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Being the most international city, Frankfurt is also the most significant financial city on the continent. This city has also ranked as the world's most liveable cities, attracting more international students. Frankfurt is embedded with reputed institutions, including the Goethe University, The UAS, The FUMPA, and graduate schools like the Frankfurt School Of Financial Management. More than 2,00,000 students are benefited every year. The city is also known as the city of finance. You can come across the largest financial institutions like the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and several large commercial banks. Frankfurt also contributes to the cultural heritage of the continent. 

Student Accommodation

Being a student, you do not have to stress about the accommodations. Frankfurt avails you with the wide range of student accommodation. 

Most of the student accommodations in Frankfurt are managed and monitored are by studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main is an organisation that strictly monitors the student accommodation but also helps students to resolve accommodation related queries. Major Universities Frankfurt are located in the boundaries of the city. The cost of student accommodation ranges from €659/month - €849/month. The student accommodation in Frankfurt has numerous options. Students will surely get their accommodations according to their preferences.

Daily Commute

Subways, trams, commuter trains, and buses are the most accessible modes to travel in Frankfurt! Cycling is also quite popular in Frankfurt. You can find specially constructed cycle lanes all around the city. Frankfurt, Bus terminal, is about 1.56 km from the town center, which is only a 20-minute walk. Trams form a significant part of public transport. Frankfurt Lokalbahn Rödelheim Berkersheim, Eckenheim, Preungesheim are some of the significant trams routes in the city. Taxis are available throughout the town at taxi stands, airport and train stations, or by reserving ahead. Renting a car would cost you more for travel within Frankfurt, but can be helpful for traveling.

Student Life

Being the financial capital of Germany, the cost of living here in Frankfurt is also quite high. You can still find lots of budget-friendly options to have fun around the city. The students will have a wonderful life in Frankfurt. The city is a perfect blend of every everything to add to a students life 

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