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5570 Balaclava St, Vancouver
Dali Room - Bedroom
Dali Room - Bedroom
Dali Room - Bedroom

5570 Balaclava St, Vancouver

Balaclava St, Vancouver, V6N 1L1, Canada
0 mi from City Center
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17 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
WiFi Connectivity
Washing Machine
Closet Space

About the Property

Welcome to this stunning, one-of-a-kind residence nestled in a serene neighborhood. As you step through the front door, you'll immediately be captivated by the seamless fusion of contemporary design and timeless elegance. This luxurious home offers an inviting atmosphere with its meticulously crafted interior and abundance of natural light that filters through expansive windows.

What will you get

Common Amenities

WiFi Connectivity

Cancellation Policies (2)

  • Cooling Off Period
    This property does not offer cooling-off period.
  • Replacement Tenant Found
    This property allows cancellation upon finding replacement tenant.

Payment Policies (5)

  • Security Deposit
    This property requires security deposit.
  • Payment Instalment Plan
    This property offers flexible instalment plan.
  • Mode Of Payment
    Payment via easy transaction modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you request any requirements to reserve the accommodation?

Yes, visa approved, official identification, and an emergency number.

How long in advance should I book my accommodation?

Minimum one month in advance or you can subscribe to their waiting list and they will give you priority to know the availability.

Can I choose my accommodation?

Yes, their agents will offer you different accommodation options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Do you have options with a private bathroom?

Yes, it depends on availability and prices. Usually, a Homestay does not have a private bathroom.

They have pet-friendly accommodations?

Yes, but it depends on the type of accommodation.

What are the payment methods?

E-transfer via email
if it is with a credit card, a 3% commission is charged)
Wire transfer
Direct deposit

What are the customer service hours?

Monday to Friday from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Are pets allowed?

In most spaces, pets are not allowed due to the possible allergies of each resident or noise/mess, etc.

I want to view the property first?

Their sales agent will show you photos and videos of the accommodation.

Are there rooms for couples?

In fact, there are: twin and double rooms. They recommend asking your sales agent about availability.

Can I book last minute?

While it is indeed possible to find a space at the last minute, they highly recommend planning in advance to find the right coliving space for you.

Can I book a private room?

Yes, you can. they give you access to private and shared rooms in coliving spaces.

How to send a request?

When selecting a property and room type, two buttons appear, prebook and apply now. Prebook is for those who are not yet ready to arrive and want to reserve their place. Apply Now is for all those who need accommodation as soon as possible.

How to see spaces near the selected location?

You can use the map found on the page that shows the availability of their houses.

I sent a booking request in and haven't heard back?

They ask all agents to respond within 48 hours. If you haven't heard back within that time, please feel free to submit another Booking Request.

Can I do coliving if I am an introvert?

Coliving is a way of living designed for all types of personalities. While most people assume colivers live together all the time, the reality is you can stay in a coliving home and still enjoy your privacy, only socializing whenever you want.

Is there a TV in the bedroom?

None of their rooms include television

What are the benefits of this property?

They allow you to share fully furnished housing with like-minded communities under flexible lease terms. People choosing coliving as their main housing option do it for:
- Convenience
- Budget-friendly
- Community

How do I know it is not a scam?

They understand your concern and want to reassure you that they are a legitimate business. They also offer several methods of payment, including secure online payments, and their customer service team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
I booked a coliving and I can't see the address.
You will receive full check-in details one week prior to your arrival.

What is the minimum stay to book this property?

You may book coliving spaces for 4 weeks and longer stays.

I am very picky when it comes to choosing my room. Can I search for specific criteria?

They offer an advanced search feature to make sure you find the place most suitable for you:
- Bedroom type
- Shared or private bathroom
- Commute to your place of work or study
- Price etc.

How far in advance can I book?

They recommend booking a month and a half before your arrival.

When do I get my deposit back?

You will get your deposit back after moving out of the coliving home, provided they confirm you left the place in good condition.

Do I receive a booking receipt?

Yes, once you have paid your booking, you will receive a email link to your receipt that you can print out.

What’s your availability?

Availability is alway changing, so they’ll send you their current availability (based on the type of room you're looking for) in an offer when you apply (which is free). The availability in the offer sheet is subject to change, as people sign offers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What do your cleaners clean?

Their trusted team cleaning team prepares your room before your arrival.

What is the price?

Their prices vary depending on which house you choose and whether you choose to stay in a private or a shared room.
Who are the type of people who usually live in your spaces?
The typical people who live in their spaces are between the ages of 21 and 35.

What are the rooms like?

They have everything from single rooms with private bathrooms to shared rooms with shared bathrooms, depending on your budget. Let us know what you are looking for and they’ll be happy to accomodate.

What happens after I apply?

If everything checks out, they’ll send you a follow-up email within one business day with an offer.

How many people are in each house?

It depends on the house, but their houses range from 6 members to 12 members.

How big are the rooms?

Their smallest private rooms are around 50-75 square feet and their largest private rooms are around 150 square feet. To see the exact size of their rooms, please schedule a call with their agent. All rooms are fully furnished and decorated.

What’s included in my rent?

Your room, bed (prepared for a fee), utilities and wifi (included, but listed as a separate line-item on your rent bill), move-in ready furniture, working space, security systems, constant access to your house leader, and new friends.

How do I pay for rent?

All payments are sent as electronic invoices sent to your email. You may pay in any electronic format. For your first month's rent, you will receive an invoice to pay after being approved as a client. For all future month's payments, when you pay depends on when you move in. If you aren’t moving in on the first day of the month, your first months invoice will be for one month starting from your move-in date. For the second invoice, you will be billed a pro-rated amount until the last day of the month. After that, all future months will be billed from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. If you are moving in on the first of the month, your rent is always due on the first of the month, with no pro-rated invoices.

How do you create a sense of community?

From their house managers (who will meet you upon arrival), to the events they hold multiple times per month, their team is dedicated to giving you the sense of community you are looking for, whether in a professional or personal capacity.

What is your cancellation policy (During-stay cancellation)?

There is no option to cancel during your stay, as with any common residential lease. Please consult your lease for specifics.

Can I extend my lease?

Yes! They’re happy to have their members stay longer; however, they can't extend you lease if they don't know about your extension. As soon as you decide to extend your lease.

Who is the house manager and what do they do?

Their house managers are members who stay at their houses to help you out! They help with move-ins, move-outs, events and general help. They live in the house and are always accessible.


While they abide by all current housing laws, please understand that this is a coliving space and that current and future members that you share the space with may be allergic to your animal.

Is there an What are the requirements to rent? age limit?

There is no age limit. They like all ages to be represented because they believe that the interaction of different profiles generates value for everyone in the house.

What kind of person lives in this PMG?

They provide inclusive environment for all profiles. They do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender identity gender identity, language sexual orientation or religion. Of course, their community started thanks to open-minded people with an interest in living together with other people.

Can I know who my housemates will be before I move in?

They can provide you with basic information about those who already live there, such as age, gender and occupation. Although they will keep the rest of the details anonymous, out of respect for the privacy of their residents, they want you to have enough information to make a good decision.

Can I be part of the community without living in one of its spaces?

Of course! They love to bring together all those who share their passion for coliving and home sharing, no matter if they are their clients or not, that's why they created a facebook group that they invite you to join.

Who is co-living for?

Co-Living is for anyone who is ready to a new way of life, willing of meeting new people, who If you’re a native Canadian, it’s your new scene. If you’re new to Canada, it’s your home away from home. If you're an entrepreneur, it’s your future network. Co-living is for anyone who values community and convenience and is ready to embrace a new way to live.

What is the difference between your room types?

They have a few room types on offer.

How do I pay my rent?

Rent can easily be paid automatically each month via direct debit on the first of the month. This will all be set up when you sign your rental agreement.

Can I decorate my room?

Make yourself at home but please don’t hammer anything into the wall. Any damage incurred will come out of your deposit when you leave.

How about the cleanning?

Each member of the house will have to take care of cleaning their room and when they use the common areas.

Is there parking on site?

Some of the places do have it, for an extra cost! So ask if your location still has some available.

Is the laundry facility free?

It is possible to have guests as long as the other roommates are notified.

What utensils are available in the communal kitchen?

Their common kitchens are equipped for basic cooking with the essential utensils for you to prepare your meals. This includes silverware, cutlery, pans, pots, and more.

How do I live at the property?

Once the reservation is made, you will pay a deposit (don't worry, they will return it to you at the end of your stay) and then they put together a contract for the duration you have chosen for your stay. It depends on the state of the department and if there is nothing pending in your account with us.

Can I leave early?

If you need to leave earlier you can find someone to take your place or they will have to keep the deposit.

How many people do I share the bathroom with?

Generally, the bathrooms are shared with 2 or 3 other people, but this can vary depending on the size of the house.

What furniture can I expect?

All their rooms are fully furnished, equipped and decorated to be completely ready for you to move in and feel at home immediately. In the living room, you can expect a cozy sitting area. There will be a dining room with enough space for everyone to sit and enjoy dinner and the kitchens are fully equipped with everything you need. they also try to provide as many standard accessories as possible, so you don't have to worry or bring anything when you move. From kitchen appliances to utensils, cutlery, plates, pans and cups.

What about having friends over for dinner?

You can invite friends over for lunch, dinner, etc., as long as your housemates agree. Just let others know and be careful with noise. You can always bring the fun to a general area with closed doors or take it to the bar.

Do you have house rules?

Yes, inside their houses you can find signs in the common areas with the rules.

How much does it cost to live in this property?

The monthly price depends on the city, the house and the type of room. You can see all their available rooms including prices.

Do you charge a deposit and when will it be refunded?

If the room is in the same state as when you moved in, the deposit will be fully refunded 10 days after the end of your contract.

What days can I move?

The entry time is from 3:00 p.m. in all their cities. This allows us to make sure your room will be ready for you until you move out. If your planned arrival time is before 3 p.m. m., you can easily contact their team on their app and see if you can move in sooner.

What if hings dont work out with my roommates?

They work hard to make sure all their residents are enjoying their experience. In the event a roommate doesn’t work out, they employ conflict resolution support staff to help understand and navigate the differences. In the rare instance transferring houses is the best solution for all, they will provide alternate options based on availability and pricing.

Is there a kitchen I can use?

Yes there is! They have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used by all guests.

What kind of events are organized at this property?

Every month, a great variety of events are organized for or by members - a cooking class, a volleyball tournament, or simply a pleasant dinner.

Do you provide extra services?

Bedding, airport pick up or something

What's your availability?

Their availability depends on their occupancy rate, but also on the type of room you are looking for, the neighborhood... They have many houses under renovation, allowing us to offer you a large number of rooms that are opening very soon. After your call with their Housing Coordinator, they will send you their current availability based on your chosen room you're looking for. If you want to secure your room, be quick.

Is there a laundry room?

Yes, every house has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. The number of laundry appliances depends on the number of housemates.

How much does a room cost?

On average, the pricing for a bedroom is around $950, but depends of the city. On top of the monthly rent, they ask for a deposit of 1-2 month's rent which they return to you once you move out.

Can I make changes to my bedroom?

You can do pretty much what you want in your room as long as you do not damage walls, floors or other surfaces and return your bedroom to the state in which you found it.

What is included in my bedroom?

Their rooms are fully furnished, equipped, and have almost everything you need. They say almost because the only things they don't provide are a blanket, sheets and cushion(s).

Is it possible to move from one house to another?

Yes, as long as there is a free room. Moreover, you have priority over people not in the Cohabs network yet. You can apply for a new room directly through their mobile application.

May I smoke in a house?

No, their houses are smoke free areas.

Do people eat together?

People do their meals independently or, sometimes, group up to cook common meals.

What does the kitchen look like?

There are 2 cooking stations, and it doesn't get too crowded as everyone cooks at different times of the day. Their members also usually enjoy the multiple local restaurants available from a walking distance or deliveries.

How do you communicate in the house?

They have a Whatsapp group for the colivers in the house as well as for the community leaders. they also have a private Facebook group to post polls and event links.

What happens when I leave?

You are still connected with the coliving through the Facebook group!

I haven’t received a confirmation. What should I do?

Double check your emails and your spam folder. If it's still lost drop us an email via the Contact page.

Why move into a this home?

By moving into this home, you get much more than just a roof over your head: you get a place to call home. Say goodbye to administrative paperwork: they take care of subscribing to and paying for electricity, water, gas, housing insurance and internet. You save precious time and get to live your life on your own terms! Moments in which you'll be able to make unforgettable memories amongst housemates.

How long is the notice period if I want to leave this property?

The notice period is one month.

During my stay, who should I speak to if I have any questions?

Answering your questions is the purpose of this FAQ, so be sure to read it carefully. If you can't find the answers your looking for here, then their support will be happy to answer your questions and to help you.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency on weekends and holidays?

Coliving : Outside of office hours, and for any emergency, a dedicated on-call number is available so that they can assist you.

Who is in charge of keeping the house in good shape?

It's your house, therefore you and your housemates share the responsibility of taking care of household chores and of cleaning up after yourselves.

What are the shared spaces at property?

Flatshares & Coliving: All their residences have a large kitchen, living room and laundry area to share with the rest of your roommates.

Do I have to share my bathroom and toilet?

They offer both en-suite and shared bathroom units.

Not sure what to choose?

Don't worry, a member of the team will advise you on the available rooms and the best option for you.

What role will I play in building the community?

Community starts with you! You play an essential role in making your home a space where people enjoy being together, where the sense of belonging is strong and where the group can flourish. In order for everyone to fully enjoy their experience, they expect everyone to follow the rules of life: mutual respect and daily chores, but also participation in the life of the house on a voluntary basis (parties, dinners, events, etc.). If you want to meet new people and have a good time together, coliving is for you! It's your home and your experience, make the most of it.

How do I pay the accommodation fee?

Monthly payments can be made via bank transfer on the last day of each month. Monthly payments have to be made in 5 days.

Can I move in before my agreement starts?

You can check-in earlier than your agreement states only if you receive an availability confirmation from the administration. Please make sure to contact us before arrival.

Can I check-in outside reception work hours?

If you need to arrive outside the reception work hours, please let us know the exact day and approximate time of your arrival. They will explain the self-check-in procedure step by step to make your check-in as simple as possible.

What happens if something in my room breaks or doesn’t work?

Their handyman is always on hand if something in your room breaks or doesn’t work. Just send us an e-mail or fill the form and describe the problem. They will try to fix it ASAP.

What can I do if I don’t feel comfortable in my room after moving in?

Please contact reception. If they have any other possible room to offer, they will do their best to find the right room for you.

Where are my check-in instructions?

You will receive your check-in instructions via email 1-2 days prior to your check-in. Make sure you whitelist to make sure you receive the email.

Do I have a key to my room door?

Some rooms have keys, some do not.

Does this property allows family/dependent stay?

Yes, property allows family/dependent stay provided rooms are available which can be shared by 2 or more people.

17 students viewed this property in the last 24 hours
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Student Accomodations in Vancouver

Student Housing in Vancouver

With bustling city life and prestigious institutes like the University of British Columbia and Langara College, student housing in Vancouver is a critical consideration for scholars looking to meld comfort with convenience. Student residence Vancouver options range from shared apartments to private studios, addressing varying preferences and needs. When seeking off-campus housing, students gain the flexibility of choosing their living environment and often benefit from more spacious living quarters compared to on-campus dormitories. Amber serves as the perfect platform for navigating the myriad of Vancouver student housing. The accommodations are situated in strategic locations, ensuring that students can commute easily to institutions such as the Canadian College of Technology and Business and the University of Canada West. Notable properties like the Harrington Housing West End and Norquay II are among the sought-after housing options that cater to the needs of students looking for a home away from home without specifying prices.

About Vancouver

Located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia, Vancouver is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains and is known for its thriving art, theatre, and music scenes. Its history is a captivating tale of growth, diversity, and cultural exchange. The city has a deep respect for nature and its cultural diversity. Nature lovers must explore Stanley Park, with its old-grown cedar forest surrounded by serene water views and sandy beaches. The VanDusen Botanical Garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver Aquarium, English Bay, Jericho Beach, and Nitobe Memorial Garden are also some of the famous natural attractions in Vancouver. The other top spots that students can check out include the Museum of Anthropology, Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver Public Library, False Creek, and Science World. With so much to explore, Vancouver serves as a wonderful place for both local and international students.

Best Student Housing in Vancouver

Finding the perfect Student residence Vancouver is an important aspect of ensuring a comfortable living experience while pursuing academic goals. For students relocating to Vancouver, securing student housing that offers independence, affordability, and a vibrant community life can greatly enhance their university experience. With proximity to top educational institutions, students can enjoy the convenience of living close to their university while also benefiting from the enrichment that comes with off-campus living. Student rentals Vancouver includes a variety of housing options, such as ensuite rooms, student halls, studio apartments, and shared flats, offering something to fit every preference and budget. Discover some of the best student rentals Vancouver options available on amber, which cater to the diverse needs of students:

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Cost of Living in Vancouver

University fees, housing rent, locality, personal expenses, and lifestyle choices - all these factors together influence the cost of living for students. Vancouver’s average cost of living is higher than Toronto’s by 10%. For students living in Vancouver, the overall cost of living ranges between CAD 1,673 to CAD 2,673 per month. Here is a breakdown of the expenses you may incur when living in Vancouver:

1. Housing: CAD 500-CAD 1000 per month

2. Transportation: CAD 120-CAD 150 per month

3. Food: CAD 500-CAD 600 per month

4. Utility: CAD 90-CAD 100 per month

5. Entertainment: CAD 100-CAD 150 per month

Student Travel in Vancouver

When choosing off campus housing Vancouver, it's imperative to consider the ease of commuting to and from your place of study. Being a bustling cosmopolitan city, Vancouver boasts an efficient and affordable public transport network. Public transportation in Vancouver is known for its reliability and coverage, enveloping all the major educational institutions.

The versatility of Vancouver's transport systems extends to buses, the SkyTrain metro system, and cycling paths, all fashioned to support eco-friendly and convenient travel. What follows is a detailed breakdown of these modes:

1. Buses: Operated by TransLink, Vancouver's buses cover extensive routes across the city. They offer frequent services, with buses running every 5 to 15 minutes during peak hours. Fares start at around CAD 2.95 (adult, single-zone), but students may opt for a Compass Card, a reloadable fare card that offers better rates and ease of travel across different transport modes.

2. SkyTrain: The SkyTrain is Vancouver's rapid transit rail system, with major lines such as the Expo, Millennium, and Canada Lines. Average wait times range from 3 to 7 minutes, ensuring that students can get to their destinations swiftly. A single fare starts at CAD 2.95, and cheaper options are available with the Compass Card.

3. Cycling: Vancouver is extremely bike-friendly, offering a network of bike lanes and bike-share programs, such as Mobi by Shaw Go. This is a perfect mode of transport for those looking for a cost-effective, healthy, and environment-friendly way to commute. Most off campus housing Vancouver renders parking spaces.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Vancouver

Nestled in the bustling heart of Canada's Pacific Northwest, Vancouver is a haven for students seeking a balanced lifestyle where urban modernity and natural beauty converge. A city renowned for its picturesque landscape, Vancouver offers students an exceptional quality of life with an emphasis on safety and inclusion. The famed Vancouver Artisanal Cafes near Vancouver, BC, are a must-visit for coffee lovers. Alternatively, the chic bars and restaurants in the Granville Entertainment District, not far from Vancouver accommodation options, provide an upbeat backdrop for weekend socializing. Aside from the lively urban atmosphere, Vancouver's plethora of green spaces cannot go unnoticed. Stanley Park, an urban oasis less than a 5-mile radius from the city's core, offers serene trails and beaches perfectly suited for a mid-term study break or a post-exam picnic. The city's connection to nature extends to the nearby beaches like Kitsilano Beach, where students can enjoy sunsets and outdoor activities. Seasonal music festivals and local cultural fairs in the Greater Vancouver area spice up the academic calendar, allowing students to immerse themselves in the artistic and diverse ethos of the city. Students residing in student apartments Vancouver will find more than a home – they'll discover a community that treasures education and the splendours of life in equal measure.

Vancouver Tourist Attractions

Vancouver is famous for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. From beautiful, lush green gardens and stunning wineries to museums, art galleries, and historical marvels, Vancouver has several amazing tourist attractions. We have curated a list of the best tourist attractions in Vancouver; have a look.

1. UBC Botanical Garden

2. Stanley Park

3. Museum of Vancouver

4. Granville Island

5. Vancouver Seawall

6. Granville Island Public Market

7. Vancouver Aquarium

8. Kitsilano Beach

9. Marine Building

10. Brockton Point Totem Pole

Top Universities in Vancouver

Vancouver has emerged as a highly attractive study destination for international students, given its quality education, diverse range of programs, safe and welcoming environment, high quality of life, and career opportunities. Various universities are offering top-tier education to students. These include:

1. University of British Columbia

2. Vancouver Film School

3. University Canada West

4. Simon Fraser University

5. Emily Carr University

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