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Student Housing near 
Arlington Baptist University, Dallas

Upto $100 Cashback
Norma St, Fort Worth
4.1 mi from University
( 1h 28m
0m )
Dining area
bills included
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
2 Offers
Lynnwood Dr, Arlington
1.6 mi from University
( 35m
35m )
swimming pool
laundry facility
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Stratton Ln, Arlington
6.2 mi from University
( 2h 6m
0m )
swimming pool
laundry facility
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Sold out
Pennington Dr, Arlington
7.9 mi from University
( 2h 55m
0m )
bills included
1 Room Option
1 Offer
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Sold out
W Pioneer Pkwy, Arlington
4.4 mi from University
( 1h 37m
0m )
swimming pool
laundry facility
2 Room Options
1 Offer
Sold out
Franciscan Dr, Arlington
5.3 mi from University
( 1h 59m
0m )
laundry facility
4 Room Options
1 Offer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find Student Accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

When you choose a room from our more than 5,000+ options near this university, our experts will provide you with free service until the end of your process. We assist you in finding the ideal location while eliminating all the hassles. 

Which off-campus accommodation is the closest to Arlington Baptist University?

Woodlands of Arlington is the closest accommodation to this university. You can check other accommodations which are close to the university here.

Is it mandatory to stay in the University hostels?

No, it is not a compulsion to stay at university hostels. Amber provides students with affordable accommodation with 5000+ options to choose from.

When should I start looking for student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

You can start looking for accommodations near Arlington Baptist University as soon as you know about moving to Dallas. Amber provides you with accommodations with a lot of facilities. 

Can a postgraduate get student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

Even postgraduate students can get student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University. 

Can I get discounts for student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

You can avail of generous discounts for student hostels and accommodations by booking earlier. Even group bookings can help you earn discounts.

Can I view my student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University before moving into it?

Yes, you can view your student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University before you move in. by contacting amber professionals, you can book the site for a check. A virtual tour of the place is also possible. 

What is the most affordable rent near Arlington Baptist University?

Benge Oaks Apartments is the most affordable student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University, with a rent of $580/month. You can check out some more affordable accommodations here

Will the bills be included in the rent of the student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

Most of our student rental homes include utilities, so you'll only be responsible for the rent. WiFi and amenities such as a gym, game room, movie theatre, and social areas are all included. Please contact us for more information. 

How do I pay for my student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University?

Multiple payment options are available. You can pay via net banking or your debit card. We also have our payment portal, where we can help you with the procedure. 

Student Accomodations in Arlington Baptist University, Dallas

Student Accommodation Near Arlington Baptist University

If you are looking for off-campus student accommodations near Arlington Baptist University, you will find many great options with the help of amber. Undoubtedly, you can find a wide range of luxurious yet affordable student housing options everywhere around the university. Amber tries to make the time-consuming process of finding a perfect student accommodation easy and hassle-free for you with 24/7 student service. The student accommodation options provided by amber are designed to keep the students’ needs and comfort in mind. All the necessary amenities provided with the accommodations are all-inclusive in the rent. There are many private alternatives for student accommodation near Arlington Baptist University, including opulent studios, sharing apartments, non-en-suites, en-suites, and flats with two or more bedrooms. Moreover, the private housing options include budget-friendly to luxury studios, shared apartments, suits and non-en-suites. They can find suitable housing and student accommodation near this university at reasonable prices with amber. One of the amber-recommended student accommodations is Huntington Meadows Apartment Homes, Arlington.

About Arlington Baptist University

Arlington Baptist University, located in Arlington, is a private Baptist Bible College. It is the World Baptist Fellowship's official educational institution, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.J. began the college's founding. Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute was founded by Frank Norris in 1939. It began with sixteen students and held its classes at the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth. The World Fundamental Baptist Fellowship helped the college's first alumni find work as pastors or missionaries. The university's name was changed to the Bible Baptist Seminary in 1945. Since 1981, the institution has held accreditation from the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Additionally, the Texas State Board for Educator Certification has granted approval to the college. Through studies in the Bible, general education, church vocations, and hands-on service, This University aims to prepare men and women for Christian life and ministries, both lay and professional while fusing faith and study within the framework of a Christian worldview. The university competes as a National Christian College Athletic Association participant. Arlington Baptist University strives to prepare every student for Christian life and service by integrating faith and learning in the context of an informed biblical worldview that affirms the inerrancy of scripture.

Best Student Accommodation near Arlington Baptist University

Moving out and living alone are exciting but still scary processes altogether. Students would want to live in a student-friendly, safe and welcoming neighbourhood. They would want to live in a hospitable environment so that they feel at home away from home. While attending colleges, students need a variety of important things. Although a student's everyday demands might be stressful, one of their most important needs is housing. The location and distance from the institution should be the main considerations for any type of student housing. Before selecting the perfect student residence, students frequently take sustainability, lifestyle, and transportation services into account. It might be difficult to locate a good neighbourhood for you, especially if the area is unfamiliar to you. Amber serves the best places, which are those that are close to institutions, have good transit, and are hospitable to students. One of the best student accommodations near Arlington Baptist University is

1. Huntington Meadows Apartment Homes, Arlington.

Huntington Meadows Apartment Homes is a comfortable student housing near Arlington Baptist University. This student housing in arlington has many amazing amenities where students can have a comfortable stay. There are amazing amenities like a outdoor fireplace, hot tub, a tennis court and many more as such. Being close to the Arlington Baptist University you have many commute options too so that you can travel without any issues to your desired destination.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Dallas is a little more expensive than the other areas in the United States. Although, if you manage your student finances properly and budget the expenses properly, you can live comfortably. Ambers makes sure you won't have to worry about unexpected costs by keeping in mind students' expenses. You may get a general notion of the charges by reading the following rough breakdown of the costs.

  1. Food & Groceries: $100-$300/ month
  2. Transportation: $100-$125/ month
  3. Utility Bills: $155-$160/ month
  4. Internet and phone bills: $60-$70/ month
  5. Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20/ meal

Students travel near Arlington Baptist University

Like every major US city, Dallas has a very well-designed transit system. It effectively connects the entire city, making daily commutes for commuters simple and more convenient. Students can travel via Dallas Area Rapid Transit or Trinity Railway Express.

1. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART): With 72 miles of track and about 120 bus lines, it is the most extensive light rail system in the nation and effectively moves people throughout the city. Major employment hubs in Dallas, its neighbouring suburbs, and DFW International Airport are all conveniently accessible from there. It costs roughly $2.50 for a one-way ride that accepts cash and coins.

2. Trinity Railway Express (TRE): This rail route was constructed between Dallas and Fort Worth. There are roughly ten regular station stops along the line's northwest route. It is a rapid transport system that is often closed on Sundays and is open Monday through Saturday. The cost varies depending on how far you must go to your destination. However, a one-way trip often costs $2.50, and an all-day pass costs $5.

3. Walking and bicycling: The campus has several walking paths and bike lanes, making it a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly area. Since it's a quick and environmentally responsible method of travel, many students decide to walk or ride their bikes to class.

4. Carpooling and ride-sharing: Students can easily get a ride when needed thanks to firms like Uber and Lyft. Additionally, students frequently share trips to shared destinations by carpooling with friends or other students.

5. Electric scooters: These are common in Arlington and can be a convenient and enjoyable way to go short distances throughout the city and the university district.

Student life at Arlington Baptist University

The foundation of resident life at Arlington Baptist University is the idea of community, in which a group of people with similar ideals live close to one another and regularly interact. Their dorm life at the university is founded on Christian ideals. Based on Biblical principles, ABU upholds high morality, ethics, and conduct standards. This university offers a distinctively Christian residential atmosphere that fosters and supports academic success and personal development. The university also helps its students to establish a comfortable environment that will, as much as possible, personalise the chances provided by the institution. The students are also given opportunities to participate in activities that will aid in the inhabitants' spiritual, scholastic, cultural, social, and physical growth.

You will also adopt a better understanding of democracy and build leadership skills. The university also observes “Constitution Day”, where the students and employees come together to celebrate this day by engaging in many activities and competitions related to the theme of Constitution Day. If you are a foodie, Arlington offers a wide variety of restaurants and cafés where you may savour exquisite treats. Students at Arlington Baptist University may interact with their campus and one another in a fun environment. Together, they explore, learn, and live in a welcoming community that aims to inspire.They promote a healthy lifestyle, therefore providing them with everything from sports groups to counselling and psychological assistance.

Tourist attractions near Arlington Baptist University

There are many tourist attractions in Dallas that students can visit and explore. They can visit famous museums, art galleries, and parks and enjoy the culture of Dallas. Some of the must-visit attractions near the university are listed below.

1.Top O’ Hill Terrace

2.UTA Planetarium

3.O.S. Gray Natural Area

4.Richard Simpson Park

5.Six Flags Over Texas

6.International Bowling Museum & hall of Fame

7.Kelley Park

8.Choctaw Stadium

9.Veterans Park

Courses offered at Arlington Baptist University

There are many degrees offered to students by this university. Some of them are enlisted below.

1.Education, General

2.Teacher Education and Professional Development

3.Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities

4.Missions/ Missionary Studies and Missiology

5.Religious/ Sacred Music

6.Theological and Ministerial Studies

7.Pastoral Counseling and Specialised Ministries

8.Clinical, Counselling and Applied Psychology

9.Business/ Commerce, General

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