Master's in Journalism in USA: Best colleges, programmes, jobs

Master's in Journalism in USA: Best colleges, programmes, jobs

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Feb 6, 2023
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Mar 12, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 6, 2023
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Mar 12, 2023
Master's in Journalism in USA: Best colleges, programmes, jobs

After all those nights watching re-runs of rom-coms where the lead is a big journalist working at a big-shot company may be a reason why you choose journalism. But trust us, it's a great subject to master. You have a platter of options and not just writing for a newspaper or working for a news channel. We're in an era where you can do anything on the internet, and journalism is one of the best choices and the most preferred too. Know that journalism isn't easy, so it's always better to choose the best colleges that provide an outstanding curriculum. So to help you out, we've curated this blog that will explain all you need to know about Master's in Journalism in the USA. Dreams can come true.

What is Journalism?

The practice of Journalism involves acquiring, analysing, producing and presenting news and information. Furthermore, it's a byproduct of these actions. The ever-changing world of journalism inspires students to seek the truth and communicate it to consumers through a number of multimedia methods. The information that journalists present, whether it is on television, social media or in print, keeps people connected and informed around the world. Obtaining a master's degree in Journalism might inspire you to advance your profession if you appreciate communication and storytelling.  

Should I Get a Master's in Journalism in the USA?

When considering whether or not to pursue your Master's in Journalism, you should take a range of factors into consideration if you're someone who searches for answers and investigates, reporting facts and writing on the due date. Even though many entry-level jobs in journalism just need a bachelor's degree, a master's in journalism improves your employability and makes it possible for you to work in managerial roles. This Master's degree is perfect for students who wish to enhance their careers and become proficient in the cutting-edge technologies that define modern journalism. Pursuing this educational path is a wise decision just for skill development, as multiple Master's degrees in journalism majorly focus on digital media in the evolving news landscape.

Students should consider the various ways that schools deliver courses. Many students who have completed their bachelor's degrees know they wish to pursue an on-campus master's degree immediately following graduation to continue improving their skills. However, other programmes require candidates to obtain professional experience before applying. Professionals with expertise in journalism who wish to improve their abilities might benefit from participating in an on-campus programme with a group of students they can network and learn from. Students who have to work while studying at school can opt for available online programmes.

What to do with a Master's in Journalism in the USA?

Students who earn a master's in Journalism have a wide range of job options available to them. Journalists are employed by radio, television, magazines, newspaper, internet media outlets and book publishers to study and report on subjects. No matter what their particular duties are, journalists are committed to informing the public. Because there is such a need for reporting in so many areas, journalists can select a field they feel most comfortable in.

Master's in Journalism in the USA: Programmes

Master's in Journalism in the USA includes specializations such as sports journalism, data journalism, and investigative journalism. Following are some of the most typical topics included in the curriculum for a master's in Journalism in the USA:

  • Journalism Research
  • Editorial design
  • Media Criticism
  • Foreign Reporting
  • Advanced photojournalism
  • Narrative Radio
  • Media and the Consumer
  • TV Reporting
  • Investigative and Project Reporting
  • Computational Journalism
  • Communication and Public Opinion
  • Video Journalism
  • Magazine Writing

Master's in Journalism in the USA: Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in journalism or a closely related field
  • GPA between 2.5-3.0
  • LOR’s
  • Portfolio
  • Resume/CV
  • 2-3 journalistic work samples 

Although requirements differ by programme, students should expect some institutions to set specific application criteria, such as completing a minimum amount of prerequisite courses or coursework in feature writing.

Master's in Journalism in the USA: Best Universities 

Now that you know what job profiles you can pursue after a master's in Journalism. It's important to know that a USA student visa is required, so make sure to apply for one. Now it's time to know the best universities for a Master's in journalism in the USA. 

The University of Wisconsin

QS ranking- #8
Course fee
- $25,432

The University of Wisconsin is one of the best colleges for master’s in journalism. The Communication and Media Studies programmes at UW Madison are highly regarded and are in the top ten in the world. With renowned instructors and numerous professional chances for students, the journalism department's Research and Professional MA programmes are both available. Master's in Journalism and mass communication are intended to provide advanced academic instruction in the diverse sectors of journalism and mass communication as well as preparation for careers in research and education. 


  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited University
  • At least 3.0-4.0 GPA score 
  • At least 7 in IELTS
  • At least 92 in TOEFL 

The University of California, Berkeley

QS ranking- #11
Course fee
- $23,400

The School of Journalism at Berkeley has a long tradition of excellence, ethics and advocacy. Among the school's alumni are Pulitzer prize winners, filmmakers, NPR correspondents, authors, and giants of print and television journalism. The UC Berkeley School of Journalism presents an array of study opportunities for students interested in multimedia journalism. Photojournalism and video journalism have their own dedicated concentrations and course sequences, including visual thesis projects. Undoubtably, one of best colleges for master’s in journalism


  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited University
  • At least 3.0-4.0 GPA score 
  • At least 7 in IELTS
  • At least 90 in TOEFL 

Northwestern University

QS ranking- #16

Course fee- $69,932

The Master of Science in Journalism programme at Medill is based on either a method or subject specialisation. The majority of aspiring journalists have interests in areas of expertise like politics, health, sports media, and investigative practices. Medill alums go on to hold prominent positions in the media and entertainment. Along with Mara Brock Akil, sportswriter Christine Brennan, news anchor Sheinelle Jones, and Pulitzer Prize winner Tina Rosenberg, graduates include authors Gillian Flynn and George R.R. Martin. 


  • At least 7.5 in IELTS
  • At least  95 IN TOEFL
  • At least  640 in GMAT
  • At least  3.5 GPA
  • Batchelor's degree in a related field
  • 3 or more years of Work experience

Columbia University, New York

QS ranking- #24

Course fee- $72,450 | $108,675 | $65,948

The Journalism School at Columbia University offers more variations of Master's-level graduate degrees than nearly any other institution. There are 16 different fields of study available for the Master of Science, Master of Arts and degrees. Just like the former universities, this one offers Documantry, track data and multimedia. But what makes Columbia University unique are its specialisation in International Journalism, Science journalism, and Arts Journalism. Students that plan on studying documentaries and investigation have opportunities to broaden theirs at Columbia University. 


  • Bachelor's degree in any relevant field
  • At least a 3.0 GPA
  • IELTS or TOEFL test scores

Stanford University

QS ranking- #6

Course fee- $32,497

 Stanford University has the best journalism master's programs. Yet another world-class university situated in California, Stanford University, is one of the top research and educational institutions in the world. It is amongst the universities with a low acceptance rate, so it is suggested that students study hard. The Master's in Journalism is a 2-year program at Stanford University. The programmes here are course-based and on-campus. Some of the Master's degrees in Journalism are Journalism Law, Perspective journalism, Public Affairs Data Journalism, Multimedia Storytelling, News Reporting & Writing Fundamentals, Journalism Thesis and Graduate Journalism Seminar.


  • Complete a four years bachelor's degree from a recognised university
  • 3.96-4.0 GPA
  • At least 7.5 in IELTS
  • At least  100 IN TOEFL
  • At least  68 in PTE

If you want to know when are the possible intake durations in the USA, check out this guide to the intakes in the USA. Students in need of scholarships can refer to Scholarships for International Students to make the hunt for funds easy.

In conclusion, a Master's in Journalism in the USA is a highly valuable and competitive degree program that provides advanced education and training in journalism, communication, and media. This program helps students develop a strong foundation in the principles, practices, and ethics of journalism, as well as the skills necessary to create compelling and accurate stories for various media platforms. 

If your main focus isn't the USA, you can refer to Scholarships for International Students and make your search easier!