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BOLD Apartments Frankfurt

BOLD Apartments Frankfurt

Idsteiner Str., Frankfurt am Main, 60326, Germany
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About the Property

BOLD Apartments is a fantastic student accommodation in Frankurt that offers student apartments in various categories. The property is located within a short distance from Goethe University Frankfurt and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, cutting short long commutes to universities. 


Each room comes with a comfortable bed, a study desk and a chair, a side lamp, a 32" flat screen TV, free high-speed WiFi, a kitchenette where you'll also have an induction hob and more! The property is a whole package for perfect student housing with amazing common amenities and useful services. And don't worry about how will you manage with others as they have non-smoking apartments. 

Location and What's Hot?

The property is surrounded by many shops, pubs and restaurants. Head to The Fox and Hound and Embury Bar Frankfurt to refresh your inner party animal. And if you want to have some lip-smacking dishes, you can go to Central Grill and The noodlemaker. On your free days, you can visit Palm Gardens, Naturmuseum Senckenberg and DialogMusuem


The property is well-connected to public transport in Frankfurt. Frankfurt (Main) Hellerhofschule bus stop is just down the lane. Or you can catch a tram from Frankfurt (Main) Galluswarte tram stop which is within just a 6-minute walk. To travel far away, you can reach Frankfurt (Main) Hellerhofschule train station within an 11-minute walk. 

What will you get

Common Amenities

Kitchenette with induction hob

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book?

You should book well in advance to avoid disappointment. We do accept late bookings, however, this is based on availability which may be limited. Most accommodations have great offers which can be availed by early booking, we suggest booking your ideal accomodation as soon as possible!

Can I make group bookings?

Yes depending on the property type, we accept group bookings, Please contact us to discuss availability.

Does Amber charge any service fees?

Amber will help you book the property as per your requirements. No- we do not charge you for our services, unless specified others.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking before the contract begins as per the cancellation policies mentioned on our page. Do read through the properties cancellation policies, get in touch with us to know more. 
You won't be charged yet

Student Accomodations in Frankfurt

Student Accommodation in Frankfurt

Finding suitable student accommodation in the Frankfurt locality can be time-consuming but not complicated. Amber offers a lot of affordable student housing that is both comfortable and reasonably priced. Student hostels in Frankfurt are found near many world-renowned universities like Goethe University, Offenbach University of Art & Design, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Goethe School of Business. This locality is an eccentric hub and has something for everybody. Ranging from luxurious student accommodations in Central Sydney to budget-friendly student housing, all the student accommodations are built considering the uber comfort of the students.

At amber, student housing in Frankfurt is further segregated into halls of residence, private halls of the living, and private housing. Private student accommodations in Fulham consist of comfortable, luxurious, budget-friendly en-suites, studios, and shared apartments, including all bills. These student apartment options are also available for students looking for short-term tenancies. Some famous private student housing here includes Urbanum and Elementum, which are great bargains to grab. When you book your student accommodation with us, you'll be provided with a booking executive. We even have 24/7 support for round-the-clock assistance.

About Frankfurt

Also known as Frankfurt am Main or Frankfurt, a city in central Germany on the Main River, is a major financial centre and home to the European Central Bank. It is the birthplace of renowned author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose former residence is now the Goethe House Museum. The city has a long history of producing high-quality sausages (frankfurters). For many years, Frankfurt has served as a major hub for transportation from Switzerland and southern Germany up the Rhine to the Ruhr region and across the Main to north-central Germany. According to GaWC, Frankfurt is a "alpha world city," a centre of trade, culture, education, tourism, and transportation on a global scale.

Frankfurt is an inviting city with a warm and friendly atmosphere, offering students a fantastic blend of academic opportunities, cultural experiences, and a lively social scene. Whether you're interested in finance, the arts, or simply immersing yourself in a diverse and cosmopolitan environment, Frankfurt has something to offer everyone.  Apart from academics, Frankfurt has much to offer in terms of entertainment and recreation. You'll find a vibrant nightlife scene, with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues catering to different tastes. The city is also known for its beautiful parks and green spaces, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling urban environment.

Best Student Accommodation in Frankfurt

As the primary factor for any student accommodation is its location and distance from the university, students often consider sustainability, lifestyle, and commuting services before choosing an ideal student accommodation. Student accommodation in Frankfurt adheres to the facilities a student would require. Some localities with pocket-friendly student accommodations are Bokenheim, Innenstand and Ostend.

1. Bokenheim: With its laid-back, student-friendly eateries, cafes, and late-night bars, Hip Bockenheim is a quiet district located around the hopping Leipziger Strasse. The neighbouring U-Bahn entrance resembles a subway vehicle bursting out of the pavement, and the Bockenheimer Warte, a mediaeval watchtower, are its most notable feature.

2. Innenstand: The vibrant Innenstand is a financial and commercial area recognised for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as well as a plethora of bars, clubs, retail stores, and informal eateries. Numerous multinational retailers and the MyZeil mall are located on Zeil Street, while the upscale pedestrian street of Fressgass is lined with upscale food businesses and outdoor cafes. The Goethe House museum, which examines the life of the renowned German author, is among the cultural attractions.

3. Ostend: Up-and-coming Ostend is home to the Frankfurt Zoo, performing arts facilities such as the Fritz Rémond Theater and open spaces such as the beachfront Hafenpark and the meandering Ostpark. Hanauer Landstrasse, the main street, is filled with international restaurants, furniture boutiques, and warehouses that have been transformed into pubs and music venues. The European Central Bank Tower, which is angular and stunningly contemporary, provides views of Frankfurt's skyline.

Cost of Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is undoubtedly one of the most costly cities in Germany, second only to Munich. So to further help plan out your budget and expenses, we have provided rough estimates of a few other mandatory costs you will have to bear while living as a student. Most of these estimates prices will vary depending on personal preferences but are a helpful way to gauge how much you could be spending.

  1. Food and groceries: €50-100/ month
  2. Travel: €10-100/ month
  3. Phone plan: €35-50/ month
  4. Utilities: €100-300/ month
  5. Sports and Leisure: €10-45/ month

Student Travel in Frankfurt

Overall, the city's train, bus, and tram networks provide excellent coverage, and it's a highly well-connected location. Amber provides student accommodations that are all easily accessible by public transport. Students can get a travel card and travel with discounted charges. Local public transportation options include the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, city buses, trams, ferries and regional trains.

1. Bus: Given that rail-based modes of transportation services all major routes in Frankfurt, buses only play a tiny part in the city's transportation system. However, there are some cross-town bus lines, particularly towards the north. Buses operate and serve as feeder services for subway lines. Students at Goethe-University are entitled to free local public transportation in the service area.

2. Trains: Local trains go up to 80 kilometres between Frankfurt and local towns and villages. In Frankfurt's urban region, most local trains have multiple stations and are also useful for getting around the city. German local trains are divided into Regionalbahn (RB) and Regionalexpress (RE).

3. Ferry: There is only one boat service in Frankfurt, and it connects the stations Frankfurt-Hoechst Batterie and Frankfurt-Schwanheim Höchster Weg in the Hoechst neighbourhood.

4. Cycle: Cycle is one of the best ways to commute in Frankfurt, and guess what? You won’t need any gym to keep yourself fit!

Student Lifestyle and Living in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, going to university entails more than merely carrying a book. In truth, the city has a way of luring people into nightlife, day trips, socialising, and realising life's realities. Studying in Frankfurt is truly a life-changing experience in the heart of Europe. It is among the most popular destinations for students who choose to study in Germany. As a result, the student population in this city is diverse, active, and vibrant. The city's size provides students with a wide range of possibilities.

While there are many exciting places to go in the city centre, such as wine bars and standard pubs, they can be expensive for students, which explains why some neighbourhoods where students rule. Many places are just around the corner of your preferred student accommodations. Bockenheim is a fantastic location with many less expensive but nonetheless entertaining bars and alternative cafés. There are some fantastic jazz clubs on Kleine Bockenheimer Straße for nightlife enthusiasts. The best Kneipen (traditional bars) are in Sachsenhausen, and Bornheim is another fantastic area with calm beer gardens, a lovely ambience, and fans of Apfelwein. Studying in Frankfurt is an extraordinary journey filled with memorable experiences. From its lively nightlife and diverse student community to its vibrant neighborhoods and exciting day trip opportunities, the city presents a friendly and dynamic environment that enhances your university years. So, get ready to embrace the lively spirit of Frankfurt, make lifelong connections, and create unforgettable memories during your time as a student in this captivating city.

Tourist Attractions in or around Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a very diverse city. On one hand, there are banks and big businesses, trade exhibits and shopping, and the other side is full of culture, comfort, and traditions. But one thing is sure: There is something for everyone in the Main Metropolis.

Here are a few things you can do are-

1. Römer

2. Main Tower

3. Städel Museum

4. Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus)

5. Palmengarten

Universities in/near Frankfurt

Some of the best universities are in Frankfurt. With amber, you can easily find student accommodations near your university.

1. Goethe University

2. Offenbach University of Art & Design

3. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and Goethe School of Business 

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