearing their course preferences, their queries regarding academic and social grounds, and making sure they feel more comfortable in such a new environment.

Student Ambassador

Have you ever heard about a leader of a student union? Well, that is who the student ambassador is. A student ambassador's role is to resolve conflicts between students, cater to their daily needs in and out of university, and control the student panel during functions or events. Such positions are assigned to someone who can handle groups, work under pressure and manage other students without difficulty.

Subsequently, don't take it hard upon yourself if you don't find part-time work in the first few days. Newcastle and all other parts of the UK have ample opportunities for both part-time and full-time career opportunities.

Making life a bit easier for students living in Newcastle

Our student city guide Newcastle 2022 mainly revolves around the city's latest ground report and how to explore the town at basic expenses. But our guide wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't shared these essential points with our readers.

What to do in case of emergency (rental frauds/immigration issues etc.)

As this may be your first time in the city, students are advised to look upon their shoulders every time. With more, you are on your own, which means there will be no one else to blame if any wrong foot is stepped upon. For starters, if any student is put under such stress of rental fraud or tenet misbehaviour, you are advised to contact the undersigned authority the right way.

You can also communicate with the university administration to help you out with your problems. If not, you can always tap on your senior's doors for briefing you about the city's council and verified city agencies who can take care of your student accommodation in Newcastle. Keeping a tab on these points cannot guarantee you wouldn't make mistakes but will help if done.

Manage Finances

Going outside your native region brings a list of spending, starting from tuition fees to food and other supplements. The tip here is to be cautious and save anywhere possible. You can also look up to second-hand shopping centres or discounted shops where you buy reusable items at lower expenses. Also, make sure you make a budget for every month and manage to go through it once in a while.  

Useful apps and offers

In this era of digitalization, every facility is present in your palm. Thus, it would be wise to use your phone positively. Students visiting Newcastle are advised to download popular local apps such as Newcastle’s Best: Travel Guide for complete city information and the Q Tap app that allows you to book and pay for beverages in advance.


Q1. What are the features of the culture at Newcastle?
The Newcastle’s Theatre Royal and the Baltic art gallery are two prominent features of the culture.

Q2. How are the people of Newcastle?
The people in Newcastle are welcoming and full of hospitality. If you ask anyone about Newcastle and its people, you will hear only good things about the people there.

Q3. Is Newcastle LGBTQ-friendly?
Newcastle’s largest LGBT club Powerhouse, remains open until 5 am. It is located in the ‘Pink triangle’. It is home to a lot of gays, lesbian and trans-friendly bars and clubs, but welcomes everyone through its doors for late-night/early-morning partying.


Newcastle city is rightly crowned as one of the best cities in the UK. The locals and residents are warm and welcoming, the nightlife is amazing and the new art scene of artists, skilled beer and creativity mean there’s never been a more suitable time to begin three years on the Tyne.