Posted on June 9, 2020
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The widespread terror of Coronavirus has damaged almost all professional and social lives. As a result of this terror, many countries announced lockdowns as a step to reduce the spread. But It hasn't just damaged people's health but also their financial conditions. Millions of people all over the globe have faced an impact on their jobs, some were fired, and some are suffering through substantial pay cuts. It has made things financially worse for some people, especially students studying abroad. Everyone is looking for ways to add some extra income to their pockets.

Here are some ways to convert your free time into extra money post lockdown.

1. Become a web writer.

If you have always wanted to be a writer, this is the perfect opportunity to start.

  • __Content writing. __

The lockdown may have impacted all other industries heavily, but the content industry is still sailing smoothly. While landing a freelancing project is quite a hassle, there are still quite a few websites where you can make money by creating high quality, relevant content.

  • __Article writing. __

You can try article writing if you think you're not a cut out for writing about businesses. It gives you the freedom to write what you want and explore your strengths and interests. You get paid for each accepted article.

You can also try creating your blog or write as a guest for others.

Writing for different sites will help you build a portfolio and create a niche for yourself. You can further pursue it as a full-time profession if that's what you desire.

__Tips: __

  • Have a good internet connection,
  • Do some thorough research about the topic of your article.
  • Be concise and precise.
  • Find a decent place in your student's accommodation to work peacefully.

2. Try online Tutoring.

Many schools, institutions, and coaching classes are still closed. Some of these are open but mandating high fees. In these times of crisis, not many would be able to afford tuition. If you feel you have adequate knowledge for a specific subject, then you can use this chance to earn some extra money for yourself by charging nominal fees. Apart from academic subjects, you can teach music or other art forms. There is a variety of online tutoring websites where you can apply, and they link up tutors with students. One such website is Tutorful, where you can make an estimated £20-£30 an hour.

__Tips: __

  • Be responsive to the students' queries.
  • Make learning fun.
  • Keep your method innovative.
  • Motivate your students when they make mistakes.

In case if teaching for the first time feels too intimidating for you, a few online courses can help you learn how to teach. Tutoring online offers a flexible schedule, and you can utilise the rest of your time at your convenience.

3. Online surveys

If you're looking for a job that demands less time and output but makes you enough money, then you can try taking online surveys.

It is one of the simplest jobs you could ever take, all you have to do is give your valuable insights for the companies to improve their products. To put it more precisely, you'll help a brand to evolve their product until it beats its competitions. Payment varies diversely; some pay in the form of coupons and vouchers, while others payout via PayPal or directly to your account. The amount ranges from 50p to £20 per survey. Some will allow you to withdraw only when you've gained a specific amount.

As the effort in this work is comparatively low, it takes quite a time until you build up enough money to withdraw. You can get started at sites like Vindale research, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks.

__ Tips:

  • Register in multiple surveying agencies.
  • Provide adequate insight into the products.
  • Be consistent.

4. Utilize your photography skills.

Is your hard disk drive full of thousands of photographs clicked by you? If yes, why not try and sell them? With the number of online content rising in the market, you can provide businesses with the required pictures and themes. Do proper research over the kind of images needed by these different blogs, business sites, and informative sites like news pages or updates. Mold your work around the themes required by these companies. Pinpoint your niche and identify what type of photography suits you the best? If it's travel, fashion, landscapes, food, etc., Once you find what you're good at you can surround yourself with the kind of ambiance that suits your niche. E.g., if your niche is food, you might want to live in student accommodation, that's nearby good restaurants. It'll make your job even easier.

These are some websites where you can sell your photographs:

Shutterstock. Getty. Alamy. Etc.


  • Discover your niche.
  • Surround yourself in an adequate ambiance.
  • Start your blog and build up your portfolio.
  • Be creative with your shots.

5. Make money by testing websites.

Test websites and help businesses know if their sites are user-friendly or not. At the same time, you'd be helping yourself to make some money. You don't have to be a digital expert to become a good tester. You can make money ranging from a minimum of $5 to the maximum amount of $90. Userlytic and Usertesting some of the sites from where you can get started.


  • Sign up for Multiple Sites.
  • Response quickly.
  • Pay attention to small details.
  • Don't exaggerate the results.

All these activities will help you stay busy, earn money and at the same time will make you learn new things. After all, it's better to have experience in different fields and skills. Who knows when one might come in handy?

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