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Student Accommodations in 
Wandsbek, Hamburg

Rauschener Ring, Hamburg
4.7 mi from City Center
( 1h 45m
39m )
bills included
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Poßmoorweg, Hamburg
6.9 mi from City Center
( 2h 35m
38m )
bills included
1 Room Option
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Am Sandtorkai, Hamburg
9.3 mi from City Center
( 3h 29m
58m )
bills included
laundry facility
6 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Heckscherstraße, Hamburg
8.3 mi from City Center
( 3h 5m
51m )
dual occupancy
rental bikes
laundry room
3 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
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Hannoversche Str., Hamburg
16.0 mi from City Center
( 5h 27m
1h 28m )
community workspace
laundry facility
2 Room Options
Instant Booking
1 Offer
Sold out
Tischbeinstraße, Hamburg
5.2 mi from City Center
( 1h 56m
40m )
bills included
washing machine
3 Room Options
1 Offer
Sold out
Herderstraße, Hamburg
6.9 mi from City Center
( 2h 34m
40m )
Fully Furnished
bills included
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Sold out
Sierichstraße, Hamburg
7.4 mi from City Center
( 2h 46m
46m )
bills included
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Savings worth £5,000
Prices are down! Book your student home early for the 2024 intake, risk-free. Grab a full refund on Visa or Uni rejection!
Sold out
Basselweg, Hamburg
9.2 mi from City Center
( 3h 25m
57m )
Public Transport
bills included
1 Room Option
1 Offer
Sold out
Klosterallee, Hamburg
8.0 mi from City Center
( 2h 58m
37m )
Location Benefit
bills included
3 Room Options
1 Offer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I rent student accommodation in Wandsbek?

Select, pay, and book your student accommodation in Wandsbek. You will be provided free service throughout the entire process from our experienced team. You can contact us for further queries and guidance, and we'd be happy to assist you.

How much money will I spend on bills?

This depends on the property you rent, but most of our student housing options in Wandsbek, have bills included, so you'll only have to pay the rent and nothing else. The bills include WiFi and other facilities such as a gym, gaming room, cinema room, and other shared spaces. For more information, contact our team of experts.

When should you start looking for off-campus Wandsbek student accommodation?

It's wise to start your search for off-campus accommodations early. Approximately 6 months prior is recommended. Amber assists you with the location's paperwork, amenities, and accessibility to and from your university. Thorough research is required to ensure a seamless student accommodation booking near Wandsbek.

Can I stay with a friend at my student accommodation in Wandsbek?

Yes, you can share your accommodation in Wandsbek with your friends, but depending on the property, you may be imposed with a minimal extra charge. You can share an apartment or opt for dual occupancy studios. Living in groups might earn you a discount as well.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Wandsbek?

Yes, students who book early often get good discounts and pay much less rent for their student accommodation in Wandsbek. You can also leverage the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

How much rent do I pay for my student accommodation in Wandsbek?

Several factors decide your student housing rent, and location is one of the essential aspects. The accommodation price here is €750 /month.

What are the accommodation types available for students in Wandsbek?

Three major configurations classify our amber student accommodation options:

Shared: A shared room is where two or more students can share a single room, washroom, kitchen, and other shared spaces.

En-suite/Private room: An en-suite is where you get a private bedroom and bathroom, whereas the kitchen and living areas are shared with others.

Studios: A studio is a self-contained unit with a bedroom, a kitchen, and a private washroom. Two students may book a single studio together, subject to the policies of the accommodation provider.

You can thus make an informed decision based on your interests. You can choose between shared and private apartments depending on your budget.

Which is the best student accommodation in Wandsbek?

Yugo Navale, Hamburg is the best student accommodation in Wandsbek, providing excellent amenities and facilities.

Can I view my student accommodation in Wandsbek before booking?

Yes. If you wish to schedule a viewing before booking your student accommodation in Wandsbek, contact our booking experts, and we will arrange a virtual tour for you.

I am a working professional, can I stay in private halls in Wandsbek?

If you are a student then you can definitely live in the private halls. Accommodation options for working professionals are available in Wandsbek. There are a few accommodation options for non-students which are subject to availability.

Student Accomodations in Wandsbek, Hamburg

Student Accommodation in Wandsbek

If you're looking for student accommodation in Wandsbek, there are plenty of choices to choose from, and the search for your perfect home ends with amber. Wandsbek is a busy and vibrant locality in Hamburg in, Germany and is very popular with students studying nearby. There are plenty of universities, attractions and things to do nearby, which also attracts students. The student accommodations in Wandsbek offer many different kinds of rooms and housing along with helpful amenities and features. The key features of Wandsbek student accommodation are affordability, convenience and comfort. The rooms all have wifi and communal areas for the residents to socialise in. The rooms available to the students to choose from include private rooms, en suites, studios, shared rooms, and more. The student accommodations in Wandsbek are located at perfect spots that have a range of restaurants, clubs and stores nearby for the residents to take full advantage of, and they are also at the perfect distance from the universities nearby. The prices of the Wandsbek student housing start at around €759/month/person.

About Wandsbek

Wandsbek is a locality in Hamburg, Germany, with a very vibrant and diverse group of people living there. It is known for being a centre of cultural heritage and a bustling vibe. Wandsbeck is popular with students as it is located near a lot of the universities that the students attend, and the commute is easy and convenient. Universities like the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, one of the largest universities in Germany, are located here. Having such educational institutes nearby is what attracts all the students to Wandsbek, making it as diverse as it is. There are also a number of cultural and historic buildings dotted around the locality. A number of festivals and events happen throughout the year that shows off the traditions and heritage of the place. There are many different things to do and places to visit in Wandsbek, like parks and green spaces that include Wandsbeker Gehölz, a large forested park, and the Eichtalpark, a place people go to for outdoor sports. The parks are a peaceful and relaxing place for people to spend time at. Wandsbek is the perfect locality for students, especially international students, to immerse in the culture while also having comfort and convenience.

Best Student Accommodation in Wandsbek

After being accepted into a university here, the first priority should be to find some suitable student accommodation in Wandsbek. This is one of the biggest aspects of your life studying abroad, and a home should be comfortable and convenient. A lot of the student accommodations in Wandsbek offered by amber are in the perfect location with the distance from the university and the clubs, shops, stores and restaurants nearby. This makes sure they are widely preferred by the students. The students can choose from a number of different types of accommodations, like studios, ensuites etc, that can be chosen according to their preferences. Amenities such as electricity, gas, water, and reliable WiFi should are also usually included in the lease. Some of the best student accommodations in Wansbek are:

  1. Yugo Navale, Hamburg

It is beautiful student accommodation in Hamburg that offers a wide range of spacious and modern studios for you to choose from. The rooms have a private bathroom, a private kitchen, and a TV. Facilities like on-site laundry, maintenance, bike storage, and an on-site service team will make your stay more convenient. There are also many parks and restaurants nearby.

Cost of Living in Wandsbek

The cost of living in Wandsbek usually depends on the individual living there and their lifestyle and housing options. Wandsbek is usually considered an affordable place to live in compared to a lot of other districts in Germany so that attracts a lot of students. Here's an approximate breakdown of monthly estimated costs for a single student in Wandsbek:

  1. Food - Approximately €200 to €300 per month
  2. Transport - Approximately €60 to €100 per month
  3. Phone Plan - Approximately €10 to €30 per month
  4. Recreation - Approximately €50 - €100 per month

Student Travel in Wandsbek

Student travel is a crucial part of student life here as getting to the university and other places from the Wandsbek student accommodation is a daily thing. There are many modes of travel here some of them are:

  1. Car-sharing

Car rentals and car-share services are very popular here. Services like Share Now and WeShare are available that the students usually use. These are usually used for students travelling long distances and so is used more occasionally compared to public transport. Using this means that the students don't have to worry about parking and maintenance.

  1. Public Transport

Wandsbek is very well connected by public transport both internally and externally. Buses, trains, and trams are the most popular modes of transport. There are many student discounts and cards available for students with a valid ID. This means easy, cheap and convenient travel for students.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is another convenient and cheap option for students that is also eco-friendly. There are a number of cycle lanes in Wandsbek that is safe and it is also cost-effective and healthy. Students can either own or rent a bike.

  1. Walking

As Wandsbek is a very compact district walking from one place to another is not very taxing. It is a healthy and eco-friendly option that students usually take advantage of. It allows the students to explore the locality at their own pace and time.

Student Lifestyle and Living in Wandsbek

Wandsbek is a locality that is located in Hamburg, Germany and is a very affordable but unique and vibrant place. Wandsbek is also home to a number of different institutions and universities that attracts a lot of students, both national and international students. The distance from the universities is one of the main factors of this city that contributes to the diverse and lively student population of Wandsbek. The public transport in the area is also easy and convenient for the residents. Many different kinds of student accommodations are offered in Wandsbek like ensuites, studios, shared apartments etc that the students can choose between. Many different amenities are offered near the Wandsbek student accommodation like supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and more that the residents can take full advantage of. There is a culture of exercise and physical activity in Wandsbek that includes sports, fitness clubs etc that the students can take part in. There is a bix of local and international communities that live in harmony, The universities offer a number of clubs and associations to be part of and so they remain busy. The nightlife here is buzzy and fun and so socialising is never a problem for the people living there.

Tourist Attractions in or around Wandsbek

Wandsbek has a number of tourist attractions and places to visit nearby so that the residents never run out of things to see. From markets and parks to castles, Wandsbek has it all. So pack some sunscreen and a bag and head out to visit these attractions near the locality:

  1. Wandsbeker Markt
  2. Wandsbeker Quarree
  3. Jenischpark
  4. Alsterlauf
  5. Museum der Arbeit
  6. Wandsbeker Gehölz
  7. Farmsen Berne Observatory

Universities in/near Wandsbek

There are a number of educational institutes and universities in and around Wandsbek that students often move across the world to attend. The quality of education is unmatched, and the faculty is amazing. Some of the top universities in Wandsbek are:

  1. University of Hamburg
  2. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  3. Technical University of Hamburg
  4. HafenCity University Hamburg
  5. Hamburg School of Business Administration
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