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About the Property

East 7th Street is one of the most well-suited New York student housing apartments known to be elegant. By maintaining an equal balance of modernity, elegance, & convenience, E 7th St, New York student housing is a 3 Beds and 1 Bath student apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom, perfect for students wanting roommates or moving in with their friends. With so much flexibility in space, the property is endowed with many amenities like a common workspace, TV, elevators, etc., which are crucial factors of entertainment and convenience for students while choosing a student accommodation. East 7th Street is best for future students at Hult International Business School, a 4 min drive away; NYU & CUNY Hunter College, both situated 8-9 mins drive from the accommodation. Moreover, the property proves itself to be a true asset for students as it is located in one of the most trendy and best neighborhoods of New York, which does not sleep day and night.

New York presents an exceptional city for students, providing a dynamic and enriching academic atmosphere. Renowned universities and colleges grant access to excellent education in diverse fields. The city's cultural diversity, iconic landmarks, and flourishing arts scene offer boundless exploration and personal development possibilities. Moreover, New York's vibrant job market and networking prospects open doors to promising careers. As a hub for students, New York combines academic brilliance, cultural immersion, and ample professional opportunities like no other. Apart from this, New York has vibrant neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little Italy to the world-famous Broadway shows and music festivals, students can immerse themselves in a global fusion of traditions and experiences. Exploring the city's iconic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park, adds a sense of wonder and adventure to their journey of discovery.

The thriving arts scene in New York nurtures creativity and expression, fostering a welcoming environment for aspiring artists, writers, and performers. Museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) provide an endless source of inspiration, while the city's numerous art galleries showcase diverse talents from around the world.


East 7th Street is built to provide a rewarding living experience to students in New York. With 3 Beds and 1 Bath student apartments with shared bathrooms and kitchens, the entire accommodation is well equipped, furnished, located and designed not to leave any traces of minor or major inconvenience behind, thus making it a primary choice for many students.

Each room at East 7th Street has a comfortable bed with extra sheets and pillows to tuck yourself well after a long day. The room is also equipped with a small desk for timely study sessions, a TV for your daily dose of entertainment, & a huge window to breathe in some fresh air in the morning.

Apart from the room amenities, some of the most common amenities that can be found around the property are kitchenware tools that contain all the possible utensils that students can use to cook food every day. There is also a dedicated common workspace where students can work and study together. For entertainment, you also have a huge smart TV installed in the common area, where you can host movie nights or Netflix & Chill. Take advantage of the fast high-speed WiFi to complete your assignments and projects. Lastly, to make connectivity and moving around E 7th Street accommodation better, students can also access the elevator. The property has been raved to be very friendly & open to all students but is bounded by some no pets or smoking rules.

Location and What's Hot?

Located on E 7th Street, East 7th Street accommodation has earned its stamp of excellence for being a convenient & chic hotspot for students searching for New York student housing. By being a posh student accommodation with elite amenities, East 7th Street New York student housing has strived to be a perfect choice for students, as it is situated within a spitting distance of world-renowned universities, entertainment areas, cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc.

New York has always been a preferred study location for many students worldwide for all the right reasons. The city is guaranteed to accelerate a student's potential through its highly-ranked universities, career opportunities, & experimental environment. All these factors aid students to thrive professionally and career-wise in New York. On another note, New York is also culturally diverse, entertaining, & vibrant etc. With so much to discover, living at East 7th Street will give you a full living experience like a New Yorker and many opportunities to see the city differently.

East 7th Street New York student housing is located in one of the most lively districts in New York. While living here, you will be presented with a lot of choices when it comes to entertainment and food.

Around the E 7th Street accommodation area, you will see a lot of restaurant doors open to service, like Miss Lily's 7A Cafe, Caravan Of Dreams, Ho Foods

C&B and Gnocco that serve comfort food with bursting flavors. Apart from restaurants, some of the clubs that are known to throw some of the best parties in New York, like Death & Co, Amor Y Amargo, & Pineapple Club, are located right outside the accommodation. Keeping aside the modern thrills of entertainment, East 7th Street is close to old museums well known for their depths in history, theater clubs, & luscious green spaces like Multi-Purpose Courts that are best for practicing your athletic muscles. The possibilities of every entertainment need are met while staying at E 7th St., Let it be comedy clubs, music bars, or art galleries, you have everything in your footsteps.


New York is designed to be a paradise of convenience for its 8.4 million residents, even when it is boiled down to its excellent & well-connected transportation network. Considering its huge size, New York has built a good extension network of trolleys, subways, commuter trains, taxis, etc. Most students living in New York tend to leverage the benefits of the SEPTA Key Card that enables them to board buses and subways, as they have benefits on both sides of the coin, accessible and affordable. While living on East 7th Street, New York Housing, you will find commuting options on your doorstep. The location is surrounded by plenty of bus stops like St Marks Pl/Av A, Av A/E 5 St, 1 Avenue & East 4 Street, and E 9 St/Av A that have well-connected routes to different parts of the city. For longer commutes, students can access the 1 Av subway station or 2nd Avenue subway station, a short drive from E 7th Street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the move-in costs?

Move-in costs are your first month’s rent with utilities, application fee, and security deposit. The security deposit equates to one month’s rent with utilities.

Does the property charge a broker fee?

They do not charge a broker fee!

What do you look for in applicants?

They look for potential tenants who are enthusiastic to live with others. Within the application, we typically look for a credit score of 650+, a monthly income that is 3x the base rent price.

What type of people do you usually rent to?

Their tenants are a diverse group of individuals who are creative and hard-working. Their tenants are young professionals, students, freelancers, and others.

Do you accept co-signers?

Yes, They accept co-signers for their applicants.

Are utilities included in the advertised price?

Utilities are included with an additional fee. Utilities include internet, water, electricity, gas, TV, and cleaning service.

What Wifi speed do you have?

In most apartments, the internet speed is 300 Mbps and up, which is rated as suitable for the entire apartment. If you live in one of our townhouse buildings we have multiple routers to ensure sufficient internet speed.

How much is the deposit?

The security deposit equals an additional month’s rent. However,  ask about our special promotion offering a move-in with no deposit using Obligo.

How to apply for deposit-free rent?

Say goodbye to security deposits! We’ve partnered with Obligo, which means you don’t have to pay a security deposit. You apply through them and if you qualify you don’t have to a deposit to us!

Are utilities included?

Utilities are provided for an additional fee. They include not only electricity and water but also high-speed Wifi and cleaning service.

Do the apartments come fully furnished?

All apartments are fully furnished with vibrant and trendy furniture and décor. This includes televisions with the latest technology, chic furniture, and other thoughtful touches to give your home a cozy feel.

What amenities are offered?

Amenities include appliances, linens, and all the kitchenware you need to whip up amazing gastronomic creations (if that’s your thing). The other thing we offer is regular monthly cleanings by one of our professional crews to keep your home safe and sanitary.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, They don’t allow pets in their apartments.

How are resident disputes handled?

They have an awesome customer support team who helps solve tenant issues. All issues among the tenants should be discussed internally and resolved within the apartment. If the issue needs to be reported, please contact us with your concern and they will reach out to help address the issue.

One of my roommates moved out. How does the now empty room get filled?

The property helps find a new tenant for that vacant room. We will do our best to try and find a suitable roommate who would be a good fit for the current tenant living in the unit.

Is smoking allowed in the home?

Smoking is not allowed. Resident and their guests may not engage in any illegal drug-related activity. The accommodation may terminate this agreement if the resident and/or guest engage in such activities.

Does the property accept American Express?


Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, for the first payment.

What type of credit or debit card can I use?

They accept all major credit cards.

How soon will I receive my security deposit after the move-out date?

14 days.

What type of maintenance does the property cover?

The accommodation will work with our maintenance partners to quickly address any items within the home that are broken, or not functioning in their intended form.

What does the accommodation provide as a service?

As a member of the property, we’re committed to providing you with outstanding housing experience. Apartment cleaning, timely response, and resolution of maintenance requests, high-speed internet, common area furnishings, all home utilities, items, and services ensure the safety and security of each home and our residents and any other furnishing or service determined by the property.

How do I pay with a credit card?

Please email and they will update the invoice so you can pay with a credit card. The 4% fee will be added to the new invoice.

When is the rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month.

I can’t find my invoice. Where is it?

Please check your spam folder or check another email address you have used to sign up with us. If you still can’t find it, let us know and they will send it to you.

The system won’t let me submit a payment? What do I do?

Try using a different browser or clearing your cache and cookies on your computer.

How can I see the place if I don't want to visit in person?

They’ve created virtual tours where you can meet with our team online and take a virtual tour through the home. You’ll still get the same recommended insights and personalized service. Plus, you can see multiple properties without leaving your home!

I want to move, but not for a month or two. Which options do you have?

That’s not a problem! You can book with us 90+ days in advance and secure your room today.

How is the apartment being cleaned during this time?

The property members are our top priority, and we’re committed to providing a safe environment for all members. We’re closely monitoring CDC guidelines and following expert recommendations for our apartments to ensure your safety. Our staff is provided with the appropriate PPE equipment and the use of cleaning products to keep all apartments sterile and safe.

Why renting with Accommodation?

We transform finding apartments in NYC from an emotionally exhausting chore into something that’s almost 100% hassle-free. When you use our service, you’ll get a comfortable space in one of the city’s most desirable areas. What’s more, you can do it without having to put in a lot of time or strenuous effort. Another advantage of renting from Accommodation is that you can rent with flexible lease terms. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away anytime with no questions asked. We save you TONS of money on living costs. The average rent in NYC for a one-bedroom apartment is a little less than $4000 a month but Accommodation clients pay much less.

Why is my invoice for this amount? Where can I find the breakdown?

Step 1. Open the email and click review and pay on the invoice. Step 2. Click view invoice to see the breakdown
E 7th St, New York
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Student Accomodations in New York City

New York City Student Housing

Finding the right student housing in New York City is an essential aspect of the student experience. Opting for off-campus student housing NYC options over on-campus options offers a greater degree of independence, more living space, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the bustling city life of the Big Apple. Amber steps in to simplify this search, dedicated to matching students with their ideal home away from home.

With amber, the hunt for top-notch student housing NYC is streamlined, connecting students with a variety of housing options, from shared rooms to entire apartments, all conveniently located near key educational institutions. Whether you're attending Brooklyn Law School, City University of New York, or Columbia University, you'll find suitable NYC student housing that caters to your lifestyle and preferences. The amenities available within these student housing NYC properties aim to enhance the living experience, offering features like high-speed internet, modern appliances, fitness centers, and communal study spaces. New York City itself becomes an extended campus where students can thrive academically and socially. Consider properties like Fidi, Midtown East, and June Homes 1000, each offering a unique taste of student life in New York City.

About New York City

New York City in the US, a metropolis steeped in vibrant history and cultural richness, is a global hub for finance, art, technology, and education. Known as the city that never sleeps, New York City brims with iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square, forming an urban tapestry of attractions and activities. Renowned for being a melting pot of cultures, it is a city where dreams take shape amidst its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets.

New York City's reputation as a premier student destination is well-founded. An abundance of student housing NYC options cater to a diverse and dynamic student population. Its academic landscape is dotted with prestigious institutions, including Brooklyn Law School, Columbia University, and Lehman College, which contribute to its thriving intellectual community. Aspiring scholars seeking student housing in New York can find a variety of accommodations that resonate with their lifestyles and requirements.

Best student Housing in New York City

Finding the right student accommodation NYC is a critical decision for individuals making the move to New York City for their studies. Settling in a bustling metropolis requires a living space that not only ensures comfort and security but also places you within reach of essential amenities and your educational institution. Embracing independent living in off-campus student accommodation in New York comes with its perks, such as affordability, flexibility, and the invaluable opportunity to become part of a diverse community. For students enrolled at prestigious institutions like the City University of New York and Lehman College, there is a myriad of suitable student housing in New York, including ensuites, student halls, and studio apartments, which promise a home away from home. Some of the best student housing in New York City include:

1. Downtown Manhattan

2. Midtown Manhattan

3. St. George Towers

4. 55 John Street

5. E 7th St

6. 43 Avenue C

7. E 11th St

8. June Homes 11238

9. June Homes 10011

10. Cooper Square

Cost of Living in New York City

Finding a new home in the bustling city of New York can be an exciting yet daunting challenge, particularly when it comes to managing finances. Students should carefully budget and explore options like NYC student housing and food plans to help offset the notoriously high costs associated with living in New York. Here is a breakdown of the expenses:

1. Off-campus Housing: $1,050 - $1,230 per month

2. Transportation: $120 - $150 per month

3. Food: $600 - $738 per month

4. Utility: $115 - $125 per month

5. Entertainment: $65 - $70 per month

6. Groceries: $115 - $135 per month

7. Clothes: $40 - $55 per month

Student Travel New York City

When choosing NYC student apartments, one of the foremost considerations is travel, particularly in a bustling metropolis renowned for its extensive network of public transportation. A prime aspect of NYC student housing is the ease of accessibility to buses, subways, and city bikes, ensuring that students can navigate the city affordably and efficiently. Some modes of transport that are easily accessible from your student residence New York option include:

1. Buses

New York City's buses are reliable and cost-effective modes of transport. With a base fare of $2.75, students can traverse the city and reach various destinations, including educational institutions. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) offers a pay-per-ride MetroCard that students can refill as needed or a 7-Day Unlimited Pass for approximately $33, ideal for regular commuters. You can take the Llegada Bus stop and the 7 Ave/W 31 St bus stop.
2. Subways

New York City's subway system is extensive, providing a fast and convenient way to travel across boroughs 24/7. The standard fare is similarly priced at $2.75 per trip, and with the possibility of transferring between buses and subways, it offers a seamless travel experience. The weekly Unlimited Ride MetroCard is particularly useful for students who travel frequently for classes and part-time jobs. You can take the Times Sq-42St and Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall subway stations.
3. Cycling

Citi Bike offers an attractive option for the eco-conscious or fitness-savvy student. With stations conveniently located near Brooklyn Law School and other key institutions, students can enjoy short—or long-term access with a single ride starting at $3.50 or an annual membership for those seeking an economical and healthy mode of commuting. Additionally, most apartments in New York for students offer secure bike/cycle storage spaces for added convenience.

Student Lifestyle and Living in New York City

As a student settling into the vibrant pulse of New York City, expect a fusion of dynamic culture, educational excellence, and an endless array of social hubs. Renowned for its safe and stimulating environment, New York City offers an unparalleled student living experience, complete with the prestige of academic life and the excitement of urban exploration. The city's boroughs, each a melting pot of culture and community, present an inviting atmosphere where knowledge and diversity are celebrated. Off-campus student housing NYC is conveniently nestled amidst the hustle and bustle, ensuring everything you need is but a stone's throw away. For socialites and foodies, the Big Apple is a haven with eateries like Joe's Pizza for an authentic New York slice or The Halal Guys for mouth-watering street food delights. Hip cafes such as Think Coffee provide a perfect spot for study sessions or catching up with friends.

Moreover, New York City's iconic bars and arcades, like Barcade, offer a fun retro escape with classic games and a convivial ambience, all within a reachable radius. Green spaces like Central Park serve as serene oases for relaxation or picnicking between lectures, while Washington Square Park is a favored gathering spot that brilliantly captures the student spirit. Your leisure time can further be enriched at local events, including music festivals like the Governors Ball or cultural fests that light up the city streets, providing a fantastic backdrop to your student life. Students living in New York City housing in New York can immerse themselves in the city's artistic offerings, from Broadway shows to numerous art galleries and exhibitions that showcase both established and emerging talents.

New York City Tourist Attractions

Apart from a variety of student housing NYC options, this city is bustling with iconic landmarks and vibrant urban life, along with world-class attractions that draw visitors from around the globe. From the soaring heights of the Empire State Building to the reflective waters of Central Park, these must-see spots encapsulate the energy and spirit of this dynamic metropolis—making them a perfect backdrop for students seeking New York City student housing. Below are some of the popular tourist attractions that you can explore from your New York student accommodation:

1. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
2. Central Park
3. Empire State Building
4. Times Square
5. Broadway and the Theater District
6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
7. 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Universities in New York City

New York City, a vibrant metropolis known for its rich educational landscape, hosts some of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world, apart from the excellent student accommodation in New York options. Some top universities include:

1. Columbia University
2. City University of New York
3. Brooklyn Law School
4. Brooklyn College
5. Lehman College

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