Student Accommodations near University of Miami, Miami

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Avenue Miami, Miami

SW 34th Ave, Miami
( 1h 1m. 1h 3m. 10m)
3 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
bills included
Washer / Dryer
laundry facility
From $235/ week

Miami Beach, Miami

West Dr, North Bay Village
( 5h 6m. 1h 18m. 32m)
6 Room Options
1 Offer
Instant Booking
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
bills included
Wi-Fi Internet
Fully Furnished
laundry facility
From $230/ week
Upto £500 Cashback

Identity Miami, Miami

SW 107th Ave, Miami
( 3h 13m. 1h 14m. 24m)
4 Room Options
2 Offers
Pay In Instalment
Yoga room
Pool Table
Wellness Center
Community Kitchen
Club Room With Tvs
Private Study Rooms
Community-Wide Wifi
Cyber Lounge With Pcs
Dedicated Study Rooms
Cyber Lounge With Macs
Fitness&Wellness center
24- Hour Fitness Center
15th-Floor Study Lounge
Sky Lounge With Balcony
Cyber Lounge With Printers
Lobby Lounge With Coffee Bar
Yoga Room With Peloton Bikes
Courtyard With Outdoor Seating
Sky Sundeck With Resort-Style Pool
From $999/ month

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Furnished Apartment, Miami

Wayne Ave, Miami
( 5h 58m. 1h 27m. 37m)
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Pay In Instalment
No Visa No Pay
bills included
Wifi Internet
Washer / Dryer
On-site Security
Fully Furnished
Concierge & Doorman
From $995/ week
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I rent student housing near University of Miami?

After browsing through our 15,000+ student housing options, you can follow amber’s quick and easy procedure to shortlist your desired University of Miami student housing, during which we will provide you with free housing-related student services. For further assistance, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have; our team will be glad to help.

Which is the most affordable student housing near University of Miami?

Harrington Housing Miami Beach, a fully-furnished student housing, is a luxurious, accessible and pocket-friendly student housing near University of Miami.

How do I pay for student housing near University of Miami?

You can use our payment portal with expert guidance when booking and paying for housing through amber. To better understand how to pay for your University of Miami housing, click here.

Where do most students live in Miami?

If you are willing to find student housing near University of Miami, Coral Gables is the place for you. This is the locality where University of Miami is located and has the most students residing within the entire Miami.

Can I stay with a friend at my Miami University Off Campus Apartments?

Yes, you can share the University of Miami housing with your friends. Still, depending on the property, you may be imposed a minimal extra charge for this. You can opt for dual occupancy studios or share apartments near University of Miami. Living in groups might earn you a discount as well.

What should I look for when booking University of Miami student housing?

The location of the University of Miami housing, its distance from the campus and your budget are the most critical factors for booking student housing near University of Miami. You should also check the following before booking your housing:

  • Desired number of roommates
  • Type of housing
  • Ensuite/Non-ensuite
  • Size of the room
  • Amenities provided

What will my rent include when booking student housing near University of Miami?

Amber saves you the hassle of keeping track of bills and payments by ensuring any fees or charges for amenities are included in your University of Miami housing rent. To get a better idea, watch this video.

What amenities and utilities and can you expect to find at student housing near University of Miami?

Amber does its best to provide students with housing near University of Miami that matches their needs. Many Purpose Based Student housings (PBSAs) offer basic facilities such as parking, laundry, high-speed wi-fi, hot water, and electricity. Some apartments near University of Miami even provide additional amenities like dishwashers, TVs, fitness centres and game rooms.

How expensive is it to live off-campus at the University of Miami?

If you find your ideal apartment near the University of Miami you can save your pocket money a lot more and use it for recreational purposes or other things such as travelling.

Can I view the University of Miami dorms before booking it?

Yes, you can set up a pre-booking site check or virtual tour of the University of Miami dorms by contacting our booking experts.

Student Accomodations in University of Miami, Miami

Student Housing Near the University of Miami

Established in 1925 during the region’s famous real estate boom, the University of Miami is a sought-after student destination for those planning on studying abroad. It is located in South Miami near some of the best housing in Florida. Naturally, this makes the task of finding suitable housing more difficult. Amber matches you with the University of Miami housing that is perfect for you and offers various student services as well. Through amber you can find a vast collection of ensuites, Miami University Off campus apartments while we ensure that each housing near University of Miami is made for the student’s comfort and provides it at the best price. One can easily find furnished student apartments near University of Miami. Students need not worry about the hassles of booking student housing near university of Miami with amber, as our team of experts is always ready to provide any assistance necessary. A comfortable living space that supports a student’s academic journey is important, and amber strives to care for your housing needs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your education and making the most of your college experience.

About the University of Miami

The University of Miami is a prestigious institution founded in 1925. Located in the sunny Coral Gables in Florida, it has established itself as a top-tier private research university known for its excellence, exciting campus life and commitment to research. The student population is quite diverse, with an inclusive community of over 17,000 students from 150+ nationalities. The University of Miami offers a range of programs across 11 schools and colleges. If you’re interested in business, the arts, engineering or health sciences, the exceptional faculty and latest resources are here to aid in your educational journey. The university lays emphasis on experiential learning and provides generous opportunities for internships and research initiatives. Groundbreaking contributions in the fields of medicine, marine sciences, engineering and technology show the university’s commitment to research. Students are encouraged to push their boundaries and make a positive impact on society. The university’s three campuses span over 400 acres throughout Miami-Dade County, from Coral Gables to the city of Miami and South Dade. The University of Miami ranks 55th in the USA and provides a chance for pursuing a career in inter-American studies and implementing and teaching research programs in Tropical studies. With its global appeal and exceptional study programs, the University of Miami offers students a transformative educational experience.

Best Student Housing Near the University of Miami

Embarking on your study abroad journey brings along the excitement of new experiences, but finding the perfect place to call home can be quite overwhelming. As a student, you long for student housing that not only offers convenience but also creates a welcoming environment where you can truly belong. The proximity of the housing to the campus plays a vital role in minimizing travel time and improving your college experience. That's where Amber steps in, understanding the importance of finding apartments near the University of Miami. With Amber's guidance, you can now easily navigate the process of selecting, booking, and paying for your preferred University of Miami student housing. Here are some of the best student housing near the University of Miami:

1. Harrington Housing Miami Beach

Harrington Housing Miami Beach is one of the top student housing near the University of Miami. It is known to be a vibrant and comfortable space for students that provides Private, Master, and Delux rooms with every prime amenity such as wifi, a fully furnished desk lamp, bed linens, and much more!

2. Harrington Housing Furnished Apartment

Harrington Housing Furnished Apartment offers 4-bedroom apartments to students. It offers some of the top student apartments in Miami, which offer top amenities such as wifi, a washer and dryer, and a gym, and is a fully furnished student apartment near the University of Miami. It is one of the best student apartments in Miami.

3. 2145 NE 164th, Miami

This is one of the most elegant and luxurious Miami student housing near the University of Miami. It offers students varied room types, including non-ensuite and private rooms. It also offers amenities such as a courtyard area, a common room, and laundry facilities, which makes it one of the most preferred student housing near the University of Miami.

Cost of Living

As expected for a lively and exquisite city like Miami, the students’ living costs are relatively high. To ensure a smooth and fulfilling university life in Miami, students should ensure that they plan and budget their expenses properly for a seamless experience. For student housing near the University of Miami, it is recommended to have a budget of $800–$1,100 per month, including all living and other personal expenses.

1. Food: $80-120 /week

2. Internet & mobile phone: $20-40/week

3. Dinner at a restaurant: $40-120/week

4. Laundry: $20-40/week

5. Stationery and textbooks: $15-30/week

6. Clothing: $40-65/month

7. Travel (buses, trams, and trains): $110 monthly pass

Student Travel near University of Miami

The university being situated in a large area like Miami, makes it difficult to commute between places. However, the public transport system makes it more accessible. Aware of its students' needs, the University of Miami offers various discounts and services for traveling to and from campus. Students can take advantage of the following different means for their daily commute. There are various transit options available around the University of Miami student housing, such as:

1. Public Transit: The university's students receive reduced fares for Metrorail/Metrobus and Tri-Rail as part of the university's public transit program. Full-time students can avail themselves of the Easy Pass at a discounted rate. This helps students save money and is an eco-friendly mode of transport.

2. Metrobus: The Miami Dade run Metro buses are one of the most efficient ways to get around the city. There are around 95 routes laid across the city that connect the top spots together. The regular fare for the Metrobus in Miami ranges somewhere between $2.25 to $2.50 per ride.

3. Trolleys: In addition to the university's transportation options, the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables operate free trolley services that connect to Metrobus and Metrorail, running between significant areas. It provides easy access to popular destinations, making it easier for students to explore the city.

Student Life at the University of Miami

Prioritising its students’ personal growth and holistic development, the university itself provides many opportunities for its students, including a student-run newspaper, radio station and other media. Students can engage with community life through their three dozen fraternities and sororities and participate in their student government. Students who enjoy the outdoors will find the college’s Southern Florida setting ideal. With popular destinations like South Beach, the Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park close by, students have plenty of water sports, hiking, and tanning opportunities. Downtown Miami, which is close to the institution, is a vibrant hub for sports and culture. Additionally, more than 290 clubs and organisations are available for students to join. Research opportunities at the University of Miami, which is noted for being a research institution, start with undergraduate students. Opting for student housing near University of Miami helps students participate majorly in all the significant events.

The Canes Film Festival, which features student films, and Sportsfest, a weekend-long battle between residence hall teams, are two annual campus activities. Graduate students are renowned for maintaining school pride by participating in customs like the annual Boat Burning Ceremony, which is held on Lake Osceola during homecoming. Sylvester Stallone and Gloria Estefan are two well-known alumni of this famous institution. The University of Miami offers an enriching student life that ensures every student’s time here is unforgettable. The University of Miami celebrates learning and also assists students in being busy with other activities that helps students grow socially on a personal level. It is very easy to travel across the campus through the shuttle service provided by the university. Miami offers a great social life with its top restaurants, cafes, and clubs, such as Ball & Chain, Blue Martini Brickell, King of Diamonds, Walt Grace Vintage, Wood Tavern and many more! You will get a myriad of hangout spots close to your apartments near the University of Miami.

Tourist Attractions Near the University of Miami

Beautiful buildings and spectacular attractions can be found throughout the city. Students can visit these locations to relax and unwind from their studies. Students can visit these locations for far less charge if they have their respective student ID cards on them that were provided by their universities.

  1. The Venetian Pools
  2. Little Havana
  3. Wynwood
  4. The Lowe Art Museum
  5. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  6. Barnacle State Historic Site
  7. The Betsy Orb

Courses at the University of Miami

The University of Miami, located in the scenic location of Coral Gables, Florida, offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate courses to cater to student’s academic needs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Architecture
  2. Arts and Sciences
  3. Business
  4. Communication
  5. Education and Human Development
  6. Engineering
  7. Music
  8. Nursing and Health Studies

Nearby places to visit

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