Room in a 6 Bedroom Apartment, 4126 Raleigh St, Orlando, FL 32811

Raleigh St, Orlando, 32811, United States
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3.8 mi from City Center
3.8 mi from City Center( 1h 25m. 32m. 12m)
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city center | 3.1 mi
Valencia college | 3.1 mi
University of Central Florida | 14.8 mi
Daytona State College | 52.0 mi
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Enjoy living in a newly-renovated House. This cozy home is decorated with modern touches while providing the basic necessities. All that’s missing is you! The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, sink, oven, stovetop, as well as upgraded appliances. It’s the perfect spot for you to cook at home and save money. The surrounding location is close to public transit, making it the perfect place to call home.


1. 0.1 miles to Columbia St and Amaros Ave

2. 0.1 miles to Columbia Street and Amaros Avenue

3. 0.2 miles to Columbia St and Amaros Ave

4. 0.2 miles to Columbia St and Henton Lane

5. 0.2 miles to Columbia St and Ola Dr

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  • Pay In Instalment
    Flexible payment terms
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    Payment via easy transaction modes.
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    Guarantor requirements and policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the property's income requirements?

Your income will be verified as part of the property's application process. Applicants may choose to have their income verified in one of two ways: When you pass their Membership criteria and your income is verified, you will be approved for a weekly room rate. You can still qualify for Membership if you are on unemployment or between jobs, but you will need to pay more Membership dues upfront.

  • By connecting their bank account through their vendor, Plaid. Plaid will automatically check your account for recurring income streams.
  • By uploading supporting documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, deposit statements or award letters.

Can I live in this property if I'm self-employed or currently unemployed?

Yes, you can still apply and be accepted to property! Submitting documentation for acceptance is easy and outlined.

Can I see a room before I move in?

Because They value the privacy of their Members, you are not allowed to tour the physical home before your move-in date. That’s why they have 3D tours of almost every property; you can get a tour without having to go anywhere! Once you are approved as a Member, you can view cross-streets for specific homes and see nearby attractions such as public transit, grocery stores, and gas stations. Additionally, they provide one free transfer within 14 days of your commitment period if your initial home isn’t a great fit.

Are there rooms with private bathrooms?

Yes! You can filter by bathroom type on the property search page. Bathroom type is also listed in the room description as either shared or private. Please note, this property has a limited availability of rooms with private bathrooms, and they are booked quickly.

Will I have to sign a lease to live in this property?

This Property requires a minimum stay of at least 31 days. Your commitment could be between 31-36 days based on your booking selection. You can pay weekly or bi-weekly and choose the day you pay your dues. If you break the minimum commitment of at least 31 days, you will be charged $175. Property offers one free transfer within 14 days of your initial commitment period. After the initial commitment period, you will be automatically moved to a Week-to-week commitment. They require a credit or debit card on file.

Are properties handicap accessible?

The Property is committed to adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). While most properties are not currently handicap accessible, The property will pass any requests for structural accommodations filed under the ADA to Hosts. In addition, property will consider requests that are consistent with the guidance under the ADA for booking assistance, service dogs and other non-structural accommodations.

How much will it cost to move in?

The Property aims to make booking easy, transparent and affordable. There are three payments that are required in order to book a room:

  • Membership Application Fee: The Membership application fee covers the cost of your background check and employment verification. This fee varies based on current promotions. Please note, this fee is non-refundable.
  • Move-In Fee: The move-in fee covers the cost of cleaning and getting your room ready for move-in. The move-in fee varies per room but averages $100.
  • Membership Dues: Members with documented income (W-2, 1099, self-employed, SSI) will have to pay up to 2 weeks and prorated Membership dues before move-in. Members on unemployment or between jobs must pay a larger portion of dues upfront.

What utilities and amenities are provided?

Your weekly payment covers utilities like electricity, water, heating, and waste management, and wireless internet at no cost to you. All property homes come equipped with wireless internet at no extra cost to you. At many homes, there is free on-site parking available. As a Member, you’ll also have access to free 24/7 telemedicine services and credit reporting.

Is parking available?

Most property homes come with a variety of places to park, including a driveway, a carport or street spots. Please note that there are no assigned parking spots. Occasionally, a Host may restrict vehicles if the maximum number of vehicles at a property is reached. If a property is restricting vehicles, it will be visible in a room's listing before booking. If the room you book allows you to bring a vehicle, you are only allowed to bring one vehicle and you must follow their parking rules. Violations are subject to their Three Keys Policy and/or towing.

Will I have roommates?

Yes. To keep your housing affordable, property homes are shared by approved Members. All Members must pass a background check before moving into a property.

Who cleans the home?

In most properties, the Members of the home are responsible for cleaning and purchasing cleaning supplies. Talk to your housemates about a cleaning schedule and how best to share this responsibility and cost. What does a clean home mean?


  • The sink is always empty and the stove is always spotless.
  • Every time you use a dish, pan or utensil, clean it, dry it and put it away. Want to soak something? Heat it up and clean it instead.
  • Clean up any splatters on the stove immediately. Put away pots and pans that aren’t in use.


  • Shared bathrooms must be kept clean at all times.
  • No foreign objects may be thrown in the toilets or sinks at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, feminine products, wet wipes, packaging, dental floss and hair. Fixing clogged toilets and sinks can run to several hundred dollars and these costs will be passed through directly to members.


  • All trash must be thrown in the proper receptacle. Please take out trash before the receptacle gets too full.
  • All trash must be placed in the proper outside trash bin. Outside trash bins need to be pulled to the curb on trash day and pulled back to the home after pickup.

When do I pay my rent?

One of the perks of property is that you can choose to pay rent weekly or every two weeks. You can select the day of the week that works best for you, and many Members choose their payday! Your payment schedule is selected during the booking process. You can change your payment schedule by calling Member Support, though some rules will apply.

Will my weekly rate ever increase?

Both property and their Hosts are committed to providing affordable housing for Members, however sometimes rate increases are necessary for a Host to continue operations. Hosts must adhere to the following set of rules when raising room rates:

  • Hosts may only raise the room rate for Members that have resided in the room for 90 or more days
  • Hosts may not increase a Member's room rate more than once in 6 months
  • Hosts must give 30 days notice of any room rate increase
  • Hosts may not increase the room rate by more than $10 in each of these periods

How do I pay my rent?

To make a payment, log into your Member Dashboard and click on the "Finances" tab. Click the "Pay Now" button and fill in your payment information. Click the "Submit Payment" button to finish. You can also pay your dues through the property Member app. They recommend turning on autopay so you never miss a payment. If you signed a member agreement that includes a minimum commitment of at least 31 days, property requires a credit or debit card on file for your weekly dues. Prepaid cards will not be accepted.

Room in a 6 Bedroom Apartment, 4126 Raleigh St, Orlando, FL 32811
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Student Accomodations in Orlando

Orlando Student Accommodation

Discovering the right student housing in Orlando can be a pivotal part of the college experience. Students in Orlando, Florida, have a diverse array of options to consider when it comes to accommodation. The vibrant cityscape, coupled with the warmth of its local communities, makes Orlando student housing an attractive proposition for both local and international students. Life in off-campus student housing can offer more flexibility, independence, and opportunities for personal growth compared to on-campus dormitories. Additionally, it can provide a fuller immersion into the local culture and lifestyle of Orlando.

With a user-friendly website and a vast database of properties, amber allows students to browse through different Orlando student housing options effortlessly. With amber, students can filter accommodations based on their preferences, ensuring that they find a place that feels like a home away from home. The accommodations typically range from private studios to shared apartments and are situated in convenient locations that offer easy access to university campuses, shopping centres, and entertainment hubs. These student apartments Orlando FL come equipped with a host of modern amenities such as high-speed internet, fitness centres, study lounges, and more, catering to every aspect of student life. Some of the best student apartments in Orlando are Arden Villas, The Verge, and Current Orlando.

About Orlando

Orlando, a vibrant city located in the heart of Florida, is a hub of excitement and opportunities, particularly for students. Known primarily for its world-class theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is much more than just a tourist destination. Its bustling economy is supported by thriving sectors in technology, healthcare, and entertainment, making it a land of professional prospects for graduates. This sunny city is also a nurturing ground for academic pursuits, offering a dynamic environment for its student population.

Students seeking Orlando Florida student housing find themselves immersed in a melting pot of cultures, with various events and festivals celebrating the city's diversity. From the artsy vibe of the Loch Haven Park area to the historic cobblestone streets of Thornton Park, localities within Orlando boast their unique charm and character. These universities contribute significantly to Orlando's educational landscape, underpinning the city's commitment to academic excellence. For students, this translates to a range of housing options in Orlando that are as diverse as their educational paths.

Best Student Accommodation in Orlando

Finding the perfect student accommodation is a pivotal part of the university experience, especially for those relocating to Orlando. An off-campus home can offer a plethora of benefits, providing the invaluable independence that comes with living apart from university constraints. Affordability often plays a role in student choices, and an off-campus locale can deliver more economically sound options compared to on-campus counterparts. Communal living in these Orlando student housing also fosters a strong sense of community among students, enhancing the overall academic journey. Within Orlando, a variety of housing styles are available, including ensuite rooms, shared student halls, and private studio apartments, offering something for everyone's taste and budget. Some of the best student housing in Orlando includes:

1. Arden Villas: Arden Villas Orlando boasts an unbeatable location near renowned educational institutions like the University of Central Florida and Valencia College. This student housing Florida is situated just a stone's throw away from these prestigious universities, Arden Villas offers a range of studios and 1, 2, & 3-bedroom apartments.

2. The Verge: The Verge stands out with its trendy living spaces and vibrant community, making it a trendy hub for students seeking an energetic ambiance. With a variety of room types, such as 2, 3, and 4-bedroom and studio apartments, students can find the perfect space to suit their needs. It is an ideal Florida student housing.

3. Current Orlando: Current Orlando combines modern living with convenience, offering upscale facilities and proximity to campus locations. It offers a range of room types to suit various needs and budgets, including 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options.

4. Orion On Orpington: With its comfortable student housing in Orlando with strategic location, Orion On Orpington offers a balance between academic focus and recreational activities. This property's popularity stems from its reputable location and diverse room offerings, including the sought-after 4 Bed 4 Bath setup.

Cost of Living in Orlando

Understanding the average cost of living in Orlando is crucial for students planning to move to this vibrant city. Known for its theme parks and entertainment, the cost of living in Orlando significantly impacts student finances and lifestyle decisions. Your cost of living will depend on several factors, such as the rent of your Orlando student housing, the location of your Orlando student housing, and personal preferences. With proper planning and budgeting, you can easily manage your monthly expenses. Below, we've laid down the many expenses that you may incur while staying in Orlando:

1. Off-campus housing: $520 - $600 per month

2. Transportation: $70 - $80 per month

3. Food: $520 - $550 per month

4. Utility: $180 - $190 per month

5. Entertainment: $40 - $55 per month

6. Groceries: $50 - $65 per month

7. Clothes: $100 - $125 per month

Student Travel Orlando

When looking for Orlando student housing off-campus, one of the deciding factors for students is often the ease of travel and accessibility to local amenities. Student living in Orlando, offered by amber, ensures that students have convenient and cost-effective transit options at their doorstep, simplifying the experience of student travel in Orlando. Whether it's to attend classes, explore the city, or connect with peers, knowing the public transportation systems around your accommodation is essential.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the student travel options available in Orlando for those living in student housing in Orlando:

1. Buses: Orlando's bus service, operated by LYNX, offers extensive routes across the city and is an affordable option for students. With buses running frequently throughout the day, the fare starts at $2, and students can avail of discounted fares by purchasing a 7-day or 30-day pass. The LYMMO bus service is fare-free in the downtown area, which is a bonus for students.
2. SunRail: The SunRail train service is ideal for traveling greater distances quickly across Orlando. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $2 with incremental fares depending on the travel zones. Students can also benefit from reduced fares with a SunCard.
3. Biking: Orlando offers numerous bike paths and trails for those who prefer to cycle. Since it's both an eco-friendly and healthy option, many students opt for cycling. Bike-sharing programs like Juice Bike Share can be found around the city, providing an accessible transport alternative for short commutes.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Orlando

Orlando, famously known as the theme park capital of the world, offers a dynamic canvas for student life. In this bustling Florida city, students can look forward to a high quality of living, bolstered by a hospitable community that values safety and academic growth. Settle into Orlando student housing and immerse in a city that's more than just thrills and spills. The area is pulsating with a youth-centric vibrancy that seamlessly blends study with leisure. Just a stone's throw from housing in Orlando, you'll find inviting cafes like Le Cafe De Paris, Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar, and Craft & Common, where the aroma of artisanal coffee fuels late-night studies and early-morning chats. For those craving a break from the books, the nearby Leu Gardens offers a serene green escape, or take a short hop to Boxi Park to revel in live music and food trucks.

Evenings in Orlando light up with student-friendly bars and restaurants. The Social and The Beacham are hotspots for indie music lovers and dance enthusiasts alike, all within a convenient radius of your Orlando student apartments. Between classes, swing by the thriving Milk District, where food, culture, and nightlife meet for an eclectic student experience. Throughout the year, the city's calendar is dotted with events that cater to a diverse array of interests. From the Orlando Film Festival to the Electric Daisy Carnival, you're never short of options to soak in the local culture and creativity.

Orlando Tourist Attractions

Orlando, a bustling city in the heart of Florida, is credited with being the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers and fantasy lovers alike. Home to world-renowned theme parks, spectacular shows, and lush natural parks, Orlando offers an array of unforgettable experiences, making it a magnet for students from around the globe. Below are a few tourist attractions in and near student living apartments Orlando:

1. Walt Disney World Resort
2. Universal Orlando Resort
3. SeaWorld Orlando
4. Discovery Cove
5. Orlando Science Center
6. Gatorland
7. Lake Eola Park
8. Orlando Museum of Art
9. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
10. International Drive

Universities in Orlando

Orlando, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and host to a myriad of esteemed universities, serves as a beacon for students from around the globe. Offering a combination of high-quality education and a rich cultural tapestry, Orlando is an ideal destination for those pursuing academic excellence.

1. University of Central Florida
2. Valencia College
3. Rollins College
4. Full Sail University
5. Seminole State College of Florida
6. Florida A&M University College of Law

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