Student Housing in New York

Student Housing in New York

New York is one of the most visited states in the country of the US. The United States of America is known for its vibrant student life and prestigious universities that offer a high quality of education. The state is home to several educational and very renowned Ivy schools like Harvard University. Several students come to New York every year to pursue their higher education from New York. One usually looks for student accommodation in New York that is near the university the student has enrolled in. Many students struggle to find the perfect accommodation they want to stay in!

Amber provides a range of student housing in New York at budget-friendly prices! The student accommodation in New York offered by amber is designed by keeping student comfort in mind. The properties are located in beautiful cities offering excellent amenities and services that make the students stay comfortable. These accommodations are located in cities like Binghamton and New York City.

About New York

New York is a remarkable state located in the northeast of the United States of America, bordered by the serene waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite being the twenty-seventh largest state in terms of land area, New York boasts a population of over 20 million people, making it one of the most densely populated states in the country. New York has been a significant player in the scientific, commercial, and cultural aspects of the United States. It stands as a global leader in numerous fields, including biotechnology, engineering, higher education, finance, and maritime trade. It hosts various prestigious institutions, including Columbia University and New York University, which are highly regarded across the globe. The state takes pride in being one of the wealthiest, most educated, and most developed in the world, establishing itself as a leading destination to live in the country. Albany serves as the capital city, while New York City, as the most populous city in the state, acts as the cultural and financial center. New York encompasses diverse regions with distinct topographies, offering a rich blend of landscapes. The state also houses several natural and historical sites, managed by the US National Park Service, along with numerous parks, trails, and beaches maintained by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Best Universities in New York

New York State boasts a plethora of renowned universities that provide exceptional education and foster holistic development in students. These institutions prioritize student engagement in various activities beyond academics, enabling the cultivation of diverse skills. With a faculty comprising experts in their fields, these universities ensure top-quality education and well-structured curricula. Among the prestigious universities, the Berklee College of Music stands out, renowned worldwide for its comprehensive music-focused curriculum. However, the state offers much more than just music education; it embraces diverse fields ranging from architecture to the arts. Students benefit from a vibrant campus life, with a multitude of student groups and clubs facilitating interactions beyond their academic programs. For those seeking a well-rounded educational experience, New York State's universities present an array of opportunities to thrive academically and personally. Here are some of the best universities in New York:

  1. Baruch College, New York City
  2. City College of New York, New York City
  3. Cooper Union, New York City
  4. Fordham University, New York City
  5. Lehman College, New York City
  6. Brooklyn College, New York City
  7. City University of New York, New York City
  8. CUNY Hunter College, New York City
  9. New York University, New York City
  10. Columbia University, New York City

Top Cities for Student Accommodation in New York

New York comprises around 62 cities and more than 900 towns, which are grouped into 62 counties. The cities offer several places a student can visit, along with the universities. Along with the heritage sites located in the cities, there are several restaurants, clubs and places the student can visit. Most of the cities are densely populated. Here are some of the top cities for student accommodation in New York

1. New York City

As the most populous and iconic city in New York State, New York City needs no introduction. This vibrant metropolis is a cultural melting pot, representing the diversity and dynamism of the United States. With a rich history and countless landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty, the city exudes an unparalleled energy and allure. New York City is not only a global financial hub but also a major center for arts, entertainment, and fashion. It is home to renowned institutions such as Columbia University, New York University (NYU), and The Juilliard School. While living in New York City can be expensive, the city's unparalleled opportunities, cultural experiences, and endless possibilities make it a dream destination for many students.

2. Binghamton

Nestled in the Southern Tier region of New York State, Binghamton is a charming city with its own unique character. Surrounded by scenic beauty, Binghamton offers a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The city's rich history is complemented by a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with museums, galleries, and theaters enriching the community. Binghamton University, part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, adds to the city's charm with its excellent academic offerings and research opportunities. Students in Binghamton can enjoy a blend of outdoor activities, community engagement, and a close-knit campus experience. The city's affordability and friendly ambiance make it an attractive choice for those seeking a more relaxed yet intellectually stimulating environment.

Some of the famous properties in these areas are Third Ave, New York, New York Friends Home, The Reserve, New York City, Harrington Housing Downtown Manhattan, 401 E 34th, June Homes 10019, E 7th St, 43 Avenue C, Washington Square Park and East 14th St.

Cost of Living in New York

Living alone in a different state comes with its own share of challenges. Out of them, managing finance is a little difficult. The easiest solution to this is planning out your expenses and setting a budget for a month. We have listed down the costs of some basic things you might require. It is advised to you to at least have a budget of $2500 per month.

1. Food and Groceries - $471.34/ month

2. Gas & Electricity (Utility bills) -  $163.07/ month

3. Internet & Phone Bills - $66.43/ month

4. Dinner at a restaurant - $100/ meal  Inexpensive Restaurant - $25/ meal

5. Travel & Conveyance - $127/ month if you get a monthly metro card

6. Clothing and Shoes - $200-$300 every time you decide to shop

Student Travel in New York

Student travel in New York State offers a dynamic and enriching experience for young adventurers. With its vibrant cities, iconic landmarks, and diverse landscapes, the state provides an array of educational and cultural opportunities. Students can explore the bustling streets of New York City, discovering world-class museums, theaters, and historical sites. Upstate New York offers breathtaking natural wonders, from the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls to the scenic Adirondack Mountains. College towns like Ithaca and Syracuse provide a lively atmosphere, fostering intellectual exchanges and youthful camaraderie. Whether attending educational seminars, immersing in the arts, or embarking on outdoor adventures, student travel in New York State promises unforgettable memories and valuable learning moments for the next generation of scholars and explorers.

1. Rapid Transit -  Travelling in New York is an easy task given its well-laid metro and subway plan. There is mass transit in New York City, which runs 24 hours a day. The nation's two-thirds of rail riders live in the New York City metropolitan area.

2. Railway - If you wish to go sightseeing in New York, the most economical way to travel is by railway. Nearly all of New York's subway system is open 24 hours a day.

3. Buses - The well-established system of buses in New York is also a very convenient way to move around in the city area. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is where about 7000 buses operate with 200,000 commuters daily.

Student Lifestyle in New York

Living and experiencing the student lifestyle in New York State is an exhilarating and enriching adventure. With its vibrant and diverse cities, picturesque landscapes, and a melting pot of cultures, New York offers an unparalleled environment for students to grow and thrive. The state hosts numerous top-tier universities and colleges, providing access to world-class education and a supportive academic community. Beyond the classroom, students can immerse themselves in a wealth of cultural events, art exhibits, music festivals, and a bustling nightlife that caters to all tastes. Exploring iconic landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty becomes part of the daily routine. Additionally, the state's culinary scene offers an exquisite array of international cuisines to savor. With countless opportunities for networking, internships, and career prospects, student life in New York State opens doors to endless possibilities and unforgettable memories.

Getting bored when you're in NYC is out of the question. If you are in New York, it is a must for you to go and watch a broadway show. You must stop at Paulie Gee's Slice Shop, as pizza is a must in New York City. You can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit Central Park and go to Wollman Rink or the Lasker Rink and try ice skating. The city is known to have the most impressive skylines in the entire world. You can get a panoramic view of the city by braving the Empire State Building or other skyscrapers.  New York includes steakhouses, delis, and pizza joints. You can try Tavern on the Green if you're in Central Park. If you prefer sweets, you can grab one of the best cheesecakes from Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe, based in East Village since 1894. You will find the best pizza in NYC at Lucali in the Brooklyn area. New York is also known for its delicious bagels; you can try them by visiting the Bagel Oasis or Absolute Bagels. Check out this blog to know about some amazing things to do in New york.

Attractions in New York

The state of New York is filled with several hangout spots the student can visit. The state is known for its famous ancient and historical sites, along with gastronomic wonders where you can try several mouth watering delicacies. The state of New York has played a major role in contributing to the arts and culture of the universities states of america. You can come across the exquisite works of art Here are some of the tourist attractions in New York you can pay a visit to.

  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  2. Times Square
  3. Central Park
  4. Empire State Building
  5. Broadway
  6. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  7. 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  8. Niagara Falls
  9. Rockefeller Center
  10. Brooklyn Bridge

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